StrategyDecember 3, 2004

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Grab ‘Em & Drop ‘Em

By Levi Todd

Looking for that key pickup to help get you through the playoffs? Or looking for a way to clear some extra space off your roster? Here is your week 13 Grab ‘Em and Drop ‘Em.

Grab ‘Em

Julius Jones – RB, Dal

Coming off an injury that kept him sidelined most of the year, the rookie has returned with a boom and taken over the starting job for Dallas. In his two starts he first put up 88 yards against the stingy Baltimore defense, which is no easy task. Then came Turkey Day against Chicago. Julius made it look like he was playing backyard football, putting up a very impressive 150 yards and two touchdowns. With the Cowboys having a poor season and not making the playoffs they will want to keep Julius as their starter. He’ll be long gone in most formats, but in smaller leagues, he might still be available. If he is, pick this guy up as soon as you can.

Nick Goings – RB,Car

Some of us jumped all over this guy when he had his 126 yards and three touchdowns in week 13. But some chose to shy off to see if this guy was the real deal. Ladies and gentleman, two back-to-back 100-yard games later and he has become the man in Carolina. Goings also has some creampuff games coming up with New Orleans, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay again in week 16, which could decide whether you are a champion or a measly second-place finisher.

Jerry Porter – WR,Oak

This guy is not available in all leagues, but I checked a few of mine, and surprisingly he was still on the wire. Jerry Porter schooled Champ Bailey Sunday night in front of a national audience. Kerry Collins might have finally decided to throw to his own team instead of the opponents. Porter is starting to look like the second-round receiver Oakland was hoping they got in the draft.

Najeh Davenport – RB, GB

Those of you that watched the Monday night game won’t need much explanation for this choice. In case you missed that game: Davenport ran wild on the Rams, compiling 174 yards and two touchdowns, to be exact. A number even more impressive is that Najeh averaged 9.4 yards a carry. I suggest you add this guy to your roster now and watch the Ahman Green injury closely. This guy could be a late season savior.

Drop ‘Em

Eddie George – RB, Dal

The Tuna has made up his mind: Julius Jones is the starter. Which leaves George a few garbage carries, and no fantasy value at all. Eddie’s new role will be to play teacher to the young emerging rookie. So if you’ve been hanging on to the former stud, it’s time to let him go.

Larry Fitzgerald – WR, Ari

Arizona quarterbacks are a joke this year, which is why you might not need Fitz on your roster. Fitzgerald only managed to catch two balls for 21 yards in his last game. Plus, who is John Navarre? The Cardinals’ new quarterback has never taken an NFL snap. It doesn’t look good for Fitz.

Marcus Robinson – WR, Min

I as well as many others believed that with the return of Moss, M-Rob’s numbers would go back up. Well, they didn’t. He has put up nothing but terrible stat lines the last four games, and it might be time to let this guy ride the waiver wire.

Levi Todd has been playing hockey for 11 years now, but is equally obsessed with football. You can find him posting in the Forums as ljthockey.

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