StrategyDecember 23, 2004

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Grab ‘Em & Drop ‘Em – Week 16

By Levi Todd

Looking for that key pickup to help get you through the playoffs? Or looking for a way to clear some extra space off your roster? Here is your week 16 Grab ‘Em and Drop ‘Em.

Grab ‘Em

Billy Volek – QB, Ten

Volek’s numbers this week were ridiculous: 492 passing yards and four TDs. Even though it was against the poor pass defense of the Raiders, this guy is still worth a roster spot. On Saturday, Volek and the Titans will face a Denver team that was exploited by Kansas City last week. Look for another good game from Steve McNair’s understudy.

Kerry Collins – QB, Oak

I still don’t trust Kerry as a solid fantasy quarterback, but his five-touchdown performance turned some heads. The Collins to Porter combination should be lethal against Kansas City on Christmas Day. For those of you looking for a one-game plug-in at quarterback, Collins is your man.

Az-Zahir Hakim – WR, Det

Hakim and Roy Williams both had good numbers in the Lions’ one-point loss to the Vikings. Hakim has caught passes for 90 yards or more in three of his last four outings. Hakim should have a decent day against the 14th-ranked pass defense of the Bears.

Drop ‘Em

Reuben Droughns – RB, Den

Head coach Mike Shanahan changes his mind left and right. Quentin Griffin, Droughns and Tatum Bell have all been named starters at one time or another this year by Shanny. Bell is now doing to Droughns as Droughsd did to Griffin by taking the starting job. Even when Droughns does get his carries he just doesn’t look like the player he was earlier in the season. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to play him this week even though Shanahan might name him the starter.

Isaac Bruce – WR, StL

Has this guy been a disappointment in the last few weeks or what? Bruce was the first to break 1000 yards this year and since then he has done close to nothing. In his last three games, he has put up measly yardage numbers to the tune of 18, 27 and 37 yards. Those three outings included easy matchups against San Francisco and Arizona. I couldn’t see myself starting Bruce in the playoffs.

Eric Moulds – WR, Buf

Moulds has been a huge disappointment this year. A lot of Moulds owners probably aren’t starting him anymore, and you shouldn’t, either. The receiver hasn’t had a 100-yard game since week four. If you are still holding on to this guy because of what he has done in the past or just because he is a big name receiver, you have to let him go.

Levi Todd has been playing hockey for 11 years now, but is equally obsessed with football. You can find him posting in the Forums as ljthockey.

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