StrategyApril 26, 2004

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Upgrading Your IDP Roster II
The Team

By Greg Yelderman

In order to keep track of the process of rebuilding a fantasy team, you will need several tools. The bad news is that you will also have to do some homework to get the full benefit of this series. The goal here is to teach a philosophy, and that means you have to be willing to study and learn something new. These articles are going to make you think as well as giving you answers to your questions.

The links you will need to follow this little project are…

Longview Lobos

The roster we’ll be using is also provided below. This team has the second pick in each round of a five-round draft in a twelve-team league hosted by, although we will be looking at the kind of talent that will help in most other formats as well. The roster size is 40, and all rosters in the league will have to cut down to 35 players by the time the draft begins (two weeks after the NFL Draft). This roster has already been trimmed to weed out the weak links and is now left with 33 players.

Drew Bledsoe – QB, Buf
Tom Brady – QB, NE

Jerome Bettis – RB, Pit
Olandis Gary – RB, Det
Garrison Hearst – RB, Den
Priest Holmes – RB, KC
Larry Johnson – RB, KC

D’Wayne Bates – WR, Free Agent
Kevin Johnson – WR, Jax
Jerry Porter – WR, Oak
Antwaan Randle El – WR, Pit

Billy Miller – TE, Hou
Marcus Pollard – TE, Ind

Jason Elam – K, Den
Jay Feely – K, Atl

Nick Harris – P, Det

John Henderson – DL, Jax
Edward Jasper – DL, Atl
Pat Williams – DL, Buf

Nick Barnett – LB, GB
Mike Barrow – LB, Free Agent
Greg Biekert – LB, Min
Dexter Coakley – LB, Dal
Kevin Hardy – LB, Cin
Shelton Quarles – LB, TB

Champ Bailey – DB, Den
Brian Dawkins – DB, Phi
Michael Doss – DB, Ind
Robert Griffith – DB, Cle
Reggie Tongue – DB, NYJ
Dewayne Washington – DB, Jax

Cleveland Offensive Line
New England Offensive Line

League Scoring

In order to follow this project, it will be critical that you study this scoring system.

Scoring by Position – Starters

Look at the league averages which are listed at the bottom of the chart and compare them to where our model team (Longview Lobos) stands at each position right now. These comparisons will be studied intensely during the season and are a key to the rebuilding plan.

In order to follow this project, it will be critical that you study this scoring system.

Scoring by Position – Bench

See above; note that under this rebuilding plan, the bench-warmers will be just as important as the starters, if not more so.

Top Performers/Player Stats

This will be used to determine which free agents, if any, to try to acquire in the draft, and, later on, through waivers.

Assignment for this Week

1) Study the scoring system, which is a performance format that stresses ball control. Knowing the scoring will help when we begin breaking down the players you’ll want to be looking at for your own rosters.

2) Review this roster and think about what YOU would do right now in order to improve it. Make a list of your choices for players and draft picks to move, and compare it to what we actually end up doing with this unit in the long run.

3) Click on Top Performers/Player Stats and get a feel for which veteran free agents will be available in this fantasy draft.

In the next article, we will begin with the roster/positional evaluations and sketch out a rough outline for the reconstruction of this unit. We’ll also begin looking at some of the sleepers that will be recommended for your own draft.

Feel free to post questions on the message board, and we’ll be happy to try to answer some of them for you.

Greg Yelderman is always on the lookout for new ways of looking at strategies, scouting, and the challenges of fantasy football.

How would you go about turning this team’s fortunes around? Share your strategies and opinions with the Cafe!

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