News, Analysis & UpdatesOctober 25, 2004

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More Statistical Odds and Ends

By Arlo Vander

Another weekend of football brought us tight games, great plays, bone-crunching action … and a full array of stats to pore over. From Atlanta’s run defense (or, more appropriately, lack thereof) to Tiki “Sure-Hands” Barber, let’s take a look at a few of this week’s numbers.

Kyle Boller threw for just 86 yards in Baltimore’s 20-6 win over Buffalo. In the Ravens’ four victories, Boller has passed for an average of 97.8 yards, while throwing for 172.5 in his team’s two defeats.

Division leaders Jacksonville (5-2), Atlanta (5-2) and St. Louis (4-3) have all scored less points than their defenses have allowed.

Drew Bledsoe and Michael Vick were each sacked four more times this week, increasing their league-leading total to 24 apiece. New York’s Kurt Warner endured the most sacks of any quarterback on Sunday with six.

Entering week 7, Atlanta’s stingy defense had allowed opponents to run for less than 75 yards per game. Priest Holmes and the Chiefs had surpassed that mark before the first quarter was over, and finished with a total of 271 yards on the ground. If the other team’s second-best RB line of the day includes 90 yards and four scores, you know you’re in trouble.

With their offenses surging, the Colts and Vikings have been forced to punt just three times per game this year. On the other end of the spectrum, Washington’s Tom Tupa has already booted the ball 44 times.

With 129 yards receiving against Dallas, Javon Walker raised his yards-per-game mark to 103.7. Walker is the only receiver to average more than 100 yards per game this season.

Tiki Barber Imposter Watch: seven weeks, no fumbles.

Following his four-touchdown outburst, Donovan McNabb’s QB rating is up to 105.6 through week 7. McNabb has never posted a rating of more than 86.0 over a complete season in his career.

The Miami Dolphins (0-6) and Carolina Panthers (0-3) are the only teams yet to beat an opponent from within their own conference.

Arizona’s Neil Rackers has attempted six field goals of 50 yards or more this year, twice as many as any other kicker. Rackers has succeeded on five of those six tries, including three against the Rams on Sunday. His two 55-yarders were the longest field goals in the NFL so far this season.

New Orleans allowed Oakland to rack up 432 total yards of total offense on Sunday, pretty much par for the course for the Saints defense, which has held an opponent under 350 yards just once this season and is now giving up a whopping 416.7 yards per contest.

Believe it or not, Daunte Culpepper doesn’t lead the league in yards per passing attempt. That honor goes to Houston’s David Carr whose 9.4 Y/A bests Culpepper by 0.4

Cleveland’s Andra Davis became the first linebacker to pick off more than one pass this year, and has also recorded five pass defenses to go along with his 36 tackles.

The last time the New England Patriots lost a game, Eisenhower was in office. OK, so that might be a bit of an exeggeration, but a 21-game win streak in this age of extreme parity has to rank among the greatest achievements in pro sports.

Nate Kaeding missed his first kick as a pro this week, a 29-yarder against Carolina.

Following Jacksonville’s last-minute win in Indianapolis, the Jaguars have already won as many road games this year as they did in 2002 and 2003, combined.

Arlo Vander spent Sunday cheering on Priest Holmes, who led his team to a much-needed win.

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