Mock DraftsApril 21, 2007

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Mock of the NFL Draft: Take 2

By Roberto Baltazar

The much awaited 2007 NFL draft is just a few days away, but a group of Cafeholics and regular members were eager to participate in another mock of the NFL Draft.

In this second mock, the “GMs” either selected players who they think the team they are representing should draft, or made an educated guess as to who among the draft prospects would be taken. The GMs were also requested to provide some explanation for their picks. Below are the results of the Cafe’s NFL Mock Draft: Take 2.

1.01 Oakland Raiders: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
Most mock drafts have the Raiders drafting Jamarcus Russell first overall. How would you react if the Raiders passed on the top rated QB again like they did last year? We can only speculate that the Raiders are not that worried about their QB situation and that selecting Joe Thomas instead of Russell will be the most effective cure to their horrible offensive line.

1.02 Detroit Lions: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
Oh yes, you heard that right! Another WR for the Lions as Matt Millen simply could not resist the temptation of drafting Calvin Johnson who is the most talented and biggest impact player in this draft. Millen believes Johnson is a solid pick, and he is making the right choice this time.

1.03 Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
He could either be a boom or bust but Peterson is the best running back in this draft and desperate Browns GM Phil Savage will not let the opportunity of drafting this warrior slip through his hands. Jamal Lewis is also getting old, so Cleveland might as well take Peterson.

1.04 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Laron Landry, S, LSU
Without question, Landry is the best safety in this draft and while some might think that it’s too early to take a safety here, Landry’s stock is on the rise and this kid is regarded as an absolute beast.

1.05 Arizona Cardinals: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
The Cardinals need to solidify their pass rush which many perceive to be crumbling. Selecting the top DE prospect this year could also help make the Arizona defense tougher against the run.

1.06 Washington Redskins: Jamarcus Russell, QB, LSU
We consider this more of a shock than a steal as the top QB prospect in the draft falls to 1.06 where Washington selects him. Is Coach Joe Gibbs giving up on Jason Campbell, who was the Redskins 1st round pick last year? Expect Redskins fans’ (and Campbell’s) jaws to drop when they hear Russell’s name being announced.

1.07 Minnesota Vikings: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
Tarvaris Jackson fans will jump with joy at this pick, as there has been a lot of Brady Quinn hype in Minneapolis, but the Vikings GM is drafting what he thinks the Purple Pride truly needs here – a solid all-around cornerback who could also be of help in the pass rush.

1.08 Atlanta Falcons: Levi Brown, OT, Penn State
The Falcons were targeting Landry, but with him off the board they will happily take Levi Brown. He should give their offensive line a lift and give Michael Vick some added protection.

1.09 Miami Dolphins: Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
The Dolphins have a lot of holes to fill both on offense and defense right now, but they are in desperate need of a QB as there is no certainty that Culpepper will be able to play again. Luckily for them, Quinn is still on the board. A perfect fit and a steal at #9 overall.

1.10 Houston Texans: Amobi Okoye, DT, Lousiville
A big-bodied defensive tackle like Okoye would strengthen their defensive line and help ease their transition to the 4-3 defense. Okoye has tremendous upside, so this should be a good pick for the Texans.

1.11 San Francisco 49ers: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan
It was a tough choice not to go with a WR or a LB but the decision was made to take Branch, who the San Francisco GM believed to be the best player available at this point. Also, the 49ers really need to upgrade their defense, particularly against the run.

1.12 Buffallo Bills: Patrick Willis, ILB, Ole Miss
This is a realistic pick for the Bills, as they have a big hole at the linebacker position.
Between Posluszny and Willis, the Bills chose to go with Willis because he has the speed that will help strengthen their run defense, not because they miss that other “Willis”.

1.13 St. Louis Rams: Adam Carriker – DE, Nebraska
Defensive Tackle is the Rams weakest spot, with End a close second. When the 49ers pass
on Carriker the Rams will quickly grab one of the best DEs still available in the draft, as they are confident he can be productive in both the DE and DT spots.

1.14 Carolina Panthers: Reggie Nelson, S, Florida
Reggie Nelson is not only a safe pick but a solid one for the Panthers, as this is their biggest area of need. With Peppers and Nelson in their lineup expect the Panthers to have a stout defense in 2007.

1.15 Pittsburgh Steelers: Lawrence Timmons – OLB, Florida State
With Joey Porter gone, Timmons, with his youth and speed, is an excellent fit in the Steelers plans to eventually move to a 4-3 defense. Even if the Steelers opt to stick with their 3-4 scheme Coach Tomlin can easily develop Timmons to fit either defense.

1.16 Green Bay Packers: Greg Olsen, TE, Miami
Smart pick here as Bubba Franks is getting old. Having a TE like Olsen will give a much needed boost to the Packers’ offense.

1.17 Jacksonville Jaguars: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas
The Jaguars are stunned to see Anderson slide down this far and are more than happy to snatch him up to add depth at the DE position.

1.18 Cincinnati Bengals: Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
A very solid pick here for the Bengals as Revis is the best cornerback in the draft, and could grow into the Bengals version of Broncos “shutdown” CB Champ Bailey.

1.19 Tennessee Titans: Robert Meachem, WR Tennessee
The Titans really need a wide receiver so it would be tough for Tennessee to pass on this guy, who could become Vince Young’s “go-to” receiver.

1.20 New York Giants : Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan
Unexpected move? Not really, as Luke Petitgout’s departure left a big hole in the G-Men’s offensive line. This is a good “need” and value pick.

1.21 Denver Broncos: Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue
With the release of Al Wilson, the Broncos really need to address the gaping holes in their defense, especially their pass rush. Spencer has the speed and playmaking ability to do that, and the Broncos think that he is slightly better than Jarvis Moss.

1.22 Dallas Cowboys: Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn are aging so selecting a wide receiver is a priority for Dallas. Dwayne Bowe, who clocked in with 4.4 speed should provide some spark to the Cowboys offense, and perhaps add some excitement to Romo’s passing game.

1.23 Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Jarrett, WR, Southern Cal
The Chiefs badly need wide receiver help and it’s about time that they draft one so they will roll with Jarrett here, who has the potential to score whenever he touches the ball.

1.24 New England Patriots: Michael Griffin, S, Texas
A number of Patriots defenders, such as Rodney Harrison, are becoming injury-prone because they are aging, so there is a need to get younger players who can be future starters just in case a series of injuries befall these older players. The Pats have been impressed with Griffin’s physical style of play, so don’t be surprised if Belichick picks him up here.

1.25 New York Jets: Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida
Cornerback is a pressing need but but the value that Moss presents at this point is too good to pass up. Pairing him opposite Bryan Thomas will greatly enhance the Jets’ pass rush and will hopefully help them buckle down against the run as well.

1.26 Philadelphia Eagles: Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
We don’t know if the Eagles’ fans would be surprised at this move, but at #25, and with Ginn being the best player available, it is just too hard for the Eagles not to select a prospect with Ginn’s explosiveness. The Eagles have a strong need at wide receiver considering that they lost Stallworth, so it would be smart for the Eagles to just pull the trigger on him.

1.27 New Orleans Saints: Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas
Cornerback is definitely a huge need which the Saints must address. Grabbing a corner like Houston, who had success last year against some of the top WRs in this year’s draft, could go a long way towards improving that secondary immediately.

1.28 New England Patriots: Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State
The LB position is another area which the Pats need to address. Ted Bruschi and Mike Vrabel are not getting any younger, so we see the top LB available on the board being taken here.

1.29 Baltimore Ravens: Justin Blalock, OT, Texas
The Ravens need a fix in their offensive line. They were targeting Joe Staley, but he was snatched by the Giants earlier, so the Ravens have no other option but to get a good value for their low pick by grabbing Blalock, as he is the best OL prospect remaining on the board.

1.30 San Diego Chargers: Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina
The fans are clamoring that the Chargers need to draft a good wide receiver in order to add depth to their receiving core. Rice could fill that need and is expected to enhance the Chargers offense with Norv Turner calling the shots now.

1.31 Chicago Bears: Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State
Rexy might say this is not a sexy pick for the following reasons: (1) the Bears O-Line is a #1 area of need; (2) a backfield featuring Cedric Benson with a back-up RB like Lynch, who is still on the board, looks too good to be ignored, and; (3) the Bears might need an upgrade to their Tight Ends but the TE class is not so good that it’s not a reach to grab a TE in the first round other than Olsen.

1.32 Indianapolis Colts: Marshawn Lynch, RB, California
Round 1 is about to be completed and the best player available is Marshawn Lynch. We could not believe that Lynch slipped this far down the board. The Colts deemed it justifiable to scoop up Lynch at this spot, as having him on their roster would give more depth to their RB crew and provide a good backup for Joseph Addai.

Robert is an active Cafeholic and is considered to be an expert sig designer here at the Cafe. You can catch up with Robert in the Cafe Forums where he posts under the name of madaslives911.
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