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Week 14

By Nick Hopkins

If you are still reading, let me congratulate you on making it this far, as most leagues will start playoff games either this week or the next. Before looking ahead to this week’s rankings, let’s take a look back at the best performances from last week. A couple of surprising names topped the passing charts in Luke McCown and Gus Frerotte. Most of the big games from backs and receivers were turned in by familiar faces: LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell Owens, Reggie Wayne, Braylon Edwards, and yes, Adrian Peterson, who came back from his injury in a big way. Who will be the big scorers this week? Consult our Week 14 Start & Sit for our thoughts.

Our system is based on two separate rankings: Risk and Reward. Each player or defense was given a statistical ranking for each of the two categories.

Risk is determined by anything that could negatively affect the player in question’s performance. This includes such things as matchup, situation, and injuries.

Reward is determined by anything that could positively affect the player in question’s performance. This includes such things as talent, matchup, and situation.

The Ranking for the two categories is as follows:

Risk: Score of 0 being the lowest risk, 10 being the highest risk.
Reward: Score of 0 being lowest reward, 10 being the highest reward.


Tony Romo – DALat DET17.61.79.3
Carson Palmer – CINvs STL16.02.58.5
Derek Anderson – CLEat NYJ15.62.98.4
Tom Brady – NEvs PIT14.63.58.1
Matt Hasselbeck – SEAvs ARI14.43.67.9
Drew Brees – NOat ATL14.33.37.6
Peyton Manning – INDat BAL14.23.77.9
Kellen Clemens – NYJvs CLE13.04.47.3
Brett Favre – GBvs OAK12.84.27.0
David Garrard – JACvs CAR12.24.16.3
Vince Young – TENvs SD12.04.66.6
Ben Roethlisberger – PITat NE12.04.97.0
Jason Campbell – WASvs CHI11.95.06.9
Jay Cutler – DENvs KC11.94.66.4
Tarvaris Jackson – MINat SF11.74.76.3
Eli Manning – NYGat PHI11.65.06.6
Kurt Warner – ARIat SEA11.55.36.8
Marc Bulger – STLat CIN11.54.76.2
Jon Kitna – DETvs DAL11.35.16.4
Rex Grossman – CHIat WAS11.05.26.2
Philip Rivers – SDat TEN10.75.15.9
Trent Edwards – BUFvs MIA10.45.35.7
Kyle Boller – BALvs IND9.85.65.3
Luke McCown – TBat HOU9.65.95.6
AJ Feeley – PHIvs NYG9.45.85.2
Donovan McNabb – PHIvs NYG9.16.15.3
Vinny Testaverde – CARat JAC9.05.94.9
Trent Dilfer – SFvs MIN9.06.15.1
Damon Huard – KCat DEN8.35.43.7
Sage Rosenfels – HOUvs TB8.35.43.7
John Beck – MIAat BUF8.16.04.1
Chris Redman – ATLvs NO8.16.64.6
Brodie Croyle – KCat DEN7.86.54.3
Josh McCown – OAKat GB6.17.43.5
Cleo Lemon – MIAat BUF5.86.92.7
JP Losman – BUFvs MIA5.37.32.6
Brian Griese – CHIat WAS5.07.32.3
Alex Smith – SFvs MIN4.97.52.4
Chad Pennington – NYJvs CLE4.77.62.4
Gus Frerotte – STLat CIN4.77.42.1
Brooks Bollinger – MINat SF4.37.82.1
Joey Harrington – ATLvs NO4.27.71.9
JaMarcus Russell – OAKat GB4.08.32.3
David Carr – CARat JAC3.88.52.3
Matt Schaub – HOUvs TB3.87.61.4
Jeff Garcia – TBat HOU3.38.01.3

Drew Brees, NO (14.3 rating): Brees did not have the best start to the season, failing the find the end zone in three of his first four games. Since then, however, Brees has thrown at least one touchdown in eight consecutive games. He should have another touchdown pass or two or three this weekend in the Georgia Dome against the struggling Atlanta Falcons.

Donovan McNabb, PHI (11.5 rating): McNabb has had a very up and down season. He’s had two great games (4 touchdowns each against Detroit and Washington) but he has not thrown more than one touchdown in any other game. He just does not seem 100% locked in, and two weeks on the shelf with an ankle injury probably won’t help with that. Sit McNabb this week if you can, and see how he responds in his first game back.

Running BacksOpponentRatingRiskReward
Adrian Peterson – MINat SF17.31.99.2
Steven Jackson – STLat CIN16.72.18.8
LaDainian Tomlinson – SDat TEN16.62.48.9
Ryan Grant – GBvs OAK16.12.48.6
Brian Westbrook – PHIvs NYG16.02.88.9
Jamal Lewis – CLEat NYJ15.02.97.9
Earnest Graham – TBat HOU14.93.07.9
Kolby Smith – KCat DEN14.63.37.9
Marion Barber – DALat DET14.53.37.7
Clinton Portis – WASvs CHI14.33.67.9
Reggie Bush – NOat ATL13.93.77.7
Willis McGahee – BALvs IND13.83.67.4
Edgerrin James – ARIat SEA13.73.77.4
Joseph Addai – INDat BAL13.74.37.9
Thomas Jones – NYJvs CLE13.43.67.1
Adrian Peterson – CHIat WAS13.04.17.2
Chester Taylor – MINat SF13.03.96.9
Justin Fargas – OAKat GB13.04.27.2
Fred Jackson – BUFvs MIA12.94.37.3
Maurice Jones-Drew – JACvs CAR12.74.67.3
Fred Taylor – JACvs CAR12.74.06.6
Shaun Alexander – SEAvs ARI12.64.46.9
Brandon Jacobs – NYGat PHI12.53.66.0
Rudi Johnson – CINvs STL12.54.06.5
Travis Henry – DENvs KC12.44.46.8
Jerious Norwood – ATLvs NO12.24.56.7
Willie Parker – PITat NE12.14.76.7
Frank Gore – SFvs MIN12.04.86.8
Ron Dayne – HOUvs TB11.94.66.5
LenDale White – TENvs SD11.84.86.6
Jesse Chatman – MIAat BUF11.74.76.3
Kenny Watson – CINvs STL11.24.65.8
Maurice Morris – SEAvs ARI11.14.45.5
Warrick Dunn – ATLvs NO11.04.65.6
Reuben Droughns – NYGat PHI10.95.16.1
DeShaun Foster – CARat JAC10.65.25.7
Leon Washington – NYJvs CLE10.65.35.8
Julius Jones – DALat DET10.35.15.4
Laurence Maroney – NEvs PIT10.25.15.3
DeAngelo Williams – CARat JAC10.15.75.8
Marshawn Lynch – BUFvs MIA9.95.65.5
Kevin Jones – DETvs DAL9.76.25.9
Jason Wright – CLEat NYJ9.65.24.9
Chris Brown – TENvs SD9.55.75.2
Kevin Faulk – NEvs PIT8.96.04.9
Vernand Morency – GBvs OAK8.85.54.3
Correll Buckhalter – PHIvs NYG8.75.64.3
Aaron Stecker – NOat ATL8.65.84.4
Kenton Keith – INDat BAL8.56.04.5
Ladell Betts – WASvs CHI8.06.34.3
Michael Pittman – TBat HOU8.06.24.2
Garrett Wolfe – CHIat WAS8.06.44.4
Selvin Young – DENvs KC7.76.34.0
Michael Turner – SDat TEN7.66.23.8
LaMont Jordan – OAKat GB7.66.44.0
Musa Smith – BALvs IND7.66.54.1
Samkon Gado – MIAat BUF7.26.53.7
Heath Evans – NEvs PIT7.16.73.9
Leonard Weaver – SEAvs ARI7.16.53.6
Patrick Cobbs – MIAat BUF7.16.83.9
Dwayne Wright – BUFvs MIA7.16.53.6
Antonio Pittman – STLat CIN7.06.23.1
Joe Echemandu – HOUvs TB6.96.83.7
Marcel Shipp – ARIat SEA6.76.93.6
Brian Leonard – STLat CIN6.66.73.3
Jerome Harrison – CLEat NYJ6.66.93.4
Brandon Jackson – GBvs OAK6.56.63.1
Pierre Thomas – NOat ATL6.36.93.1
Andre Hall – DENvs KC6.07.23.2
TJ Duckett – DETvs DAL5.97.43.3
Lorenzo Booker – MIAat BUF5.87.63.4
Michael Bennett – TBat HOU5.87.53.3
Mike Anderson – BALvs IND5.76.82.5
Maurice Hicks – SFvs MIN5.77.63.3
Mewelde Moore – MINat SF5.77.22.9
Ahmed Bradshaw – NTGat PHI5.77.43.1
Jason Snelling – ATLvs NO5.37.52.7
Najeh Davenport – PITat NE5.26.92.1
Tony Hunt – PHIvs NYG5.27.62.7
Darius Walker – HOUvs TB5.17.82.9
Greg Jones – JACvs CAR4.97.62.6
Gilbert Harris – KCat DEN4.87.82.6
Dominic Rhodes – OAKat GB4.87.92.6
Michael Robinson – SFvs MIN4.68.12.7
Tatum Bell – DETvs DAL4.37.41.7
Mike Bell – DENvs KC3.98.01.9
Ahman Green – HOUvs TB3.98.42.3
Aveion Cason – DETvs DAL3.58.62.1
Chris Henry – TENvs SD3.18.01.1
Anthony Thomas – BUFvs MIA2.68.20.8

Ryan Grant, GB (16.1 rating): Grant has been one of the biggest fantasy surprises this year, taking over for a slew of ineffective running backs and rushing for over 550 yards and four touchdowns in six games. And he just seems to be getting better – his yards per carry average is 6.7 over his last two games. He is primed for a big game this week against an Oakland Raider run defense that is 30th in the NFL.

Deshaun Foster, CAR (11.5 rating): Foster is getting a good amount of carries in Carolina, but he hasn’t always been making the most of them. He has only managed a 3.6 yards per carry average, with just three touchdowns on the year. And his season stats certainly weren’t helped by a nine-carry, negative-five-yard game two weeks ago. He has a tough matchup this week against a top ten rushing defense in Jacksonville.

Wide ReceiversOpponentRatingRiskReward
Terrell Owens – DALat DET17.22.09.1
Braylon Edwards – CLEat NYJ16.82.08.8
Torry Holt – STLat CIN16.42.48.8
Chad Johnson – CINvs STL15.73.08.8
Marques Colston – NOat ATL15.33.08.4
TJ Houshmandzadeh – CINvs STL15.12.77.8
Reggie Wayne – INDat BAL15.03.38.3
Andre Johnson – HOUvs TB14.63.48.0
Randy Moss – NEvs PIT14.43.88.2
Joey Galloway – TBat HOU14.43.47.8
Roddy White – ATLvs NO14.33.57.7
Greg Jennings – GBvs OAK14.13.37.5
Hines Ward – PITat NE13.93.87.7
Laveranues Coles – NYJvs CLE13.43.87.3
Isaac Bruce – STLat CIN13.43.87.2
Deion Branch – SEAvs ARI13.13.97.1
Bernard Berrian – CHIat WAS13.14.17.2
Chris Henry – CINvs STL13.14.27.3
Brandon Marshall – DENvs KC13.14.17.2
Kevin Curtis – PHIvs NYG13.04.37.3
Donald Driver – GBvs OAK13.03.76.7
Lee Evans – BUFvs MIA13.04.07.0
Bobby Engram – SEAvs ARI12.73.96.6
Patrick Crayton – DALat DET12.74.06.8
Dwayne Bowe – KCat DEN12.74.47.1
Steve Smith – CARat JAC12.64.47.0
Wes Welker – NEvs PIT12.64.57.1
Sidney Rice – MINat SF12.54.36.8
Plaxico Burress – NYGat PHI12.54.87.3
Justin Gage – TENvs SD12.34.56.8
Calvin Johnson – DETvs DAL12.24.66.8
Ronald Curry – OAKat GB11.94.96.8
Santana Moss – WASvs CHI11.94.96.8
Derrick Mason – BALvs IND11.84.46.2
Bryant Johnson – ARIat SEA11.74.86.5
Shaun McDonald – DETvs DAL11.44.86.2
Anthony Gonzalez – INDat BAL11.34.75.9
Amani Toomer – NYGat PHI11.15.06.1
Chris Chambers – SDat TEN10.95.16.0
Brandon Stokley – DENvs KC10.84.85.6
Muhsin Muhammad – CHIat WAS10.85.26.0
Reggie Williams – JACvs CAR10.75.15.9
Mike Furrey – DETvs DAL10.65.56.1
Nate Burleson – SEAvs ARI10.65.25.8
Kevin Walter – HOUvs TB10.55.15.6
Donte Stallworth – NEvs PIT10.45.35.7
Reggie Brown – PHIvs NYG10.45.45.7
Ike Hilliard – TBat HOU10.25.05.2
Joe Jurevicius – CLEat NYJ10.15.05.2
Ted Ginn – MIAat BUF10.15.25.3
Javon Walker – DENvs KC10.15.65.7
Larry Fitzgerald – ARIat SEA10.15.96.0
Jerry Porter – OAKat GB10.05.45.4
Marty Booker – MIAat BUF9.95.35.2
Bobby Wade – MINat SF9.85.25.0
Devery Henderson – NOat ATL9.75.75.4
Drew Bennett – STLat CIN9.45.65.0
Michael Jenkins – ATLvs NO9.45.65.0
Antwaan Randle El – WASvs CHI9.35.95.1
Vincent Jackson – SDat TEN9.25.95.0
Roydell Williams – TENvs SD9.15.74.8
Nate Washington – PITat NE9.06.05.0
Mark Clayton – BALvs IND8.95.94.7
Dennis Northcutt – JACvs CAR8.95.74.6
Arnaz Battle – SFvs MIN8.86.14.9
Andre Davis – HOUvs TB8.76.24.9
Drew Carter – CARat JAC8.75.94.6
James Jones – GBvs OAK8.66.14.7
Santonio Holmes – PITat NE8.66.65.2
Darrell Jackson – SFvs MIN8.66.14.7
David Patten – NOat ATL8.45.94.3
Ernest Wilford – JACvs CAR8.46.14.5
Roscoe Parrish – BUFvs MIA8.46.14.5
Eddie Kennison – KCat DEN8.35.94.2
Josh Reed – BUFvs MIA8.15.94.0
Michael Clayton – TBat HOU7.96.24.1
Derek Hagan – MIAat BUF7.96.14.1
Justin McCareins – NYJvs CLE7.96.34.2
Lance Moore – NOat ATL7.86.03.9
Jabar Gaffney – NEvs PIT7.76.64.4
Koren Robinson – GBvs OAK7.56.54.0
Sammie Parker – KCat DEN7.36.33.6
Eric Moulds – TENvs SD7.26.63.7
Hank Baskett – PHIvs NYG7.26.73.9
Brandon Jones – TENvs SD7.16.83.9
Devin Hester – CHIat WAS7.17.04.1
Sam Hurd – DALat DET7.16.63.7
Tim Carter – CLEat NYJ7.06.33.3
Ruvell Martin – GBvs OAK6.86.93.7
Ben Obomanu – SEAvs ARI6.76.93.6
Craig Davis – SDat TEN6.76.93.6
Terrance Copper – NOat ATL6.66.83.4
Jason Avant – PHIvs NYG6.67.03.6
Jerheme Urban – ARIat SEA6.56.93.4
James Thrash – WASvs CHI6.57.03.5
Robert Ferguson – MINat SF6.47.03.4
Tim Dwight – OAKat GB6.37.23.6
Cedrick Wilson – PITat NE6.37.23.6
Matt Jones – JACvs CAR6.37.13.4
Ashley Lelie – SFvs MIN6.27.13.3
Keenan McCardell – WASvs CHI6.17.13.3
Dwayne Jarrett – CARat JAC6.17.13.2
Rashied Davis – CHIat WAS6.07.03.0
Anquan Boldin – ARIat SEA6.07.73.7
Dante Hall – STLat CIN5.96.92.8
Laurent Robinson – ATLvs NO5.87.12.9
Troy Williamson – MINat SF5.77.33.1
Glenn Martinez – DENvs KC5.77.33.0
Steve Smith – NYGat PHI5.77.22.9
Sam Aiken – BUFvs MIA5.67.22.8
Joe Horn – ATLvs NO5.57.42.9
Jacoby Jones – HOUvs TB5.57.63.0
Craphonso Thorpe – INDat BAL5.37.62.9
Antonio Chatman – CINvs STL5.17.22.3
Malcolm Floyd – SDat TEN4.67.92.4
Terry Glenn – DALat DET4.47.51.9
Marvin Harrison – INDat BAL4.37.72.1
Demetrius Williams – BALvs IND4.37.92.2
Aaron Moorehead – INDat BAL4.18.12.3
DJ Hackett – SEAvs ARI3.38.01.3

Roddy White, ATL (14.3 rating): The Falcons’ third year wide receiver has taken a big step forward this season. White is on pace for over 80 catches and 1200 yards, after recording his best game of the season last week (10 catches, 146 yards, TD). He has a nice matchup this week against New Orleans. The Saints are 28th in the NFL in pass defense.

Donte Stallworth, NE (10.4 rating): Stallworth seems to be solidly behind Randy Moss and Wes Welker in New England. He has not found the end zone in the past five games, even playing in that prolific offense. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the best passing defense in the league, as well as the best scoring defense, making Stallworth a very iffy start.

Tight EndsOpponentRatingRiskReward
Jason Witten – DALat DET17.41.89.2
Kellen Winslow – CLEat NYJ16.72.08.7
Tony Gonzalez – KCat DEN16.02.38.3
Antonio Gates – SDat TEN15.42.98.3
Dallas Clark – INDat BAL13.93.87.7
Chris Cooley – WASvs CHI13.73.97.6
Jeremy Shockey – NYGat PHI13.14.07.1
Donald Lee – GBvs OAK11.94.46.4
Ben Watson – NEvs PIT11.94.56.4
Vernon Davis – SFvs MIN11.94.76.6
Tony Scheffler – DENvs KC11.84.36.1
Eric Johnson – NOat ATL11.44.66.0
Greg Olsen – CHIat WAS11.44.86.2
Owen Daniels – HOUvs TB11.34.76.0
Heath Miller – PITat NE11.15.06.1
Randy McMichael – STLat CIN11.05.06.0
Desmond Clark – CHIat WAS10.94.85.7
LJ Smith – PHIvs NYG10.74.85.5
Alge Crumpler – ATLvs NO10.75.25.9
Zach Miller – OAKat GB10.65.25.8
Chris Baker – NYJvs CLE10.54.95.4
Jeff King – CARat JAC10.15.45.5
Visanthe Shiancoe – MINat SF9.65.45.0
Marcedes Lewis – JACvs CAR9.45.44.8
Bo Scaife – TENvs SD9.35.44.8
Leonard Pope – ARIat SEA9.35.95.2
David Martin – MIAat BUF8.85.34.0
Alex Smith – TBat HOU8.65.74.3
Ben Utecht – INDat BAL8.36.24.5
Robert Royal – BUFvs MIA7.95.93.9
Marcus Pollard – SEAvs ARI7.46.33.8
Quinn Sypniewski – BALvs IND7.46.43.8
Justin Peelle – MIAat BUF7.16.23.3
Richard Angulo – JACvs CAR7.15.93.0
Kyle Brady – NEvs PIT6.77.03.7
Anthony Fasano – DALat DET6.66.83.4
Matt Schobel – PHIvs NYG6.66.73.3
Anthony Becht – TBat HOU6.66.73.3
Ben Troupe – TENvs SD6.46.73.1
Reggie Kelly – CINvs STL6.46.83.1
Will Heller – SEAvs ARI6.47.03.4
Bubba Franks – GBvs OAK6.36.93.2
Daniel Graham – DENvs KC6.17.03.2
Bryan Fletcher – INDat BAL6.07.03.1
Matt Spaeth – PITat NE5.67.53.1
Todd Heap – BALvs IND5.58.23.7
Jeb Putzier – HOUvs TB5.47.42.7
Billy Miller – NOat ATL5.27.52.7
Casey Fitzsimmons – DETvs DAL4.67.82.4
Christian Fauria – CARat JAC4.67.82.3
Sean McHugh – DETvs DAL4.57.92.4
Jason Dunn – KCat DEN4.47.72.1

Dallas Clark, IND (13.9 rating): Clark has been a touchdown-scoring machine this season. He had a streak of five straight games with a TD earlier in the season, before going cold for a few weeks. He seems to be heating up again though, as he has three scores in the past two games. Make sure to get him in your lineup.

Tony Scheffler, DEN (11.8 rating): With quality fantasy tight ends at a premium, many owners will not have the luxury of benching Scheffler this week. But if you do have another good tight end on your roster, this may be a good week to sit Scheff. His opponent this week, Kansas City, has only given up ten passing touchdowns this season, tied for third fewest in the NFL.

Mason Crosby – GBvs OAK16.22.08.2
Shayne Graham – CINvs STL15.82.58.3
Nick Folk – DALat DET15.62.68.1
Phil Dawson – CLEat NYJ15.32.78.0
Adam Vinatieri – INDat BAL14.13.37.4
Mike Nugent – NYJvs CLE14.12.97.0
Josh Brown – SEAvs ARI14.13.17.2
Ryan Longwell – MINat SF14.13.07.1
Stephen Gostkowski – NEvs PIT14.03.47.4
Robbie Gould – CHIat WAS13.93.37.2
Josh Scobee – JACvs CAR13.93.27.1
Rob Bironas – TENvs SD13.73.57.1
Jason Elam – DENvs KC13.63.26.9
Rian Lindell – BUFvs MIA13.63.36.9
Jeff Wilkins – STLat CIN13.33.76.9
Nate Kaeding – SDat TEN13.13.76.9
Neil Rackers – ARIat SEA12.93.96.8
Matt Stover – BALvs IND12.93.96.7
Jason Hanson – DETvs DAL12.84.16.9
Kris Brown – HOUvs TB12.73.96.6
Shaun Suisham – WASvs CHI12.73.96.6
Matt Bryant – TBat HOU12.63.86.4
David Akers – PHIvs NYG12.54.06.6
Lawrence Tynes – NYGat PHI11.94.36.2
Jeff Reed – PITat NE11.64.46.0
John Carney – KCat DEN11.14.45.5
Morten Andersen – ATLvs NO11.04.55.6
Sebastian Janikowski – OAKat GB10.95.05.9
Olindo Mare – NOat ATL10.74.55.2
John Kasay – CARat JAC10.05.15.1
Jay Feely – MIAat BUF9.95.45.3
Joe Nedney – SFvs MIN9.75.35.0

Adam Vinatieri, IND (14.1 rating): The last few weeks have been tough for the once seemingly-infallible Vinatieri. He has missed four of his past seven field goals, and a lot of them have been relatively routine kicks. A matchup this week against the Ravens may be what he needs to right the ship. The Ravens have given up more field goals than any other NFL team. Baltimore has a good defense that will buckle down in the red zone, but the Colts’ strong offense should be able to get to the red zone regularly, creating plenty of field goal chances for Vinatieri.

Jeff Reed, PIT (11.6 rating): The New England Patriots have given up just nine field goals all season, so I don’t think any kicker is a smart play against them. Reed has had a nice year, but this week he will have to deal with not only the Patriots defense, but with the cold New England weather.

Team DefenseOpponentRatingRiskReward
Minnesotaat SF16.62.18.7
Dallasat DET15.13.18.2
Green Bayvs OAK14.42.97.2
Jacksonvillevs CAR14.23.47.6
Buffalovs MIA13.93.27.1
Indianapolisat BAL13.73.87.4
San Diegoat TEN13.34.27.4
Tampa Bayat HOU13.04.07.1
New Englandvs PIT13.04.67.6
Seattlevs ARI12.74.16.8
Chicagoat WAS12.64.47.0
New York Giantsat PHI12.64.67.2
Washingtonvs CHI12.04.56.5
Denvervs KC11.84.46.2
Clevelandat NYJ11.63.95.5
New Orleansat ATL11.34.55.8
Philadelphiavs NYG10.85.15.9
Kansas Cityat DEN10.64.85.4
Pittsburghat NE10.36.06.3
Tennesseevs SD10.16.06.0
Cincinnativs STL10.05.45.4
Arizonaat SEA9.95.65.6
Baltimorevs IND9.95.95.8
Carolinaat JAC9.86.05.7
Houstonvs TB9.55.65.1
St. Louisat CIN8.75.84.5
Atlantavs NO8.66.04.6
Detroitvs DAL8.37.25.5
Miamiat BUF8.15.83.9
Oaklandat GB7.06.83.8
New York Jetsvs CLE6.86.93.7
San Franciscovs MIN6.67.54.0

Buffalo (13.9 rating): The Bills have a decent defense, not a great defense, but it is all about the matchup this week. They play the Dolphins, a team that has not scored more than 13 points in five straight games. And now Miami is starting a rookie quarterback that had no touchdowns and three interceptions in his first game as a starter last week.

Pittsburgh (11.5 rating): The Steelers have had one of the best defenses in the league this year, ranking first in in several categories, including total yards, passing yards, and points per game. Just because of that you could probably do worse than the Steelers this week as your starting defense, but I think even this good of a defense is a risky start against the Patriots. The Patriots just had two “bad” games these past two weeks, but they still scored 31 and 27 points. There are probably better options out there for your starting defense.

Special thanks to SwiperNoSwiping, dream_017, madaslives911, suhgamer, treat24, plantation, Amuk, WaCougMBS,and killiansjmd for their rankings and involvement with this week's article. For more insights and additional fine-tuning, visit our Who to Start/Bench forum section or listen to The Coach's Voice on Fantasy Cafe Radio.
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