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Week 6

By Nick Hopkins

It’s Week 6 and we’re rolling right along. Last week Clinton Portis and Brandon Jacobs showed why the NFC East is so dangerous with big days on the ground, Kyle Orton gave Bears fans something to cheer for in the passing game, and Deangelo Williams made a statement that he is not ready to give up his job just yet. Who will put up big points this week? Our Start & Sit rankers have some opinions on that. And here they are…

Our rating system is based on two sets of rankings. The first set is a value between 1-20, given based on a player’s Fantasy Value If Playing (FVIP). The second set is that player’s Playing Probability (PP). These two sets are thrown into a giant machine, twisted around a little, mixed up, sorted, resorted, then eventually darts are thrown at the results. If you require any further help, our start/sit forum is top notch. You will find quick replies to your questions there and many eager helpers!

Tony RomoDALat ARI19.33100%19.33
Eli ManningNYGat CLE18.67100%18.67
Drew BreesNOOAK18.33100%18.33
Brett FavreNYJCIN18.00100%18.00
Jay CutlerDENJAX18.00100%18.00
Kurt WarnerARIDAL17.33100%17.33
Jason CampbellWASat STL16.67100%16.67
Donovan McNabbPHIat SF16.33100%16.33
Kyle OrtonCHIat ATL16.00100%16.00
Peyton ManningINDBAL15.67100%15.67
Philip RiversSDNE15.67100%15.67
Aaron RodgersGBat SEA15.6798%15.35
Carson PalmerCINat NYJ15.33100%15.33
Jake DelhommeCARat TB15.00100%15.00
Matt SchaubHOUMIA15.3396%14.72
Gus FrerotteMINDET14.67100%14.67
Chad PenningtonMIAat HOU14.67100%14.67
Matt HasselbeckSEAGB15.0096%14.40
Matt CasselNEat SD14.33100%14.33
David GarrardJAXat DEN13.33100%13.33
J.T. O’SullivanSFPHI13.00100%13.00
JaMarcus RussellOAKat NO13.00100%13.00
Matt RyanATLCHI12.67100%12.67
Derek AndersonCLENYG13.3393%12.44
Joe FlaccoBALat IND11.67100%11.67
Jon KitnaDETat MIN13.33
Alert! 82%
Brian GrieseTBCAR12.67
Alert! 68%

Start: Jason Campbell (Rank: 16.67) – The Redskins play the Rams this week, who are third worst at stopping opposing quarterbacks in the fantasy realm – Those opposing quarterbacks are averaging 21.6 fantasy points against the win-less Rams. Campbell has looked good recently and should be in your lineup for this matchup.

Sit: Derek Anderson (Rank: 12.44) – The Derek Anderson from last year should be in your lineup every week. However, times have changed. The Browns’ offense has been poor so far and they may be without Kellen Winslow Jr. this week. The Giants are also very good against the pass, which doesn’t help Anderson’s case.

Running BacksTeamOpp.FVIHPPValue
Adrian PetersonMINDET20.00100%20.00
Clinton PortisWASat STL20.00100%20.00
Matt ForteCHIat ATL18.67100%18.67
Brandon JacobsNYGat CLE18.33100%18.33
Ronnie BrownMIAat HOU18.00100%18.00
Marion BarberDALat ARI17.67100%17.67
Frank GoreSFPHI17.33100%17.33
Reggie BushNOOAK16.67100%16.67
Steve SlatonHOUMIA16.33100%16.33
LaDainian TomlinsonSDNE16.00100%16.00
Steven JacksonSTLWAS15.67100%15.67
Thomas JonesNYJCIN15.33100%15.33
Maurice Jones-DrewJAXat DEN15.00100%15.00
Joseph AddaiINDBAL15.00100%15.00
Earnest GrahamTBCAR14.33100%14.33
Michael TurnerATLCHI14.00100%14.00
Ryan GrantGBat SEA14.00100%14.00
Darren McFaddenOAKat NO13.67100%13.67
LeRon McClainBALat IND13.33100%13.33
Jonathan StewartCARat TB13.33100%13.33
Julius JonesSEAGB13.00100%13.00
Fred TaylorJAXat DEN13.00100%13.00
Jamal LewisCLENYG12.00100%12.00
Willis McGaheeBALat IND14.00
Alert! 83%
Edgerrin JamesARIDAL11.67100%11.67
DeAngelo WilliamsCARat TB11.00100%11.00
Michael PittmanDENJAX10.67100%10.67
Felix JonesDALat ARI10.67100%10.67
Kevin FaulkNEat SD10.67100%10.67
Tim HightowerARIDAL10.33100%10.33
Chris PerryCINat NYJ9.67100%9.67
Brian WestbrookPHIat SF17.00
Alert! 57%
Justin FargasOAKat NO12.00
Alert! 80%
Correll BuckhalterPHIat SF13.00
Alert! 73%
Michael BushOAKat NO9.33100%9.33
Sammy MorrisNEat SD9.00100%9.00
Deuce McAllisterNOOAK9.00100%9.00
Darren SprolesSDNE8.67100%8.67
Rudi JohnsonDETat MIN8.67100%8.67
Warrick DunnTBCAR8.67100%8.67
Brandon JacksonGBat SEA8.33100%8.33
Ricky WilliamsMIAat HOU8.00100%8.00
Chester TaylorMINDET8.00100%8.00
Cedrick BensonCINat NYJ7.33100%7.33
Jerious NorwoodATLCHI7.00100%7.00
Ray RiceBALat IND6.67100%6.67
Selvin YoungDENJAX6.67100%6.67
Kevin SmithDETat MIN6.67100%6.67
Laurence MaroneyNEat SD6.33100%6.33
Leon WashingtonNYJCIN6.33100%6.33
Andre HallDENJAX5.67100%5.67
Ahman GreenHOUMIA5.67100%5.67
Chris TaylorHOUMIA2.67100%2.67

Start: Adrian Peterson (Rank: 20.00) – Just kidding. Never sit him. You know that.

Start: Maurice Jones-Drew (Rank: 15.00) – He has been a little hit or miss this year, which looks like an issue he has at the beginning of each season. Last year he only had 1 touchdown and totaled 30-60 yards in three of the first four weeks. Denver hasn’t been allowing a lot of points to runningbacks this year (other than LJ, of course), so look for MJD to get back on track.

Sit: Jamal Lewis (Rank: 12.00) – Although Lewis scored last week and had his best game of the season, he hasn’t been able to total 100 yards even once in 2008. With a game against the undefeated Giants Monday night, don’t expect him to break the century mark this week either.

Wide ReceiversTeamOpp.FVIHPPValue
Terrell OwensDALat ARI19.33100%19.33
Plaxico BurressNYGat CLE19.00100%19.00
Larry FitzgeraldARIDAL19.00100%19.00
Brandon MarshallDENJAX18.67100%18.67
Greg JenningsGBat SEA18.00100%18.00
Reggie WayneINDBAL17.67100%17.67
Santana MossWASat STL17.33100%17.33
T.J. HoushmandzadehCINat NYJ17.33100%17.33
Jerricho CotcheryNYJCIN17.33100%17.33
Randy MossNEat SD17.00100%17.00
Andre JohnsonHOUMIA17.00100%17.00
Steve SmithCARat TB16.67100%16.67
Roddy WhiteATLCHI16.67100%16.67
Calvin JohnsonDETat MIN16.00100%16.00
Braylon EdwardsCLENYG16.00100%16.00
Laveranues ColesNYJCIN15.33100%15.33
DeSean JacksonPHIat SF15.00100%15.00
Torry HoltSTLWAS15.00100%15.00
Roy WilliamsDETat MIN14.67100%14.67
Amani ToomerNYGat CLE14.33100%14.33
Eddie RoyalDENJAX14.33100%14.33
Wes WelkerNEat SD14.00100%14.00
Matt JonesJAXat DEN14.00100%14.00
Bernard BerrianMINDET14.00100%14.00
Bobby EngramSEAGB14.00100%14.00
Steve BreastonARIDAL14.0097%13.53
Isaac BruceSFPHI13.33100%13.33
Muhsin MuhammadCARat TB13.33100%13.33
Marvin HarrisonINDBAL13.00100%13.00
Devin HesterCHIat ATL12.67100%12.67
Lance MooreNOOAK12.67100%12.67
Antwaan Randle ElWASat STL12.67100%12.67
Vincent JacksonSDNE12.33100%12.33
Robert MeachemNOOAK12.00100%12.00
Chad Ocho CincoCINat NYJ11.67100%11.67
Chansi StuckeyNYJCIN11.67100%11.67
Donald DriverGBat SEA11.33100%11.33
Patrick CraytonDALat ARI11.33100%11.33
Chris ChambersSDNE15.00
Alert! 73%
Antonio BryantTBCAR10.67100%10.67
Kevin WalterHOUMIA10.67100%10.67
Derrick MasonBALat IND10.67100%10.67
Brandon StokleyDENJAX9.33100%9.33
Chris HenryCINat NYJ9.33100%9.33
Ted Ginn Jr.MIAat HOU9.00100%9.00
Ronald CurryOAKat NO9.00100%9.00
Anthony GonzalezINDBAL10.00
Alert! 87%
Bryant JohnsonSFPHI8.00100%8.00
Javon WalkerOAKat NO8.00100%8.00
Hank BaskettPHIat SF7.33100%7.33
Sinorice MossNYGat CLE7.00100%7.00
Jabar GaffneyNEat SD6.67100%6.67
Dominek HixonNYGat CLE8.00
Alert! 83%
David PattenNOOAK8.00
Alert! 73%
Reggie WilliamsJAXat DEN5.67100%5.67
Sidney RiceMINDET9.00
Alert! 60%
Mark ClaytonBALat IND4.33100%4.33
D.J. HackettCARat TB4.33100%4.33
Michael JenkinsATLCHI4.00100%4.00
Anquan BoldinARIDAL17.33
Alert! 17%
Joey GallowayTBCAR10.33
Alert! 27%
Deion BranchSEAGB8.00
Alert! 20%

Start: Jerricho Cotchery (Rank: 17.33) – Coles is hurt, again, but he’ll play. It seems as though he always plays when listed as questionable. However, Cotchery might benefit from a few more targets. The Bengals allow plenty of yards and Favre loves to sling it. Jerricho should post WR1 numbers this week.

Sit: Derrick Mason (Rank: 10.67) – He’s been Flacco’s main target the first four weeks of the season. He plays the Colts this week, who allow so many yards on the ground that either they are very good against the pass, or no one tries to pass on them. Flacco won’t throw much and therefore not much should be expected of Mason.

Tight EndsTeamOpp.FVIHPPValue
Jason WittenDALat ARI20.00100%20.00
Chris CooleyWASat STL19.00100%19.00
Antonio GatesSDNE16.67100%16.67
Kellen WinslowCLENYG16.00100%16.00
Owen DanielsHOUMIA15.33100%15.33
Dallas ClarkINDBAL15.00100%15.00
Greg OlsenCHIat ATL13.67100%13.67
Anthony FasanoMIAat HOU13.67100%13.67
Kevin BossNYGat CLE12.33100%12.33
Zach MillerOAKat NO12.00100%12.00
John CarlsonSEAGB11.33100%11.33
Dustin KellerNYJCIN11.33100%11.33
Donald LeeGBat SEA10.00100%10.00
L.J. SmithPHIat SF10.3397%9.99
Ben WatsonNEat SD8.67100%8.67
Todd HeapBALat IND8.33100%8.33
Visanthe ShiancoeMINDET8.00100%8.00
Tony SchefflerDENJAX15.00
Alert! 50%
Desmond ClarkCHIat ATL7.33100%7.33
Alex SmithTBCAR6.00100%6.00
Dante RosarioCARat TB6.00100%6.00
Vernon DavisSFPHI5.67100%5.67
Marcedes LewisJAXat DEN4.00100%4.00
Jeremy ShockeyNOOAK12.33
Alert! 17%

Start: Anthony Fasano (Rank: 13.67) – He was expected to do big things last week against a San Diego defense that had allowed five touchdowns to tight ends in the first four weeks – he had three grabs for 47 yards (which isn’t horrible). This week Fasano gets the Texans who aren’t much better at stopping tight ends, who allow eight fantasy points per game to them. Fasano will get plenty of looks and should fair well this week.

Sit: Kellen Winslow (Rank: 16.00) – We have him ranked fairly high this week, but that was before he was hospitalized. Since his game is on Monday night, you should probably look for a safer option.

Matt PraterDENJAX20.00100%20.00
Ryan LongwellMINDET19.00100%19.00
Josh ScobeeJAXat DEN19.00100%19.00
Nick FolkDALat ARI18.67100%18.67
Adam VinatieriINDBAL17.00100%17.00
Nate KaedingSDNE17.00100%17.00
Mason CrosbyGBat SEA16.67100%16.67
Neil RackersARIDAL16.33100%16.33
Shaun SuishamWASat STL16.33100%16.33
Matt BryantTBCAR15.67100%15.67
Shayne GrahamCINat NYJ15.67100%15.67
John KasayCARat TB15.33100%15.33
David AkersPHIat SF15.33100%15.33
Robbie GouldCHIat ATL15.00100%15.00
Stephen GostkowskiNEat SD14.33100%14.33
Phil DawsonCLENYG13.67100%13.67
Sebastian JanikowskiOAKat NO13.67100%13.67
Joe NedneySFPHI13.33100%13.33
Kris BrownHOUMIA13.00100%13.00
Olindo MareSEAGB12.67100%12.67
Dan CarpenterMIAat HOU12.67100%12.67
Jason ElamATLCHI12.33100%12.33
Martin GramaticaNOOAK11.67100%11.67
Matt StoverBALat IND11.00100%11.00
Josh BrownSTLWAS9.67100%9.67
Jason HansonDETat MIN9.33100%9.33
Lawrence TynesNYGat CLE16.67
Alert! 50%

Start: Josh Scobee (Rank: 19.00) – Scobee has only missed one field goal all year, and it’s not because he lacks the leg strength (4/4 on 40+ yards, two of those were from 50+). If he gets the chances, he should nail them. Denver will be favored in this game, but it will not be because of their defense. Jacksonville should have opportunities for points in this game, and that means points for Scobee.

Sit: Jason Hanson (Rank: 9.33) – Hanson is generally a very reliable kicker. But you cannot reliably score points if you don’t get on the field to kick field goals. The Lions just are not giving Hanson that chance right now. Even though Hanson has not missed a kick this year, he has only been able to make 5 field goals. That’s not the kind of production you want on your fantasy team.

Philadelphia EaglesPHIat SF17.33100%17.33
Minnesota VikingsMINDET17.00100%17.00
Chicago BearsCHIat ATL16.67100%16.67
New York GiantsNYGat CLE16.67100%16.67
Washington RedskinsWASat STL16.33100%16.33
Green Bay PackersGBat SEA15.67100%15.67
Carolina PanthersCARat TB14.67100%14.67
San Diego ChargersSDNE14.33100%14.33
Baltimore RavensBALat IND14.33100%14.33
New England PatriotsNEat SD13.00100%13.00
Indianapolis ColtsINDBAL12.67100%12.67
Tampa Bay BuccaneersTBCAR12.33100%12.33
Dallas CowboysDALat ARI12.00100%12.00
Jacksonville JaguarsJAXat DEN11.00100%11.00
Seattle SeahawksSEAGB10.67100%10.67
Denver BroncosDENJAX9.33100%9.33
New York JetsNYJCIN8.33100%8.33
Arizona CardinalsARIDAL8.00100%8.00
New Orleans SaintsNOOAK6.67100%6.67
Miami DolphinsMIAat HOU6.67100%6.67
San Francisco 49ersSFPHI5.67100%5.67
Oakland RaidersOAKat NO5.67100%5.67
Atlanta FalconsATLCHI5.00100%5.00
Houston TexansHOUMIA5.00100%5.00
Cincinnati BengalsCINat NYJ4.33100%4.33
Detroit LionsDETat MIN3.33100%3.33
Cleveland BrownsCLENYG3.33100%3.33
St. Louis RamsSTLWAS2.00100%2.00

Start: Washington Redskins (Rank: 16.33) – The Redskins’ defense has not put up the league’s biggest numbers this season, but they have also played some of the league’s strongest offenses. The schedule gets much easier this week, as the hapless Rams visit the nation’s capital. With defensive end Jason Taylor and cornerback Shawn Springs back in the starting lineup, the Skins’ D should be able to shut down the St. Louis offense.

Sit: Dallas Cowboys (Rank: 12.00) – Once considered one of the NFL’s best defenses, the Cowboys D has fallen off a bit in recent weeks.They are not getting pressure on the quarterback like you would expect, and the secondary has looked suspect at best. The Cardinals have a hifgh powered passing offense, complemented well by veteran runningback Edgerrin James, and rookie runningback Tim Hightower. The Dallas D is still worth starting in the right matchup because of their big play potential, but I would not recommend the Cowboys against this explosive Cardinal offense.

Many thanks to the people who helped put this together: treat24, Dan Lambskin, WaCougMBS, utility-hook, and Amuk who helped with the rankings!

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