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2009 NFL Barometer: Week 2 - 1 comments

By R.J. White


Welcome back to the Barometer. We had a few new rankers join the party this week; much thanks to them and to all our rankers. The thing about Week 1 that surprised me the most (well, besides that Brandon Stokley TD) was how close the Monday night games were. Both promised to be blowouts, yet they turned into riveting television. Did ESPN know something we didn’t? Apparently.

Half of your teams are undefeated, and half of your teams are winless. Who’s going to start the season on a two-game winning streak? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. Let’s take a look at how the NFL ranks this week.


RankChangeTEAMAvg RankD
1 upNew England Patriots2.521431333
Last week: Win 25-24 vs. BUF. New England rises to No. 1, despite almost losing at home to the Bills but for a bit of good fortune.
2 upPittsburgh Steelers2.642112281
Last week: Win 13-10 vs. TEN (OT). Great kickoff matchup, if you like defense. Can the passing game overcome the running game’s ineptitude?
3 upNew York Giants3.833329442
Last week: Win 23-17 vs. WAS. Just took care of business against Washington in a tough divisional matchup. They look tough to beat.
4 upSan Diego Chargers4.519245825
Last week: Win 24-20 at OAK. Another miracle finish, as the Charges let the Raiders hang around just long enough to scare them.
5 upIndianapolis Colts5.455856518
Last week: Win 14-12 vs. JAC. It doesn’t have to be pretty sometimes, but losing Anthony Gonzalez is ugly. Can the Peyton Mannings stay on beat?
6 upNew Orleans Saints7.0669931157
Last week: Win 45-27 vs. NO. I think we expected a drubbing, but they let the Lions hang around too long. The D has to step it up.
7 upGreen Bay Packers7.17105811169
Last week: Win 21-15 vs. CHI. The defense looked superb in Week 1. Maturation by Aaron Rodgers could lead to a Super Bowl ticket.
8 upBaltimore Ravens7.612710114674
Last week: Win 38-24 vs. KC. Speaking of defense, what happened here? For a team identified by elite defense, 24 points at home to the Chiefs is bad.
9 upPhiladelphia Eagles8.18467812911
Last week: Win 38-10 at CAR. Now this defense looked sensational. It will have to be, to weather the loss of Donovan McNabb for these few weeks.
10 upMinnesota Vikings9.91313761013116
Last week: Win 34-20. Easy first week opponent leads to easy second week opponent for Minnesota. Should be least shocking 2-0 team ever.
11 upAtlanta Falcons11.0101212101471310
Last week: Win 19-7 vs. MIA. Watch out — the Falcons are for real. Imagine what the score would have been if the running game got going.
12 upDallas Cowboys11.5118131312101213
Last week: Win 34-21 at TB. Is T.O.’s picture up in the dictionary next to the term “addition by subtraction”? Because it should be.
13 upTennessee Titans12.3911111213151512
Last week: Loss 10-13 at PIT (OT). The defense really showed it didn’t need Albert Haynesworth, dominating the champs for three quarters.
14 upNew York Jets14.9151516201691414
Last week: Win 24-7 at HOU. Yes, we’re sold on this team. Sure, Mark Sanchez did nice, but how about that D? Could they win the AFC East?
15 upSan Francisco 49ers15.01416151517161017
Last week: Win 20-16 at ARI. The 49ers are my sleeper team this year and they didn’t disappoint, beating the NFC champs at home.
16 upSeattle Seahawks15.5161414197182016
Last week: Win 28-0 vs. STL. Many predict a rebound from the Seahawks, but a 28-point win at home against the Rams really says nothing.
17 upJacksonville Jaguars18.52017171822141624
Last week: Loss 12-14 at IND. The defense looked better in Week 1 than anyone could have expected. Are they on the way back up?
18 upArizona Cardinals18.91921191721221715
Last week: Loss 16-20 vs. SF. Sorry Cardinals, but you’re the next in line to suffer the Super Bowl-loser curse. Six wins, here we come.
19 upMiami Dolphins19.41719201425211920
Last week: Loss 7-19 at ATL. The Dolphins looked like they hadn’t practiced at all this offseason. They need to shake the rust off quickly.
20 upChicago Bears20.01820181619232422
Last week: Loss 15-21 at GB. Losing Brian Urlacher hurts big time. The GB defense is good enough to shut down offenses, but can they blossom versus Pitt?
21 upHouston Texans20.12323212118191818
Last week: Loss 7-24 vs. NYJ. Embarrassing loss for everyone’s favorite sleeper. This will haunt them if they finish a game out of the playoffs.
22 upCarolina Panthers21.82218232224172721
Last week: Loss 10-38 vs. PHI. The Human Turnover Machine has 11 giveaways in his last two games — nice extenstion, Panthers.
23 upWashington Redskins22.42422222326202319
Last week: Loss 17-23 at NYG. Somewhat promising in defeat, the Skins get the benefit of a UFL game this week against the Rams.
24 upTampa Bay Buccaneers24.52528262420262126
Last week: Loss 21-34 vs. DAL. This week’s Bucs-Bills game probably qualifies for “who-cares-but-fantasy-football-geeks” status.
25 upBuffalo Bills25.13024242715243225
Last week: Loss 24-25 at NE. Gotta hate the season-ending loss in the first week of the season. Seriously, how do you bounce back from that?
26 upOakland Raiders26.42925283023272623
Last week: Loss 20-24 vs. SD. Of course, if you’re the Raiders, keeping the game within a touchdown acts like a win. Yay, they’re 1-0!
27 upDenver Broncos27.02127252528303030
Last week: Win 12-7 at CIN. You know the Bengals were frantically jabbing the ‘Rewind’ button on the controller after that play.
28 upKansas City Chiefs27.62729292827252531
Last week: Loss 24-38 at BAL. If Brodie Croyle can have success in Baltimore with this offense, think of what a healthy Matt Cassel can do.
29 upCincinnati Bengals28.02626312629292928
Last week: Loss 7-12 vs. DEN. So you can’t score more than a last-minute TD against a terrible defense? Good luck in 2009, Bengals fans.
30 upDetroit Lions28.32830272930312229
Last week: Loss 27-45 at NO. I don’t know — the Lions scoring 27 against any team should earn them something, no? Let’s make them 1-0 too.
31 upCleveland Browns30.13131303231283127
Last week: Loss 20-34 vs. MIN. Hey Cleveland fans, at least the Indians are still — oh, right. Well, maybe LeBron will stick around. OK, that was mean.
32 upSt. Louis Rams31.43232323132322832
Last week: Loss 0-28 at SEA. Not a great debut for Spags. Maybe he should start scouting supermarkets — it worked last time.



DZ = daullaz
DN = Dan Lambskin
RW = RWLongy4
IB = Indibuck
FF = FatFoot
MA = mattUTD20
SS = SameSongNDance
BC = 204BC

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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  1. GirthyOne says:

    R.J., The only problem I see with your rankings here is you should have consulted with me prior to posting my beloved Packers that high. That offensive like is just that, offensive. Of course, I don’t agree with everything else, but at least I understand your reasoning.


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