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2009 NFL Barometer: Week 7

By R.J. White

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers

At the beginning of the season, who could have imagined the Broncos would head into their bye week 6-0? Give a ton of credit to Josh McDaniels for turning the franchise around in a hurry. But remember, this team had the AFC West title safely in their grasp in December last year and still found a way to miss the playoffs. 6-0 is obviously a great start, but there’s plenty of season to go.

In other news, what looked like the Game of the Year turned into a showcase for Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense. They completely had their way with a banged up Giants defense in the first half of Sunday’s game, and the Elis didn’t have a chance of keeping up. Will the good times keep rolling in New Orleans, or will the Miami Wildcats put a stop to the Saints’ great start?

On to our Week 7 Rankings …

RankChangeTEAMAvg RankD
1upIndianapolis Colts (5-0)1.51221
Last week: Bye. The best QB in the league just had a week to regroup. Look out, St. Louis.
2upNew Orleans Saints (5-0)1.52112
Last week: Win 48-27 vs. NYG. They just knocked out the Barometer’s former No. 1 team, and now they’re tied for No. 1.
3upMinnesota Vikings (6-0)33333
Last week: Win 33-31 vs. BAL. Baltimore didn’t deserve to be in this game, yet Minny didn’t deserve the win in the end.
4upDenver Broncos (6-0)44444
Last week: Win 34-23 at SD. Put your feet up, Denver Broncos. You’ve earned the break.
5upNew York Giants (5-1)5.757565
Last week: Loss 27-48 at NO. We thought they had depth heading into the season, but the lack of it was exposed in NO.
6upNew England Patriots (4-2)5.755657
Last week: Win 59-0 vs. TEN. No, they didn’t play the Volunteeers. Next up is a football match in Wembley.
7upAtlanta Falcons (4-1)6.756876
Last week: Win 21-14 vs. CHI. Great teams win the kind of game that was on display Sunday night. Sneaky SB team?
8upPittsburgh Steelers (4-2)88798
Last week: Win 27-14 vs. CLE. Hope you had fun with the dregs. Now you get two undefeateds (with a bye in the middle).
9upCincinnati Bengals (4-2)10129811
Last week: Loss 17-28 vs. HOU. This team knows how to win ugly … and lose ugly. Just exposed as pretenders.
10upBaltimore Ravens (3-3)11.259101313
Last week: Loss 31-33 at MIN. This team really could be 5-1 — or 6-0. Don’t sleep on them in the second half.
11upChicago Bears (3-2)11.51314109
Last week: Loss 14-21 at ATL. 3-0 in non-Sunday night games. There’s one more left on the schedule (vs. Philly).
12upPhiladelphia Eagles (3-2)1210111116
Last week: Loss 9-13 at OAK. Speaking of Philly, what on Earth was that? You can’t beat the Raiders? Really?!?
13upSan Francisco 49ers (3-2)12.7511131215
Last week: Bye. Perfect bye timing for the 49ers. Gore is back, Crabtree is ready, embarrassing Week 5 is ancient history.
14upArizona Cardinals (3-2)13.2514121710
Last week: Win 27-3 at Seattle. Went to their rival’s home stadium and laid a whooping down. NFC West a two-team race.
15upGreen Bay Packers (3-2)14.7515181412
Last week: Win 26-0 vs. DET. Sure, they blanked the Lions. But it was at home. Does this game tell us anything about GB?
16upDallas Cowboys (3-2)16.518151914
Last week: Bye. Felix is back as a bit player. Roy is back as a No. 2 WR. Let’s see how Romo responds against a good team.
17upHouston Texans (3-3)17.2517171619
Last week: Win 28-17 at CIN. Great win for the Texans on the road against a 4-1 team. Squarely in the Wild Card hunt.
18upNew York Jets (3-3)17.519191517
Last week: Loss 16-13 vs. BUF (OT). How many QBs have thrown five INTs to a 1-4 team and went on to become successful?
19upMiami Dolphins (2-3)17.7516161821
Last week: Bye. New Wildcat wrinkles: Backup guard in the Ricky role, nine O-Lineman on the field at one, Henne as center?
20upJacksonville Jaguars (3-3)19.7520202118
Last week: Win 23-20 vs. STL (OT). Hard-fought win at home … against the Rams. Sorry, doesn’t count.
21upSan Diego Chargers (2-3)20.521212020
Last week: Loss 23-34 vs. DEN. With so many great coaching candidates out there, it’s time to pack your bags, Norv.
22upSeattle Seahawks (2-4)22.522232322
Last week: Loss 3-27 vs. ARI. LBs injured left and right, and Matt Hasselbeck looked terrible in this one.
23upCarolina Panthers (2-3)22.7524222223
Last week: Win 28-21 at TB. DeAngelo Williams and The Daily Show could combine for 1,000 yards … in this game against BUF.
24upBuffalo Bills (2-4)23.7523242424
Last week: Win 16-13 (OT). Signature win for the season, which tells you all you need to know about the Buffalo Bills.
25upWashington Redskins (2-4)25.525252527
Last week: Loss 6-14 vs. KC. Six games against winless teams, and nothing but a 2-4 record to show. Just terrible.
26upOakland Raiders (2-4)2626262626
Last week: Win 13-9 vs. PHI. I know Zach Miller caught the TD, but Louis Murphy earned this win with his blocking.
27upKansas City Chiefs (1-5)26.7527272825
Last week: Win 14-6 at WAS. Wait, how are they under the Redskins? Bah, only utility-hook got this one right.
28upDetroit Lions (1-5)27.7528282728
Last week: Loss 0-26 at GB. Sure, they were shut out in a division game, but they’re still better than the next four teams.
29upCleveland Browns (1-5)29.7530292931
Last week: Loss 14-27 at PIT. If things weren’t bad enough, the team just lost their best LB, D’Qwell Jackson.
30upTennessee Titans (0-6)29.7529313029
Last week: Loss 0-59 at NE. This team has quit on the season, and it’s embarrassing for the next two that TEN is No. 30.
31upTampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6)30.531303130
Last week: Loss 21-28 vs. CAR. C’mon. Carolina is a bad team, and you have to beat bad teams at home. You just do.
32upSt. Louis Rams (0-6)3232323232
Last week: Loss 20-23 at JAC (OT). Next chance for a W: Week 8 at DET. I’m practically on the edge of my seat for that one.



DZ = daullaz
DN = Dan Lambskin
BC = 204BC
UH = utility-hook

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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