Mock DraftsApril 28, 2009

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Experts’ Take on an Early Draft

By Roberto Baltazar

If a redraft league starts drafting too early, owners might be in a bit of a dilemma as to what drafting strategy to employ. Unless someone has a crystal ball or is in the camp of Ben Linus, there is no way to know which players will be traded, released or re-signed during the offseason. And if the NFL schedule has not yet been released and published, there is a very high probability that some players would have the same bye weeks. I have actually experienced this scenario in one of my leagues.

Anyway, with nothing else to do during the offseason, a dozen of the Cafe’s fantasy experts grouped together to do another early mock. The 16-round mock started February 19 and was completed on April 5. Below are the teams and rosters assembled by the the respective owners, and how they were evaluated by the other experts who participated in this mock. The mock league settings require the drafting of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and a Team Defense with seven bench players.

For the scoring:
Rushing will be scored 1 point for every 10 yards and 6 points per TD.
Receiving will be scored 1 point for every 10 yards and 6 points per TD.
Passing will be scored 1 point for every 25 yards and 6 points per TD.

1. Team NO T.O. (Owner: bungle613)

QB: Donovan McNabb (9.01)
RB: Adrian Peterson (1.01)
RB: Ronnie Brown (2.12)
WR: Reggie Wayne (3.01)
WR: Vincent Jackson (4.12)
WR: Bernard Berrian (6.12)
TE: Zach Miller (12.12)
D/ST: Green Bay Packers (16.12)
K: David Akers (15.01)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger (10.12)
QB: David Garrard (13.01)
RB: Willie Parker (5.01)
RB: Felix Jones (7.01)
RB: Tashard Choice (11.01)
WR: Kevin Curtis (8.12)
WR: Joey Galloway (14.12)

Demon Deacon: I gave the edge to Bungle’s team because of his RB depth. FWP and Felix are potential RB2s and high side #3s, and go along with a solid WR corps.

glackk: Very well-balanced team. Both RBs and WRs are deep. I like your entire bench. FWP in the 5th is nice. Curtis is a fine backup WR, even in the 8th. I’m a fan of waiting for a TE until the later rounds and filling up all the other positions earlier. There will always be a couple good young TEs left over. Rating: 7.5/10

mattpullman: I like ADP, Reggie Wayne, VJax and Bernard Berrian. Not so high on Ronnie Brown in the 2nd round. Very nice bench with FWP, Felix and Tashard, but I don’t like the whole having three above-average to average QBs (and no defense). Galloway in the 14th can’t really hurt, but I don’t like Curtis in the 8th. Rating: 6/10

TheMazeAndBlue: The health of Adrian Peterson will be integral to this team. The starters are pretty good all around, but outside of QB, there doesn’t seem to be much depth. I have doubts about McNabb, and I don’t know if Vincent Jackson will produce the way he did last season. I think the lack of depth here will really hurt. This team has to stay really healthy to win. Rating: 6.5/10

madaslives911: Not one of the experts here have a solid starting RB tandem but bungle613 has very good depth on the RB position. I am wondering if he is not that confident with his QBs, considering that he has drafted three QBs. Either that or it could be just a luxury pick.

2. Team Los Angeles Raiders 2009 (Owner: glackk)

QB: Tony Romo (4.11)
RB: Brian Westbrook (1.02)
RB: Darren McFadden (5.02)
WR: Brandon Marshall (2.11)
WR: Steve Smith (3.02)
WR: DeSean Jackson (6.11)
TE: Dustin Keller (12.11)
DST: Minnesota Vikings (14.11)
K: Mason Crosby (15.02)

QB: Matt Hasselbeck (11.02)
RB: Sammy Morris (7.02)
RB: Willis McGahee (8.11)
RB: Correll Buckhalter (10.11)
RB: Greg Jones (16.11)
WR: Ted Ginn Jr. (9.02)
WR: Davone Bess (13.02)

mattpullman: I love Romo, Westbrook, McFadden, Marshall (although hurts this pick with the departure of Cutler) and Steve Smith. That’s an incredible core of players. DeSean Jackson should have a solid sophomore campaign, same with Keller. I’m not a big fan of the bench though as I see no real big upside guys except for Ted Ginn, Jr. If Buckhalter is given the starting job in Denver, he could have a nice season. Rating: 8/10.

bungle613: Overall – 6.5/10, QB – 9/10, RB – 6.5/10, WR – 8.5/10, TE – 5/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 8/10

BEST PICK – Correll Buckhalter (10.11) WORST PICK – Sammy Morris (7.02)

I really, really like some players in this team. A very good QB duo in Romo and Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck to me is one of the best later-round QB to grab. Glackk’s receivers are elite as well since two of the top WRs are on his roster albeit one with some issues in Marshall. He has one nice bench WR but could have gone somewhere else other then Bess. Where this team gets the knock from me is at RB. I love Westy but he does come with baggage. Pair that with a career RBBC in McFadden as a RB2 and the best bench player as Sammy Morris, a recipe for disaster. TE, K and D/ST are fine.

madaslives911: The WR starters and the backup WRs make a great core but the RB crew is weak. If this was for a PPR league mock taking Westbrook at 1.02 could be justifiable, but since it’s not, and considering that there are other top RBs who deserve to be taken ahead of Westbrook, the pick was really a head-scratcher for me. I don’t think this team will be able to register nice stats in the running game, since the rest of the RBs only have minimal value. I also doubt that glackk can rely on Romo to bring him huge fantasy points. Romo has lost Terrell Owens, one of his major weapons, and with Romo’s tendency to commit mistakes and lose games, this team will also most likely lose in close games.

glackk: Decent all around draft, though I’m wary having an unproven McFadden as my RB2. I also should have gone more dependable with my first-round pick. Should have drafted Turner or MJD instead of Westbrook. Hopefully, Romo and my three burner WRs can carry me through most weeks (assuming Marshall isn’t out for too long…one can hope). Rating: 7/10

3. Team The Untouchables (Owner: LoveBoatCaptain)

QB: Drew Brees (3.03)
RB: Michael Turner (1.03)
RB: Thomas Jones (2.10)
WR: Hines Ward (6.10)
WR: Lance Moore (7.03)
WR: Torry Holt (8.10)
TE: Antonio Gates (5.03)
D/ST: Pittsburgh Steelers (11.03)
K: Stephen Gostkowski (14.10)

QB: Sage Rosenfels (15.03)
RB: Earnest Graham (4.10)
RB: Jerious Norwood (10.10)
RB: Maurice Morris (13.03)
WR: Donnie Avery (9.03)
WR: Sidney Rice (12.10)
WR: Earl Bennett (16.10)

DemonDeacon: Solid RBs, second only to Dolfin99’s team in my opinion, along with having last year’s best QB. My concern is the absolute lack of WRs on his team. I think Gates is the best option. I honestly could not see Avery/Rice/Bennett eventually starting on this team, and that’s never a good thing — unless they play good, then it would be good.

mattpullman: I like Turner, but I don’t think he’s gonna match his ‘08 production by any means. Neither will Thomas Jones or Hines Ward. I like Lance Moore if he is going to be a starter. Torry Holt is currently unemployed (or was, during the mock draft). Gates in the 5th is very nice. I do like Drew Brees as well. The bench isn’t very good, and the only high upside guys here are Donnie Avery and Jerious Norwood (but we’ve been disappointed with this guy every year for two decades now). Earnest Graham is out of a starting job in Tampa Bay, but I think LoveBoatCaptain made the pick before the Bucs signed Derrick Ward. Rating: 5/10.

glackk: Decent team as long as Thomas Jones is the TJones from last year. My biggest concern is the fact that the 4th-round pick is a bench player and the WR1 spot was taken in the 6th round. All three bench WRs could be playmakers this season, so maybe a rotation in the WR positions could work. Rating: 5/10

bungle613: Overall – 6.5/10, QB – 8.5/10, RB – 7/10, WR – 5.5/10, TE – 8/10, K – 8/10, D/ST – 9/10

BEST PICK – Lance Moore (7.03) WORST PICK – Earnest Graham (4.10)

Well, it can’t get much better than Brees but just not a fan of the early QB pick. Both RB and WR positions take a hit for the early QB and TE picks. I am a fan of Turner and he should produce another solid year, but I have pegged Thomas Jones for a decreased production this year. Nothing on the bench will salvage a major injury either. WRs are lackluster at best with two good options and a WR3 not yet signed. I would be praying he goes to the right team. (Editor’s Note: Holt is now with the Jaguars). Gates should rebound and have a very good year, and both K and D/ST were solid picks. I don’t agree with going D/ST in the 11th though.

TheLoveBoatCaptain: It’s interesting because I’m realizing the teams that got lucky are turning out to look better. Orton looks good, Evans looks bad. It’s tough with such a long draft to discern which Cafe experts are the best at drafting. I think an analysis of an actual “Experts” league would yield much different teams. I for one focused on getting the best player at each position. While I like the possible rotations at WR, there’s no way I would be comfortable with the WRs in a money league. But landing the best QB, TE, K, DEF, and last year’s #2 and #5 running backs should make for an interesting team while playing matchups at WR.

4. Team Grand Theft Roto (Owner: mattpullman)

QB: Aaron Rodgers (3.04)
RB: Maurice Jones-Drew (1.04)
RB: Jonathan Stewart (4.09)
WR: Randy Moss (2.09)
WR: Santonio Holmes (5.04)
WR: Kevin Walter (7.04)
TE: Owen Daniels (6.09)
D/ST: New York Giants (14.09)
K: Rob Bironas (15.04)

WR: Steve Breaston (8.09)
RB: Rashard Mendenhall (9.04)
RB: Ahmad Bradshaw (10.09)
RB: Jamaal Charles (11.04)
WR: Patrick Crayton (12.09)
WR: Josh Morgan (13.04)
QB: Brady Quinn (16.09)

glackk: I’m iffy on the Aaron Rodgers pick, and I’m not quite comfortable having Jonathan Stewart as the starting RB2. That said, I LOVE the bench. Every single one of them is a young/high upside guy and could be starting at some point during the season. Possibly the best 2nd half of the draft. 6/10

bungle613: Overall – 6.5/10, QB – 7.5/10, RB – 7/10, WR – 7.5/10, TE – 7/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 6/10

BEST PICK – Jamaal Charles (11.04) WORST PICK – Aaron Rodgers (3.04)

I think Rodgers is a good fantasy QB but no way should he be the 2nd QB off the board. I knocked an extra 0.5 off the rating based on draft value with Rodgers. The rest of the team is good and has upside with a question mark for me on Stewart. I think he has potential but in different directions – brilliant RB3 but average RB2. Good WR1 and WR2 and after that an interesting mix that hopefully will produce a WR3 but could be searching the entire year for the elusive WR3. TE, K and D/ST are fine, with Daniels being a little better than fine.

DemonDeacon: I don’t like Rodgers as a third-round pick. Regardless, mattpullam drafted nicely. Moss has a huge upside with Tom Brady back. I like the RB tandem of Maurice Jones-Drew and Jonathan Stewart. Both could prove to be 10+ touchdown running backs. I think Walter and Holmes should be solid low #2 and high #3 wide receivers respectively. Mendenhall could be a nice surprise this year, and who knows what Larry Johnson and the Chiefs are up to? Charles could be the starting back there. Doubtful, but weirder things have happened.

madaslives911: If not for Rodgers being taken way too early, mattpullman might have been able to build a stronger and well-balanced team. MJD at 1.04 was an intriguing pick during the draft, but with Fred Taylor no longer around to steal his carries, this pick looks fine.

5. Team Owen 16 (Owner: TheMaizeAndBlue)

QB:Matt Cassel (6.08)
RB: Matt Forte (1.05)
RB: Ryan Grant (2.08)
WR:Roddy White (3.05)
WR: Santana Moss (5.05)
WR:Donald Driver (8.08)
TE:Chris Cooley (7.05)
D/ST:New York Giants (13.05)
K:Josh Brown (15.05)

QB: Jason Campbell (12.08)
RB: Larry Johnson (4.08)
RB: Leon Washington (9.05)
RB: Brandon Jackson (14.08)
WR: Nate Washington (10.08)
WR: Michael Jenkins (11.05)
TE: Desmond Clark (16.08)

glackk: I’m not sold on the Cassel pick. I know it was right around the time that he was traded to KC, but KC is still KC. I’d love to be proved wrong since I’m a KC fan, but I’m keeping expectations low for myself for now. RBs could be solid if Ryan Grant steps it up this year or Larry Johnson makes the most of his 50 touches per game. Good pick up on Leon Washington to build RB depth. Rating: 5/10

bungle613: Overall – 7/10, QB – 6/10, RB – 8.5/10, WR – 8/10, TE – 7/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 7/10

BEST PICK – Leon Washington (9.05) WORST PICK – Matt Cassel (6.08)

I don’t trust the QB tandem and Cassel was drafted way too early. The RBs are a nice group and if Larry Johnson can pan out, TheMaizeAndBlue will have a tremendous trade bait at some point. The WR corps is also very solid, although I think they have hit their ceilings, and the best case scenario is for a repeat of last year. TE is good to very good and K and D/ST are fine.

TheMaizeAndBlue: So, looks like not too many people like my draft, which admittedly is not spectacular. And yes, I reached on Cassel, quite a bit. I’ll admit I panicked when I sent the PM and realized that the guy i tried to draft had already been taken. However, I feel that my RB group is very solid. Grant still managed to amass 1,200 rushing yards, good for 9th in the league, in what was a mostly disappointing season for him. He’s not a small guy (6′1″, 226 pounds), so I’m going to assume that his goal-line woes were more of a fluke than anything. My WR core, while not spectacular, is solid. Roddy White is about as consistent as they come, and Santana Moss is a threat any time he touches the ball.

6. Team Shirts Shoes and Guns Required (Owner: MadDog36)

QB: Tom Brady (5.6)
RB: Steven Jackson (1.6)
RB: Cedric Benson (6.7)
WR: Calvin Johnson (2.7)
WR: Wes Welker (3.6)
WR: Chris Henry (10.7)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (4.7)
DST: Washington Redskins (14.07)
K: Garrett Hartley (15.06)

RB: Darren Sproles (7.6)
RB: Michael Bush (8.7)
RB: Fred Jackson (9.6)
WR: Harry Douglas (11.6)
WR: Jordy Nelson (12.7)
WR: Chaz Chillens (13.6)
QB: Kyle Orton (16.07)

DemonDeacon: MadDog has a few very scary players in his starting line up — outside of that, nothing. I had to Google three of his bench players to figure out who the hell they were (laughing out loud). But a healthy Brady could single-handedly take this team far.

glackk: Love the Tom Brady steal in the 5th round. I think he’ll be back as a top-three QB again this year. Not sure if MadDog was following the Best Player Available (BPA) strategy, but it worked pretty well. Benson is good for a 6th round RB. He’s a starter, at least for now. Interesting picks with D/ST and K, but no big knocks for those. Rating: 6.5/10

bungle613: Overall – 6.5/10, QB – 7.5/10, RB – 5.5/10, WR – 7.5/10, TE – 8/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 4/10

BEST PICK – Calvin Johnson (2.07) WORST PICK – Darren Sproles (7.06)

Brady could be Brady and I hope for this team he is. If he returns to even close to what he was, Brady taken in 5.06 is a great value. Backing him up with a fortunate Orton pick is, well, fortunate . RB is not good with an injury prone RB1, a mediocre at best RB2 who could be losing serious touches to a rookie and talented bench players that need to get lucky to make an impact. Hopefully one pans out and the problem is solved. But right now, I don’t like it. Calvin is a beast and Welker is a nice pairing with Brady throwing to him, but I would have gone Jennings or Colston there instead of Welker. WR3 and bench kind of falls apart. One may break out but if not, it could be a long year. Gonzo is a bit early and I think he hit his peak last year. K and D/ST, oh well.

madaslives911: MadDog36 waited too long to take his RB2, thus ending up with Cedric Benson, who is not a spectacular player. Sproles can be a huge sleeper, especially if Tomlinson gets hurt again. I agree that Tom Brady would be a huge steal in the 5th round if he can get back to his old form. Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, and Tony Gonzo should be able to help this team win games, but having not so draft-worthy WRs as backups could put this team in trouble.

7. Team XTREMINATORS (Owner: madaslives911)

QB: Jay Cutler (5.07)
RB: Steve Slaton (1.07)
RB: Marshawn Lynch (2.06)
WR: Greg Jennings (3.07)
WR: Antonio Bryant (6.06)
WR: Laveranues Coles (8.06)
TE: Jason Witten (4.06)
K: Adam Vinatieri (16.06)
D/ST: Chicago Bears (14.06)

QB: Joe Flacco (13.07)
RB: Jamal Lewis (7.07)
RB: Ray Rice (9.07)
RB: Fred Taylor (12.06)
WR: Domenik Hixon (10.06)
WR: Miles Austin (11.07)
WR: Steve Smith (NYG) (15.07)

Demon Deacon: Another drafter who got screwed hard because of the offseason activity. His elite QB just dropped like the stock market in value, and he drafted Lynch just before his hit-and-run or gun charge. I forgot, but either way Lynch is out for three games. Slaton was a great pick in my opinion — untill rumors have them looking for a bruiser in the draft. Again, I thought madaslives911 drafted great with the knowledge given at the time, just unfortunate. Miles Austin in the 11th could be awesome.

glackk: If Lynch wasn’t going to be suspended for a few games, this roster would compete for the top in this draft. It will be interesting to see how well Jamal Lewis fills in while Lynch is out. Somewhat weak RB depth is the only issue I can see here. . Not quite the same, but Jay Cutler could still be a fine QB in Chicago. Rating: 7.5/10

8. Team El Queso Diablos (Owner: DemonDeacon)

QB: Kurt Warner (8.05)
RB: Clinton Portis (1.08)
RB: Pierre Thomas (4.05)
WR: Andre Johnson (2.05)
WR: Marques Colston (3.08)
WR: Chad Ocho Cinco (6.05)
TE: Visanthe Shiancoe (9.08)
D/ST: Philly Eagles (13.08)
K: Robbie Gould (15.08)

QB: Trent Edwards (12.05)
RB: Derrick Ward (5.08)
RB: Laurence Maroney (11.08)
RB: Chauncey Washington (14.05)
WR: Anthony Gonzalez (7.08)
WR: Chris Chambers (10.05)
WR: Brandon Jones (16.05)

glackk: This team perhaps has the best WR corps in the draft. Colston seems to get knocked a bit, but I still see him as a top 6-7 WR going into the season. Ward will be an able replacement for Pierre Thomas if the Saints decide to spread the ball around more. Edwards is a decent upside backup to the high-scoring but injury-prone Warner. Rating: 8/10

bungle613: Overall – 7/10, QB – 8/10, RB – 6.5/10, WR – 9/10, TE – 6/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 7/10

BEST PICK – Kurt Warner (8.05) WORST PICK – Pierre Thomas (4.05)

Good value for Warner in the 8th and Edwards is a good upside pick this year. RB can be an issue. Pierre is not who I would want as my RB2. Coach Payton wants someone else on board and it will likely happen. Pierre is great when he gets the chance, but he may not have the touches this year to be a RB2 (personally, I think he should). Derrick Ward is a solid RB3, but it tails off after that. WRs are very good with two legitimate WR1s and a former WR1 in the mix, with some nice bench pieces as well. TE, K and D/ST are fine.

madaslives911: I had a hard time selecting a player to draft every time DemonDeacon drafted ahead of me and stole my picks. I would say that he drafted well. His team looks awesome, but most of the players like Portis, Andre Johnson, Colston and Ocho Cinco are the high risk/high reward type. I am saying this because I had these players in my league last year and they were not much of a factor. Portis is dependable, unless injury strikes him down. Same with AJ, Colston and Ocho Cinco, who are all elite players whose performance last year fell short of expectations. If said players can stay away from injuries, I think DemonDeacon will be lucky to be in the playoffs. But I really doubt that, since Pierre Thomas as an RB2 is a bit of a gamble and the rest of his RBs (like Maroney and Chauncey Washington) are not good backup alternatives for me.

9. Team Shysters (Owner: Amuk)

QB: Peyton Manning (3.09)
RB: Frank Gore (1.09)
RB: Joseph Addai (2.04)
WR: Braylon Edwards (4.04)
WR: Roy Williams (7.09)
WR: Matt Jones (8.04)
TE: Kellen Winslow (5.09)
D/ST: Titans (12.04)
K: Matt Prater (15.09)

RB: Tim Hightower (6.04)
QB: Matt Schaub (9.09)
RB: Devin Hester (10.04)
RB: Justin Fargas (11.09)
RB: Dominic Rhodes (13.09)
WR: Justin McCareins (14.04)
RB: Peyton Hillis (16.04)

Demon Deacon: I thought his first three picks were very respectable but after that, they were not so nice. Braylon Edwards likes hot potato more than football; Jones likes coke more than football; Roy Williams likes…. Well, I don’t know, but I don’t like him. I never saw him as a true #1 receiver in the league. He is an above average #2, but not a #1. Loved the Schaub pick in the 9th and Hester in the 10th, especially now with Cutler there.

glackk: Nice everything except the WRs. Braylon Edwards (rightfully so) has had a bad reputation for butterfingers, but I have a feeling he’ll be much better this year, especially if he ends up catching for Eli. Roy Williams, meh. Hopefully Romo thinks of him as the new TO. Addai is a solid RB2, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him end up in the top 10 RBs at season’s end. Also, this is the best QB tandem in the draft. Rating: 6/10

bungle613: Overall – 5.5/10, QB – 9.5/10, RB – 6.5/10, WR – 4/10, TE – 6/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 6/10

BEST PICK – Roy WIlliams (7.09) WORST PICK – Braylon Edwards (4.04)

The best QB duo drafted by far, but at what cost? Gore is a solid RB1. Addai had an off year but will never be great, just a product of a team. Hightower is OK, but I would hate to count on a TD-only guy as my RB3. Nothing behind that either. WRs are bad with a average player on a really bad team, an overrated player who hopefully will step up, and a guy with no team likely suspended for a good portion of the year. TE, K and D/ST are fine.

10. Team Cougs (Owner: WaCougMBS)

QB: Carson Palmer (9.09)
RB: DeAngelo Williams (1.10)
RB: Kevin Smith (3.10)
WR: Larry Fitzgerald (2.03)
WR: Dwayne Bowe (4.03)
WR: Deion Branch (8.03)
TE: Dallas Clark (5.10)
D/ST: Baltimore Ravens (14.03)
K: Jason Elam (16.03)

QB: Chad Pennington (12.03)
RB: LeRon McClain (6.04)
RB: Chester Taylor (10.03)
RB: Lorenzo Booker (15.10)
WR: Plaxico Burress (7.10)
WR: Justin Gage (11.10)
WR: Johnny Lee Higgins (13.10)

glackk: Likes: Kevin Smith pick, Dwayne Bowe pick, Ravens pick. Dislikes: DeAngelo Williams pick, Deion Branch pick. With the risk that comes with the Carson Palmer pick, I feel like Pennington is almost too safe of a pick. A bit unlucky with the Plaxico Burress pick, but the other bench WRs have good potential this year if Branch cannot produce.

DemonDeacon: I hate to say it, but I hate the backfield. Palmer could bounce back, but I think he is a solid QB this year, not an elite one. If Plax stays out of jail and lands with a team like the Bears, the starting WR corps would be elite. WaCougMBS will need to cross his fingers for another 10+ TD season from DeWilliams and if that happens, the team will definitely be scary. I just don’t see that happening though. Rating: 7/10

bungle613: Overall – 7.5/10, QB – 7/10, RB – 7/10, WR – 8/10, TE – 8/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 7/10

BEST PICK – Carson Palmer (9.10) WORST PICK – Plaxico Burresss (7.10)

Good value at QB and should do just fine there this season; nothing splashy, but tremendous value for both picks. RB is good, not great. I would be a little spooked with a young Stewart on board, a second year guy in Smith and essentially a fullback, but it ain’t that bad when I think about it. If WaCoug had taken ANYONE other than Plax I would have given him a 8.5 or a 9 on his WR corps. Fitz is Fitz. Bowe should benefit from the new regime and Branch is a nice sleeper. I like the Gage and Higgins picks as well. Dallas Clark is the best value at TE for me. I think he will actually put up better numbers again this year. Good team.

madaslives911: This is a decent team and could be a dark horse that could make a great run for a playoff berth if Palmer has a good comeback season and if Williams and Fitzgerald continue to play like beasts. Kevin Smith has a lot of upside. Dallas Clark and the Ravens defense should be able to boost this team’s scoring output.

11. Team Irish Monkeys (Owner: Dolfin99)

QB: Matt Ryan (9.11)
RB: LaDainian Tomlinson (1.11)
RB: Chris Johnson (2.02)
WR: Anquan Boldin (3.11)
WR: Terrell Owens (4.02)
WR: Lee Evans (6.02)
TE: John Carlson (7.11)
D/ST: Miami Dolphins (16.02)
K: Nick Folk (15.11)

QB: Eli Manning (12.02)
RB: Lendale White (5.11)
RB: Ricky Williams (13.11)
RB: Julius Jones (8.02)
WR: Mark Clayton (11.11)
WR: Mushin Muhammad (10.02)
TE: Tony Scheffler (14.02)

glackk: Good RBs — maybe too good, as I think Dolfin could have snagged an upgrade to Matt Ryan with one of those RB picks. He won’t win the QB matchup for most weeks, methinks. Pretty good WRs, though I’m not a Lee Evans fan, especially with TO in Buffalo now. Rating: 7/10

bungle613: Overall – 8/10, QB – 7/10, RB – 8.5/10, WR – 8/10, TE – 7/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 7/10

BEST PICK – Julius Jones (8.02)

Very nice team. Solid all around. Lacking the most at QB but could be fine there, time will tell. Love the RBs. LT2 at 1.11 is just sweet this year, with a huge ceiling guy in Chris Johnson on the turn. LenDale White is fine but getting a starting RB in the 8th is brilliant. WRs are good but not elite, even with elite names. Could use little better depth there. TE, K and D/ST are fine.

12. Team FLOTZILLA (Owner: flotsamnjetsam)

QB: Philip Rivers (6.01)
RB: Brandon Jacobs (1.12)
RB: Marion Barber (2.01)
WR: T.J. Houshmandzadeh (3.12)
WR: Eddie Royal (5.12)
WR: Jericho Cotchery (7.12)
TE: Greg Olsen (12.01)
DST: Dallas Cowboys (15.12)
K: John Casay (16.01)

QB: Jake Delhomme (13.12)
RB: Reggie Bush (4.01)
RB: Edgerrin James (9.12)
RB: Ryan Torain (10.01)
WR: Derrick Mason (8.01)
WR: Isaac Bruce (11.12)
WR: Devery Henderson (14.01)

DemonDeacon: Another very good team, but I am not sure exactly how to evaluate TJ Housh and Eddie Royal at this point. Either way, new QBs usually mean a drop-off in production. I like Reggie Bush as a #3 RB but am not sure about Marion Barber as a #2 RB right now. Lack of WR depth keeps this team at number five.

glackk: I’m still trying to figure out how this starting roster looks so good while picking up bench player like Reggie Bush in the 4th. Good potential in the WRs, especially with Derrick Mason and Isaac Bruce on the bench for week-to-week swapping. RBs may be a little boom-or-bust this year, but it’s very possible that this roster will rack up major points. Nice grab of Olsen as well. 8.5/10

bungle613: Overall – 7.5/10, QB – 7.5/10, RB – 8/10, WR – 7/10, TE – 7/10, K – 7/10, D/ST – 7/10

BEST PICK – Reggie Bush (4.01) WORST PICK – Marion Barber (2.01)

Good overall team with a couple of question marks. I hate Rivers as a QB, but he produces in fantasy football. RB would have been the best in the draft if he hadn’t picked Marion Barber at 2.01. Anyone else and I am grading him 8.5 or 9 but Bush at 4.01 keeps him at an 8. WR are good, not spectacular. Royal takes a hit with the Orton/Simms combo, and Cotchery needs a WR2 on board to optimize his potential but not bad. TE, K and D/ST are fine.

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