Mock DraftsMarch 2, 2009

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Extremely Early Mock Draft Results

By R.J. White

Fresh off yet another exciting Super Bowl, it’s never too early for fantasy football junkies to start looking toward next season’s draft. On December 29, twelve of these junkies kicked off the beginning of the Extremely Early Mock Draft, a slow draft on the message boards that ended just before Super Bowl kickoff. Below are the results of this mock draft, along with analysis from the participants on some of their co-mockers selections.

Starting lineup: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, PK, DEF.
Scoring: 25 pass yds/pt, 4 pt pass TDs, 10 rush/rec yds/pt, 6 pt rush/rec TDs, 0.5 per reception, -1 per TO.

  Round 1 
01.01RBAdrian Peterson, MINPMoneyTKE
01.02RBMatt Forte, CHImadaslives911
01.03RBMaurice Jones-Drew, JACThe Lung
01.04RBMichael Turner, ATLbiju
01.05RBBrian Westbrook, PHIDolfin99
01.06RBSteven Jackson, STLbobbing_headz
01.07RBClinton Portis, WASbungle613
01.08RBLaDainian Tomlinson, SDflotsamnjetsam
01.09RBDeAngelo Williams, CARBigBadBrawler
01.10RBChris Johnson, TENBlueBandit24
01.11RBMarion Barber, DALWaCougMBS
01.12RBBrandon Jacobs, NYGA Fleshner Fantasy

Heading into the 2009 season, Adrian Peterson is destined to be the #1 pick of 99.99999% of fantasy league owners. They will just have to pray he stays healthy. (madaslives911)

Definitely a little bit of a gamble by madas taking Matt Forte at number two considering he only has one year under his belt, but you can’t argue with his situation. He’ll be the focal point of the Bears offense next year. Add in the half point per reception and he could turn out to be a very quality pick. (PMoneyTKE)

After six picks, I knew it was between LT2 & Clinton Portis for me, and bungle made my decision easy by picking Portis. Because of the PPR, I had LT2 ranked slightly higher than Portis, but I think Portis was a very good pick. When Portis is healthy, you can just plug him in each week as your #1 RB and not even think about it. (flotsamnjetsam)

With all the bashing of LaDanian Tomlinson that’s been going on, this is a gutsy pick by Flots, but the right one. LT was the only other RB I was considering at 1.07 but I went with Clinton Portis and I may have made the wrong choice. (bungle613)

  Round 2 
02.01RBFrank Gore, SFA Fleshner Fantasy
02.02WRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIWaCougMBS
02.03WRAndre Johnson, HOUBlueBandit24
02.04RBSteve Slaton, HOUBigBadBrawler
02.05RBThomas Jones, NYJflotsamnjetsam
02.06RBReggie Bush, NObungle613
02.07RBMarshawn Lynch, BUFbobbing_headz
02.08RBRyan Grant, GBDolfin99
02.09WRRandy Moss, NEbiju
02.10RBJoseph Addai, INDThe Lung
02.11RBKevin Smith, DETmadaslives911
02.12RBRonnie Brown, MIAPMoneyTKE

I think the turn is one of the tougher spots of the draft for the first two rounds. I really like the Frank Gore pick, but since it is PPR, I would have liked to see a more active pass-catcher like Slaton, or a WR, come off the board to go with him instead of Jacobs. (WaCougMBS)

One of the consensus top WRs heading into 2009, Andre Johnson has produced at elite levels with both Matt Schaub and Sage Rosenfels at QB. The emergence of Walter and Daniels as other receiving options should also help take pressure off of him. AJ should be one of the first 3 WRs taken in most 2009 drafts and if BB24 didn’t take him at 2.03, I would have taken him with the next pick. (BigBadBrawler)

If Tom Brady recovers fully from his torn ACL, Randy Moss falling to biju at 2.09 could pay handsome dividends. In 2007, the two connected for 23 TDs and nearly 1500 yards. Even projecting a modest drop-off from those numbers would have Moss eclipse all the elite WRs taken before Moss. (The Lung)

The Lung picks up Joseph Addai, who struggled to stay healthy and produce consistent numbers in 2008. I believe most of his problems in 2008 came from the erratic play of Peyton Manning through the early part of the season and that Addai this late in the second round was a bit of a steal, if he can get back to his 2007 levels of production. (biju)

  Round 3 
03.01WRReggie Wayne, INDPMoneyTKE
03.02WRCalvin Johnson, DETmadaslives911
03.03WRSteve Smith, CARThe Lung
03.04WRAnquan Boldin, ARIbiju
03.05WRBrandon Marshall, DENDolfin99
03.06QBDrew Brees, NObobbing_headz
03.07WRGreg Jennings, GBbungle613
03.08WRMarques Colston, NOflotsamnjetsam
03.09WRRoddy White, ATLBigBadBrawler
03.10RBLarry Johnson, KCBlueBandit24
03.11WRWes Welker, NEWaCougMBS
03.12WRTerrell Owens, DALA Fleshner Fantasy

I liked the Drew Brees pick in the third round and I fully expect him to be the cornerstone to a lot of fantasy championships. Brees is surrounded by talented wide receivers and has the ability to have an MVP-type season if the team can improve on defense and make it into the playoffs. (Dolfin99)

I thought this was an excellent value for Roddy White and I would have taken him ahead of several players who went earlier. White built a great rapport with Matt Ryan in 2008 and as Ryan matures and the playbook opens up, White’s numbers should improve. BBB got great value here, especially since he was one the last owners to pick up their #1 WR. (BlueBandit24)

There is no question that I was taking Wes Welker at the 3.12 pick if he was there. Welker was one of the best receivers in the game last year, and now he gets Tom Brady back. Welker should be in for a huge year. Also, despite only having one RB, he realized that there was very little chance that one would be taken before his next pick, so he nabbed the WR. (A Fleshner Fantasy)

  Round 4 
04.01WRDwayne Bowe, KCA Fleshner Fantasy
04.02RBPierre Thomas, NOWaCougMBS
04.03WRBraylon Edwards, CLEBlueBandit24
04.04RBDarren McFadden, OAKBigBadBrawler
04.05RBWillie Parker, PITflotsamnjetsam
04.06WRT.J. Houshmandzadeh, CINbungle613
04.07TEJason Witten, DALbobbing_headz
04.08QBPeyton Manning, INDDolfin99
04.09RBEarnest Graham, TBbiju
04.10QBTony Romo, DALThe Lung
04.11TETony Gonzalez, KCmadaslives911
04.12WRVincent Jackson, SDPMoneyTKE

I thought this was a bit early for Darren McFadden. As of right now, he’s in a three-man backfield with Fargas and Bush and the Oakland offense isn’t nearly productive enough to make multiple RBs fantasy relevant. He does have a good deal of upside but I would have gone with a #2 WR or elite QB if I was BBB. (BlueBandit24)

I think that anyone getting T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the fourth round, as the 16th WR off the board no less, is getting a steal. The only reason I passed on him was because I wanted a third RB before a second WR. Housh was fifth in receptions in 2008 without Carson Palmer for 12 games. I think Housh was a very good pick. (flotsamnjetsam)

Peyton Manning is another great pick by Dolfin. I’m probably influenced by the fact that I took Brees a whole round earlier and the two are arguably very similar. Peyton has been a top QB for several years now and I see no reason why this won’t continue. Excellent value in the 4th. (bobbing_headz)

  Round 5 
05.01QBJay Cutler, DENPMoneyTKE
05.02WRSantonio Holmes, PITmadaslives911
05.03TEAntonio Gates, SDThe Lung
05.04QBTom Brady, NEbiju
05.05RBJonathan Stewart, CARDolfin99
05.06WRBernard Berrian, MINbobbing_headz
05.07TEDallas Clark, INDbungle613
05.08WRSantana Moss, WASflotsamnjetsam
05.09QBPhillip Rivers, SDBigBadBrawler
05.10WREddie Royal, DENBlueBandit24
05.11QBAaron Rodgers, GBWaCougMBS
05.12WRLee Evans, BUFA Fleshner Fantasy

Jay Cutler is a nice pick but I hated it as I was really planning to scoop Cutler up as my QB and this really caught me off-guard. I expect Cutler’s numbers to improve. The lack of durable RBs in the Denver Broncos backfield provides a good opportunity for Cutler to shine in his passing game. (madaslives911)

After his monster performance in the Super Bowl, Santonio Holmes could prove to be great value in the fifth round. But after a pretty dismal regular season, you have to wonder if his Super Bowl performance was more of a fluke than a coming out party. Only time will tell. (PMoneyTKE)

Assuming that Tom Brady can fully regain his form, this could be the steal of the draft. Locking up the Brady-Moss connection could allow biju to steam roll his opponents if this were an actual league. (The Lung)

  Round 6 
06.01RBLenDale White, TENA Fleshner Fantasy
06.02WRJerricho Cotchery, NYJWaCougMBS
06.03QBMatt Ryan, ATLBlueBandit24
06.04RBLeRon McClain, BALBigBadBrawler
06.05TEOwen Daniels, HOUflotsamnjetsam
06.06WRHines Ward, PITbungle613
06.07WRLance Moore, NObobbing_headz
06.08WRRoy Williams, DALDolfin99
06.09WRAntonio Bryant, TBbiju
06.10WRKevin Walter, HOUThe Lung
06.11RBTim Hightower, ARImadaslives911
06.12WRDerrick Mason, BALPMoneyTKE

Love the LenDale White pick here as one of the best backfield time-splitters. White scored in ten games last season and notched 15 total scores to go along with his almost 800 total yards. You know what you are going to get with White, and he makes for a great RB3 to spell the Jacobs/Gore combo. 1,000 yards is probably out of the question for White with Chris Johnson in the picture, but look for plenty more TDs in 2009. (WaCougMBS)

I like LeRon McClain here. He looks to be at the head of the RBBC in Baltimore and the coaching staff loves him. This gives BBB great depth at RB. (BlueBandit24)

Derrick Mason is old but one of the most dependable WRs in the league. He managed to post 80 receptions, 1037 yards, and 5 TDs with a rookie QB so he makes a solid WR #3. (madaslives911)

  Round 7 
07.01RBDerrick Ward, NYGPMoneyTKE
07.02WRChad Ocho Cinco, CINmadaslives911
07.03RBWillis McGahee, BALThe Lung
07.04RBJulius Jones, SEAbiju
07.05TEChris Cooley, WASDolfin99
07.06WRPlaxico Burress, NYGbobbing_headz
07.07WRDeSean Jackson, PHIbungle613
07.08WRTorry Holt, STLflotsamnjetsam
07.09WRAnthony Gonzalez, INDBigBadBrawler
07.10RBJamal Lewis, CLEBlueBandit24
07.11RBSammy Morris, NEWaCougMBS
07.12QBEli Manning, NYGA Fleshner Fantasy

Chris Cooley is not necessarily such bad value in the seventh, although I’d argue it’s not that great a pick. Consider first the depth at TE in the second tier with guys like Miller, Winslow or Carlson being pretty equal. While it’s debatable whether those players would have been available for Dolfin the next round, I’d much rather have gone after another WR such as Burress, Jackson or even Holt. (bobbing_headz)

Not a fan of Eli Manning as a starting QB in fantasy leagues with fewer than 14 teams. With McNabb, Warner and Big Ben still on the board, I think this was probably the stretch of the draft for AFF. Eli’s dip in interceptions was a nice treat in 2008, but even with that in mind, he is a fringe-starter at best. I would probably recommend shoring up your depth at the skill positions if you don’t want any of the aforementioned QBs, or gladly take Warner/McNabb and don’t look back. (WaCougMBS)

  Round 8 
08.01TEVisanthe Shiancoe, MINA Fleshner Fantasy
08.02DFPittsburgh Steelers, PITWaCougMBS
08.03TEZach Miller, OAKBlueBandit24
08.04TEKellen Winslow, CLEBigBadBrawler
08.05WRDeion Branch, SEAflotsamnjetsam
08.06QBDonovan McNabb, PHIbungle613
08.07RBCedric Benson, CINbobbing_headz
08.08WRDonald Driver, GBDolfin99
08.09QBKurt Warner, ARIbiju
08.10RBFelix Jones, DALThe Lung
08.11QBMatt Cassel, NEmadaslives911
08.12TEJeremy Shockey, NOPMoneyTKE

While Zach Miller has shown great chemistry with his QB Russell, and put up decent FF stats in PPR formats, there’s no way he should be taken before a much more talented TE with a higher ceiling in Winslow. (BigBadBrawler)

In a mock as early as this one, Matt Cassel was certainly a wild card pick. Cassel at the helm of the Chiefs is enough to have fantasy players salivating. But at the point he was drafted, it was all speculation and this could have been a wasted pick if Cassel had stayed in New England backing up Tom Brady all year. Definitely great potential paying off at the price of an eighth-round pick. (PMoneyTKE)

  Round 9 
09.01WRLaveranues Coles, NYJPMoneyTKE
09.02QBBen Roethlisberger, PITmadaslives911
09.03RBRashad Mendenhall, PITThe Lung
09.04TEJohn Carlson, SEAbiju
09.05RBEdgerrin James, ARIDolfin99
09.06WRTed Ginn Jr, MIAbobbing_headz
09.07RBLaurence Maroney, NEbungle613
09.08RBLeon Washington, NYJflotsamnjetsam
09.09QBMatt Schaub, HOUBigBadBrawler
09.10RBRay Rice, BALBlueBandit24
09.11WRSteve Breaston, ARIWaCougMBS
09.12WRDonnie Avery, STLA Fleshner Fantasy

Was John Carlson a homer pick? Doesn’t matter either way; Carlson was one of the few breakout TEs in 2008 and should expand on that role in 2009 with a healthy Matt Hasselbeck at QB. (The Lung)

Despite that, like Fitzgerald, he is working with a new coordinator and possibly a new QB, Steve Breaston is a good risk. He showed great potential last season, so since it only cost a ninth round pick to select him, it was a risk worth taking. (A Fleshner Fantasy)

  Round 10 
10.01RBChester Taylor, MINA Fleshner Fantasy
10.02RBDarren Sproles, SDWaCougMBS
10.03QBDavid Garrard, JACBlueBandit24
10.04WRMatt Jones, JACBigBadBrawler
10.05QBCarson Palmer, CINflotsamnjetsam
10.06RBRyan Torain, DENbungle613
10.07RBJerious Norwood, ATLbobbing_headz
10.08WRChris Chambers, SDDolfin99
10.09WRKevin Curtis, PHIbiju
10.10QBTyler Thigpen, KCThe Lung
10.11RBTashard Choice, DALmadaslives911
10.12QBChad Pennington, MIAPMoneyTKE

It’s hard to forget Darren Sproles’ performance in the playoffs last year, proving that he has the capability of being an extremely useful fantasy player. Many people were a little gun-shy because of the uncertainty of his situation for next year, but given his upside, getting him in the tenth round is great value. (A Fleshner Fantasy)

I like Ryan Torain as a sleeper pick for 2009. He looked like the favorite out of camp last year, and he played well in his one game before he got injured. Torain could end up being that late-round RB gem that everyone looks for each year. Good sleeper pick. (flotsamnjetsam)

  Round 11 
11.01WRIsaac Bruce, SFPMoneyTKE
11.02WRMarvin Harrison, INDmadaslives911
11.03TEHeath Miller, PITThe Lung
11.04RBRicky Williams, MIAbiju
11.05QBJason Campbell, WASDolfin99
11.06WRDavone Bess, MIAbobbing_headz
11.07RBMichael Bush, OAKbungle613
11.08WRJustin Gage, TENflotsamnjetsam
11.09WRDevin Hester, CHIBigBadBrawler
11.10WRMark Bradley, KCBlueBandit24
11.11QBShaun Hill, SFWaCougMBS
11.12WRAntwaan Randle El, WASA Fleshner Fantasy

Heath Miller should have never slipped this far. Miller has been slowly building his stats and had his best season ever in 2008 even while losing three games to injury during the season. I can’t help but think that if The Lung knew Miller would be available this late, his fifth-round pick of Gates might have been better used on a true WR2. (biju)

As a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, I know either Ted Ginn Jr. or Davone Bess will make their mark in 2009. I fully expect one of them to end up in bobbing_headz weekly lineup by mid season. (Dolfin99)

  Round 12 
12.01QBJoe Flacco, BALA Fleshner Fantasy
12.02WRMuhsin Muhammad, CARWaCougMBS
12.03TEDustin Keller, NYJBlueBandit24
12.04DFBaltimore Ravens, BALBigBadBrawler
12.05RBSelvin Young, DENflotsamnjetsam
12.06WRMichael Jenkins, ATLbungle613
12.07RBMaurice Morris, SEAbobbing_headz
12.08RBDominic Rhodes, INDDolfin99
12.09WRNate Burleson, SEAbiju
12.10WRPatrick Crayton, DALThe Lung
12.11WRDomenik Hixon, NYGmadaslives911
12.12RBAhmad Bradshaw, NYGPMoneyTKE

I like the Maurice Morris pick this late in the draft. He has the ability to be a solid running back, but he needs a decent offensive line to block for him. (Dolfin99)

The Lung’s third starting WR is Patrick Crayton, who under-impressed when given a chance to start in 2008, prompting Dallas to trade for Roy Williams. The slot receiver in Dallas will continue to be the fifth receiving option behind Jason Witten and Marion Barber. He might get more looks if TO is cut from the roster, giving him a chance to start again. However, I still don’t believe he’ll be effective. (biju)

  Round 13 
13.01WRSidney Rice, MINPMoneyTKE
13.02TEGreg Olsen, CHImadaslives911
13.03WRJohnnie Lee Higgins, OAKThe Lung
13.04DFTennessee Titans, TENbiju
13.05WRMark Clayton, BALDolfin99
13.06QBMarc Bulger, STLbobbing_headz
13.07QBMatt Hasselbeck, SEAbungle613
13.08TETony Scheffler, DENflotsamnjetsam
13.09RBJustin Fargas, OAKBigBadBrawler
13.10DFMinnesota Vikings, MINBlueBandit24
13.11TEAnthony Fasano, MIAWaCougMBS
13.12TEBenjamin Watson, NEA Fleshner Fantasy

Probably one of the best picks of the last couple rounds, Mark Clayton was clearly the best WR available. He showed a lot of late-season potential and with Flacco’s arm complementing his speed I think Baltimore will be able to utilize him far more effectively than in previous years, especially when Flacco gains some more experience and the Ravens open up the playbook a little more. Remember, Mason isn’t getting any younger. (bobbing_headz)

Tony Scheffler
is an interesting pick; I am not fond of him, but he makes for very good value in the 13th. He could be possible trade bait for the first team to lose a TE. (bungle613)

  Round 14 
14.01DFPhiladelphia Eagles, PHIA Fleshner Fantasy
14.02RBJamaal Charles, KCWaCougMBS
14.03WRJosh Morgan, SFBlueBandit24
14.04WRChris Henry, CINBigBadBrawler
14.05QBTrent Edwards, BUFflotsamnjetsam
14.06PKStephen Gostkowski, NEbungle613
14.07DFTampa Bay Buccaneers, TBbobbing_headz
14.08WRDevery Henderson, NODolfin99
14.09WRSteve Smith, NYGbiju
14.10WRNate Washington, PITThe Lung
14.11RBKevin Faulk, NEmadaslives911
14.12RBMike Hart, INDPMoneyTKE

A great sleeper pick, Josh Morgan has been promised a starting gig in 2009 by SF management. He showed flashes of brilliance in the pre-season last year and if he can develop a rapport with Hill, this could be the year he emerges. (BigBadBrawler)

Trent Edwards
is the best of the rest and not a bad pick, but Palmer and Edwards as FNJ’s QBs is a scary thought. (bungle613)

  Round 15 
15.01DFNew York Jets, NYJPMoneyTKE
15.02DFNew York Giants, NYGmadaslives911
15.03DFChicago Bears, CHIThe Lung
15.04RBPeyton Hillis, DENbiju
15.05DFGreen Bay Packers, GBDolfin99
15.06WRMalcom Floyd, SDbobbing_headz
15.07WRBobby Engram, SEAbungle613
15.08PKDavid Akers, PHIflotsamnjetsam
15.09PKRob Bironas, TENBigBadBrawler
15.10PKRyan Longwell, MINBlueBandit24
15.11PKJason Elam, DENWaCougMBS
15.12WRDevin Thomas, WASA Fleshner Fantasy


  Round 16 
16.01PKNick Folk, DALA Fleshner Fantasy
16.02WRBobby Wade, MINWaCougMBS
16.03RBBrandon Jackson, GBBlueBandit24
16.04WRGreg Camarillo, MIABigBadBrawler
16.05DFDallas Cowboys, DALflotsamnjetsam
16.06DFMiami Dolphins, MIAbungle613
16.07PKMatt Bryant, TBbobbing_headz
16.08PKJosh Brown, STLDolfin99
16.09PKNeil Rackers, ARIbiju
16.10PKJeff Reed, PITThe Lung
16.11PKNate Kaeding, SDmadaslives911
16.12PKAdam Vinatieri, INDPMoneyTKE

So there you have it! If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously a fantasy football junkie just like these twelve mock drafters. Be sure to check back throughout the offseason for more mock drafts and great offseason articles to get your periodic fantasy football fix leading up to your 2009 drafts.

R.J. White (or daullaz) has been actively involved in fantasy sports for over 14 years. He is addicted to fantasy sports and loves writing, the Atlanta Braves, music, the Buffalo Bills, theatre, the Philadelphia Eagles, his family, and the number 42, though not in that order.
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