4th and GoalOctober 23, 2009

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4th and Goal – Show 7

By Michael Stephens

Seattle Seahawks v Indianapolis Colts

Welcome to 4th and Goal, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! This week: Nate is back! That’s right, episode seven features the return of the two-headed monster of fantasy prognostication, and we promise our best show yet! Without the usual slew of injury news that usually fills the first 10 minutes of the show, we have even more time in this episode for all of your other favorites, like Would you Rather, Locks and Flops and Against the Spread! Need to know which “Austin” to start at wide receiver, or whether starting two saints running backs is a good idea? You’ve found your home at 4th and Goal if you find yourself faced with these types of questions on Sunday mornings, and we hope you’ll join us for 20 minutes of player discussions and debates that help you make all the right moves on Sundays – it’s time to call your best play or hit the showers, because it’s 4th and Goal!

• Hosts: Michael and Nate
• 4th and Goal is brought to you by the Fantasy Football Cafe
• The show will come to you “live” every Friday morning (until the Thursday games, then we’ll move to Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings)
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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals

• Flea Flickers – an apology to the e-mailer who didn’t get a response (cause Michael is an idiot and deleted it without checking his spam folder)!
• Wounded Ducks (1:21)
• No injured signal callers (except for the Lions, but who cares about them?)
• Don’t get Gore’d by starting a guy who missed his flight…
• Some big-name wideouts will be on the field this week, while some others will not
• IDP meat wagon – some defensive backs are on the comeback trail, but some linebackers are now out for the season!
• In the News – A Coug on the move – you knew Michael would have to talk about this, right? (5:07)
• Hot Routes – game balls to last week’s top fantasy performers (5:30)
• Muffed Punts – the games of the week, not-top-10-style! (6:32)

CAFE TALK (7:49)
• This week we dive into four more of your posts and do our best to help with difficult start/sit questions and roster moves.
• Wait another week and try to sell even higher, or take a sure thing?
• Which WR3 makes for the best play Sunday? This one has a side order of the 4th and Goal mantra, TYE…
• Some really tough decisions involving the messy backfields of the Saints, Giants and Chargers
• You have to clarify your Steve Smith’s people! It really makes a difference nowadays…

Vikings vs. Ravens

• Last week: 3-1-1; our bad on Hasselbeck – everybody got that one wrong!
• Which class of ‘04 signal caller is tops this week?
• One of these RB2s is a MUCH better start than the other
• What is your Austin of choice?
• Drop the name recognition and start the better play at TE this week!
• When your opponent has yet to top 17 points, and just changed play-callers, start the opposing D/ST!

• Last week: another 5-5-2 has us wondering if we are shooting for the stars too much on our “locks”…
• Three guys each host loves for the upcoming week – listen up and you’ll find out who they are!
• …and three more that aren’t worth a start unless you play with at least 15 other people…

• Michael goes 2-3, while Nate turns in another 1-4. We’re headed in the wrong direction, away from .500!
• Three picks against the spread – this week we picked some locks, but don’t believe us whole-heartedly until after a big week…
• Two over/under props – the biggest and smallest lines of the week (including the MNF game, of course!)

• Thank yous
• Check out the Fantasy Football Cafe
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• E-mail your fantasy questions to 4thandgoal@fantasycaferadio.com
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• Look forward to our next show (episode #8), which airs 10/30/09!

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Michael Stephens is an avid fantasy sports enthusiast who writes for the Cafe. He hails from the Pacific Northwest and is a die-hard Seahawk and Mariner fan to the core! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name WaCougMBS.
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