4th and GoalJanuary 2, 2010

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4th and Goal will be back with one more episode next week - 2 comments

By Michael Stephens

The New Year Is Celebrated Around The World

Welcome to 4th and Goal, hosted by Michael Stephens and Nate Davis! One way or another this is the end of the road! With most championships being decided in a wild and wacky week 16, only a select few remain in folds of two-week championship games and leagues with late-starting playoffs. Were you saved by Jonathan Stewart and Jerome Harrison, or ruined by the disappearing acts of Mike Sims-Walker and Tony Gonzalez? If you need help with your flex spot (or any other roster slot) this week, the guys at 4thandG will still be around to tirelessly answer all e-mails, Tweets, PMs, etc., that we get for the final week of the 2009-10 fantasy football season. We’re hoping to get a season wrap-up show out next week, so there should be one last opportunity to hear us chit-chat about the goings on of the NFL before we take a hiatus and head over to the baseball side of the Cafe for another season of The Can of Corn! Make sure to check back if you want to hear how some of our season-long competitions/predictions turned out (also known as tune in if you want to hear us recap how wrong we were about many things in the preseason)! We hope you had a great (and safe) New Year’s, and we’ll be talking (at) you sometime next week

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Michael Stephens is an avid fantasy sports enthusiast who writes for the Cafe. He hails from the Pacific Northwest and is a die-hard Seahawk and Mariner fan to the core! You can find Michael in the Cafe's forums where he actively posts under the name of WaCougMBS.
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2 Responses to “4th and Goal will be back with one more episode next week”

  1. User avatar FFslacker says:

    So when are you guys starting back up?

  2. dbiggs says:

    what do you have 60 people.on this site. that mock draft, mabe you could have gotten people that actually have some knowledge about fantasy ft. you had 3 people take your survey about the best pick up. kevin korb. is this site real or a joke


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