SleepersNovember 14, 2009

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By Jimmy Vanderpool

The 2009 Kansas City Chiefs have been an absolute embarrassment when it comes to fantasy football production. So why would they suddenly be expected to change? The answer becomes the new-face regime of the offense. If you change enough of the bad personnel who were in key positions, then you potentially inject a new life and new hope into that offense. In only a matter of one game, three Chiefs immediately popped up on the BIG sleeper radar.

Chris Chambers
Chris Chambers went from solid middle tier WR to late round draft pick WR to being NFL dropped in a matter of just one year! He had became one of biggest fantasy flops of the 2009 season. In fact, most owners bailed out so far that Chambers was outright dropped in most fantasy leagues after his rapid demise. The NFL reports and blogs claimed that Chambers speed had deteriorated to the point that he could no longer create any separation from defensive backs. But within a week of signing with Kansas City, he posted a breakout game of three catches for 70 yards and two TDs, highlighted by a 54-yard TD. While Chambers wasn’t targeted often, it did prove that his presence as a Chief was certainly worth more than the value he represented as a Charger, where he had only posted 122 yards and one TD over the course of seven games this season. Fantasy owners should not expect Chambers to ever obtain a WR1 status or even WR2 status after this game, but it is realistic to now put a label on Chambers as being roster-worthy in hopes that he could become a nice WR4.

Lance Long
Very little fantasy football documentation existed on Lance Long prior to Week 9, but he managed to go from practice squad nobody to the next “Wes Welker” over the course of a single four-hour NFL game. After his eight-catch, 74-yard perfromance, Long immediately drew Wes Welker comparison comments from QB Matt Cassel. The reports claimed that Cassel has been building a strong rapport with Long since Cassel’s arrival in the offseason. Since chemistry is a HUGE sleeper indicator, it is always advised that fantasy owners target WRs who obtain solid chemistry with a QB. It is reasonable to place an immediate expectation upon Long to become Cassel’s most popular target. To keep things in perspective, fantasy owners should anticipate Long to become Cassel’s favorite target, but the yardage and TD totals should remain low because most of the passes will be of the short underneath variation.

Jamaal Charles
Jamaal Charles has carried a label as a great sleeper target since draft day. In virtually all leagues 12 teams or greater, Charles was probably stockpiled on somebody’s roster. His value does not rate as creeping up out of nowhere, but the Larry Johnson release announcement does greatly boost his value. While the current depth chart places Charles as the uncontested RB1, fantasy owners should also be wary of the presence of Kolby Smith. To date, Charles has posted nice average yardage and receiving statistics but that comes from within a limited role. It is important to note that he is a favorite of the KC front office and they have never made any secret of their grooming intentions for Jamaal.

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  1. GirthyOne says:

    How about Dwayne Bowe with 4 games out for being on the juice. Chris Chambers just stepped up a notch!


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