SleepersNovember 7, 2009

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Sleeper Watch - 2 comments

By Jimmy Vanderpool

The 2009 Fantasy Football Season is showing itself as one that has been extremely stingy with injuries to key RBs. Some owners employed a tactical strategy on draft day of waiting until the later rounds to secure high potential backup RBs and/or handcuff RBs in anticipation of the routine rash of RB injuries. In most leagues, these are the owners quickly watching their season dissipate. The result should be that a flock of owners will start to go into red alert desperation mode. Unfortunately, there isn’t much new information germinating on overlooked hidden options. The market is backlogged due to the continued health and consistency of the original advertised frontline studs. As an alternative option though, a new gameplan can be utilized of just securing RBs that are known underdevelopments but appear solid when they have played in the past. In this case, only one RB has drawn my attention and ranks low on ownership in virtually all leagues … Louis Rankin.

All of my only visual research on Louis Rankin has come from preseason play. The level of competition he faced during that time was significantly inferior for his talent. But what I did notice was that Rankin has an ability to make “highlight” plays. He has a running style that is hard-nosed, straight forward more than shifty, and his speed seems to appear quicker rather than faster but he has effective use of rotating between those on/off speed gears.

The landing spot of Seattle could be Rankin’s biggest blessing. Julius Jones has become such a flat-tone that Seattle started to push Justin Forsett, who is still showing big signs of underdevelopment himself. Fantasy owners should expect the RB situation to currently stand as J. Jones as an unimpressive RB2 while Forsett and Rankin cut-throat on each other as RB3-a and RB3-b.

In the grand scheme of things, Louis Rankin falls into my favorable graces because his plays bring what I call “unacknowledged magic” to the field. Things just always seem to happen for him that are positive; although his physical stature is in no way comparable, think of Mike Alstott’s effect on the field.

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2 Responses to “Rare-Owner Unrefined RB Louis Rankin – week 9”

  1. Rookiee33 says:

    Jimmy Vanderpool, where is this week sleeper…

  2. Montana168 says:

    i think he usually writes this column very late….usually today (sat.) or sun. morning.


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