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Week 2: Peterson On Top - 17 comments

By Nick Hopkins

Welcome to Week 2 of the Cafe’s weekly player rankings, Start & Sit! Last week the headlines were dominated by some familiar names. Adrian Peterson proved why he was everyone’s #1 pick by rushing for 180 yards and three touchdowns. Drew Brees dominated the Lions to the tune of 358 yards and 6 touchdowns. Reggie Wayne led all receivers with 162 yards and a touchdown as the Colts squeaked by Jacksonville. But Week 2 is a new week, and with it comes a whole new set of rankings… So let’s get to it! (Side note: I’d like to apologize for recommending Carson Palmer and Eddie Royal last week… they burned me as well. Ugh.)

And of course, a big thank you again to all of our rankers and compilers, especially funatic ,whose hard work really helped to speed the compiling process, and R.J. White (daullaz) who makes this whole thing happen.

Sunday Update: Wes Welker, Antonio Bryant, Jamaal Charles, Bo Scaife and Kevin Walter are out. Set your lineups accordingly.

In 2009, we’re ranking all the players we expect could see a significant amount of game action each week. We factor in a player’s overall ability, his weekly matchup, and the current status of his health. The result is one Start/Sit number, based on a scale of 100, and we’ll use each member’s ratings to find an average for each player. The higher a guy is on our list, the better you should feel starting him.

1Peyton ManningINDat MIA90.00
2Aaron RodgersGBCIN88.43
3Drew BreesNOat PHI85.57
4Tom BradyNEat NYJ85.37
5Kurt WarnerARIat JAC79.00
6Matt RyanATLCAR77.71
7Brett FavreMINat DET74.27
8Matt SchaubHOUat TEN73.04
9Philip RiversSDBAL72.43
10Matt HasselbeckSEAat SF72.31
11Tony RomoDALNYG72.24
12Eli ManningNYGat DAL70.71
13Jason CampbellWASSTL70.57
14Ben RoethlisbergerPITat CHI70.02
15Carson PalmerCINat GB69.01
16David GarrardJACARI69.00
17Trent EdwardsBUFTB68.71
18Joe FlaccoBALat SD68.14
19Jay CutlerCHIPIT66.29
20JaMarcus RussellOAKat KC65.71
21Byron LeftwichTBat BUF65.14
22Chad PenningtonMIAIND64.48
23Kerry CollinsTENHOU63.14
24Brady QuinnCLEat DEN61.86
25Mark SanchezNYJNE61.71
26Shaun HillSFSEA61.43
27Kyle OrtonDENCLE58.81
28Jake DelhommeCARat ATL56.65
29Marc BulgerSTLat WAS54.65
30Matthew StaffordDETMIN53.86
31Kevin KolbPHINO52.82
32Matt CasselKCOAK39.96
33Brodie CroyleKCOAK34.71
34Donovan McNabb (D)PHINO32.10
35Jeff GarciaPHINO12.25

Start: Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings. Favre had a respectable game in his debut with the Vikings, although Adrian Peterson did all the heavy lifting. That will probably be the case again this week against Detroit, which means that Favre probably won’t be one of the best starters available, but he should at least be safe. If a solid day of around 200 yards and a score or two sounds good to you, go ahead and plug Brett into your lineup. (And remember, Detroit did manage to put up some points last week against New Orleans, meaning the Saints could keep passing, and Brees ended up with six touchdown passes… So there is some upside for Favre as well)
Sit: Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears. Maybe this seems reactionary,  but Cutler’s four interception day against the Packers didn’t exactly inspire confidence. Cutler is a good quarterback, but the Bears do not have the receivers that Cutler had to work with in Denver. I think Cutler will eventually get it together, but he’s a very risky start against a Steeler defense that, with or without Polamalu, is one of the best in the NFL.

RankRunning BacksTeamOpponentTotal
1Adrian PetersonMINat DET100.00
2Michael TurnerATLCAR89.71
3Maurice Jones-DrewJACARI88.71
4DeAngelo WilliamsCARat ATL86.43
5Frank GoreSFSEA83.57
6Clinton PortisWASSTL82.10
7Chris JohnsonTENHOU81.71
8Brandon JacobsNYGat DAL80.30
9Darren McFaddenOAKat KC78.57
10Ronnie BrownMIAIND78.43
11Steven JacksonSTLat WAS78.00
12Matt ForteCHIPIT76.28
13Ryan GrantGBCIN76.14
14Brian WestbrookPHINO75.31
15Ray RiceBALat SD73.86
16Steve SlatonHOUat TEN71.86
17Marion BarberDALNYG71.29
18Thomas JonesNYJNE71.06
19Fred JacksonBUFTB70.00
20Joseph AddaiINDat MIA69.14
21Larry JohnsonKCOAK66.71
22Knowshon MorenoDENCLE66.47
23Kevin SmithDETMIN66.29
24LenDale WhiteTENHOU64.57
25Michael BushOAKat KC64.29
26Cedric BensonCINat GB63.57
27Cadillac WilliamsTBat BUF62.53
28Derrick WardTBat BUF62.14
29Willie ParkerPITat CHI61.96
30Ricky WilliamsMIAIND60.43
T-30Julius JonesSEAat SF60.43
32Leon WashingtonNYJNE59.57
33Jamal LewisCLEat DEN59.30
34Reggie BushNOat PHI59.09
35Ahmad BradshawNYGat DAL58.86
36Jonathan StewartCARat ATL58.39
37Chester TaylorMINat DET58.00
38Correll BuckhalterDENCLE57.29
39Beanie WellsARIat JAC57.07
40Willis McGaheeBALat SD56.84
41LaDanian Tomlinson (OUT) SDBAL56.56
42Tim HightowerARIat JAC56.00
T-42Donald BrownINDat MIA56.00
44Fred TaylorNEat NYJ55.00
45Felix JonesDALNYG53.49
46James Davis (Q) CLEat DEN53.05
47Darren SprolesSDBAL53.00
48LeSean McCoyPHINO52.43
49Pierre Thomas (Q)NOat PHI52.06
50Laurence MaroneyNEat NYJ51.86
51Rashard MendenhallPITat CHI46.13
52Mike BellNOat PHI46.00
53Jamaal CharlesKCOAK45.14
54Edgerrin JamesSEAat SF43.18
55Jerious NorwoodATLCAR40.01
56Ladell BettsWASSTL38.80
57LeRon McClainBALat SD33.14
58Kevin FaulkNEat NYJ32.43
59Earnest GrahamTBat BUF30.36
60Chris BrownHOUat TEN25.69
61Justin FargasOAKat KC24.17
62Glen CoffeeSFSEA23.57
63Peyton HillisDENCLE21.86
64Xavier OmonBUFTB18.71
65Sammy MorrisNEat NYJ17.57
66Mewelde MoorePITat CHI16.71
67Jerome HarrisonCLEat DEN15.73
68Shonn GreeneNYJNE15.50
69Tashard ChoiceDALNYG14.71
70Bernard ScottCINat GB12.20
71Greg JonesJACARI10.00
72BenJarvus Green-EllisNEat NYJ9.29
73Garrett WolfeCHIPIT8.86
74Samkon GadoSTLat WAS4.89
75DeShawn WynnGBCIN4.71
76Brandon Jackson (OUT) GBCIN2.28

Start: Clinton Portis, Washington Redskins. Portis started off his season with a solid, but not terribly exciting 62 yard performance against the New York Giants. Outside of a 34 yard run early in the game, Portis was pretty much bottled up. Still, Head Coach Jim Zorn was committed to the running game, and if he takes that same mentality into this game with the Rams, the Redskins’ running game should find more success. The Skins will be looking to avenge last year’s home loss to the Rams, in which Portis ran for 129 yards and two touchdowns.
Sit: Willie Parker, Pittsburgh Steelers. Last week’s game against the Titans didn’t exactly look like the Steelers of the recent past, with Big Ben throwing 43 times to Parker’s 13 carries (5 and 4 carries went to backups Mewelde Moore and Rashad Mendenhall, respectively). That’s not a good ratio for Fast Willie Parker, especially considering he only gained 16 yards on the 13 carries he had. It looks like the Steelers’ offensive line may have trouble opening holes for the running game this year, and it won’t get much easier this week against Chicago, even without their star linebacker Brian Urlacher.

RankWide ReceiversTeamOpponentTotal
1Larry FitzgeraldARIat JAC92.14
2Randy MossNEat NYJ88.43
3Reggie WayneINDat MIA87.14
4Greg JenningsGBCIN86.78
5Calvin JohnsonDETMIN85.57
6Andre JohnsonHOUat TEN85.43
7Roddy WhiteATLCAR84.86
8Steve SmithCARat ATL81.43
9Dwayne BoweKCOAK77.29
10Santana MossWASSTL76.86
11Marques ColstonNOat PHI76.00
12Terrell OwensBUFTB75.72
13Lee EvansBUFTB75.71
14Eddie RoyalDENCLE75.00
15Wes Welker (Q)NEat NYJ73.99
16Anquan Boldin (Q) ARIat JAC73.06
17Braylon EdwardsCLEat DEN72.86
18Chad OchocincoCINat GB72.71
19T.J. HoushmandzadehSEAat SF71.96
20Donald DriverGBCIN70.29
21Brandon MarshallDENCLE69.84
22DeSean JacksonPHINO68.59
23Roy WilliamsDALNYG68.43
24Santonio HolmesPITat CHI68.29
25Bernard BerrianMINat DET68.24
26Percy HarvinMINat DET67.86
27Derrick MasonBALat SD66.71
28Jerricho CotcheryNYJNE66.29
T-28Vincent JacksonSDBAL66.29
30Hines WardPITat CHI64.00
31Justin GageTENHOU63.86
32Nate BurlesonSEAat SF63.57
33Antwaan Randle ElWASSTL63.14
34Torry HoltJACARI62.86
35Josh MorganSFSEA60.17
36Mark ClaytonBALat SD60.04
37Domenik HixonNYGat DAL59.86
T-37Louis MurphyOAKat KC59.86
39Donnie AverySTLat WAS59.21
40Patrick CraytonDALNYG59.14
41Steve SmithNYGat DAL59.00
T-41Chansi StuckeyNYJNE59.00
43Earl BennettCHIPIT58.43
44Antonio Bryant (D)TBat BUF58.18
45Sidney RiceMINat DET57.29
46Kevin CurtisPHINO56.86
47Darrius Heyward-BeyOAKat KC56.71
48Ted GinnMIAIND56.43
49Malcom KellyWASSTL56.40
50Devin HesterCHIPIT55.86
51Laveranues ColesCINat GB55.09
52Kevin Walter (Q)HOUat TEN54.94
53Kenny BrittTENHOU54.43
54Michael JenkinsATLCAR54.29
55Michael ClaytonTBat BUF53.71
56Devery HendersonNOat PHI53.57
57Chris HenryCINat GB53.29
58Isaac BruceSFSEA53.14
59Laurent RobinsonSTLat WAS52.71
60Lance MooreNOat PHI52.27
61Davone BessMIAIND51.29
62Mario ManninghamNYGat DAL51.14
63Muhsin MuhammadCARat ATL48.57
64Josh CribbsCLEat DEN47.86
65Mark BradleyKCOAK47.43
66Robert MeachemNOat PHI46.43
67Steve Breaston (Q) ARIat JAC45.60
68Bryant JohnsonDETMIN45.00
69Troy WilliamsonJACARI44.29
70Chris ChambersSDBAL43.14
71Austin CollieINDat MIA42.57
72Deion Branch (Q) SEAat SF41.96
73Jason AvantPHINO41.57
74Joey GallowayNEat NYJ39.86
75Greg CamarilloMIAIND37.14
76Johnnie Lee HigginsOAKat KC37.00
77Miles AustinDALNYG36.46
78Pierre GarconINDat MIA36.29
79Jeremy MaclinPHINO34.57
80Limas Sweed (OUT) PITat CHI32.92
81Mike FurreyCLEat DEN31.00
82Brandon StokleyDENCLE30.86
83Mohammed MassaquoiCLEat DEN29.74
84Nate WashingtonTENHOU28.66
85James JonesGBCIN28.14
86Malcom FloydSDBAL26.57
87Arnaz BattleSFSEA26.00
88Deon ButlerSEAat SF25.43
89Jerheme UrbanARIat JAC25.00
90Brian HartlineMIAIND24.44

Start: Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers. While Steve Smith and the rest of the Panthers’ passing attack looked pretty hopeless against the Eagles last week, I wouldn’t write them off quite yet. Smith is the type of play-making wide receiver that doesn’t need everything to work perfectly in order to break a play for a big gain. A game against a division rival, coming off a big loss, seems like the perfect situation for a big game from the small receiver.
Sit: Antonio Bryant, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most people assumed that Bryant would have difficulty replicating his huge 2008 season this year, due to Tampa Bay’s quarterback situation. Two catches in Week 1 did nothing to change that view, and now it seems as though Bryant is being held out of practice with a lingering knee issue, bringing his availability for Week 2 into question. Leave Bryant on your bench this week.

RankTight EndsTeamOpponentTotal
1Tony GonzalezATLCAR87.86
T-1Jason WittenDALNYG87.86
3Dallas ClarkINDat MIA85.00
4Chris CooleyWASSTL83.14
5Antonio GatesSDBAL82.14
6John CarlsonSEAat SF78.43
7Visanthe ShiancoeMINat DET77.86
8Zach MillerOAKat KC77.57
9Kellen WinslowTBat BUF75.14
10Owen DanielsHOUat TEN72.86
11Greg OlsenCHIPIT72.71
12Brent CelekPHINO71.71
13Dustin KellerNYJNE69.86
14Tony SchefflerDENCLE69.29
15Todd HeapBALat SD65.86
16Jeremy ShockeyNOat PHI65.74
17Kevin BossNYGat DAL65.00
18Vernon DavisSFSEA64.57
19Anthony FasanoMIAIND63.14
20Ben WatsonNEat NYJ60.92
21Heath MillerPITat CHI60.86
22Robert RoyalCLEat DEN60.43
23Randy McMichaelSTLat WAS60.00
24Donald LeeGBCIN59.71
25Marcedes LewisJACARI59.00
26Derek SchoumanBUFTB54.86
27Brandon PettigrewDETMIN54.16
28Bo Scaife (D)TENHOU52.00
29Stephen SpachARIat JAC51.57
30Sean RyanKCOAK51.43
31Gary BarnidgeCARat ATL50.14
32Daniel CoatsCINat GB47.00
33Jermichael FinleyGBCIN46.71
34Alge CrumplerTENHOU41.71
35Martellus BennettDALNYG24.43
36Shawn NelsonBUFTB18.29
37Daniel GrahamDENCLE16.00
38James CaseyHOUat TEN9.43

Start: John Carlson, Seattle Seahawks. Carlson remained somewhat under the radar after a fantastic rookie year (627 yards, 5 TDs) but he picked up right where he left off in Week 1, catching six passes and scoring two touchdowns. He seems like he could be reinvigorated QB Matt Hasselback’s favorite receiver, and should have another good game this week against the 49ers.
Sit: Ben Watson, New England Patriots. Yes, I know he scored twice last week in the Patriots’ last minute comeback against Buffalo. But Watson has never been known for his consistency. He could have another good game, but it is just as likely he catches one or two passes for negligible yardage. All I’m saying is don’t necessarily rush to pick him up/ get him in your lineup if you have a reliable starter already.

1Stephen GostkowskiNEat NYJ85.71
2David AkersPHINO85.43
T-2Rob BironasTENHOU85.43
4Ryan LongwellMINat DET85.29
5Neil RackersARIat JAC80.29
T-5Mason CrosbyGBCIN80.29
7Adam VinatieriINDat MIA76.91
8Jason ElamATLCAR76.07
9Nate KaedingSDBAL75.43
10Jeff ReedPITat CHI74.43
11Lawrence TynesNYGat DAL74.29
12John CarneyNOat PHI74.00
13Shaun SuishamWASSTL73.71
14Nick FolkDALNYG71.09
15Robbie GouldCHIPIT70.43
16Josh ScobeeJACARI69.57
17John KasayCARat ATL69.43
18Phil DawsonCLEat DEN68.29
19Rian LindellBUFTB67.57
20Kris BrownHOUat TEN67.29
21Matt PraterDENCLE66.29
T-21Sebastian JanikowskiOAKat KC66.29
23Jay FeelyNYJNE66.00
24Shayne GrahamCINat GB65.43
25Dan CarpenterMIAIND64.57
26Joe NedneySFSEA64.43
27Mike NugentTBat BUF63.57
28Steven HauschkaBALat SD61.57
T-28Olindo MareSEAat SF61.57
30Jason HansonDETMIN60.99
31Josh BrownSTLat WAS60.14
32Ryan SuccopKCOAK59.00

Start: Rob Bironas, Tennessee Titans. Bironas had a tough week against the Steelers, missing two field goals. This is very uncharacteristic for one of the league’s best kickers, and I have to think he will be better against the Texans this week.
Sit: Matt Prater, Denver Broncos. Prater has a strong leg, but Denver’s offense is going to have to improve for him to get enough opportunities to be considered a starter. A young kicker in an inconsistent offense is not a great combination.

1SteelersPITat CHI88.92
2VikingsMINat DET87.00
3RavensBALat SD85.14
4GiantsNYGat DAL83.00
10PatriotsNEat NYJ74.29
13CardinalsARIat JAC69.86
14PanthersCARat ATL68.14
16SeahawksSEAat SF68.00
19ColtsINDat MIA67.00
20BuccaneersTBat BUF65.86
21RaidersOAKat KC65.29
24TexansHOUat TEN64.00
27SaintsNOat PHI58.29
28BrownsCLEat DEN57.43
29BengalsCINat GB56.57
31RamsSTLat WAS52.43

Start: Green Bay Packers. The Packer defense was all over the field on Sunday Night, picking off Chicago’s Jay Cutler four times and sacking him twice. Next, they welcome a Bengal offense, that struggled (to say the least) last week, to the unfriendly confines of Lambeau Field. OchoCinco has promised a Lambeau Leap if he scores on Sunday… I think we may be just as likely to see that maneuver performed by a Packer defender.
Sit: Carolina Panthers. To be fair to this Panther defense, they did not play as badly against the Eagles as the 38-10 score would indicate. When you turn the ball over seven times it is going to be hard to keep the other team from scoring. However, a game in Atlanta against Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez is not going to be an easy test either. Look for a better option than the Panthers this week.

Nick Hopkins is a Cafe member who has been contributing to the Start & Sit since 2006. He posts on the Cafe under the name terpfan. R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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17 Responses to “Week 2: Peterson On Top”

  1. User avatar thereason13 says:

    I think you have Cutler down too far. Kerry Collins did fairly well against PIT week 1 and Cutler should bounce back this weekend at home vs. PIT – that’s my call this weekend. Cutler will finally hook up with Olsen and continue with Benett… PIT is in for a shocker this weekend. I see this as an air match between the QBs and Cutler will have the edge over Big Ben.

  2. User avatar Navyseal says:

    I see that you have fellas like McFadden and Ronnie Brown ranked ahead of Slaton for this weekend, but the entire HOU offense looked disrupted last week against an admittedly improved Rex Ryan NYJ defense. Yes, he fumbled, but last year Slaton had two very good games against TENN, and without the aid of Albert Haynesworth helping to clog the middle, I believe that Slaton will have a true “bounce-back” performance.

    my 2c

  3. User avatar terpfan says:

    Could happen, reason. Maybe 19 is a little low. I still wouldn’t feel confident starting him this week though, that’s for sure. I could see both teams going to the pass earlier – the Bears certainly didn’t seem hesitant to throw last week despite little success and the Steelers just aren’t all that good running the ball. I’m not quite sure either of these teams are built for a shoot-out though. We’ll see…

    As for Slaton, I like the guy a lot, but I think Tennessee is still pretty tough against the run. They are every bit as good as the Jets, even without Haynesworth. Still, at 16 its not like he’s even ranked all that low…

  4. Prysler says:

    I have Slaton riddin’ the pine this week. I believe it is an accurate rating for Slaton this week (although I hate to admit it because he was my second pick in my draft). With the addition of Schaub’s #2 reciever back from injury (probable), Tenn will be forced to respect the air attack and give Slaton room. He is only riddin’ the pine this week because McFadden is going to Desimate? the Chiefs!

  5. jeffev2001 says:

    Could you explain Larry Johnsons higher placement than Julius Jones?
    I have AP and Jacobs, Jones, LJ and Hightower, and used Jones as flex last wk to great success.
    I was going to do same in wk 2 vs SF….I realize LJ historically kills OAK but he didn’t do anything last wk. Thought????? Meanwhile Jones looks good and fast.

  6. I think you guys hit the nail on the head having the Detroit Lions DST dead last. :P

  7. dmickens says:

    Speaking of Detroit……I noticed that Sidney Rice was not listed as a WR this week. If he is ever going to have a break out week it will be against Detroit!!! The ole man can still toss it!

  8. User avatar FatFoot says:

    Yeah, it’s imperfect science. Summing things into 3 categories and calculating isn’t going to be that accurate. But it’s better than arbitrary ratings. As a ranker, at this point in the season I tried to start by ranking matchups based on last week’s performance, and then after that I went back through to try to adjust what I thought were anomalous. For example, I don’t think the Browns will be a top 3 passing defense this year. I still gave them more credit than they deserve, IMO, because it’s just as arbitrary to knock it down on a gut feeling.

    Re: Julius and LJ, looking at the charts we used, I believe it comes down to matchups. Part of it is a “who you performed against last week” and part of it is reduced expectations. It will be tempered with this season’s results. It’s why the first few weeks are the hardest.

    You guys (those who don’t know this) can all get involved in ranking if you want. It helps the site, it helps FF players, and it makes a really cool resource. It’s good to be a part of it.

  9. User avatar terpfan says:

    “You guys (those who don’t know this) can all get involved in ranking if you want. It helps the site, it helps FF players, and it makes a really cool resource. It’s good to be a part of it.”

    Exactly… and the more rankers we get, the more accurate it should end up being. Theoretically, at least. :)

  10. User avatar Slackjaw_ffc says:

    Fred jackson at 19? Im pretty comfortable thinking he is going to be top ten. but Ive been wrong 12 times today already..

    Dustin Keller at 13? Where is sanchez going? Kellertown, thats where.

  11. Can you explain SD DST 7 vs BAL, CLE DST 28 vs DEN, HOU DST 24 vs TEN? Seems terribly out of whack.

  12. cdopa says:

    Hi 2 questions: Why is Vincent jackson rated so low on this site? Yahoo has him as a 4 star player this week.

    Who to start, Carnell Williams or Derren Sproles? Donald Driver or Percy Harvin? I guess thats 3 questions.

    Here is my starting lineup as of now

    Drew Brees QB
    Dwane Bowe WR
    Vincent jackson WR
    Donald Driver WR
    Carnell Williams RB
    Steven jackson RB
    Tony Gonzales TE
    Nick Folk K
    Tennessee D

    D. Sproles RB
    P. Harvin WR
    B.Berrien WR
    P Thomas RB
    M. Lynch Douchebag
    B. Rothlisberger QB

  13. cdopa, there is a forum for questions like the one you asked, and you will get a TON more answers to your fantasy questions if you post there. This spot is more for talking about the ranking, not who to start or whatever.

  14. Hey guys,

    Not a criticism – just a question. I’m just wondering why you don’t have Johnny Knox (CHI) somewhere in your WR listing. He’s scored well in both of the first 2 weeks – better than many of those that made the list. So well, in fact, that there’s talk he could get become a starter. And have you watched this guy run his routes? He’s sharp as a knife. This guy’s hungry. I have him starting in front of at least 3 of the receivers in this current list.

  15. Uriah43 says:

    Spoke to a fellow from Chicago just this morning and he agrees with you about Johnny Knox (WR-Chi). Personally, I plan on watching him for a few more games just to see how he and Cutler work out. I’ve also noticed that Santana Moss (WR-Wash) and Donnie Avery (WR-StL) are being dropped in a lot of leagues. That’s cool–one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure and I’ve been picking them both up whenever I can. :-)

  16. User avatar daullaz says:

    This list came out before the second week’s game (hence the Week 2), and many of us didn’t think enough of him to rank him after Week 1. Now we know, and I’m sure he’ll show up on everyone’s list for Week 3.

  17. My bad – it didn’t hit me that this was the list from last week :)


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