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Week 9: No MoJo Lost - 6 comments

By R.J. White

Sorry about the piece going up a little incomplete, folks. I do want to pass along the info that we’re No. 1 (of about 30 different sites) in a very comprehensive rankings comparison done by independent site It’s great to see that we’ve had such a successful year already! Mad props to Dan Lambskin, utility-hook, WWM, and the entire ranking team!

Terpfan will hopefully be along in a few to give you guys a little in-depth analysis on a few Start/Sit choices.

…and here I am. Great job by the rankers! Let’s see what we have this week…

1Peyton ManningINDHOU93.00
2Aaron RodgersGBat TB90.75
3Tom BradyNEMIA90.00
4Drew BreesNOCAR85.75
5Donovan McNabbPHIDAL83.25
6Philip RiversSDat NYG81.75
7Matt SchaubHOUat IND81.25
8Kurt WarnerARIat CHI80.00
9Carson PalmerCINBAL79.00
T-9Matt HasselbeckSEADET79.00
11Joe FlaccoBALat CIN78.25
T-11Jay CutlerCHIARI78.25
13David GarrardJACKC75.50
14Ben RoethlisbergerPITat DEN75.25
15Matt CasselKCat JAC74.75
16Eli ManningNYGSD72.75
17Tony RomoDALat PHI71.50
18Alex SmithSFTEN71.00
19Matt RyanATLWAS70.25
20Kyle OrtonDENPIT66.75
T-20Jason CampbellWASat ATL66.75
22Matthew StaffordDETat SEA58.93
23Chad HenneMIAat NE55.50
24Jake DelhommeCARat NO55.00
25Vince YoungTENat SF53.75
26Josh FreemanTBGB25.25

Start: Donovan McNabb, Eagles. Hiccup against the Raiders aside, McNabb and the Eagles have been humming along since their Week 4 bye week. McNabb has seven touchdowns and zero interceptions in that time. This week they host Dallas at home in a big divisional matchup. The Cowboys are 22nd in the league in passing defense, and have allowed 12 passing touchdowns this season. Keep McNabb in your lineup this week.
Start: Joe Flacco, Ravens. Despite only passing for 175 yards against Denver last week, Flacco looked as cool and collected as ever, and should be ready for his rematch with the Cincinnati Bengals. Flacco had his worst game of the season last time he faced the Bengals, but having seen them once should help him improve this time around. The Bengals are ranked 30th in the NFL by passing yards allowed, so a big day for Flacco and the Ravens would not be a surprise.
Sit: Eli Manning, Giants. Manning’s three touchdowns to six interceptions in his last three games are not what his fantasy owners want to see. San Diego is ranked 6th in passing defense, and is not the great matchup that Eli needs to get back on track. Leave Manning on your bench for now.
Sit: Matt Ryan, Falcons. Ryan had a rough game last week against the Saints, throwing three interceptions. Despite all their problems, the Redskins’ pass defense is actually quite good. The Skins are ranked 2nd in the NFL in passing yards, with six touchdowns allowed. While Matt Ryan will certainly be hoping for a bounce back game his matchup is not a favorable as it might seem.

RankRunning BacksTeamOpponentAverage
1Maurice Jones-DrewJACKC96.00
2DeAngelo WilliamsCARat NO83.75
3Frank GoreSFTEN82.50
4Ronnie BrownMIAat NE82.25
5Ray RiceBALat CIN81.50
T-5Chris JohnsonTENat SF81.50
7Ryan GrantGBat TB80.75
8Michael TurnerATLWAS80.50
9Joseph AddaiINDHOU79.50
10Cedric BensonCINBAL79.00
11Pierre ThomasNOCAR78.75
12Brandon JacobsNYGSD77.25
13Ricky WilliamsMIAat NE75.75
14Kevin SmithDETat SEA75.50
15Ahmad BradshawNYGSD73.23
16Clinton PortisWASat ATL72.50
17Steve SlatonHOUat IND71.75
18Marion BarberDALat PHI71.00
19Mike BellNOCAR70.50
20Matt ForteCHIARI69.75
T-20Jamaal CharlesKCat JAC69.75
22Brian WestbrookPHIDAL69.42
23LaDanian TomlinsonSDat NYG68.75
24Julius JonesSEADET68.25
25Reggie BushNOCAR68.00
26Tim HightowerARIat CHI67.00
27Jonathan StewartCARat NO66.00
28LeSean McCoyPHIDAL64.00
T-28Rashard MendenhallPITat DEN64.00
30Beanie WellsARIat CHI63.75
31Ryan MoatsHOUat IND63.00
32Knowshon MorenoDENPIT60.75
T-32Laurence MaroneyNEMIA60.75
34Felix JonesDALat PHI60.50
35Cadillac WilliamsTBGB58.25
36Darren SprolesSDat NYG58.00
37Justin ForsettSEADET54.25
38Derrick WardTBGB53.25
39Correll BuckhalterDENPIT52.75
40Willie ParkerPITat DEN51.50
41LenDale WhiteTENat SF51.00
42Maurice MorrisDETat SEA49.25
43Chris BrownHOUat IND46.25
44Donald BrownINDHOU45.28
45Kevin FaulkNEMIA45.25
46Sammy MorrisNEMIA44.75
47Tashard ChoiceDALat PHI43.50
48Glen CoffeeSFTEN42.25
49Garrett WolfeCHIARI41.00
50Kolby SmithKCat JAC35.63
51LeRon McClainBALat CIN33.25
T-51Willis McGaheeBALat CIN33.25
53Ahman GreenGBat TB29.50
54Rashard JenningsJACKC28.00
55Ladell BettsWASat ATL27.75
56BenJarvus Green-EllisNEMIA26.50
57Mewelde MoorePITat DEN25.50

Start: Deangelo Williams, Panthers. Williams ran all over the Cardinals last week, while the Saints were torched by Michael Turner of the Falcons for 151 yards. That combination of results make it clear that Williams should be a sure-fire start against the Saints this week. He should be one of the week’s top rushers.
Start: Brandon Jacobs, Giants. Brandon Jacobs has yet to really break out this year. He’s yet to top 100 yards and has only scored twice. This week he has a pretty solid matchup in San Diego (27th ranked rush defense) though. Both Jacobs and his backup Ahmad Bradshaw are solid, if unspectacular, starts this week.
Sit: Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers. Going to Denver is a tough task for opposing offenses this season. The Broncos are in the top five in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, and have given up only three touchdowns on the ground. This could be a game in which Mendenhall, as well as backups Willie Parker and Mewelde Moore, all get a few touches, but don’t produce much on the ground.
Sit: Knowshon Moreno, Broncos. On the other side of the ball, Moreno will probably find yards about as hard to come by as the Steelers’ various running backs. Unsurprisingly, the Steelers have the best rush defense in the NFL, both in terms of yards allowed and touchdowns allowed. That should mean tough sledding for the Broncos’ rookie rusher.

RankWide ReceiversTeamOpponentAverage
1Reggie WayneINDHOU93.00
2Larry FitzgeraldARIat CHI90.50
3Randy MossNEMIA87.25
T-3DeSean JacksonPHIDAL87.25
5Andre JohnsonHOUat IND86.25
T-5Wes WelkerNEMIA86.25
7Vincent JacksonSDat NYG85.75
8Mike Sims-WalkerJACKC85.50
9Dwayne BoweKCat JAC84.00
10Donald DriverGBat TB82.50
11Chad OchocincoCINBAL82.25
12Roddy WhiteATLWAS81.25
T-12Marques ColstonNOCAR81.25
14Greg JenningsGBat TB80.75
15Nate BurlesonSEADET80.25
16T.J. HoushmandzadehSEADET78.75
17Brandon MarshallDENPIT77.75
18Steve SmithNYGSD77.25
19Steve SmithCARat NO76.25
20Miles AustinDALat PHI75.00
21Torry HoltJACKC74.50
22Santana MossWASat ATL74.25
23Devin HesterCHIARI73.25
T-23Michael CrabtreeSFTEN73.25
25Calvin JohnsonDETat SEA71.86
26Derrick MasonBALat CIN71.50
27Austin CollieINDHOU70.75
28Jeremy MaclinPHIDAL67.50
29Pierre GarconINDHOU64.75
30Antonio BryantTBGB64.25
31Mark ClaytonBALat CIN63.75
T-31Johnny KnoxCHIARI63.75
33Bryant JohnsonDETat SEA62.75
T-33Hakeem NicksNYGSD62.75
35Kevin WalterHOUat IND62.50
36Isaac BruceSFTEN62.25
37Earl BennettCHIARI61.75
38Steve BreastonARIat CHI61.56
39Eddie RoyalDENPIT61.25
40Malcom FloydSDat NYG61.00
41Nate WashingtonTENat SF60.75
42Deion BranchSEADET59.25
43James JonesGBat TB58.25
44Kenny BrittTENat SF57.25
45Roy WilliamsDALat PHI55.80
46Mark BradleyKCat JAC55.75
47Lance MooreNOCAR55.25
48Devery HendersonNOCAR55.00
49Hines WardPITat DEN54.50
50Josh MorganSFTEN54.25
51Laveranues ColesCINBAL54.00
52Justin GageTENat SF53.75
53Robert MeachemNOCAR53.50
T-53Antwaan Randle ElWASat ATL53.50
55Patrick CraytonDALat PHI52.75
56Michael JenkinsATLWAS51.75
57Ted GinnMIAat NE49.75
58Santonio HolmesPITat DEN48.50
59Devin ThomasWASat ATL48.25
60Domenik HixonNYGSD45.75
61Mario ManninghamNYGSD45.11
62Mike WallacePITat DEN44.75
63Michael ClaytonTBGB43.00
64Anquan BoldinARIat CHI41.21
65Malcom KellyWASat ATL40.75
66Davone BessMIAat NE40.50
67Jason AvantPHIDAL40.25
68Andre CaldwellCINBAL39.75
69Chris HenryCINBAL38.75
70Sam AikenNEMIA38.00
71Kelley WashingtonBALat CIN36.25
72Mike ThomasJACKC35.00
73Brandon StokleyDENPIT33.50
74Jerheme UrbanARIat CHI32.75
75Jacoby JonesHOUat IND31.75
76Greg CamarilloMIAat NE31.25
77Brian HartlineMIAat NE27.75
78Sam HurdDALat PHI27.25
79Dennis NorthcuttDETat SEA25.25
80Maurice StovallTBGB24.50

Start: Desean Jackson, Eagles. We are predicting a big game for Donovan McNabb this week, which would imply a big game for his #1 target, Desean Jackson. Jackson has appeared uncoverable at times this season, getting behind defenses with ease. I would almost be surprised if the speedy wideout did not beat the Cowboys deep at least once this week.
Start: Donald Driver, Packers. Driver has been old reliable for the Packers this season (and in pretty much every season he’s been there). His quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been spectacular this year, and Driver is one of the main beneficiaries. The Pack play one of the NFL’s worst teams this week, Tampa Bay, and so Driver should put up some big numbers.
Sit: Earl Bennett, Bears. Bennett showed some potential earlier this season, but just has not been productive. As a result he is clearly behind Devin Hester and Johnny Knox on the depth chart, and that’s not even mentioning pass catching tight end Greg Olsen. Bennett is a risky play in any league format.
Sit: Roy Williams, Cowboys. Much was made of Williams’ comments this week, in regards to Tony Romo throwing “better” passes to “#2″ wide receiver Miles Austin. Well, forever reason, Austin is getting the passes thrown his way, and he’s making the most of them. Williams, meanwhile, still struggles to make any impact on the offense. He did score last week for only the second time, but that was one of only two catches for 19 yards. Williams has caught four passes or more only once this season.

RankTight EndsTeamOpponentAverage
1Dallas ClarkINDHOU92.75
2Vernon DavisSFTEN91.50
3Antonio GatesSDat NYG87.75
4Tony GonzalezATLWAS84.00
T-4Jason WittenDALat PHI84.00
6John CarlsonSEADET83.50
7Brent CelekPHIDAL81.00
8Kellen WinslowTBGB76.50
9Greg OlsenCHIARI75.75
10Fred DavisWASat ATL74.25
11Jeremy ShockeyNOCAR73.00
12Todd HeapBALat CIN72.50
13Marcedes LewisJACKC71.25
14Ben WatsonNEMIA70.75
15Tony SchefflerDENPIT70.25
16Donald LeeGBat TB69.50
17Kevin BossNYGSD65.50
18Brandon PettigrewDETat SEA59.75
19Sean RyanKCat JAC58.75
20Joel DreessenHOUat IND57.00
21Heath MillerPITat DEN56.50
22Anthony FasanoMIAat NE56.00
23Bo ScaifeTENat SF55.25
24Stephen SpachARIat CHI55.00
25Daniel CoatsCINBAL53.75

Start: Fred Davis, Redskins. Davis surprised a lot of people when he caught 8 passes for 78 yards and a touchdown in relief of the injured Chris Cooley in Week 7. Davis has now had a bye week to prepare for his first start against the Falcons, and will likely be the recipient of quite a few dumpoffs from Jason Campbell. If you are in need of a replacement tight end this week, Fred Davis could be worth a look.
Sit: Brandon Pettigrew, Lions. The rookie tight end has been far from a consistent fantasy player this season. His matchup this week on the road against Seattle is not particularly favorable. You can probably do better even if you are in desperate need for a tight end this week.

1David AkersPHIDAL84.50
2Lawrence TynesNYGSD83.50
3Robbie GouldCHIARI81.75
4Mason CrosbyGBat TB81.50
5Kris BrownHOUat IND81.00
6Josh ScobeeJACKC80.75
7Neil RackersARIat CHI80.25
8Rob BironasTENat SF79.75
9Nick FolkDALat PHI78.50
T-9Joe NedneySFTEN78.50
11Jason ElamATLWAS76.75
12Nate KaedingSDat NYG76.25
13John CarneyNOCAR76.00
14Matt PraterDENPIT75.75
15Steven HauschkaBALat CIN75.50
16Matt StoverINDHOU74.50
17Shayne GrahamCINBAL69.75
18Stephen GostkowskiNEMIA69.25
T-18Olindo MareSEADET69.25
20Shaun SuishamWASat ATL67.75
21John KasayCARat NO66.25
22Dan CarpenterMIAat NE65.75
23Jason HansonDETat SEA64.00
24Ryan SuccopKCat JAC62.50
25Jeff ReedPITat DEN49.25
26Shane AndrusTBGB38.25

Start: Josh Scobee, Jaguars. The Jaguars offense has been far from explosive this season, but Kansas City has been a defense to cure all ills. Even if the Jaguars stall against the Chiefs, they should at least be able to get into the redzone and get Scobee a few field goal attempts.
Sit: Shaun Suisham, Redskins. Suisham has yet to miss a field goal this season (9/9) but his abysmal offense hasn’t given him many chances either. The Redskins could very easily get behind early on the road in Atlanta, meaning that once again, Suisham’s role would be minimal.

2PackersGBat TB86.00
4SteelersPITat DEN84.00
10CardinalsARIat CHI73.25
13RavensBALat CIN71.25
14DolphinsMIAat NE70.50
16ChargersSDat NYG66.00
17CowboysDALat PHI65.25
T-17RedskinsWASat ATL65.25
21LionsDETat SEA61.75
22PanthersCARat NO60.50
23ChiefsKCat JAC59.00
24TexansHOUat IND58.00
25TitansTENat SF57.50

Start: Atlanta Falcons. Well, the Browns are on a bye this week, so I’ll pick on the Redskins this week. It’s no secret that the Redskins are having trouble on offense this year. A makeshift offensive line is the root of the problems, meaning that sacks and turnovers are up for grabs for the opposing defense. Atlanta has one of those middle of the road defenses that may be available to those owners that play a different defense each week based on matchups. Don’t hesitate to pick the Falcons up if they are available.
Sit: Miami Dolphins. The Patriots have scored 94 points in their last two games and are coming off their bye week. That should mean bad things for Miami’s defense. Did I mention that the Dolphins start two rookies in the secondary? Ouch.

Nick Hopkins is a Cafe member who has been contributing to the Start & Sit since 2006. He posts on the Cafe under the name terpfan. R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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6 Responses to “Week 9: No MoJo Lost”

  1. User avatar lacunacoiler says:

    So you guys still ranked Slaton in the top-20 & Moats 31st..

    You guys still have confidence in Slaton that he won’t lose alot of touches going forward, especially this weekend??

  2. mendez33 says:

    I really believe that Slaton is still the Texans top back. He is having problems this year losing the ball, and that is why he was benched last week. Moats was given the opportunity to get some touches against a team that has problems stopping the run and really took advantage of the situation. Moats may get some extra time on the field after his performance last week, but Slaton will still see the bulk of the workload.

    On the other hand, if Slaton doesn’t stop losing the ball, then you can see them two switch positions on the depth chart. But for now, the backfield is still Slatons.

  3. waycooo says:

    Ronnie Brown #4? He was terrible last week and it’s not a good matchup, especially with Ricky Williams seeing more carrys these days.

  4. Yeah, Ronnie won’t be top 5 until next week when he plays TB, then again the next week when he plays CAR, then, finally, the week after that when he plays BUF lol. This week, more like top 15 realistically.

  5. User avatar WWM says:

    its time to drink the koolaid folks. Mendenhal is match up proof moving forward. Cinci will be the true test of that statement. I predict another impressive effort and stud status to follow.

  6. User avatar terpfan says:

    Yeah, that certainly was an impressive game by Mendenhall. I would agree that with another strong start he could move into every week starter territory.


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