ReviewSeptember 28, 2009

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Cafe/Fleaflicker Challenge: Week 3 Showdown

By R.J. White

We’re here with another update on the Cafe/Fleaflicker Challenge. Last week the Cafe came up huge, taking wins in seven of our eight games. We’re being led by bungle613, mattb47, and flotsamnjetsam, who have scored wins in both of the first weeks. If you want to follow along with the action, click here. And remember, if you have any questions for the Cafe, e-mail them to throughout the week. How did the Cafe fare against the Fleaflicker gentlemen? Let’s find out.

Week 3

Of our three undefeated teams, flotsamnjetsam looks to be the only one that has secured another win in Week 3 at this point. Team Flotzilla has a 40-point lead going into Monday, with his opponent Team Ski having just the Panthers defense to try and make up the ground. Another 2-0 Cafe team headed by bungle613 has a great shot at a win, but must hope a 54-point lead holds up to an onslaught of points from Carbondale Chargers’ Tony Romo, Roy Williams, and Nick Folk. Other Cafe teams that have locked away wins include: Free Bagel, who capitalized on a huge game from Santana Moss; LS2Throwed, who gambled on Pierre Thomas and won; and dream_017, who eked out a win thanks to Drew Brees disappointing Fleaflicker team Lob It Long.

If the scores hold up, the Cafe will take five of the eight games this week and increase our lead by one game heading into Week 4.

Update: The scores held up.

Wk 144
Wk 271
We 353


If you want to update the Cafe on how your Cafe league is doing, please send me a 1-2 paragraph synopsis of the week’s key events, and it’ll show up in this portion of the weekly column. Enjoy your Monday, and look forward to seeing WaCoug’s Weekend Wrap-Up later today!

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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