ReviewNovember 17, 2009

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Cafe/Fleaflicker Challenge: Not Quite the Final Nail

By R.J. White

The Fleaflicker team started their long road back to contention in Week 9, taking five of our eight games to crawl to within six games of the Cafe. Time is running out, however — should they fall any further behind, the lead will likely be insurmountable. So what happened in Week 10?

Week 10

The Fleaflicker side had the three lowest scoring games this week. Game, set and match, Cafe? Not quite. Fleaflicker also had two of the three highest scoring games (behind Free Bagel), nearly evening up the matchup. Of the three remaining games, two were decided by just a few points each, and both of those went to the Fleaflicker side as well. Thankfully, the Cafe managed a 10-point victory in the final game to leave the two sides even in Week 10. That means the Cafe has maintained its six-game lead in the standings. With only three weeks remaining in the Challenge, the Fleaflicker team is running out of time. They must win five of eight games in each of the last three weeks to tie the Cafe.

Wk 144
Wk 271
Wk 353
Wk 453
Wk 553
Wk 635
Wk 726
Wk 853
Wk 935
Wk 1044


R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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