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Most Teams Use RBBC but Which Do Not? - 4 comments

By coltsrock

The following table breaks down the percentage of each team’s carries that each RB receives. If a team’s third RB doesn’t get any carries and there’s a player at another position with more (QB or FB), then I used those positions. Four teams have first-string RBs that are receiving less than 36% of the team’s carries (Red), while some teams even have the third-string RB getting more than 30% of the team’s total carries (Blue). A few have been because of injuries (49ers with F.Gore, Pats with F.Taylor, Raiders with McFadden), but the Saints are the prominent exception, with a listed first-string RB of Reggie Bush getting 28% of the team’s carries, a perfect example of a RBBC. A few teams actually have RBs listed as third on the depth chart that get more than 33% of the team’s carries (Cowboys, Patriots, Saints, Raiders), which is another example of a RBBC. Many teams use more of a two-RB situation (Purple) (Cardinals, Browns, Colts, Jets, Eagles, Steelers, Chargers), where two of the team’s RBs have at least 40% of the team’s carries. And yes, there are still a few teams with one main RB, with three teams having one RB receiving 90% of the team’s carries (Yellow) (Bengals, Packers, Rams).

1 Team RB1 (% of Carries) RB2 (% of Carries) RB3(% of Carries) RB4 (If Needed)
2 Arizona Cardinals T. Hightower
J.Wright (1%)
3 Atlanta Falcons M.Turner(76%) J.Norwood (15%) J.Snelling(9%)
4 Baltimore Ravens R.Rice (55%) W.McGahee (34%) L.McClain(FB)(11%)
5 Buffalo Bills F.Jackson (67%) M.Lynch (30%) X.Omon (3%)
6 Carolina Panthers D.Williams (63%) J.Stewart (35%) M.Goodson (1%)
7 Chicago Bears M.Forte (82%) G.Wolfe (13%) A.Peterson (5%)
8 Cincinnati Bengals C.Benson
B.Leonard (7%) B.Scott (3%)
9 Cleveland Browns J.Lewis
C.Jennings (1%)
10 Dallas Cowboys M.Barber (47%) F.Jones (17%) T.Choice
11 Denver Broncos C.Buckhalter (28%) K.Moreno (60%) L.Jordan (12%)
12 Detroit Lions K.Smith (81%) M.Morris (9%) A.Brown (10%)
13 Green Bay Packers R.Grant
B.Jackson (6%) J.Kuhn (FB) (4%)
14 Houston Texans S.Slaton (66%) C.Brown (23%) R.Moats (11%)
15 Indianapolis Colts J.Addai
C.Simpson (3%)
16 Jacksonville Jaguars M.Jones-Drew (86%) R.Jennings (12%) G.Jones (FB) (2%)
17 Kansas City Chiefs L.Johnson (84%) J.Charles (14%) D.Savage (2%)
18 Miami Dolphins R.Brown (57%) R.Williams (37%) L.Polite (FB) (6%)
19 Minnesota Vikings A.Peterson (75%) C.Taylor (23%) N.Tahi (FB) (1%)
20 New England Patriots S.Morris
K.Faulk (16%) L.Maroney
F.Taylor (34%)
21 New Orleans Saints R.Bush
P.Thomas (32%) M.Bell
22 New York Giants B.Jacobs (58%) A.Bradshaw (37%) G.Johnson (6%)
23 New York Jets T.Jones
S.Greene (4%)
24 Oakland Raiders D.McFadden
M.Bush (34%) J.Fargas
25 Philadelphia Eagles B.Westbrook
L.Weaver (FB) (3%)
26 Pittsburgh Steelers R.Mendenhall
M.Moore (12%)
27 San Diego Chargers L.Tomlison
M.Bennett (14%)
28 San Francisco 49ers F.Gore
G.Coffee (61%) M.Norris (FB) (5%)
29 Seattle Seahawks J.Jones (56%) E.James (30%) J.Forsett (14%)
30 St. Louis Rams S.Jackson
S.Gado (4%) K.Darby (6%)
31 Tampa Bay Buccaneers C.Williams (64%) D.Ward (33%) C.Smith (3%)
32 Tennessee Titans C.Johnson (67%) L.White (28%) J.Ringer (5%)
33 Washington Redskins C.Portis (77%) L.Betts (8%) J.Campbell (QB) (15%)

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4 Responses to “Most Teams Use RBBC but Which Do Not?”

  1. Great spreadsheet. It really makes you wonder how RBs such as R. Rice, D. Sproles, and P. Thomas would produce if they were given the lion’s share of carries.

  2. User avatar coltsrock says:

    thanks :D, im thinking of doing maybe percent of receptions a RB gets or something along those lines

  3. McCaffrey says:

    it would be better if it reflected percentage of carries RBs are getting when the starters are active….it’s a little misleading this way–the only reason guys like Westbrook and Mc Fadden have so few percentages are they’ve missed a lot of time but this won’t reflect that

  4. Uriah43 says:

    I agree with what McCaffrey says in that the percentages are somewhat skewed because of injuries. However, this is still a very useful spreadsheet as it helps figure out who to turn to if one of my main RB’s goes down with an injury.


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