SleepersSeptember 17, 2010

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By Allan Dowler

New York Giants TE Kevin Boss has been ruled out for Week 2. When a player goes down, that leads way for a new player to emerge, and the absence of Kevin Boss leads to an oppurtunity for New York Giants TE Travis Beckum.

Travis Beckum (6′3″, 243 lbs.) was a third-round pick in 2009 by the Giants. A meager eight receptions in 2009, his rookie season, had him fall off most people’s radars and most of the even deepest league’s rosters, but don’t hold that against him too much. That happens with most sleepers before they break out, and it’s rare to see rookies produce, especially at positions like WR and TE, where learning the offense comes with time.

Whats makes him worthwhile? He is a huge target on passes. He can run deep routes. He can play half back. He is not known for his blocking skills.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that prior to this week the Giants were one of only three teams in the NFL to have less than three TEs on the roster, with Boss and Beckum. In my eyes, that shows confidence in both of them and that in case of injury, Beckum was qualified to step in and play. They did promote Bear Pascoe, who is a blocking TE, this week from the practice squad with Boss out.

Beckum could end up being a long-term answer for the Giants, and not just a one-week wonder, like Dante Rosario of the Panthers in Week 1 of 2008 when Steve Smith was out with an injury. I think we all remember dropping him by Week 4 that year.

Dynasties: stash him now. Redrafts: watch closely, and grab him if you have room.

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One Response to “Travis Beckum”

  1. aaawall91 says:

    If Kevin Boss is out next week this applies, NYG Passing was AWFUL this week as anyone who watched, or has Hakeem Nicks (saved by late TD sort of) or SS will agree.


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