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Week 6: Start Your Steelers - 7 comments

By R.J. White

The Steelers offense gets a boost in Week 6 when Ben Roethlisberger makes his first start of the season. The Pittsburgh QB missed the first four weeks of the season due to suspension, and he’s been chomping at the bit to get back under center. The reality is that Pittsburgh hasn’t struggled without him, going 3-1 while looking like a Super Bowl favorite. Roethlisberger has looked great it practice, and his transition back into form should be fluid and quick.
His first “test” is Cleveland. The Browns have been surprisingly spunky this season, losing three close games to start the season before defeating the Bengals in Week 4. Unfortunately, the team looks headed in the wrong direction now. With both starting quarterbacks out with injuries, Colt McCoy will be asked to make his first NFL start under the worst of conditions. A Pittsburgh blowout may suppress Roethlisberger’s stats, but he’ll get his in the first half. I’m starting all my Steelers this week, and you should too.
Big thanks to Dan Lambskin, tclangham, Case Ace, LMack, 204BC, 2centworth, WWM, B-Chad and Amuk for helping with the rankings in Week 6!

1Peyton ManningINDat WAS87.00
2Drew BreesNOat TB82.87
3Philip RiversSDat STL81.77
4Tom BradyNEBAL74.36
5Matt SchaubHOUKC73.64
6Ben RoethlisbergerPITCLE73.55
7Eli ManningNYGDET73.32
8Tony RomoDALat MIN72.73
9Kyle OrtonDENNYJ71.82
10Joe FlaccoBALat NE68.27
11Donovan McNabbWASIND67.45
12Matt RyanATLat PHI67.41
13Vince YoungTENat JAC64.27
14Mark SanchezNYJat DEN63.91
15Jay CutlerCHISEA63.57
16Kevin KolbPHIATL62.00
17Brett FavreMINDAL61.49
18Aaron RodgersGBMIA59.86
19Matt CasselKCat HOU59.45
20Alex SmithSFOAK57.95
21David GarrardJACTEN57.55
22Josh FreemanTBNO56.78
23Matt HasselbeckSEAat CHI55.82
24Sam BradfordSTLSD55.55
25Shaun HillDETat NYG54.64
26Chad HenneMIAat GB49.55
27Jason CampbellOAKat SF48.95
28Colt McCoyCLEat PIT30.40
29Bruce GradkowskiOAKat SF24.82
30Caleb HanieCHISEA17.51
31Matt FlynnGBMIA17.18
32Michael VickPHIATL15.17
33Jake DelhommeCLEat PIT14.95
34Seneca WallaceCLEat PIT14.85
35David CarrSFOAK4.27
36Tim TebowDENNYJ4.18
T-36Tarvaris JacksonMINDAL4.18

Start: Kyle Orton, Broncos. Yes, he’s up against the “vaunted” Jets defense. However, Revis Island needs a little emergency aid and may miss this game. If Darrelle Revis does play, he’ll be less than 100 percent. Moreover, Orton needn’t be benched against any defense right now. He’s conquered both the Titans and Ravens on the road in the last two weeks. With the running game expected to struggle again against New York, Orton is a clear must-start.
Sit: Jay Cutler, Bears. He’s coming back from his concussion, which is great news for any Bears fans (or fantasy owners of Bears receivers) that had to watch Chicago’s Week 5 stink-fest against the Panthers. Even so, the Seahawks are playing solid defense right now, and until Cutler proves he can get rid of the football in a hurry — his tendency to hold on to the ball in Week 4 is what caused multiple hits against the Giants — he’s going to be a shaky start.
RankRunning BacksTeamOppAverage
1Chris JohnsonTENat JAC87.45
2Adrian PetersonMINDAL83.73
3Frank GoreSFOAK82.27
4Ray RiceBALat NE77.80
5Ahmad BradshawNYGDET77.49
6Michael TurnerATLat PHI76.48
7Arian FosterHOUKC75.55
8Maurice Jones-DrewJACTEN75.51
9LaDainian TomlinsonNYJat DEN73.18
10Steven JacksonSTLSD72.40
11Jamaal CharlesKCat HOU70.82
12Jahvid BestDETat NYG69.86
13LeSean McCoyPHIATL69.25
14Matt ForteCHISEA69.09
15Rashard MendenhallPITCLE68.77
16Ronnie BrownMIAat GB68.64
17Ryan MathewsSDat STL67.97
18Michael BushOAKat SF67.11
19Shonn GreeneNYJat DEN64.55
20Ryan TorainWASIND64.18
21Ricky WilliamsMIAat GB63.82
22Thomas JonesKCat HOU61.18
23Brandon JacobsNYGDET60.22
24Felix JonesDALat MIN60.18
25Joseph AddaiINDat WAS58.23
26Peyton HillsCLEat PIT57.43
27Cadillac WilliamsTBNO56.42
28Marion BarberDALat MIN56.36
T-28Mike TolbertSDat STL56.36
30Brandon JacksonGBMIA55.86
31BenJarvus Green-EllisNEBAL55.05
32Willis McGaheeBALat NE54.55
33John KuhnGBMIA53.32
34Darren McFaddenOAKat SF52.26
35Chris IvoryNOat TB50.73
36Jason SnellingATLat PHI49.77
37Darren SprolesSDat STL47.82
38Ladell BettsNOat TB47.64
39Marshawn LynchSEAat CHI46.91
40Laurence MaroneyDENNYJ46.82
T-40Justin ForsettSEAat CHI46.82
42Danny WoodheadNEBAL46.05
43LeGarrette BlountTBNO43.86
44Correll BuckhalterDENNYJ42.74
45Pierre ThomasNOat TB42.66
46Chester TaylorCHISEA42.27
47Kareem HugginsTBNO41.88
48Knowshon MorenoDENNYJ39.87
49Steve SlatonHOUKC39.82
50Javon RingerTENat JAC36.09
51Kevin SmithDETat NYG35.68
52Earnest GrahamTBNO33.73
53Jerome HarrisonPHIATL32.89
54Derrick WardHOUKC31.82
55Mike HartINDat WAS31.82
56Donald BrownINDat WAS31.56
57Leon WashingtonSEAat CHI29.55
58Tashard ChoiceDALat MIN29.09
59Kenneth DarbySTLSD28.73
60Mike BellCLEat PIT26.73
61Toby GerhartMINDAL25.36
62Mewelde MoorePITCLE20.32
63Deji KarimJACTEN18.55
64Keiland WilliamsWASIND17.55
65Anthony DixonSFOAK16.64
66Maurice MorrisDETat NYG16.32
67Sammy MorrisNEBAL16.00
68Brian WestbrookSFOAK15.99
69Rashad JenningsJACTEN12.94
70Fred TaylorNEBAL12.75

Start: Ryan Mathews, San Diego. The Chargers rookie has been gradually working his way back to full health, and before Week 5, San Diego was more than willing to give him all the time he needed. That was because Mike Tolbert was playing out of his mind, but the fullback came back down to Earth last week with an 11-yard performance. Mathews may not be ready for a full complement of carries, but he’ll earn more than Tolbert this week, making him a solid RB2 against the Rams.
Sit: Peyton Hillis, Browns. The way he’s played, Hillis is a surefire fantasy starter every week. But if there was one game where he should ride the bench, it’s this one. The Steelers have had no trouble shutting out elite backs this season; well-rested coming off a bye, they should have no trouble with Hillis either. With Cleveland figuring to have no luck moving the ball via the pass, the Steelers should stack the line against the ailing bruiser back. I’d look elsewhere for my RB2.
RankWide ReceiversTeamOppAverage
1Reggie WayneINDat WAS86.00
2Roddy WhiteATLat PHI82.32
3Randy MossMINDAL80.68
4Miles AustinDALat MIN80.09
5Andre JohnsonHOUKC78.29
6Hakeem NicksNYGDET76.58
7Brandon MarshallMIAat GB76.45
8Anquan BoldinBALat NE76.27
9Hines WardPITCLE74.32
10Malcom FloydSDat STL74.14
11DeSean JacksonPHIATL73.22
12Greg JenningsGBMIA71.18
13Percy HarvinMINDAL71.12
14Marques ColstonNOat TB71.05
15Steve SmithNYGDET70.68
16Mike WallacePITCLE70.59
17Wes WelkerNEBAL70.00
18Austin CollieINDat WAS69.85
19Santana MossWASIND69.09
20Brandon LloydDENNYJ66.95
21Braylon EdwardsNYJat DEN66.73
22Santonio HolmesNYJat DEN66.64
23Dwayne BoweKCat HOU66.36
24Donald DriverGBMIA65.64
25Nate WashingtonTENat JAC65.27
26Michael CrabtreeSFOAK65.23
27Louis MurphyOAKat SF65.14
28Mike WilliamsTBNO64.95
29Jeremy MaclinPHIATL64.18
30Johnny KnoxCHISEA63.73
31Kenny BrittTENat JAC63.55
32Pierre GarconINDat WAS63.13
33Calvin JohnsonDETat NYG62.42
34Derrick MasonBALat NE61.64
T-34Mike Sims-WalkerJACTEN61.64
36Kevin WalterHOUKC61.27
37Lance MooreNOat TB60.41
38Mario ManninghamNYGDET60.19
39Jabar GaffneyDENNYJ59.14
40Eddie RoyalDENNYJ59.05
41Roy WilliamsDALat MIN58.27
42Devin HesterCHISEA57.09
43Robert MeachemNOat TB56.77
44Mike ThomasJACTEN56.55
45Devery HendersonNOat TB56.32
T-45Danny AmendolaSTLSD56.32
47T.J. HoushmandzadehBALat NE56.18
T-47James JonesGBMIA56.18
49Davone BessMIAat GB55.82
50Dez BryantDALat MIN55.54
51Jerricho CotcheryNYJat DEN55.27
52Darrius Heyward-BeyOAKat SF55.23
53Brandon TateNEBAL51.18
54Chris ChambersKCat HOU50.82
55Dexter McClusterKCat HOU50.64
56Nate BurlesonDETat NYG48.45
57Deion BranchNEBAL48.36
58Josh MorganSFOAK47.59
59Mohamed MassaquoiCLEat PIT47.55
60Jacoby JonesHOUKC47.35
61Mike WilliamsSEAat CHI47.09
62Brandon GibsonSTLSD45.41
63Sammie StroughterTBNO45.32
64Jason AvantPHIATL44.00
65Joshua CribbsCLEat PIT43.45
66Harry DouglasATLat PHI43.41
67Buster DavisSDat STL42.64
68Joey GallowayWASIND41.27
69Bernard BerrianMINDAL40.86
70Mardy GilyardSTLSD38.55
71Demaryius ThomasDENNYJ38.29
72Legedu NaaneeSDat STL36.34
73Julian EdelmanNEBAL35.96
74Michael JenkinsATLat PHI35.54
75Patrick CraytonSDat STL35.45
76Blair WhiteINDat WAS35.42
77Devin AromashoduCHISEA35.32
78Golden TateSEAat CHI34.91
79Brandon StokleySEAat CHI33.73
80Deon ButlerSEAat CHI33.64
81Earl BennettCHISEA32.18
82Ted Ginn Jr.SFOAK31.95
83Brian HartlineMIAat GB31.36
84Antwaan Randle ElPITCLE30.55
85Laurent RobinsonSTLSD29.36
86Brad SmithNYJat DEN29.09
87Brian RobiskieCLEat PIT28.73
88Brian FinneranATLat PHI28.36
89Greg LewisMINDAL28.27
90Anthony ArmstrongWASIND28.18
91Arrelious BennTBNO25.82
92Bryant JohnsonDETat NYG25.27
93Jordy NelsonGBMIA24.64
94Michael SpurlockTBNO24.45
95Justin GageTENat JAC18.93

Start: Wes Welker, Patriots. The departure of Randy Moss is sure going to scare Welker owners, who may think about benching the elite wide receiver with the Ravens on tap. Don’t. The Patriots have had two weeks to prepare for this game, and they’ll surely find ways to get Welker the ball, as he’s the only reliable option in the receiving corps. An added bonus, Aaron Hernandez has played exceedingly well, and teams will have to respect him in the passing game. Even if Welker is constantly double-teamed to start the game, the Ravens will have to adjust at some point to account for Hernandez.
Sit: Calvin Johnson, Lions. Megatron is a game-time decision heading into Week 5, but I’m going to make your decision before game time: sit him. If he plays, he’ll clearly be far less than 100 percent. Whether he plays or not, Detroit quarterback Shaun Hill will feel like he’s in the middle of the new Medal of Honor game, with bodies flying all around him until the game is over. The Giants defense has played the pass admirably this season, and one main reason is the pass rush. No one on the Lions pass offense looks like a good play, especially an injured Johnson.
RankTight EndsTeamOppAverage
1Antonio GatesSDat STL86.91
2Vernon DavisSFOAK83.36
3Dallas ClarkINDat WAS83.18
4Zach MillerOAKat SF74.89
5Dustin KellerNYJat DEN74.50
6Tony GonzalezATLat PHI73.27
7Jason WittenDALat MIN72.41
8Chris CooleyWASIND72.23
9Visanthe ShiancoeMINDAL71.80
10Brent CelekPHIATL68.64
11Greg OlsenCHISEA66.55
12Aaron HernandezNEBAL66.50
13Todd HeapBALat NE64.86
14Kevin BossNYGDET64.47
15John CarlsonSEAat CHI64.09
16Marcedes LewisJACTEN63.27
17Jeremy ShockeyNOat TB62.60
18Heath MillerPITCLE60.86
19Bo ScaifeTENat JAC60.27
20Kellen WinslowTBNO59.94
21Tony MoeakiKCat HOU59.27
22Brandon PettigrewDETat NYG58.73
23Owen DanielsHOUKC57.53
24Tony SchefflerDETat NYG56.18
25Ben WatsonCLEat PIT52.64
26Andrew QuarlessGBMIA50.27
27Daniel GrahamDENNYJ49.55
28Anthony FasanoMIAat GB47.27
29Rob GronkowskiNEBAL39.32
30Michael HoomanawanuiSTLSD34.73

Start: Brent Celek, Eagles. With Kevin Kolb under center, we thought Celek would have a solid Week 5, and he did, hauling in his second TD of the season. He scored his first when Kolb entered the Week 4 game as an injury replacement. On Sunday, Celek should make it three for three, as Kolb is expected to play at least one more game in relief of Michael Vick. His opponent will be Atlanta, a team that allowed TDs to Jeremy Shockey and Vernon Davis in Weeks 3 and 4 as well as five catches to Ben Watson in Week 5.
Sit: Marcedes Lewis, Jaguars. This run of TDs is going to have to stop at some point, and when it does, Lewis owners are going to be left with not much. He’s made fantasy headlines by catching five TDs to date, but his yardage totals of 31, 70, 15, 22 and 54 are positively yawn-inducing. He a complete boom-or-bust fantasy option, and if he doesn’t boom with a score, you’re getting something close to a zero. Rather than cut him, I’d be dealing him to the highest bidder before his next stinker.
RankTeam DefenseTeamOppAverage
2ChargersSDat STL76.91
3JetsNYJat DEN76.82
7RavensBALat NE72.77
8TitansTENat JAC71.00
10SaintsNOat TB70.36
11RaidersOAKat SF68.91
12CowboysDALat MIN68.41
14FalconsATLat PHI67.50
15SeahawksSEAat CHI67.18
17DolphinsMIAat GB65.27
19ChiefsKCat HOU62.50
21ColtsINDat WAS61.81
25BrownsCLEat PIT55.27
26LionsDETat NYG54.50

Start: Tennessee Titans. The Titans defense opened up the season with three solid games against Oakland, Pittsburgh and the Giants, but they’ve allowed plenty of points to Denver and Dallas over the last two weeks. Thankfully for the unit, Jacksonville is no Denver or Dallas. Jeff Fisher’s bunch will be bringing their A-game on Monday night in a divisional matchup that could wind up deciding the AFC South (all four teams are 3-2 heading into Week 6). I like the Titans D for double-digit points this week.
Sit: New England Patriots. Despite owning the second-best point average among fantasy defenses, we’re avoiding the Pats in Week 6. Ray Rice looked rejuvenated in his Week 5 game, and his clean bill of health adds the most important dimension to an offense that already features some pretty good receivers. Anquan Boldin should have no problem with the Patriot secondary through the air, and the Ravens should hang up a big point total on New England.
1Nate KaedingSDat STL81.27
2Rob BironasTENat JAC78.32
3Mason CrosbyGBMIA75.09
4Robbie GouldCHISEA74.73
5David AkersPHIATL73.91
6Ryan LongwellMINDAL73.41
7Neil RackersHOUKC73.09
8Lawrence TynesNYGDET72.73
9Stephen GostkowskiNEBAL71.95
10Jeff ReedPITCLE71.32
11Matt BryantATLat PHI70.55
12Adam VinatieriINDat WAS70.45
13Nick FolkNYJat DEN70.05
14Josh ScobeeJACTEN69.82
15Matt PraterDENNYJ69.14
16Sebastian JanikowskiOAKat SF68.95
17Ryan SuccopKCat HOU68.73
18Garrett HartleyNOat TB68.18
19Jason HansonDETat NYG67.00
20Dan CarpenterMIAat GB66.27
21Billy CundiffBALat NE64.36
22Graham GanoWASIND64.27
23Josh BrownSTLSD63.14
24David BuehlerDALat MIN62.59
25Joe NedneySFOAK61.50
26Connor BarthTBNO59.18
27Phil DawsonCLEat PIT58.95
28Olindo MareSEAat CHI57.18

Start: Jeff Reed, Steelers. If Pittsburgh does go ultra conservative in the second half, it could lead to multiple FG attempts for Reed, who’s likely to have multiple extra points on his line already at that point of the game. I’d expect at least eight points from the Pittsburgh kicker, but double digits seems more likely.
Sit: Garrett Hartley, Saints. Yes, New Orleans had the confidence to turn back to Hartley and cut veteran John Carney, but there’s no telling if Hartley himself has the confidence to post a perfect game on Sunday. Wise fantasy owners will look somewhere other than the high-powered Saints team for their kicker this week.

R.J. White is a fantasy blogger at the sports site FanHouse. Check out his work both here and there, and feel free to talk to him in the forums, where he posts under the name daullaz.
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7 Responses to “Week 6: Start Your Steelers”

  1. User avatar chcbb says:

    I see you have Schaub ranked fairly high … but after his performance against the Giants, and given how KC held Peyton in check, I’m hesitant to start him. I have Flacco who’s ranked lower, but I feel like he has a better matchup against the Pats…

    Also, would you go w/ the rankings & start Jennings over Braylon Edwards this week? Kindof concerned about Rodgers status… although Edwards @ Den isn’t a great matchup.

  2. Treyvian says:

    I agree with chcbb. But id still hesitate on starting steelers. especially running backs. The defense has been surprisingly very tough

  3. User avatar DVauthrin says:

    I think Marshawn Lynch is way too low on your running back list. He’s a better play than Brandon Jacobs(way too high at 23), Marion Barber(now felix jones’ backup), Darren Sproles, Jason Snelling, Chris Ivory, Ladell Betts, and John Kuhn. I would also rather have him in my lineup than Cadillac Williams(27 is too high for a guy splitting carries with three other backs).

    Also, Kellen Winslow should be a low TE1 or a high TE2 on the tight end list. Yes, I know it’s a deep position, but the Saints give up the fifth most fantasy points to tight ends, and Mike Williams(a game time decision) is the only other receiving threat in Tampa. I’d take him over Boss, Miller, Scaife, Carlson, and Greg Olsen for sure.

  4. User avatar DVauthrin says:

    That said, overall, nice job on the rankings.

  5. jmp14 says:

    I noticed you have Quarless ranked, but not Donald Lee. Assuming Lee gets the start for the Pack, how does this change your rankings? thanks!

  6. User avatar daullaz says:

    JMP, I read Lee was out for a few weeks, so I don’t think there’s a chance he’ll start this week.

  7. User avatar daullaz says:

    JMP, just saw Lee is expected to play (that was a surprise!). I’d knock Quarless out of the top 30 and keep Lee out of the top 30 as well. Look elsewhere for a TE.


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