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Week 12: Angry Birds - 11 comments

By Drew Szczerba

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s that special time of year. A time when we gather with family to express thanks for the knowledge that Christmas is only a month away. It’s an unfortunate scenario, but “Turkey Day” has been absorbed like a drop of water in the desert. With Christmas decorations appearing earlier and earlier each year, Thanksgiving has become the two-minute warning of holidays. Fortunately, there’s still football, and for that we should all be thankful.
However, before we get to football, there’s another game I need to talk about. I’m speaking, of course, about the video game sensation known as “Angry Birds.” It’s highly addictive. I would’ve had this column submitted hours earlier if not for this game. Still, I encourage everyone to download it to their phones. All you need is any Droid, Droid Pro (Droid plus keyboard), or iPhone (Droid minus reception) and you’re on your way. Basically, if you feel you’re too productive at work, birds are the answer. If your significant other complains you’re not as distracted as he or she would like, birds are the answer. I just hope I can beat the game before next week. As do my editors.
In keeping with our avian theme, the Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, and Jets are amongst the best teams in the league right now. More importantly, all of them feature prominently in this week’s Start/Sit. Here at the Café, we rank all the players we expect could see a significant amount of game action each week. We factor in a player’s overall ability, his weekly match-up, and the current status of his health. The result is one Start/Sit number, based on a scale of 100, and we’ll use each member’s ratings to find an average for each player. The higher a guy is on our list, the better you should feel starting him. Finally, below each table, I will give my personal Start/Sit recommendations for each position. Without further ado, here’s Start/Sit for Week 12.

1Drew BreesNOat DAL92.67
2Aaron RodgersGBat ATL91.67
3Tom BradyNEat DET87.71
4Philip RiversSDat IND87.67
5Peyton ManningINDSD87.00
6Michael VickPHIat CHI85.67
7Ben RoethlisbergerPITat BUF83.33
8Eli ManningNYGJAC81.00
9Kyle OrtonDENSTL78.33
10Matt RyanATLGB76.33
11Mark SanchezNYJCIN75.00
12Matt SchaubHOUTEN74.67
13Shaun HillDETNE74.58
14Sam BradfordSTLat DEN71.33
15Donovan McNabbWASMIN71.00
16Joe FlaccoBALTB70.33
17Josh FreemanTBat BAL69.67
18Jon KitnaDALNO68.67
19Ryan FitzpatrickBUFPIT68.33
20Troy SmithSFat ARI68.00
21Matt HasselbeckSEAKC67.53
22Jay CutlerCHIPHI67.33
T-22Matt CasselKCat SEA67.33
24Rusty SmithTENat HOU65.67
25Carson PalmerCINat NYJ64.67
26David GarrardJACat NYG63.67
27Derek AndersonARISF61.33
28Brett FavreMINat WAS61.17
29Jason CampbellOAKMIA59.73
30Tyler ThigpenMIAat OAK51.20
31Brian St. PierreCARat CLE40.27
32Jake DelhommeCLECAR38.00
33Jimmy ClausenCARat CLE31.50
34Colt McCoyCLECAR22.00
35Chad HenneMIAat OAK15.47
36Tim TebowDENSTL14.33
37Bruce GradkowskiOAKMIA13.87
38Seneca WallaceCLECAR13.00

Start: Shaun Hill, Detroit Lions. Hill is averaging more than 300 yards passing over his last two games. This week he’ll face New England, a team that’s allowed over 380 yards passing in each of the last two weeks. The Patriots have also surrendered seven passing touchdowns during that brief span. Tom Brady and company are going to put up points, which should force Hill to throw often in an effort to keep up. I don’t think the Lions will pull off the upset, but this contest should be more shootout than blowout.
Sit: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buffalo Bills. Pittsburgh isn’t Cincinnati.
Sit: Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears. Philadelphia isn’t Miami. Look it up. I just did. Seriously, while the distinction between the Eagles and Dolphins defenses may not be as persuasive as I’d like, I do think the Bears will rely more heavily on Matt Forte this week. Chicago will want to keep Michael Vick and the Philadelphia offense off the field as much as possible. Whether or not they’re successful remains to be seen. Either way, there are better options than Cutler in Week 12.
RankRunning BacksTeamOppAverage
1Adrian PetersonMINat WAS92.67
2Frank GoreSFat ARI92.33
3Chris JohnsonTENat HOU91.67
4Peyton HillsCLECAR90.33
5Arian FosterHOUTEN87.67
6Steven JacksonSTLat DEN86.67
7Rashard MendenhallPITat BUF85.67
8Ray RiceBALTB84.33
T-8Maurice Jones-DrewJACat NYG84.33
10Jamaal CharlesKCat SEA81.33
11Darren McFaddenOAKMIA80.67
12LeSean McCoyPHIat CHI80.33
13Knowshon MorenoDENSTL79.33
T-13LaDainian TomlinsonNYJCIN79.33
15Ahmad BradshawNYGJAC77.33
16Michael TurnerATLGB76.33
17Mike TolbertSDat IND75.67
18Matt ForteCHIPHI74.67
19Thomas JonesKCat SEA72.00
20BenJarvus Green-EllisNEat DET71.67
21Cedric BensonCINat NYJ70.33
22Danny WoodheadNEat DET69.67
23Ronnie BrownMIAat OAK69.33
24LeGarrette BlountTBat BAL68.67
25Fred JacksonBUFPIT66.67
26Brandon JacobsNYGJAC66.33
27Brandon JacksonGBat ATL65.33
T-27Ricky WilliamsMIAat OAK65.33
T-27Marshawn LynchSEAKC65.33
30Shonn GreeneNYJCIN65.00
31Justin ForsettSEAKC64.67
32Darren SprolesSDat IND64.33
33Michael BushOAKMIA64.00
34Donald BrownINDSD62.73
35Keiland WilliamsWASMIN62.33
36Maurice MorrisDETNE61.67
37Willis McGaheeBALTB61.00
38Beanie WellsARISF60.80
39Tim HightowerARISF60.67
40Reggie BushNOat DAL60.27
41Mike GoodsonCARat CLE60.00
42Chester TaylorCHIPHI59.33
43Jason SnellingATLGB59.00
44Chris IvoryNOat DAL58.47
45Felix JonesDALNO58.36
46Toby GerhartMINat WAS56.67
47Marion BarberDALNO56.00
T-47Mewelde MoorePITat BUF56.00
49Cadillac WilliamsTBat BAL54.67
50Bernard ScottCINat NYJ52.00
T-50Jerome HarrisonPHIat CHI52.00
52Ryan TorainWASMIN48.77
53John KuhnGBat ATL48.67
54Tashard ChoiceDALNO47.33
55Jahvid BestDETNE46.23
56Fred TaylorNEat DET42.23
57Jarvarris JamesINDSD38.33
58Mike BellCLECAR35.33
59C.J. SpillerBUFPIT35.00
60Javon RingerTENat HOU34.67
61Rashad JenningsJACat NYG32.67
62Derrick WardHOUTEN32.47
63Jonathan StewartCARat CLE32.00
T-63Correll BuckhalterDENSTL32.00
65Ladell BettsNOat DAL29.67
66Dmitri NanceGBat ATL29.00
67Joseph AddaiINDSD24.17
68Ryan MathewsSDat IND21.07
69Deji KarimJACat NYG19.67
T-69Kenneth DarbySTLat DEN19.67

Start: LaDainian Tomlinson, New York Jets. For this week’s “Start,” we go to New York where the Jets continue to steamroll the opposition, sometimes choosing to dominate for an extra 15 minutes. A couple of weeks ago, it looked like Tomlinson was beginning to wear down. He wasn’t getting through holes the way he was earlier in the season. However, last week he looked sharp again. He made quick cuts and forced defenders to miss. Throw in an unraveling Cincinnati defense and you have a high-end RB2 for Week 12.
Sit: Any Running Back, Arizona Cardinals. Chris Wells returned from injury last week and looked pretty good. Tim Hightower also looked good and got the start. Unfortunately, it’s tough to predict how the Cardinals will rotate these players this week. Moreover, Arizona doesn’t have an elite rushing attack, making the risk/reward ratio less than favorable.
RankWide ReceiversTeamOppAverage
1Calvin JohnsonDETNE93.00
2Roddy WhiteATLGB89.33
3Dwayne BoweKCat SEA88.33
4Larry FitzgeraldARISF85.67
5Andre JohnsonHOUTEN84.97
6Greg JenningsGBat ATL84.67
7Marques ColstonNOat DAL82.67
8Mario ManninghamNYGJAC81.67
T-8DeSean JacksonPHIat CHI81.67
10Reggie WayneINDSD81.33
11Percy HarvinMINat WAS79.87
12Miles AustinDALNO79.67
T-12Santonio HolmesNYJCIN79.67
T-12Mike WilliamsTBat BAL79.67
15Mike WallacePITat BUF79.33
16Anquan BoldinBALTB78.00
17Wes WelkerNEat DET76.67
18Vincent JacksonSDat IND76.63
19Jeremy MaclinPHIat CHI75.00
20Terrell OwensCINat NYJ74.67
21Brandon LloydDENSTL74.33
22Dez BryantDALNO73.67
23Nate WashingtonTENat HOU73.00
24Michael CrabtreeSFat ARI72.67
25Steve JohnsonBUFPIT72.33
26Santana MossWASMIN72.00
27Braylon EdwardsNYJCIN71.67
28James JonesGBat ATL71.33
29Deion BranchNEat DET70.67
30Jabar GaffneyDENSTL69.67
31Hines WardPITat BUF69.40
32Johnny KnoxCHIPHI68.67
T-32Pierre GarconINDSD68.67
T-32Robert MeachemNOat DAL68.67
35Malcom FloydSDat IND68.40
36Steve BreastonARISF68.33
T-36Nate BurlesonDETNE68.33
38Chad OchocincoCINat NYJ68.00
39Eddie RoyalDENSTL66.33
T-39Danny AmendolaSTLat DEN66.33
T-39Randy MossTENat HOU66.33
42Ben ObomanuSEAKC65.67
43Mike ThomasJACat NYG65.43
44Steve SmithCARat CLE65.28
45Lance MooreNOat DAL65.00
46Justin GageTENat HOU64.00
47Sidney RiceMINat WAS63.87
48Derek HaganNYGJAC63.67
49Derrick MasonBALTB63.23
50Lee EvansBUFPIT61.67
51Donald DriverGBat ATL60.58
52Kevin WalterHOUTEN60.33
T-52Davone BessMIAat OAK60.33
T-52Brandon GibsonSTLat DEN60.33
55Louis MurphyOAKMIA59.57
56Devery HendersonNOat DAL59.33
57Josh MorganSFat ARI59.00
58Jacoby JonesHOUTEN58.33
59Brandon MarshallMIAat OAK58.03
60Michael JenkinsATLGB58.00
T-60Earl BennettCHIPHI58.00
62Mohamed MassaquoiCLECAR57.67
T-62Anthony ArmstrongWASMIN57.67
64T.J. HoushmandzadehBALTB57.33
T-64Brian HartlineMIAat OAK57.33
T-64Seyi AjirotutuSDat IND57.33
T-64Deon ButlerSEAKC57.33
68Bernard BerrianMINat WAS56.93
69Devin HesterCHIPHI56.33
T-69Blair WhiteINDSD56.33
T-69Jason AvantPHIat CHI56.33
72Jordy NelsonGBat ATL55.33
73Greg LewisMINat WAS54.67
74Roy WilliamsDALNO54.33
75Jordan ShipleyCINat NYJ54.00
76Harry DouglasATLGB51.07
T-76Joshua CribbsCLECAR51.07
78Brandon LaFellCARat CLE50.00
T-78David GettisCARat CLE50.00
80Antwaan Randle ElPITat BUF48.00
81Mike WilliamsSEAKC47.67
82Arrelious BennTBat BAL44.33
83Brandon TateNEat DET43.00
84Mardy GilyardSTLat DEN40.42
85Jacoby FordOAKMIA40.33
86Brian RobiskieCLECAR39.67
87Golden TateSEAKC39.40
88Brad SmithNYJCIN38.33
89Joey GallowayWASMIN37.33
90Bryant JohnsonDETNE36.67
T-90Chris ChambersKCat SEA36.67
92Michael SpurlockTBat BAL36.00
93Ted Ginn Jr.SFat ARI35.33
94Sammie StroughterTBat BAL34.93
95Emmanuel SandersPITat BUF34.00
96Chansi StuckeyCLECAR33.00
97Donte StallworthBALTB32.67
98Donald JonesBUFPIT31.00
99Devin AromashoduCHIPHI29.00
100Danario AlexanderSTLat DEN22.93

Start: Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles. Fourteen targets are a good thing. Fourteen targets from Michael Vick are even better. In Week 11, Maclin made good on nine of those targets to post an impressive stat line (9/120/0). This week he’ll face a Bears defense that shut out Miami last Thursday. However, the Dolphins were without Chad Henne and Chad Pennington, the later of which saw his consecutive seconds played streak snapped at 43. I’m betting the Bears have a tougher time against a high-flying Eagles offense. More importantly, I’m betting Maclin is a big part of the reason why.
Sit: Randy Moss, Tennessee Titans. It’s hard to believe that listing Moss as a “Sit” has gone from unthinkable to lazy. Alas, that’s where we are. Ironically, part of the reason he has become droppable in shallower leagues is his own laziness. That and the Titans ever-evolving quarterback situation.
RankTight EndsTeamOppAverage
1Jacob TammeINDSD81.33
2Jason WittenDALNO77.67
3Marcedes LewisJACat NYG76.33
4Brandon PettigrewDETNE75.00
5Chris CooleyWASMIN74.67
6Tony GonzalezATLGB74.33
7Kevin BossNYGJAC73.67
8Vernon DavisSFat ARI73.35
9Aaron HernandezNEat DET72.33
10Ben WatsonCLECAR72.00
T-10Heath MillerPITat BUF72.00
12Todd HeapBALTB71.67
13Visanthe ShiancoeMINat WAS70.67
14Greg OlsenCHIPHI69.67
T-14Dustin KellerNYJCIN69.67
16Jermaine GreshamCINat NYJ67.67
T-16Anthony FasanoMIAat OAK67.67
T-16Bo ScaifeTENat HOU67.67
19Zach MillerOAKMIA66.48
20Kellen WinslowTBat BAL66.10
21Rob GronkowskiNEat DET63.67
22John CarlsonSEAKC62.33
23Daniel FellsSTLat DEN60.67
24Jeremy ShockeyNOat DAL59.97
25Antonio GatesSDat IND59.23
26Fred DavisWASMIN58.33
27Brent CelekPHIat CHI56.33
28Tony MoeakiKCat SEA55.47
29Donald LeeGBat ATL55.13
30Andrew QuarlessGBat ATL55.00
31Daniel GrahamDENSTL53.33
32Randy McMichaelSDat IND48.87
33Joel DreessenHOUTEN47.00
T-33Jimmy GrahamNOat DAL47.00
35Ben PatrickARISF46.67
36Michael HoomanawanuiSTLat DEN41.33
37Jeff KingCARat CLE33.00
38Owen DanielsHOUTEN31.27
39Jonathan StuparBUFPIT30.67
40Dante RosarioCARat CLE28.23
41Shawn NelsonBUFPIT26.67
42Delanie WalkerSFat ARI21.00
43Tony SchefflerDETNE20.40
44Travis BeckumNYGJAC19.33
45Evan MooreCLECAR19.00

Start: Tony Gonzalez, Atlanta Falcons. Gonzalez has laid a few eggs recently (wow, that was a stretch). He hasn’t scored since Week 6 and has only topped 50 yards just once since Week 3. Still, he’s getting plenty of targets and he remains one of the few healthy options at the depleted tight end position. Don’t bench Gonzalez for the flavor of the week. Prediction: six catches for 60 yards and a score.
Sit: Randy McMichael, San Diego Chargers. Speaking of flavors of the week, McMichael was on everyone’s radar after a two touchdown performance and an Antonio Gates foot injury. Gates was out again last week, but that didn’t stop him from putting up the same numbers as McMichael. Even if Gates can’t go in Week 12, I’m benching McMichael. While there’s always a chance McMichael could score, there’s no “Plan B” if he doesn’t.
RankTeam DefenseTeamOppAverage
1SteelersPITat BUF84.33
3EaglesPHIat CHI80.33
T-649ersSFat ARI77.67
8PackersGBat ATL77.23
9SaintsNOat DAL77.00
T-10PatriotsNEat DET74.67
12ChiefsKCat SEA74.00
13DolphinsMIAat OAK73.67
T-13TitansTENat HOU73.67
18ChargersSDat IND69.33
19VikingsMINat WAS68.50
24RamsSTLat DEN66.67
25BengalsCINat NYJ65.67
26JaguarsJACat NYG65.33
27BuccaneersTBat BAL64.33
32PanthersCARat CLE57.67

Start: Cleveland Browns. They play Carolina this week. I don’t care if the Panthers start stay-at-home dad Brian St. Pierre or stay-in-college quarterback Jimmy Clausen. Fantasy defense is about the matchup and there aren’t many more favorable than this.
Sit: Baltimore Ravens. There are exactly two ways a defense can score 23 fantasy points. They played well. They played Carolina.
1Rob BironasTENat HOU86.33
2David AkersPHIat CHI83.00
3Adam VinatieriINDSD81.67
4Matt BryantATLGB80.00
T-4Nate KaedingSDat IND80.00
6Nick FolkNYJCIN79.00
7Matt PraterDENSTL78.67
T-7Mason CrosbyGBat ATL78.67
9Neil RackersHOUTEN78.33
10Sebastian JanikowskiOAKMIA78.00
11Phil DawsonCLECAR77.67
T-11Lawrence TynesNYGJAC77.67
13Robbie GouldCHIPHI77.00
14Ryan LongwellMINat WAS76.33
15Jay FeelyARISF75.00
T-15Billy CundiffBALTB75.00
T-15Shayne GrahamNEat DET75.00
18Dan CarpenterMIAat OAK73.67
T-18Shane AndrusSFat ARI73.67
20Garrett HartleyNOat DAL73.33
21Shaun SuishamPITat BUF73.00
22Connor BarthTBat BAL71.33
23Ryan SuccopKCat SEA70.67
24Josh ScobeeJACat NYG70.33
25Josh BrownSTLat DEN69.33
26Aaron PettreyCINat NYJ68.33
27Graham GanoWASMIN68.00
28Olindo MareSEAKC67.33
29Rian LindellBUFPIT66.67
T-29Dave RaynerDETNE66.67
31John KasayCARat CLE64.33
32David BuehlerDALNO63.00

Start: Adam Vinatieri, Indianapolis Colts. I recommended Dan Carpenter last week so you’re kind of on your own.
Sit: Lawrence Tynes, New York Giants. Giants are at home and it could get windy. New York has a lot of injuries on offense.

Drew is a lifelong Jets fan. Playing and writing about fantasy football has proven helpful in easing the pain.
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11 Responses to “Week 12: Angry Birds”

  1. User avatar bwind22 says:

    Missed a table tag at the end of the team defense section. (It doesn’t bother me, I’m trying to up my icon count! ;) )

    Otherwise a great read, as usual! Keep up the good work!

  2. WoW… Kieland Williams is at LEAST top 12.. Also Blair White some like 63? I bet you a soda.. He will be top 10 in WR Fantasy Points for the week..

    I’ll give you kudos for some of your ballsie predictions though..

  3. User avatar scottaa1 says:

    Nice article, Drew. I’m glad I didn’t follow your LT advice however ;)

  4. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Zombie – I’ll take that bet. You tried to pass off Blair White a few weeks ago and he didn’t play.

    Steve Johnson gets 3 TDs last week, has 9 TDs in his last 8 games, and is 6th overall in my non-PPR scoring league. Yet, he reels in at 25 this week against a pass defense ranked 21 (thinking emoticon).

    Also, the Randy Moss recommendation is interesting and bold considering he goes against 32-ranked HOU pass defense with 25 passing TDs against. I was gonna drop him from my team last week, but decided to keep him for this play. We’ll see…

  5. Well I was off the mark on K Williams.. But on the mark about Be White and Moss..

    When did I say play him when he didn’t play? Maybe he had low points.. I would like to see that.. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong.. Just seems odd I would say that and he not start/play..

  6. User avatar joejlitz says:

    You said Blair White would be a top-10 fantasy WR this week. I’d hardly say that was true after only 34 yards and a TD. As for when you said to play him, it was week 10. Quote below, and link at the upper right of this page:

    “Blair White at 59???? Really?
    I might be a homer for the Colts.. But really?
    Garcon can’t catch a ball this season.. Unless Peyton throws it 8 feet above him or off to the side.. Throw it right to him and he will either miss it or drop it..
    Wayne gets doubled teamed so he’s either fest or famine.. He’s 50/50
    Collie is out….
    Tamme is now having back issued – which still won’t effect Whites points too much..

    Blair white will get at least 12 Fantasy pts this week.. He will be great for a ppr..or even a standard league..

    Donald brown couldn’t plow through a pile of snow.. And baby James will have very limited snaps..

    I myself would place Blair White around a 15 this week..

    Ok.. I feel better that’s off my chest.. lol.. Sorry if it seems I’m ranting.. I just hope I can help someone that needs a BYE player for the week..

    Go Colts!!”

  7. Right you are my friend, right you are…
    To my defense though… BWhite got injured and didn’t even play in that week.. Here is the report

    Long link.. I’m on my cell sorry.. Week 11 White 5rec 42yrds 2TD.. Granted he wasn’t as big of a factor as I had hoped.. Given the fact Manning tied his worse game ever (rookie year) at least White was able to come away with 4rec 34yrd 1TD PPr=11 http://ftp….. All in all not a total bust… From now on Ill make sure to point out to play someone like White in a must case type of scenario, and not to start him over your regular starters..

    And as for Moss… Yeah I can say.. Told ya so.. The old man is just an over paid decoy.. Don’t get me wrong. I believe he can still play if he wants.. But he’s lost the fire and will.. All this in a FA year.. Amazing really
    I drafted him.. But sold supper high when he went to Minnesota and made the best decision of my FF career..

    By the way… I hope this isn’t some type of flame war… I have no intentions of that at all my friend.. I just enjoying talking FF and trying to help out when/if I can..

    Take care and Good luck in your FF

  8. Wish I could go and edit my spelling errors and such..

    Super is The man.. Supper is what he eats. LoL

  9. I just noticed you even said he didn’t play.. At the time of my posting about week 10 I was not aware he wasn’t able to play.. I should’ve went back and corrected myself..

  10. User avatar joejlitz says:

    No worries, BTZ. I’m not fighting you. It’s just that in Week 10, you got on the rankers for not putting White in the top-10, which I think we all know was just you being an excited Colts fan.

    This week, you said he would be a top-10 WR and that didn’t happen. I’m only pointing it out to put a little context into the situation. White is a NICE wide receiver in a good position in IND. And he makes an awesome flex play and even a good WR2 play. But I’m not ready to put him in as a weekly WR1 option ahead of guys like Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Stevie Johnson, T.O., etc.

    Good luck to you, too.

  11. Well I did say I was a Homer…

    Manning has been off… And our O line is just terrible.. We also have all these injuries.. It been an off year to say the least..

    Teams are starting to cover Tamme like he was Clark.. With Collie out and knowing what I know about White.. Its hard not to imagine him pulling in BIG numbers.. Its just to bad the Colts are dealing with so many bad elements right now..

    Oh well.. Collie will be back this or next week and White will become the 4th WR..

    I hope Collie can come back this week.. He needs a full game to get through the fear of getting hit again.. Last time he played he was doing good.. But you can tell he was gun shy.. Once he gets over that hump he will be pulling in some good numbers.. Bad Offensive line or not..

    Ill shut up now.. I’m babbling.


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