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D-Day: Week 2 - 7 comments

By bazzy_51

Well, Week 1 is done and over with; on to Week 2.  Not too much to say after only one week, aside from there were some injuries to open some doors and some new faces with big splashes.  Some guys were given opportunities to keep a starting gig and failed, while others made names for themselves.  Let’s focus on that second part and try and find some of those for this week.  On with it!

Defensive Linemen

Styles G. White, DE, TAM
Owned in 2% of Yahoo Leagues

White created some buzz in the off-season when he stepped in to take the place of Gaines Adams (R.I.P.) in his second stint with Tampa.  He was kind of quiet in Week 1, but I expect him to come alive this week.  With a pocket type QB in Matt Moore (if healthy) and the intense running attack deployed by Carolina, White has a good shot at a nice stat line.

Week 2 Projection: 4 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted Tackles, 1 Sack

Juqua Parker, DE, PHI
Owned in 3% of Yahoo Leagues

I thought this might be a bit of a fluke, until I actually looked at the situation in Philly.  I figured that Brandon Graham would be starting left defensive end, but Philly slid him down inside at DT and had great success against Green Bay.  Those changes sound pretty firm for Philly’s game against the Lions this week.  Look for Parker to have another solid game as all eyes are on Trent Cole and Brandon Graham.

Week 2 Projection:  3 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted Tackles, 1 Sack

Derrick Harvey, DE, JAC
Owned in 3% of Yahoo Leagues

I struck gold with Kampman on the other side of the line from Harvey last week, so let’s stick with the DEs from Jacksonville for Week 2.  After watching that SD/KC game — and yes, I know rain was a factor — the SD O-line is looking a bit flat.  Philip Rivers and the O-line were not on the same page at all, and they have some issues to work out. Harvey should be able to take advantage.

Week 2 Projection: 3 Solo Tackles, 3 Assisted Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection, 1 Fumble Recovered


Clay Matthews, LB, GB
Owned in 28% of Yahoo Leagues

OK, I know it’s a bit over the 20% that I have as our cutoff, but this has to be posted.  Matthews needs to be added ASAP; he is not owned by enough fantasy teams, but he’s a true difference maker.  He has a sweet matchup this week against the Bills, whose O-line is weaker then a wet paper bag.  Matthews had a great day against Philly in Week 1, and I don’t see much changing in Week 2.  He was even a bit behind where he should be this year because of a missed preseason, meaning his conditioning wasn’t at 100%. He will only get better Week in 2.

Week 2 Projection:  8 Solo Tackles, 3 Assisted Tackles, 1.5 Sacks

Stephen Cooper, LB, SD
Owned in 5% of Yahoo Leagues

Cooper seems to be a forgotten LB, but this is a guy who has posted back-to-back 100 total tackle seasons.  He has a juicy matchup this week in the terms of a run-first offense in Jacksonville.  Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips steal a lot of the light in SD, but Cooper quietly adds up the tackle totals, and that shouldn’t change this week.

Week 2 Projection:  7 Solo Tackles, 4 Assisted Tackles, 1 Pass Defended

Dan Connor, LB, CAR
Owned in 5% of Yahoo Leagues

Connor is a sweet sleeper pick, and after his Week 1 performance you can see the potential this kid carries.  He is one of those Penn State-bred, hard-nose linebackers that tackle anything that moves.  All eyes are on Jon Beason as the top Carolina ‘backer, and one of the top ‘backers in the game, but watch Connor and ride him this week.  Tampa should try to run a bunch, but even if they get behind and start airing it out, Connor is also very active in the pass game and always eager for a sack.

Week 2 Projection:  8 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle, 1 Forced Fumble

Defensive Backs

Patrick Chung, DB, NE
Owned in 6% of Yahoo Leagues

I wanted to see how Week 1 went for Chung, who was a high-end second rounder for the Patriots in 2009 that didn’t see much field time last year.  Well, hopefully we aren’t a week late trying to pick him up, because he looks like the real deal.  The guy was everywhere on the field in Week 1, and I expect more of that in Week 2 against the Jets.  This may be a closer game then Week 1, but I still see the Jets having to pass most of the game to try to stay in it (the Jets D can’t keep them in every game against every high-octane offense), and this will sit nicely for Chung.

Week 2 Projection:  9 Solo Tackles, 2 Assisted, 1 INT

Antoine Bethea, S, IND
Owned in 12% of Yahoo Leagues

With fragile Bob Sanders out yet again, Bethea will be leaned on heavily to make up for what Indy loses in Sanders.  Bethea is a proven DB and a great source of tackles from the DB position with three years of 90-plus total tackles.  This week should be another nice week for him in the fantasy world going up against Peyton’s brother Eli and his Giants, whose passing game has come alive.  This should be a flat-out shootout between the two Manning Brothers, a DB IDP owner’s dream!

Week 2 Projection: 7 Solo Tackles, 4 Assisted, 1 Pass Defended

Charles Tillman, CB, CHI
Owned in 15% of Yahoo Leagues

Somehow, Tillman is forgotten as everyone snatches up Daniel Manning. Don’t sleep on Tillman.  He is a solid real-game DB and a sweet fantasy DB, especially when you can pick him up and pop him in your lineup against the Dallas air show this week. Tillman also has a knack for getting in on the running game also.  Win-win for IDP owners.

Week 2 Projection:  7 Solo Tackles, 1 Assisted Tackle, 1 Fumble Recovery

Team Defense/Special Teams

Atlanta D/ST
Owned in 8% of Yahoo Leagues

After watching Derek Anderson wing balls all over the field and hit on hardly any of them, I think this Falcons pick is looking sweet.  Atlanta has a good pass D to begin with; combine that with the fact that Anderson couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat and this could be a sweet matchup this week.

Kansas City D/ST
Owned in 3% of Yahoo Leagues

This pickup would be great for just the return yardage, and the defensive possibilities are just a bonus.  The combination of Dexter McCluster and Javier Arenas is stout and looked crazy good in the San Diego game.  Return yardage again will boost them in this matchup, but a few sacks and a good possibility of a couple fumbles against the Browns makes this a great add for Week 2.

Carolina D/ST
Owned in 15% of Yahoo Leagues

This is a juicy matchup for this tough defense.  I’m not as overly enthused about the Carolina return game as I am with KC, but the Panthers D is stout.  With Freeman at the helm for Tampa Bay, this looks to be a pounding this week.  IDPs from Carolina are nice picks this week, and given that fact it makes the team D a nice add as well.

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7 Responses to “D-Day: Week 2”

  1. Goose says:

    This is a great addition to the forum articles collection. IDP is an oft overlooked area, so I commend your efforts to follow “the other side” of the ball. 5*.

  2. octagon999 says:

    A must read for me, with a league with 5 IDP starters. Thanks for taking the time to do this research!

  3. User avatar daullaz says:

    Great call on Cooper. I’ve rostered him multiple times in the last few years, and I always feel good about it.

  4. User avatar bazzy_51 says:

    It’s kind of hard to only do 3 at each position where there are so many good IDP plays out there. So I just wanted to touch on a couple more for people that are in some deeper IDP leagues (I have a couple that start full defenses in IDP).

    James Farrior – LB, PIT: A lot of people have completely forgotten about this guy (only owned in 5% of Yahoo leagues), going up against Tennessee, who should keep him busy this week. Nice play.

    Others to take a look at: Corey Williams, DT, Lions; Fred Robbins, DT, STL; Rocky McIntosh, LB, WAS; Zac Diles, LB, HOU; Michael Griffin, DB, TEN; Drayton Florence, DB, BUF.

    Check back every Wednesday for the D-Day! Thanks again all!

  5. User avatar Cupertino_11 says:

    Thanks a bunch for your article bazzy_51! Nice to see some love for the IDPs.

    Regarding Connor, I dropped Daryl Washington and picked up Connor after his week 1 stat line, but heard that he does not play much at all on passing downs. I debated swapping Connor for McIntosh who does play all three downs, but Laurinaitis was dropped by someone and my dilemma was solved.

    Still… would be nice if you were able to confirm that Connor plays in the nickel and dime packages. That can account for up to 30-40% of his snaps. If he truly is a 3-downer his upside is legit as a LB1 or LB2.

  6. Treyvian says:

    I cant agree with the Kansas City Defence/Special Teams here although I see the many reasons why. I dont think the matchup is as good a most people would think. Last week the Browns made mental errors and I dont see Holmgreen taking that lightly. And Cleveland although always a losing team here lately has alway played great Special Teams.

  7. User avatar bazzy_51 says:

    Well the reasoning for my KC pick is actually simplified by the confirmation of injuries. Delhomme is out this week with the ankle injury, and I’m sorry but Seneca Wallace is not a QB1 in the NFL.

    Plus the fact that Cleveland can’t figure out who they really want at RB. The KC D is not all that bad either, yes I know Week 1 was decided by weather, but they are a young D, but it is filled with smart players. Plus like I said that pick is made more for leagues that favor Return yards as they have a couple of the better return guys in the game.


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