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D-Day Week 8 - 3 comments

By bazzy_51

I would just like to start off by saying one big thing I look for when searching my week-to-week rankings: I try to find guys that may chip in a bit of everything for all leagues, but not all these picks may fit your league.  What I advise yoo do is to take these projections in conjunction with your own league settings.  Adding all of these players may not mean great things, that’s why when I look at projecting players I tend to lean more towards sack guys for the DL position, tackles for LBs and more passing stats with a combo of tackles for DBs.  I wanted to let everyone know; that way, you can concentrate more on the players that may better fit your league settings.

Defensive Linemen

Chris Clemons – DE, SEA
Owned in 9% of Yahoo Leagues

If your league counts sacks big, then Clemons looks to be a great add this week.  He has recorded at least half a sack in four straight games and has totaled 5.5 sacks in those four games.  Seattle’s D-Line is a bit shaky, but Clemons is the best option of the bunch and is actually tied for third overall in the NFL in sacks.  Oakland has shown off the running game a bit and although Clemons hasn’t been as active as other DEs in the run game, this week he may be depended on more in that area.

Week 8 Projections:  3 solo tackles, 1.5 sacks

Darnell Dockett – DT, ARI
Owned in 17% of Yahoo Leagues

This was one of my preseason top 10 D-Line picks that thus far hasn’t really equaled where I projected him to be. It looks like most other owners also feel that way; thus, he’s slipped out of the 20% tier and earned a spot on this list.  Going up against surprising Tampa Bay this week could turn this season around for him, whether TB goes through the air or on the ground.  Dockett is a big body used to clog running lanes but is also able to pin his ears back and get after the QB.  Josh Freeman may be flying high now, but we shall see after this weekend’s match-up of young QBs.

Week 8 Projections:  4 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 1 forced fumble

Jason Hunter – DE, DEN
Owned in 3% of Yahoo Leagues

Hunter was almost an add to this list last week, and he’s on here this week.  I wasn’t 100% confident in what he was showing up until this point, but check the game log — his numbers don’t lie.  The only issue is looking at his numbers is that he is more of a run game defender, with the occasional sack.  Against more run-dominant teams he is averaging six total tackles a game, and going up against San Francisco this week shouldn’t buck the trend.

Week 8 Projections: 5 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles


Daryl Washington – LB, ARI
Owned in 3% of Yahoo Leagues

The combination of Washington and Paris Lenon in the middle of that Arizona D has been stout all year.  These two tackle just about anything in sight, and while you may have unfortunately missed out on Lenon, Washington looks to still be hanging around.  Coming off 11 total tackles last week, he is going up against a Tampa Bay team that I think may try to employ the running game a bit more, as they should be able to get out early like most other teams have on Arizona so far.

Week 8 Projections:  7 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles, 1 pass defended

A.J. Hawk – LB, GB
Owned in 16% of Yahoo Leagues

This may be one of the last chances to grab Hawk, who has stepped right in and shown he wasn’t a bust pick out of Ohio State.  Since Barnett went down with the season-ending injury, Hawk has averaged just over 11 total tackles a game, along with being active in the passing game, thus his one-INT-every-two-game average over that stretch.  With GB going in New York this week to take on the Jets, you should be looking forward to this match-up.  Whether it’s LaDainian Tomlinson or Shonn Greene carrying the rock, or those two coming out of the backfield to catch a pass, Hawk should be all over them.  This is the big week to get on board with.

Week 8 Projections:  10 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles, 2 passes defended

Zac Diles – LB, HOU
Owned in 5% of Yahoo Leagues

This pick is solely because of the opportunity he has received, much like Hawk, with a season-ending injury to another starter.  Diles had a very good four-game stretch to open the season while filling in for then suspended Brian Cushing, but in the last two games he has only been a fill-in.  That changes in this week’s game with DeMeco Ryans done of the year.

Week 8 Projections:  6 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles

Bradie James – LB, DAL
Owned in 11% of Yahoo Leagues

No idea how James is only owned in 11% of leagues, but if he’s out there he is about as close to a must-add as anyone.  James hasn’t even showed his whole game yet.  With no sacks recorded, his value has been based solely on tackles alone, where he is no slouch. He’s averaging almost eight total tackles a game thus far with a big run-first offense coming up this week in Jacksonville.

Week 8 Projections:  7 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle

Defensive Backs

Dashon Goldson – DB, SF
Owned in 13% of Yahoo Leagues

Goldson was one of the top-ranked DBs coming into this year and still ranks towards the top this year, even without major activity in the pass game.  This week should bring that activity as the 49ers take on one of the more pass-happy teams in the league in the Broncos.  Without Kyle Orton having a true ‘go to’ receiver, Goldson will see the ball going his way no matter the coverage situation he’s in.

Week 8 Projections: 7 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1INT

Donte Whitner – DB, BUF
Owned in 9% of Yahoo Leagues

This was a surprise pick for me, because frankly it surprised me when I checked out Whitner’s stats.  Outside of a quiet Week 2 against Green Bay, Whitner has averaged over 10 total tackles a game.  The stat line has showed a bit of an absence in the passing game in terms of INTs and pass deflections, but his tackles make up for it.  The biggest problem with Whitner is his injury woes since his rookie year, as he’s played in only 23 games the last two years.   He’s healthy and kicking this weekend!

Week 8 Projections:  6 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles

Rhonde Barber – DB, TAM
Owned in 9% of Yahoo Leagues

Barber has been showing that age is still just a number and producing in the run and pass game.  This week the Bucs are traveling to Arizona, which in most years past would be a match-up nightmare, but this year is much different.  While the Cards still unclear whether Max Hall will start, it’s a feast for a savy vet like Barber either way.  Max Hall or Derek Anderson, this couldn’t be a better match-up for DBs.

Week 8 Projections:  5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1 pass defended, 1 INT

Team Defense/Special Teams:

Miami D/ST
Owned in 43% of Yahoo Leagues

Miami has already showed they can stuff the run, and if you want to air it out they have a secondary that’s up for the challenge.  Cincy is a mess right now and Carson Palmer is way too inconsistent to not take a chance against.  Since Miami sent Ted Ginn Jr. packing, their special teams have been lackluster at best, but the defensive stats have started to come around.  Miami being on the road looks like it can do nothing but help (3-0 on the road, 0-3 at home).

St. Louis D/ST
Owned in 16% of Yahoo Leagues

Come on, it’s the Panthers at home. I would take this match-up any day of the week, especially with the QB troubles that face Carolina.  Will it be Matt Moore or Jimmy Clausen?  Doesn’t matter; if you can stuff DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart, it’s going to be a great day.  Once that happens, they pin the ears back and turn the D-Line loose, thus the 20 total sacks so far this year. A top-three ranking in return yards also boosts this squad.

Under 10 pick

Oakland D/ST
Owned in 8% of Yahoo Leagues

After a great showing against Denver last week, the Raiders return to the Black Hole to take on the Seahawks.  Seattle has gained a bit of identity with the Marshawn Lynch trade, but still lacks offense, period.  Plus, I don’t think Seattle has faced a secondary quite like Oakland’s yet this year (Chicago may be the closest).  This defense does a bit of everything and is holding opponents to around 20 points a game thus far.

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3 Responses to “D-Day Week 8”

  1. User avatar u_fig_eater says:

    Rolling with the Rams this week.

    I don’t know about Miami. I have visions of their game against NE that got their special teams coach fired. Also as a T.O.-Ochocinco owner (yeah, both on one of my teams) I have faith in their offense…

  2. User avatar u_fig_eater says:

    BTW, “(yeah, both on one of my teams)” was supposed to be me making fun of myself…It’s not a good idea to own two guys like that, where they’ both could go off and you don’t know who to sit. It’s always tempting to “hedge my bet” by playing both at the same time, instead of taking a risk by benching one of them in favor of another WR.

  3. User avatar bazzy_51 says:

    I just really don’t like many of the match-ups with D/ST owned in less then 50% of leagues, Miami going against Cincy looked like the best of the bunch. Again I just don’t trust Palmer, he has had a decent year overall, but he has had some very shaky moments. The Phins’ secondary I believe is very underrated, also if one receiving option has a big game I don’t believe it will be Ocho or TO, it will be Shipley or Gresham.

    As far as Miami D/ST go, yes they did fire the ST Coach, which could have done nothing but good, given the outcome against Pitt last week. 5/5FG, as far as KR go, it’s not the coach, its the returners. Sorry but Cobbs is a very, very average at best KR and Nolan Carroll is just out there to get him PT in his rookie year, which is a piss poor excuse. Overall their return game has sucked all year and will continue to suck unless Miami gets a TRUE return guy.


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