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2011 IDP Rankings - 8 comments

By Michael Hawes

The IDP world of fantasy football is woefully undervalued and not represented nearly enough. It is a growing part of fantasy football for those fantasy players who want to move on from the regular Yahoo public leagues or just want more of a challenge. IDP is the one factor of fantasy football I have to study every year as it changes constantly and quickly. It can be a huge advantage to know who will be performing during the upcoming season. It can be an even bigger advantage to know what to look for in an IDP player week to week.

I have taken the rankings from the three sites I respect the most and combined them with my rankings to offer you the following opinions on how IDPs will perform for the 2011 season. Scoring from site to site varied slightly but a rough average would be as follows.

Tackle – 1 point
Assist – 0.5 points
Sack – 4 points
Pass defensed – 2 points
Interception – 4 points
TD – 6 points
Forced fumble – 2 points
Fumble recovery – 2 points
Safety – 3 points

Please note the date of publishing as some free agents have not yet found homes.

QB | RB | WR | TE | PK | DF | IDP


1Patrick WillisILBSFThe undisputed king of IDP
2Jerod MayoILBNEPThe prince
3Jon BeasonILBCARMaybe a duke but a mean duke and back to MLB
4Paul PoslusznyILBJAXNew city but doesn’t change his ranking
5Lawrence TimmonsILBPIT#1 stud for a stud-filled Steeler LB corps
6James LaurinaitisILBSTLCould crack the top 5 this year
7Karlos DansbyILBMIASolid IDP player
8Demeco RyansILBHOUCan be great
9Stephen TullochILBDETMoved up 2 spots with a move to the Motor City
10Barrett RuudILBTENShould hold his value in Tennessee
11Curtis LoftonILBATLMoved down 2 spots but not his fault
12D.J. WilliamsILBDENConsistent IDP star
13Ray LewisILBBALThe old man of IDP… still a solid pick
14Derrick JohnsonILBKCCCan he make it back to back seasons?
15London FletcherILBWASOld man, part 2. Still an excellent IDP player
16Brian UrlacherILBCHIHopefully healthy and can put up some points
17Brian CushingILBHOUStill not better than Ryans
18Chad GreenwayOLBMINThe better IDP LB in Minnesota
19Jonathon VilmaILBNOSSolid choice for a LB2
20David HarrisILBNYJSolid IDP start each week
21Desmond BishopILBGBPMathews gets headlines, Bishop gets stats
22Lance BriggsOLBCHIDecent LB2 play each week
23D’Qwell JacksonOLBCLEThe Browns should need lots of tackles again
24James HarrisonOLBPITLoudmouth but undervalued IDP player
25DeMarcus WareOLBDALHas averaged 13+ sacks a year
26E.J. HendersonILBMIN#2 for the Vikings even as an ILB
27Gary BrackettILBIND 
28Nick BarnettILBBUFMoves up with a move to Buffalo
29Thomas DavisOLBCARIf only he could stay healthy
30Clay MatthewsOLBGBPBye week filler but fun to watch
31Daryl WashingtonILBARI 
32LaMarr WoodleyOLBPITSteeler #3 cracking the top 36
33Kevin BurnettILBMIACrowder’s replacement
34Sean WeatherspoonOLBATL 
35Rolando McClainILBOAKBreakout season? Good risk of a late round pick.
36David HawthorneOLBSEAHigh reward pick, could be an LB2 by end of year


1Justin TuckDENYGA new #1 for defensive linemen
2Jared AllenDEMINA close second but too many double teams
3Trent ColeDEPHIWith addition of Babin, could be #1 at year’s end
4Julius PeppersDECHIA monster but inconsistent
5Terrell SuggsDEBALLove this guy; he loves to play football
6Robert MathisDEINDOfficially overtaken Freeney
7Elvis DumervilDEDENFinally getting some respect
8Charles JohnsonDECARSolid DL1 option
9Ndamukong SuhDTDETHow good is this guy going to be?
10Carlos DunlapDECINHigh ceiling for Dunlap, take the risk
11Jason BabinDEPHICole and Babin, stellar duo, watch out NFC East
12Darnell DockettDEARIArizona defense is looking incredible
13Osi UmenyioraDENYGNot a happy camper, risky pick
14Justin SmithDESFConsistent start each week as a DL2
15Chris ClemonsDESEAFluke? I don’t think so
16Will SmithDENOSPossible suspension to start the year
17John AbrahamDEATL33 and still going strong
18Ray EdwardsDEATLWe will see if he is worth the money
19Chris LongDESTLLet’s see if he can make the next jump in value
20Cliff AvrilDEDETShould lead the Lions in sacks, unless Suh says no
21Calais CampbellDEARIA fine DL2, better as a bye week filler though
22Aaron KampmanDEJAX 
23Dwight FreeneyDEINDCan be dominant but has lost a step
24Matt ShaughnessyDEOAKMore playing time means a better stat line
25Israel IdonijeDECHIPlaying opposite Peppers is everything
26Kyle WilliamsDTBUFCould be awesome with some help
27Kyle Vanden BoschDEDETPart of a potentially dominant line
28Haloti NgataDTBALJust a great football player with good IDP stats
29Lamarr HoustonDEOAKSeason 2 should produce some solid numbers
30Mathias KiwanukaDENYGNFC East will dominate the sack totals
31Jabaal SheardDECLECleveland defense will generate IDP points
32James HallDESTL 
33Jason Pierre-PaulDENYG4th Giant in the top 36
34Robert QuinnDESTL 
35Marcell DareusDEBUF 
36Richard SeymourDTOAKStill has some life and a mean streak


1Eric BerrySKCCA freak. Could be #1 for years to come
2LaRon LandrySWASFree reign to roam makes him #2
3Yeremiah BellSMIASuper consistent IDP talent
4Patrick ChungSNEPShould take another step forward this year
5T.J. WardSCLECleveland D is on the field A LOT
6Tyvon BranchSOAKMay be a bit too low
7Bernard PollardSBALStill should put up solid stats
8Roman HarperSNOS 
9Troy PolamaluSPITHave to admit it, the guy can play
10Louis DelmasSDET 
11Kerry RhodesSARIShould be #1 point getter for Zona
12Dawan LandrySJAXThe move to JAX should be fine for his value
13Charles TillmanCBCHIUndervalued pick. Look at his stats over last 3 years
14Quintin MikellSSTLThe move to STL moves him up 4 spots
15Michael GriffinSTEN#1 IDP option in Tennessee
16Antoine BetheaSIND 
17Richard MarshallCBARIA great addition for Zona, a drop in value for IDP
18Oshiomogho AtogweSWAS 
19Tramon WilliamsCBGBP 
20Adrian WilsonSARIArizona secondary is looking great
21Charles WoodsonCBGBPJust an awesome player that will get you some points
22Brandon FlowersCBKCC 
23Eric WeddleSSDCHe may be too low but just can’t rank him higher, yet
24Devin McCourtyCBNEPSolid CB pick
25Patrick PetersonCBARI#1 rookie on the DB list
26Jaiquawn JarrettSPHI#2 rookie on the DB list
27William MooreSATL 
28Craig DahlSSTL 
29Alterraun VernerCBTENQuality corner that could surprise
30Erik ColemanSDET 
31Brian DawkinsSDENCan still play
32DeAngelo HallCBWAS 
33Cortland FinneganCBTENBit of a tool, should be fine for bye week filler
34Nick CollinsSGBP 
35Leon HallCBCIN 
36Michael HuffSOAKI am not convinced he has found his groove

Michael Hawes is one of a growing number of fantasy experts who write for the Cafe. Nearly 20 years of FF, had to have learned something in that time. You can catch up with Michael in the Cafe's forums where he posts under the name of bungle613.
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8 Responses to “2011 IDP Rankings”

  1. 204BC says:

    I would like to nominate Alterraun Verner to make the list at DB. In fact, I might even project him top 5. He finished last season with 85 solo tackles, 16 assists, 3 INT’s, 11 passes defensed and 1 forced fumble. He was a rookie last season and…i might mention, he only started 12 games. Project those stats over 16 starts and he outperforms the #1 guy on your list.

    Keep an eye on him, he’s gonna be a beast.

  2. 204BC says:

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to update the list periodically? Terrell Thomas is out for an extended period due to injury, possibly for the season. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

    I like your list by the way, even though I don’t agree with everything on it. Overall it is quite good.

  3. I know this is a good list for fantasy IDP’s. I can’t stand leagues where tackles are the only stats that really matter. I set all my leagues up where every role is rewarded for what they do. If you are a sack master like Freeney, you get rewarded, INT guy like Ed Reed, you get rewarded. Someone at the major fantasy sites needs to address this and even out the scoring where the best players score the most points like I have. Most IDP leagues only have IDP’s just to say them have them. They really don’t score enough points to make a difference in the game, so why have them at all.

    Sorry folks, just venting.

  4. User avatar SirGrotius says:

    Great list. Good, straightforward commentary.

  5. User avatar bungle613 says:

    Verner was close for me, I have him personally in the top 24 but he got averaged out of the rankings.

    I would love to update it and may find time. My company just moved offices, kid starting school again, wife got a promotion… yada yada yada. You get the picture. Bear with me, I hope I can get it done this week.

  6. User avatar bungle613 says:

    Updated slightly. Not sure I will get to this and R.J. is planning to revise the offensive rankings this week. That I think should get priority.

  7. User avatar k.k. says:

    Would Wake not be considered part of the top 36?

  8. Here’s another good list.



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