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2011 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: Lockout Edition - 9 comments

By R.J. White

The long national nightmare may soon be over. With a resolution of the lockout looking mere days away, it’s time to start getting amped up about the fantasy football season. So here are the Cafe’s 2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Lockout Edition. Things are obviously going to change a great deal once the transaction freeze lifts, so use these initial rankings as a jumping off point, not as gospel. In fact, do yourself a favor and treat no set of rankings as gospel; the rotoscape is always dynamic and should be treated as such. That’s why we’ll be back before the season starts with a massive ratings update. Till then, enjoy.

Thanks to Cafe members Venom, bungle613, WaCougMBS, Dan Lambskin, Calyxes, FantasyFutballGuru13, thriftyrocker, aaawall91 and ironman for joining me in contributing rankings to the Lockout Edition.

Our rankers submitted their top 30 QBs, top 60 RBs, top 75 WRs and top 20 TEs, and every single ranked player was included below. Players unranked by each member were given a baseline number identical to other unranked players at their positions. FantasyFutballGuru13 and thriftyrocker also provided some commentary on several of their picks, which I will relay to you after each section.

1Aaron RodgersGB1.5
2Michael VickPHI1.9
3Peyton ManningIND3.7
4Drew BreesNO4.3
5Tom BradyNE4.7
6Philip RiversSD5.2
7Tony RomoDAL7.1
8Matt SchaubHOU8.6
9Matt RyanATL9.0
10Ben RoethlisbergerPIT9.9
11Eli ManningNYG11.5
12Josh FreemanTB12.7
13Matthew StaffordDET13.4
14Sam BradfordSTL14.2
15Joe FlaccoBAL14.3
16Jay CutlerCHI14.9
17Matt CasselKC18.2
18Ryan FitzpatrickBUF19.2
19Mark SanchezNYJ19.4
20Kevin KolbPHI20.1
21Kyle OrtonDEN22.3
22Tim TebowDEN22.4
23Colt McCoyCLE25.1
24Cam NewtonCAR26.2
25Alex SmithSF27.2
26David GarrardJAC27.5
27Donovan McNabbWAS27.9
28Chad HenneMIA28.0
29Jason CampbellOAK29.1
30Matt HasselbeckSEA29.2
31Christian PonderMIN29.3
32Andy DaltonCIN31.8
33Jake LockerTEN32.9
34Carson PalmerCIN33.8
35Charlie WhitehurstSEA34.1
36Colin KapernickSF34.4
37Blaine GabbertJAX35.0

FantasyFutballGuru13 notes that Ryan Fitzpatrick is an excellent QB2 in re-draft leagues. Thriftyrocker has this to say about Tim Tebow: “For a backup QB or QB you take late, you have to go for upside. Mediocre numbers are on waivers whenever you want.” He then ranks Tebow in his top-15, and I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment, as I target Tebow as my QB2 in virtually every mock draft. FFG13 says that Tebow “could flirt with double digit rushing TDs.” TR doesn’t rank David Garrard, pegging him to start no more than four games, and that certainly contributed to Garrard’s low ranking above.

RankRunning BacksTeamAvg
1Arian FosterHOU1.9
2Adrian PetersonMIN2.0
3Chris JohnsonTEN2.3
4Jamaal CharlesKC4.2
5Ray RiceBAL4.8
6LeSean McCoyPHI6.6
7Maurice Jones-DrewJAC8.1
8Rashard MendenhallPIT8.3
9Darren McFaddenOAK8.9
10Steven JacksonSTL10.2
11Frank GoreSF10.7
12Matt ForteCHI11.7
13Michael TurnerATL13.3
14Jonathan StewartCAR15.2
15Ryan MathewsSD16.7
16Peyton HillisCLE16.9
17Ahmad BradshawNYG17.6
18LeGarrette BlountTB18.2
19DeAngelo WilliamsCAR18.2
20Jahvid BestDET18.2
21Shonn GreeneNYJ20.3
22Cedric BensonCIN25.2
23Ryan GrantGB25.2
24Knowshon MorenoDEN25.2
25Felix JonesDAL25.3
26Mark IngramNO25.6
27Fred JacksonBUF26.2
28Marshawn LynchSEA26.4
29Joseph AddaiIND28.9
30Daniel ThomasMIA29.1
31BenJarvus Green-EllisNE32.2
32Michael BushOAK33.9
33Brandon JacobsNYG34.8
34C.J. SpillerBUF35.6
35Beanie WellsARI35.7
36Mikel LeshoureDET36.0
37Ryan TorainWAS36.6
38James StarksGB39.8
39Roy HeluWAS42.0
40LaDainian TomlinsonNYJ42.3
41Ryan WilliamsARI43.1
42Montario HardestyCLE43.7
43Pierre ThomasNO43.7
44Mike TolbertSD44.8
45Ronnie BrownMIA44.9
46Reggie BushNO45.6
47Rashad JenningsJAC47.1
48Danny WoodheadNE48.4
49Thomas JonesKC50.3
50Mike GoodsonCAR52.1
51Darren SprolesSD52.8
52Delone CarterIND54.7
53Bernard ScottCIN55.3
54Willis McGaheeBAL57.4
55Tashard ChoiceDAL57.6
56Justin ForsettSEA58.4
57Donald BrownIND59.0
58Shane VereenNEP60.3
59Ricky WilliamsMIA60.6
60DeMarco MurrayDAL60.9
61Toby GerhartMIN61.0
62Tim HightowerARI61.9
63Jason SnellingATL62.6
64Jerome HarrisonPHI63.6
65Kendall HunterSF64.1
66Ben TateHOU66.1
67Marion BarberDAL66.4
68Laurence MaroneyDEN67.7
69Ike RedmanPIT68.2
70Chester TaylorCHI68.6
71Derrick WardHOU68.9

Michael Turner is generally picked up as a top-15 overall player in the late first or early second round, while Jonathan Stewart sometimes lasts till the end of the fourth round in mocks. Yet in our rankings, they find themselves side by side, with three of our rankers actually preferring The Daily Show to The Burner. FFG13 was one of those guys, saying that Turner is a scary pick as a big injury risk. I think rookie Delone Carter could wind up making a lot of noise, and he’s worth an end-game flier right now in case Joseph Addai doesn’t return.

RankWide ReceiversTeamAvg
1Andre JohnsonHOU1.2
2Calvin JohnsonDET2.0
3Roddy WhiteATL3.6
4Hakeem NicksNYG4.3
5Larry FitzgeraldARI5.1
6Greg JenningsGB6.0
7Reggie WayneIND6.6
8Mike WallacePIT9.6
9Miles AustinDAL9.9
10Vincent JacksonSD11.0
11Mike WilliamsTB11.9
12Dwayne BoweKC12.6
13Wes WelkerNE13.4
14Brandon MarshallMIA13.8
15DeSean JacksonPHI15.8
16Jeremy MaclinPHI16.8
17Steve JohnsonBUF18.0
18Dez BryantDAL18.0
19Austin CollieIND21.7
20Marques ColstonNO21.8
21Percy HarvinMIN22.0
22Anquan BoldinBAL22.3
23Sidney RiceMIN23.9
24Santonio HolmesNYJ24.4
25Pierre GarconIND27.1
26Michael CrabtreeSF27.1
27Steve SmithCAR28.3
28Kenny BrittTEN28.9
29Steve SmithNYG29.3
30Santana MossWAS32.8
31Brandon LloydDEN33.1
32Johnny KnoxCHI33.8
33Mario ManninghamNYG35.8
34Jordy NelsonGB36.8
35A.J. GreenCIN38.7
36Malcom FloydSD38.7
37Braylon EdwardsNYJ39.6
38Mike ThomasJAC40.8
39Mike WilliamsSEA41.0
40Robert MeachemNO41.2
41Danny AmendolaSTL42.7
42Hines WardPIT44.1
43Chad OchocincoCIN44.6
44Mark ClaytonSTL45.6
45Jacoby FordOAK45.8
46Julio JonesATL46.2
47Deion BranchNE46.8
48Lance MooreNO48.4
49Eddie RoyalDEN53.3
50Jacoby JonesHOU54.1
51Danario AlexanderSTL55.6
52Davone BessMIA55.7
53Steve BreastonARI55.7
54Greg LittleCLE57.1
55Derrick MasonBAL57.1
56Plaxico BurressNYG58.8
57Leonard HankersonWAS60.4
58Mike Sims-WalkerJAC60.7
59James JonesGB61.0
60Lee EvansBUF61.0
61Emmanuel SandersPIT61.2
62Randy MossTEN62.7
63Brandon TateNE63.6
64Donald DriverGB63.7
65Jerome SimpsonCIN65.8
66Earl BennettCHI67.2
67Louis MurphyOAK67.6
68Golden TateSEA68.8
69Demaryius ThomasDEN69.6
70Mohamed MassaquoiCLE71.7
71Devin HesterCHI72.1
72Nate BurlesonDET73.9
73Laurent RobinsonSTL74.7
74Jason HillJAX75.7
75Jason AvantPHI75.8
76Eric DeckerDEN79.9
77Andre RobertsARI80.8
78David GettisCAR80.9
79Taylor PriceNE81.0
80Donnie AverySTL81.1
81Jon BaldwinKC81.4
82Terrell OwensCIN81.6
83Dexter McClusterKC81.8
84Anthony GonzalezIND83.3
85Randall CobbGB83.7
86Titus YoungDET84.7
87Josh CribbsCLE85.3
88Carlton MitchellCLE85.8
89Ramses BardenNYG85.9
90Blair WhiteIND86.3
91Vincent BrownSD87.7

The above section will look mighty different depending whether or not you play in a PPR format or not. We ranked with PPR in mind, so be sure to take that into account before you use the rankings in a non-PPR format. TR notes that, in particular, DeSean Jackson is a “top five talent but PPR format really hurts him. Don’t overdraft.” While most are bullish on Dwayne Bowe in the third round, FFG13 says “his ADP scares me. [I] would only take him if he fell.” For my money, Mike Thomas is an oft-forgotten name but a definite starter in PPR format — grab him in the mid-to-late rounds before anyone else does.

RankTight EndsTeamAvg
1Antonio GatesSD1.0
2Dallas ClarkIND2.7
3Jason WittenDAL3.3
4Jermichael FinleyGB3.6
5Vernon DavisSF4.6
6Owen DanielsHOU7.8
7Zach MillerOAK7.9
8Kellen WinslowTB9.0
9Brandon PettigrewDET9.8
10Jimmy GrahamNO10.0
11Tony GonzalezATL12.1
12Chris CooleyWAS12.4
13Marcedes LewisJAC13.0
14Rob GronkowskiNE13.6
15Aaron HernandezNE15.8
16Dustin KellerNYJ17.9
17Brent CelekPHI18.4
18Tony MoeakiKC19.7
19Ben WatsonCLE19.9
20Jermaine GreshamCIN20.4
21Visanthe ShiancoeMIN21.0
22Jared CookTEN21.2
23Lance KendricksSTL22.3
24Martellus BennettDAL24.1
25Greg OlsenCHI24.1
26Fred DavisWAS24.4

Antonio Gates comes in as our only unanimous No. 1, which is no surprise, as he outscored every wide receiver on a per-game basis in many formats. In fact, TR tells us that Gates “was second in PPG behind Arian Foster before getting hurt. That’s better than every other RB, let alone WR and TE.” TR also tells us to not forget about Rob Gronkowski, who was the “No. 2 TE over the second half of the year behind Witten.” Unfortunately, one ranker did in fact forget about The Gronk, bringing his ranking down a tad. Without that miss, Gronkowski would have found himself tied with Tony Gonzalez, and I actually prefer him to the veteran.

R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe, writes for FanDuel and Razzball and has previously written for FanHouse. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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9 Responses to “2011 Fantasy Football PPR Rankings: Lockout Edition”

  1. Great rankings Gentlemen. I always look forward to this.

  2. aaawall91 says:

    I Didn’t forget to rank Gronk, I wouldn’t want him on any fantasy roster with sensible roster.

  3. User avatar Devil Doc says:

    I think Dustin Keller is ranked too low, and probably should be in the top 10, maybe in the area of Daniels/Miller. He led the team in receptions, granted Holmes was out for a few weeks, but he’s clearly a favorite of Sanchez. He’s 26 and healthy, with a solid running game and I’d say above average QB. I think he’s a sleeper this year, and would rank him above both NE TE’s, and probably above Mercedes Lewis.

  4. Why so down on Gronk?

  5. aaawall91 says:

    While he is a good redzone target, I dont think he is the better fantasy TE in NE.

    A wise man once told me in fantasy football…touchdowns are luck. You shouldn’t rely upon guys with high TD numbers.

    Gronk and Hernandez had more or less the same stats other than Gronks extra 4 TDs.

    Neither one of these guys will be TE #1 material over a long period with both healthy and catching passes. So I’m not overly optimistic about either, but I think Hernadez has more potential to became a consistent threat.

  6. A few points I would want to know your reasoning on why these guys are ranked where they are:

    1.) Amendola @ 41 is incredibly low IMO for a PPR league…he had 85 catches last year, around 700 yds and 3tds…Bradford could really blossom and he could EASILY have 100 catches espec. with Josh McDaniels as OC

    2.) I would put Bradford ahead of Stafford. Stafford’s injury risk is just too big, he played only 3 games last year and 10 the year before, while Bradford played all 16 his rookie season and has pass-happy McDaniels as OC

    3.) I would drop Welker closer to 20 than the 13 spot he is currently in. The Pat’s offense is changing and last year after Moss left, Brady really spread the ball around evenly, (he, Welker, had 86 catches for 868 yds). He is 30, which is by no means old, but he isn’t getting any better, and I think he could have a down year this year.

    4.) Ryan Grant at 23 seems very very high to me. His ADP is around 68, the 27th RB taken. I think that is too high as well. With Starks coming off a great post-season, and Grant coming off a very bad injury, the best-case scenario is not very amazing, probably ending the season with a 60-40 carry share favoring Grant.

  7. User avatar LMack says:

    Any plan to do a non-PPR ranking? Or are my leagues really that behind the times…

  8. User avatar daullaz says:

    I’m hoping we make our Update the non-PPR variety.

  9. Jai says:

    I’d be nothing without these rankings!! =o)


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