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NFL Rankings: Week 5 Review - 1 comments

By R.J. White

Week 5 saw our undefeated teams take care of business after slow starts, and it saw the rise of a new power-house team in the 49ers. We were also granted an unacceptable home loss to the Seahawks, a win for the dearly departed and our first off-weeks of the year — which couldn’t have come at a better time for the Dolphins and Rams. How did our rankings shake up this week?

RankPreviousTeamRecordWeek 5Week 6
11Green Bay Packers5-0W, ATL 25-14vs. STL
The Packers are working on an 11-game winning streak, including last year’s Super Bowl run. The Rams are ready to extend it to 12.
22Detroit Lions5-0W, CHI 24-13vs. SF
The Lions dusted a division rival on Monday night, announcing to the world that they are real, and they’re spectacular.
33New Orleans Saints4-1W, CAR 30-27at TB
The Saints put up their fourth straight win after surviving a scare from the Cardiac Cats. The NO offense looks unstoppable.
44Baltimore Ravens3-1Byevs. HOU
The defense is playing out of their minds, and a game against the Texans might be made easier if Andre Johnson was out.
55New England Patriots4-1W, NYJ 30-21vs. DAL
The Patriot offense has now scored 30 or more points in 13 straight regular season games. Mediocre offenses stand no chance.
68San Diego Chargers4-1W, DEN 29-24Bye
The Chargers have four wins against terrible opponents, and now they have a bye week to get into second-half mode early.
79Buffalo Bills4-1W, PHI 31-24at NYG
The Bills became the latest team to beat up on the Eagles, and I’m interested to see how the O-Line holds up against the Giants.
814San Francisco 49ers4-1W, TB 48-3at DET
This team has shot to respectability with a great running game and excellent defense. Only blemish is an overtime loss to Dallas.
911Washington Redskins3-1Byevs. PHI
What’s better than to have two weeks to prepare for what could be a season-ending game for rival Philadelphia? A win.
1017Pittsburgh Steelers3-2W, TEN 38-17vs. JAC
The Steelers are getting back on track with a big win against a tough Tennessee team. I still expect them to be playoff bound.
1119Oakland Raiders3-2W, HOU 25-20vs. CLE
Huge road win for the Raiders — Al Davis would have been proud. I think they’re better than San Diego right now, so watch out.
126Houston Texans3-2L, OAK 20-25at BAL
The Texans have long been privy to mental mistakes, and Matt Schaub made a huge one in their recent loss. Can they rebound?
1316Dallas Cowboys2-2Byeat NE
The Cowboys have played four close games, all against teams that had no losses when they faced Dallas. Quietly very strong.
1420Cincinnati Bengals3-2W, JAC 30-20vs. IND
Road wins are always tough for rookies, but Andy Dalton has won two of his first three road games. This could be a contender.
1510Tennessee Titans3-2L, PIT 17-38Bye
The Titans get three home games after their Week 6 bye, and they’ll have to do well there to remain in the hunt. Will they?
167Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-2L, SF 3-48vs. NO
Just a completely embarrassing loss for a team with hopes of making the playoffs. No time to dwell with the Saints up next.
1713Atlanta Falcons2-3L, GB 14-25vs. CAR
If only a game could end after two possessions … the Falcons have shown flashes of brilliance, but it’s time to step it up.
1815Chicago Bears2-3L, DET 13-24vs. MIN
They slowed down the Lions for a bit, but superior talent won out. Week 6 is must-win to stay in the playoff race.
1924Seattle Seahawks2-3W, NYG 36-25Bye
Huge road win for a team most didn’t respect heading into the game. Their schedule is very easy for the rest of the year.
2012New York Giants3-2L, SEA 36-25vs. BUF
How do you lose to the Seahawks at home? The Giants’ three wins have come against teams that are a combined 2-12.
2118New York Jets2-3L, NE 21-30vs. MIA
The Jets offense is a bit of a mess, and the rush defense also needs to get its act together. Looks to be a down year for them.
2223Cleveland Browns2-2Byeat OAK
Greg Little has been named a starter, and hopefully he can energize a mundane offense and get this team into the race.
2322Carolina Panthers1-4L, NO 27-30at ATL
This team is full of excitement, but now it’s time for them to translate that into wins. A road W against the Falcons would be big.
2421Philadelphia Eagles1-4L, BUF 24-31at WAS
They have the talent to turn it around at any time, but the coaching, execution and ball security has to be light-years better.
2526Kansas City Chiefs2-3W, IND 28-24Bye
The Chiefs get one more easy game against the Dolphins, two against the Broncos and then a rush of competitive teams. Enjoy.
2629Minnesota Vikings1-4W, ARI 34-10at CHI
The Vikings feel much better than 1-4, but it’s clear that Adrian Peterson has to dominate for this team to win a game.
2727Denver Broncos1-4L, SD 24-29Bye
Time to get Tebow ready for the quarterback job. Or rather, time to get the rest of the offense ready for Tebow.
2825Arizona Cardinals1-4L, MIN 10-34Bye
The Cardinals have completely choked in what should be a winnable division. Blame Kolb, but mainly blame the defense.
2928Jacksonville Jaguars1-4L, CIN 20-30at PIT
The Jaguars dropped a winnable game against the Bengals, giving them four straight losses and little hope for 2011.
3030St. Louis Rams0-4Byeat GB
The Rams followed up four pre-season wins with four regular season losses. Tells you all you need to know about August.
3131Indianapolis Colts0-5L, KC 24-28at CIN
Bill Polian has said that taking a quarterback in the 2012 draft (re: Andrew Luck) is a definite possibility. It had better be.
3232Miami Dolphins0-4Byeat NYJ
The Matt Moore era in Miami promises to be pretty brief — 12 games long, in fact. An 0-16 season feels more than just possible.

R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe, writes for FanDuel and Razzball and has previously written for FanHouse. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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  1. User avatar DraftDodger says:

    The great thing for Detroit is that after blowing first round draft picks on WRs three years in a row, they skipped a year to collect their thoughts, then got Megatron. Who says the fourth time isn’t the charm!


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