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NFL Rankings: New Bottom Feeder in Week 5 - 3 comments

By R.J. White

What’s most important is being the top team in football at the end of the season each year, but this season in particular offers a nice prize to the team at the bottom of the pack as well. Sam Bradford and Cam Newton have been two excellent No. 1 overall picks thus far, but they pale in comparison to the savior Andrew Luck, who will be the No. 1 pick in the 2012 draft in all likelihood. Kansas City was looking in good position to get him before winning in Week 4, and now we have a new team leading the “Suck for Luck” race. Check them out, and the rest of the rankings, below.

RankPreviousTeamRecordWeek 4Week 5
11Green Bay Packers4-0W, DEN 49-23at ATL
Taking care of business every step of the way, the Packers now have a nice little test on the road against a solid team.
22Detroit Lions4-0W, DAL 34-30vs. CHI
A big comeback keeps the Lions at 4-0 as well as second in our rankings. They get a marquee Monday nighter this week.
33New Orleans Saints3-1W, JAC 23-10at CAR
These Saints are looking awfully strong, and they figure to get even better with Marques Colston back.
45Baltimore Ravens3-1W, NYJ 34-17Bye
The Ravens won a weird Sunday night game that featured five non-offensive TDs and poor play from Joe Flacco.
56New England Patriots3-1W, OAK 31-19vs. NYJ
Stevan Ridley continues to emerge, Aaron Hernandez is coming back … how can the rest of the league expect to keep up?
67Houston Texans3-1W, PIT 17-10vs. OAK
The Texans won a tough game against an ailing opponent, but their 3-1 record is legit. Losing Andre Johnson hurts, obviously.
711Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-1W, IND 24-17at SF
The Bucs have quietly sneaked to the top ten, and they’re hard to beat when LeGarrette Blount is running well.
812San Diego Chargers3-1W, MIA 26-16at DEN
Won an easy one against the Dolphins (and did them a favor), and now San Diego needs a road win in the division.
94Buffalo Bills3-1L, CIN 20-23vs. PHI
The Bills fell victim to their own script on Sunday, and they could drive a nail in the Philly coffin this week.
1016Tennessee Titans3-1W, CLE 31-13at PIT
No Britt, no problem for the Titans, who have Chris Johnson back on track. They’re a sleeper playoff bye-week team.
1114Washington Redskins3-1W, STL 17-10Bye
The Redskins won an ugly one against the Rams but found (or rather, re-found) a star running back in Ryan Torain.
1215New York Giants3-1W, ARI 31-27vs. SEA
The Giants needed a big comeback to beat the Cardinals, which is damning with faint praise. Let’s see a good 60 minutes.
1318Atlanta Falcons2-2W, SEA 30-28vs. GB
Always tough to win in Seattle, but the Falcons held on. Huge game for them against the Packers at home this week.
1420San Francisco 49ers3-1W, PHI 24-23vs. TB
Don’t look now, but the 49ers have locked up a playoff spot already with their two-game advantage in the NFC West.
1517Chicago Bears2-2W, CAR 34-29at DET
Turns out Matt Forte is pretty good running the ball. Will Mike Martz be able to keep up this run-run-run facade?
1610Dallas Cowboys2-2L, DET 30-34Bye
Another gut punch for the Cowboys, who just can’t seem to get out of their own way. And no, I won’t say “Romo-coaster.”
178Pittsburgh Steelers2-2L, HOU 10-17vs. TEN
Don’t count the Steelers out — the back half of the schedule is ridiculously easy, so this team could still get to 12 wins.
189New York Jets2-2L, BAL 17-34at NE
That was not a good showing by the Jets offense on Sunday night, and it gets no easier when they travel to New England.
1913Oakland Raiders2-2L, NE 19-31at HOU
The Raiders played strong but fell to the Patriots. People expect more of the same against the Texans, but watch out.
2025Cincinnati Bengals2-2W, BUF 23-20at JAC
Big win for the Red Rocket in knocking off an undefeated team, and now it’s time to take care of business against a bad one.
2119Philadelphia Eagles1-3L, SF 23-24at BUF
As a Bills and Eagles fan, I’m not sure what to make of the 2011 season — things seem completely backwards right now.
2222Carolina Panthers1-3L, CHI 29-34vs. NO
The Panthers played tough in another close game, and it feels like they have a shot to take down the elite Saints.
2321Cleveland Browns2-2L, TEN 13-31Bye
Despite completing 40 passes on Sunday, the Browns were still hammered. Now Peyton Hillis wants a trade.
2423Seattle Seahawks1-3L, ATL 28-30at NYG
Close, but no cigar. After a couple of home games, the Seahawks go back on the road for what should be a sure loss.
2524Arizona Cardinals1-3L, NYG 27-31at MIN
The Cardinals just can’t catch any breaks, though there’s no excuse for allowing the Giants to come back. Need a win here.
2632Kansas City Chiefs1-3W, MIN 22-17at IND
The Chiefs won an ugly game against a terrible team, and unfortunately for them, that’s the best thing they’ve done in 2011.
2727Denver Broncos1-3L, GB 23-49vs. SD
The Broncos never had a chance against the Packers, and they still remain reluctant to play Tim Tebow. Why?
2828Jacksonville Jaguars1-3L, NO 10-23vs. CIN
It turns out that Blaine Gabbert might not be ready to be a starting NFL quarterback. The Jags have a shot at the No. 1 pick.
2926Minnesota Vikings0-4L, KC 17-22vs. ARI
They couldn’t even muster up the strength to post a double-digit halftime lead this week. Time to clear out and start over?
3030St. Louis Rams0-4L, WAS 10-17Bye
The ugliness that is the 2011 Rams continues, and now top receiver Danny Amendola is missing the entire year.
3131Indianapolis Colts0-4L, TB 17-24vs. KC
Curtis Painter played awful, but the Colts looked a little more dangerous with him at QB. Can they get a win this week?
3229Miami Dolphins0-4L, SD 16-26Bye
The Dolphins are the new favorites to land Andrew Luck. Brandon Marshall should drop every pass for the rest of the year.

R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe, writes for FanDuel and Razzball and has previously written for FanHouse. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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3 Responses to “NFL Rankings: New Bottom Feeder in Week 5”

  1. User avatar Navyseal says:

    Great stuff, as always, if not a bit simplistic regarding the rationale behind the seedings… just one bone to pick — Oakland looks juuust a bit stronger than their 19th power-ranking position, after all, isn’t the NFL really all about running the ball and stopping the run? I believe that the “Raideeahs” would beat Dallas, the Forty-niners, the G-Men AND my beloved Redskins frankly…

    Oh well, podody’s nerfect…

  2. User avatar daullaz says:

    I agree myself that Oakland is better than the 19th best team in the league — in fact, I think they’re going to win the division and potentially a home playoff game this year. I’m sure they’ll win some more games and separate themselves sooner or later. There’s a lot of solid 2-2 teams are probably better than a lot of 3-1 teams, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if anyone from 1 to 22 makes the playoffs.

  3. User avatar Navyseal says:

    Speaking of OAK —



    “Just win, baby…”


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