SleepersJuly 28, 2011

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By Michael Hawes

Normally the 26th ranked WR, a guy going in the sixth round is not considered a sleeper. Percy Harvin is something special and can easily outperform that ranking; I expect he will. He has started his NFL career with respectable stats despite having severe migraine issues that have contributed to him missing three full games and starts in 12. Harvin believes the migraines are behind him after finding a new treatment program. Harvin is entering Year 3, the traditional breakout year for WRs, and has all the tools to explode into fantasy superstardom.

Sidney Rice is now out of the picture, moving on to Seattle and leaving the door wide open for Harvin. Donovan McNabb has just joined the team, adding experience, a decent arm and several years of helping make WRs stars in Philadelphia. Minnesota may not be the Minnesota of 1999 but they have a lot of talent on offense. A good line, Adrian Peterson keeping every defense honest and two talented TEs can certainly give Harvin some room to make plays. If Minnesota can find a deep threat, it would be another step to Harvin breaking out. I don’t see this as very likely, but it is also not mandatory for Harvin’s 2011 success.

If you have ever seen Harvin play, he is one of those guys that just seems to make it look easy. Chris Johnson of the Titans is one of those guys, casually running around making everyone else look like high school players. DeSean Jackson also comes to mind. A different style to be sure, but it just makes it look so easy at times. Wonderful speed, incredible quickness along with decent hands and a surprising vertical is the start of Harvin’s possible greatness. Pull up some highlights of him on the net if you have not seen a lot of Minnesota games; I hope he will impress you as much as he does me.

The desire to be great is what can push Percy Harvin into the upper echelon of NFL WRs, and he does have that desire. He is being taken in the sixth round as the 26th WR off the board, while I would take him in the third or fourth rounds and rank him around WR13 or WR14. I can also see him cracking the top 10 if conditions are favorable for him in 2011.

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One Response to “Percy Harvin”

  1. User avatar J Per says:

    I love Harvin but his migraines worry me. A lot. I thought I had heard him say they were under control before last season and they returned. They seem like they come and go and are very unpredictable. I’m sure getting hit on a weekly basis doesn’t help. If he can play in every game, I totally agree with you that Harvin could break out. However, migraines are a condition that worries me more than any injury.


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