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2012 Rookie Dynasty Rankings

By murphysxm

I will be tackling some 2012 rookie dynasty rankings. I am still a fan and promoter of re-draft or limited keeper leagues, but there is no question Dynasty is a growing trend. Before I dive in, it goes without saying that need and circumstances can always trump a rankings list. I don’t have Richardson No. 1, but if I am set at QB or desperate at RB, you go with the Richardson every time.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way; who the heck is murphysxm? I admit it, this is my first stab at article writing. Why do I mention that? I was hoping some slack would be cut or you are awed by my insight and fantasy knowledge. Hey, a guy can dream.

  1. Andrew Luck, QB, IND. Look, he’s being called the most polished NFL ready QB prospect since Elway. Will Griffin be better in fantasy sooner? Possibly. Will Richardson be more valuable this year? Most likely. But in three or four years Luck will be a perennial top-five QB. I’m not passing on that.
  2. Trent Richardson, RB, CLE. The talent is there, the situation is there, and he should be locked and loaded from Day 1. My guess is he is a solid RB2 this year and borderline RB1 next year. He’s not as good as Adrian Peterson coming into the league, but he’s going to touch the rock more than 275 times, and he can do some great things with that workload.
  3. Robert Griffin III, QB, WAS. I don’t expect Cam Newton numbers, only because of the crazy rushing TDs. The fact is that RGIII is a good QB even if he never uses his legs. However, those legs can do great things. I have slight concern over him getting injured due to his smaller frame, and I think he and Mike Shanahan are not going to mesh, but Griffin’s poise and talent are elite.
  4. Justin Blackmon, WR, JAC. There are concerns that he is a result of the system he played in last year, and Blaine Gabbert is brutal. I don’t buy it. Teams will stack the box on Maurice Jones-Drew, and Blackmon is going to have plenty of space to catch and run. To me his strength is YAC and elusiveness; he should get those shots in that offense.
  5. Doug Martin, RB, TB. I am not as sold on his skill set as some of the pundits, but he landed in a great spot. LeGarrette Blount can’t catch or block and Martin is already being anointed the starter.
  6. Michael Floyd, WR, ARI. I expect Floyd to hit the ground running. I know he is sharing catches with one of the best WRs out there and his QB situation is horrible, but I think he is going to flourish as a secondary target.
  7. David Wilson, RB, NYG. There is no way Ahmad Bradshaw makes it the whole season healthy. Wilson is already the second best RB on the roster.
  8. Alshon Jeffery, WR, CHI. My first “stretch.” This is as much about situation as talent, even though he has great skills as well. Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte will be such a focus for opposing defenses that Jeffrey will swoop in and take the stats.
  9. Ryan Tannehill, QB, MIA. By now everybody knows that he won’t walk into the NFL and start from Day 1. I mean the dude was a WR a couple of years ago. That being said, Miami pushed all their chips in. I think he gets about half the season to watch Matt Moore be average and then he gets the call.
  10. Kendall Wright, WR, TEN. I honestly think this may be the bust rookie WR. He is a good situation and certainly has some skills; he’s just not somebody I would be happy taking here.
  11. Coby Fleener, TE, IND. Rookie QBs love TEs as a safety net anyway, but throw in their college connection…
  12. Brian Quick, WR, STL. Count me as a believer that Sam Bradford has all the talent in the world. I don’t see Clayton every being the “man” and I think Quick has a real solid chance to be an instant favorite in Rams land.
  13. Isiah Pead, RB, STL. How do the Rams have two up so high? No RB in football has more tread on their tires than Stephen Jackson. Quick, there is a gun to your head, name another NFL caliber RB on their roster?
  14. Stephen Hill, WR, NYJ. There is not a QB in town that can throw the ball. He does have an advantage of walking into pretty consistent playing time
  15. Rueben Randle, WR, NYG. This is who I was screaming at the TV for my Colts to draft when they took Fleener. I have a very good feeling this kid is going to be a very solid NFL receiver for a decade. That being said, he’s got studs ahead of him, which caps his immediate potential.
  16. Lamar Miller, RB, MIA. These RBs from “The U” always seem to get past the college injury concerns and contribute well at the next level. I think Reggie Bush comes down slightly and Daniel Thomas improves, but Miller’s got a shot at consistent PT.
  17. Brandon Weeden, QB, CLE. He’s old as dirt, and the team is not good. Colt McCoy is probably as good as or better than him. However, getting a starting NFL rookie QB in Round 2 of a Dynasty draft is good stuff.
  18. A.J. Jenkins, WR, SF. I actually have him this low because of the landing spot. This guy has serious potential, but San Francisco has approximately 12 RBs, a stud TE and a QB that relies on that stud TE. Jenkins is going to struggle to get consistent touches.
  19. Ronnie Hillman, RB, DEN. If I felt more comfortable that he can block on Day 1, he would be higher. However, you have to pick up the blitz to be on the field with Peyton Manning. Hillman has tons of potential, though.
  20. LaMichael James, RB, SF. I have no clue if he actually sees the field, but there is just too much explosion in this guy to not take the gamble at this point.
  21. Mohamed Sanu, WR, CIN. I think he will be a very average NFL WR, but I think he starts the season as the No. 2 in Cincy; that has perks.
  22. Ladarius Green, TE, SD. Let me introduce you to Antonio Gates’ replacement. Philip Rivers likes to throw to Gates, a lot.
  23. Robert Turbin, RB, SEA. When in doubt, take a RB. Especially on a team that doesn’t have a clear backup plan to the starter.
  24. Russell Wilson, QB, SEA. Look, he’s too short for the NFL, but this kid is a talent.

Well, this gets you through the first couple of rounds. Hope your rookie draft goes well and your team reloads.

Just an average guy that enjoys talking fantasy. Follow me here in the forum under username murphysxm.
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