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Week 5: Is Chris Johnson Back? - 17 comments

By R.J. White

Through three weeks, Chris Johnson was challenging to be the worst first-round fantasy pick of all time. Even first-rounders in years past that have suffered season-ending injuries right at the beginning of the year have allowed their owners to start halfway decent backs in Weeks 2 and 3. Johnson hasn’t afforded that luxury to anyone, rushing for 45 yards on 33 carries in three weeks of play, and the obvious question was, “Is he done?” Week 4 saw an explosion for Johnson, who went up against a tough Houston team and came away with 141 rushing yards on 25 carries. Is he now a locked-in starter on fantasy teams? Not exactly. It’ll take more than one big performance to erase three weeks of stink. For now, consider him a borderline RB2. However, if he posts another good line, he’ll see his stock rise to every-week starter once again.

The rest of the Start/Sit rankings are below, using the Fantasy Pros setup from our preseason rankings. As always, I’ll be checking the comments section throughout the week to answer specific questions.

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17 Responses to “Week 5: Is Chris Johnson Back?”

  1. .5 PPR league, need to pick 2 from:

    Kyle Rudolph vs. TEN
    Dennis Pitta @ KC
    Andrew Hawkins vs. MIA

    Roll with the two TEs?

  2. User avatar WWM says:

    You want start sit advice go to the forums.

    As for the rankings:
    Percy is pretty low in your ranks;care to elaborate on that?

  3. Ripboins says:

    What’s your feeling on James Jones or Andre Roberts, not just for this week, but for the season. I have Brandon Lloyd, Marques Colston and Jeremy Maclin….i need to drop one of them if I were to take Jones or Roberts, but not sure if I should. I would most likely want to drop Maclin for Jones, but do you think Jennings will get healthy and then jones is worthless?

  4. User avatar daullaz says:

    @BronXBombers51: Yes, I’d go TEs.

    @WWM: Harvin ranks about 15th in FPPG in non-PPR leagues right now and has an average matchup. Guys like Andre and Julio rank a little lower but I love their matchups this week.

    @Ripboins: I definitely wouldn’t drop any of your three guys for the two listed.

  5. jfella22 says:

    OK I need 2 RBS 2 WRs and a Flex NON PPR


    Charles- Starting
    Turner- Starting
    Johnson- Bench
    Mendenhall- Bench


    Welker- Starting
    Wayne- Starting
    Decker- Bench
    Colston- Bench

    I’m really debating between starting Maghee, Johnson or Colston at my Flex, But i’m having a tough time deciding who to but at Flex.


  6. msimmons says:

    Jackson or Battle this week? 12tPPR

  7. msimmons says:

    Hawkins cause Miami kills against the run and Pitta because he ha to redeem himself and KC should give up a good number of passing yards. GL@BronXBombers51:

  8. User avatar daullaz says:

    @jfella22: I like Colston in your flex, but either way you go should be solid.

    @msimmons: Jackson.

  9. tkhitter says:

    Kyle Rudolph or Antonio Gates this week?

  10. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Hey Roy,
    Two questions for you. I kind of know who I want to play but I just want confirmation.

    Standard scoring. Stevie Johnson, DESean Jackson, or Torrey Smith? I’m leaning towards Smith
    PPR: Michael Turner or Antonio Brown?
    I’m leaning towards Antonio Brown cause I’m going to Pittsburgh to see the game against the Eagles. I think Turner might be the better play here, but I’m willing to sacrifice five or six points to see Brown live
    Thanks, bro

  11. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Tkhitter: FYI. I saw somewhere that Tennessee has given up seven touchdowns to tight ends already. So Rudolph should be pretty well

  12. User avatar daullaz says:

    @tkhitter: Rudolph

  13. User avatar daullaz says:

    @joejlitz: By Roy, do you mean me? I’d go Smith and Brown.

  14. Garlash says:

    Here’s my big dilema – who to start Chris Johnson or Jackie Battle?

  15. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Sorry RJ. Yes. I meant u. Thanks for the help

  16. Bob E Smash says:

    Need 1 of the following for my Flex. It is a PPR league but very small points are given.

    TD’s are 60pts
    Rushing and receiving yards are 0.5 pts per yard
    Receptions are 2 pts

    Donald Brown
    Pierre Garcon
    Andrew Hawkins


  17. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Garlash: I’d have to go CJ. No telling how much work Battle gets.

    @Bob E Smash: With such heavy PPR emphasis (4 points per yard!), I think you have to go with one of the WRs. I have Garcon slightly ahead, but they’re close, so go with your gut.


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