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Week 6: Down Go the RBs - 18 comments

By R.J. White

It’s been a little difficult finding quality talent on the waiver wire this year, thanks to the mostly great health of the league’s starting personnel at running back. Sure, players like Beanie Wells had been knocked out, but all in all there wasn’t much work to do on the wire. That changed this week, as injuries to Donald Brown, Cedric Benson and Ryan Williams had people scrambling to pick up all the guys that would now be thrust into bigger roles. So where do we rank Alex Green, William Powell, Vick Ballard and all their complementary pieces? Check them out below.

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R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe and contributes to's MLB Rumors blog. He has previously written for FanHouse, Razzball and FanDuel. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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18 Responses to “Week 6: Down Go the RBs”

  1. User avatar joejlitz says:

    I’m not watching the Buffalo Bills play but I think their defense is getting a bad rap in the last couple weeks. At the beginning of the season they were considered to be a viable option, especially with Mariot Williams on the defensive line. But in the last two weeks they got smoked by the patriots and the Packers and everybody seems to have jumped off ship. Those are two high-powered offenses.

    With that said, I kind of like them this week against the Cardinals given up 17 sacks the last two weeks. I’m actually starting them over the patriots who go against Seattle this week.

  2. User avatar Matt214racer says:

    I need help on who to start at QB either Matthew Stafford or Joe Flacco?
    I also need to know who I should start at flex spot out of these guys WR Andre Roberts AZ, WR DeSean Jackson PHI, WR Domenik Hixon NYG, RB Mikel Leshoure DET or RB Alfred Morris WAS? I’m In a NON PPR League and here’s my Roster below and also my league format for starters. So can u look at Roster plus format and tell me who u would start at each position for Week 6?
    I’d appreciate anybodies Opinion and expertise Thanks.

    [color=#0000FF][/color]{My Roster it’s a NON PPR League!!}
    QB:(Matthew Stafford)&(Joe Flacco)
    RB:(LeSean McCoy),(Jamaal Charles),
    (Alfred Morris)&(Mikel Leshoure)
    WR:(Andre Johnson),(James Jones),
    (DeSean Jackson),(Andre Roberts)
    &(Dominek Hixon)
    TE:(Aaron Hernandez)&(Dennis Pitta)
    K:(Sebastian Janikowski)
    DEF:(San Fransisco)
    {My NON PPR League Format!!}
    {Have To Start}:1QB,2RB,2WR,1TE,
    1Flex(RB/WR),Kicker & DEFENSE
    6 Bench players[/color]

  3. Bespo89 says:

    I miss your guys old format of start and sit’um. Where you listed a couple players and had a paragraph or two about each on why you should start or sit them… just sayin’.

  4. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Matt214racer: I’d go Stafford, McCoy, Charles, A.Johnson, D.Jackson, Morris, Pitta, Janikowski, SF.

    @Bespo89: Our other rankers haven’t submitted rankings the last couple weeks, and when it’s just my rankings, posting the Fantasy Pros box saves me a lot of time. But I think at least one will be back next week, so you should get the old format in Week 7.

  5. Bespo89 says:

    Sounds good! On that note, may I ask you a question? I am in a 12 man PPR league and I am having a tough time putting a player in the flex. I have Ben Tate, (Foster in my starting lineup), Mario Manningham, Justin Blackmon, and Bilal Powell on my bench. Need to start one in the flex. Saw Leshoure is out there for Lions but is he worth a waiver for possible one week when I’ll need the waiver drastically next because of byes?? Anyways, who to start?? Help much appreciated! Thanks!

  6. Bespo89 says:

    Edit: Blackmon is on a bye. DOH!

  7. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Bespo89: LeShoure should be owned in all leagues, certainly over Blackmon, Manningham and Powell. I’d drop one of them and use him in your flex.

  8. You like Dalton that much more than Romo? I have Dalton in my lineup right now but just have a gut feeling Cleveland steps up with a big game today and Dallas plays well as a road underdog. Not sure what to do though.

  9. Hi i have an interesting trade offer, i have two amazing QBs RG3 and Peyton Manninga, should i trade Peyton for Brandon Marshall or Adrian Peterson?

  10. User avatar daullaz says:

    @HiramPeonVick0807: Yes, I would do either of those trades in your position. The player I’d grab if both offers were on the table would depend more on the league settings and makeup of your current roster, but all things being equal, Peterson is the better investment.

  11. BoSox3000 says:

    Should I start Doug Martin or Stevan Ridley? Also, I can’t find Forte on the list how do you value him for the rest of the season?

  12. User avatar daullaz says:

    @BoSox3000: This is the Week 6 Start/Sit list, which is why you won’t find Forte (he was on a bye last week). We’ll be posting the Week 7 Start/Sit Wednesday evening. Forte has a great amount of value over the rest of the season — I’d call him a RB1.

  13. BoSox3000 says:

    Oh ok. So I have Arian Foster, my RB1 and Matt Forte, my RB2. I’m filling my Flex spot with either Doug Martin or Stevan Ridley. Which one should I choose?

  14. User avatar daullaz says:

    @BoSox3000: I haven’t done my rankings yet, but they both have great matchups. Ridley has performed better, and I’ll probably give the edge to him personally. But check back with us tomorrow night when the rankings come out to see our final answer.

  15. Rma0214 says:

    I am having trouble on deciding who start at flex in my PPR league this week. My options are Randall Cobb, Rashard Mendenhall, or Felix Jones. Advice is greatly appreciated.

  16. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Rma0214: Probably Jones.

  17. Blazin Moose says:

    @daullaz: @daullaz:

    Looking for advise on who to play at Flex in a non PPR league. Antonio Brown, Alfred Morris, or Denarius Moore? Who would you go with? Thanks for any help!

  18. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Blazin Moose: I think you have to go RB there, though I like Moore this week. If it was me, I’d do Morris in a non-PPR.


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