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Week 7: Felix Jones, RB1 - 15 comments

By R.J. White

With DeMarco Murray expected to miss Sunday’s game against the Panthers, Felix Jones enters RB1 territory in our rankings. He was the top waiver pickup this week; if you got him, use him. In other injury news, it looks like tight end Jimmy Graham may not be able to play. We’ve ranked him as if he’ll be active, but you obviously want to be ready with a backup plan (pick Brandon Myers, he’s still not getting enough love). At wide receiver, we’re expecting absences from Greg Jennings and Pierre Garcon, so you won’t find them below. Who are you thinking about starting and sitting? Let us know in the comments section, as always, and join us for our weekly Sunday morning chat if you still have questions leading up to kickoff.

1Drew BreesNOat TB
2Aaron RodgersGBat STL
3Robert Griffin IIIWASat NYG
4Eli ManningNYGvs. WAS
5Tom BradyNEvs. NYJ
6Ben RoethlisbergerPITat CIN
7Cam NewtonCARvs. DAL
8Andrew LuckINDvs. CLE
9Andy DaltonCINvs. PIT
10Matthew StaffordDETat CHI
11Josh FreemanTBvs. NO
12Joe FlaccoBALat HOU
13Jay CutlerCHIvs. DET
14Tony RomoDALat CAR
15Carson PalmerOAKvs. JAC
16Matt SchaubHOUvs. BAL
17Ryan FitzpatrickBUFvs. TEN
18Christian PonderMINvs. ARI
19Matt HasselbeckTENat BUF
20Alex SmithSFvs. SEA
21Mark SanchezNYJat NE
22Sam BradfordSTLvs. GB
23Brandon WeedenCLEat IND
24Russell WilsonSEAat SF
25John SkeltonARIat MIN
26Blaine GabbertJACat OAK
27Colin KaepernickSFvs. SEA
28Tim TebowNYJat NE

Start: Andrew Luck, Colts. Luck came into last week’s matchup with the Jets on fire, with three consecutive two-TD games to his credit. However, he was held off the scoreboard in New York and threw two picks. He should be back to lighting it up this week, facing a Browns defense allowing more than 300 yards per game to fantasy QBs as well as 2.5 passing TDs per game. They’re the second best QB matchup to exploit, so that’s what we’re going to do with Luck.

Bench: Christian Ponder, Vikings. I’ve been a believer in Ponder over the last few weeks, but he’s a guy you want to avoid when he draws a tough matchup. That’s going to happen this week when he faces a Cardinals team that’s made life difficult for fantasy QBs this year, ceding just 235 passing yards per game to QBs while allowing less than a TD per game on average. With six byes, it may be difficult to scratch up a different starter this week, but if you can, do so.

RankRunning BacksTeamOpp
1Arian FosterHOUvs. BAL
2Ray RiceBALat HOU
3Maurice Jones-DrewJACat OAK
4Trent RichardsonCLEat IND
5Adrian PetersonMINvs. ARI
6Darren McFaddenOAKvs. JAC
7Stevan RidleyNEvs. NYJ
8Matt ForteCHIvs. DET
9Ahmad BradshawNYGvs. WAS
10Doug MartinTBvs. NO
11C.J. SpillerBUFvs. TEN
12Felix JonesDALat CAR
13Alfred MorrisWASat NYG
14Darren SprolesNOat TB
15Marshawn LynchSEAat SF
16Chris JohnsonTENat BUF
17Frank GoreSFvs. SEA
18Fred JacksonBUFvs. TEN
19Mikel LeshoreDETat CHI
20Shonn GreeneNYJat NE
21Rashard MendenhallPITat CIN
22Alex GreenGBat STL
23Steven JacksonSTLvs. GB
24BenJarvus Green-EllisCINvs. PIT
25Vick BallardINDvs. CLE
26Michael BushCHIvs. DET
27William PowellARIat MIN
28Pierre ThomasNOat TB
29DeAngelo WilliamsCARvs. DAL
30LeGarrette BlountTBvs. NO
31Jonathan StewartCARvs. DAL
32Daryl RichardsonSTLvs. GB
33Ben TateHOUvs. BAL
34David WilsonNYGvs. WAS
35Brandon BoldenNEvs. NYJ
36Danny WoodheadNEvs. NYJ
37Montario HardestyCLEat IND
38Mark IngramNOat TB
39Kendall HunterSFvs. SEA
40Isaac RedmanPITat CIN
41Joique BellDETat CHI
42LaRod Stephens-HowlingARIat MIN
43Mike GoodsonOAKvs. JAC
44Cedric PeermanCINvs. PIT
45Mewelde MooreINDvs. CLE
46Phillip TannerDALat CAR
47Shane VereenNEvs. NYJ
48Brandon JacobsSFvs. SEA
49Justin ForsettHOUvs. BAL
50John KuhnGBat STL

Start: Chris Johnson, Titans. OK, CJ0K, I don’t want to believe in you again, but after rolling up your second productive day in three weeks, I can’t keep you on the bench any longer (theoretical bench, as I’m lucky enough not to actually own him in any league). While he still hasn’t reached the end zone this year, Johnson did manage 114 total yards against the Steelers two weeks after posting 157 yards against the Texans. Buffalo isn’t an imposing run D, so run him out there (and cross your fingers).

Sit: Daryl Richardson, Rams. Richardson essentially split time evenly with Steven Jackson this week, so it’s got to be pretty tempting to use him against an average Packers run defense this week. However, he has just two solid fantasy performances and four lousy ones this season, and the first good one came way back in Week 2. Richardson also hasn’t reached the end zone this year. He seems like a borderline flex play rather than a RB2 option until we see more.

RankWide ReceiversTeamOpp
1A.J. GreenCINvs. PIT
2Victor CruzNYGvs. WAS
3Calvin JohnsonDETat CHI
4Brandon MarshallCHIvs. DET
5Percy HarvinMINvs. ARI
6Marques ColstonNOat TB
7Wes WelkerNEvs. NYJ
8Reggie WayneINDvs. CLE
9Larry FitzgeraldARIat MIN
10Vincent JacksonTBvs. NO
11Hakeem NicksNYGvs. WAS
12Mike WallacePITat CIN
13Jordy NelsonGBat STL
14Dez BryantDALat CAR
15Andre JohnsonHOUvs. BAL
16Steve JohnsonBUFvs. TEN
17Mike WilliamsTBvs. NO
18Kenny BrittTENat BUF
19Denarius MooreOAKvs. JAC
20Torrey SmithBALat HOU
21Antonio BrownPITat CIN
22James JonesGBat STL
23Miles AustinDALat CAR
24Steve SmithCARvs. DAL
25Brandon LloydNEvs. NYJ
26Brandon GibsonSTLvs. GB
27Randall CobbGBat STL
28Anquan BoldinBALat HOU
29Michael CrabtreeSFvs. SEA
30Josh GordonCLEat IND
31Sidney RiceSEAat SF
32Kendall WrightTENat BUF
33Lance MooreNOat TB
34Nate BurlesonDETat CHI
35Domenik HixonNYGvs. WAS
36Jeremy KerleyNYJat NE
37Darrius Heyward-BeyOAKvs. JAC
38Stephen HillNYJat NE
39Donnie AveryINDvs. CLE
40Andre RobertsARIat MIN
41Devery HendersonNOat TB
42Santana MossWASat NYG
43Justin BlackmonJACat OAK
44Andrew HawkinsCINvs. PIT
45Brandon LaFellCARvs. DAL
46Nate WashingtonTENat BUF
47Greg LittleCLEat IND
48Titus YoungDETat CHI
49Chris GivensSTLvs. GB
50Mario ManninghamSFvs. SEA
51Leonard HankersonWASat NYG
52Cecil ShortsJACat OAK
53Golden TateSEAat SF
54Donald JonesBUFvs. TEN
55T.Y. HiltonINDvs. CLE
56Kevin WalterHOUvs. BAL
57Emmanuel SandersPITat CIN
58Earl BennettCHIvs. DET
59Doug BaldwinSEAat SF
60Jerome SimpsonMINvs. ARI

Start: Domenik Hixon, Giants. The Giants receivers draw the best possible fantasy matchup at their position this week, taking on a Redskin defense that has been run over by WRs this year. It was nearly enough to make Victor Cruz our No. 1 receiver this week, and it’s enough to push Hixon into WR3 territory. He’s managed to grab 15 balls for 247 yards over the last three weeks, and I expect him to at least hit that average in this great matchup.

Sit: Chris Givens, Rams. The rookie has been a big-play threat over the past couple weeks, leading to him getting some love on the waiver wire this week. But he’s strictly a modest-boom-or-bust guy, because if he doesn’t catch his one deep ball, you have a dud on your hands. He did manage to catch three passes last week after hauling in just one per game in his previous two weeks, but unless I’m desperate, I’m not touching him, even for the flex.

RankTight EndsTeamOpp
1Rob GronkowskiNEvs. NYJ
2Jimmy GrahamNOat TB
3Vernon DavisSFvs. SEA
4Aaron HernandezNEvs. NYJ
5Owen DanielsHOUvs. BAL
6Kyle RudolphMINvs. ARI
7Jason WittenDALat CAR
8Heath MillerPITat CIN
9Jermaine GreshamCINvs. PIT
10Brandon PettigrewDETat CHI
11Greg OlsenCARvs. DAL
12Scott ChandlerBUFvs. TEN
13Jared CookTENat BUF
14Martellus BennettNYGvs. WAS
15Fred DavisWASat NYG
16Jermichael FinleyGBat STL
17Dennis PittaBALat HOU
18Brandon MyersOAKvs. JAC
19Marcedes LewisJACat OAK
20Colby FleenerINDvs. CLE
21Dwayne AllenINDvs. CLE
22Kellen DavisCHIvs. DET
23Dustin KellerNYJat NE
24Lance KendricksSTLvs. GB
25Tony SchefflerDETat CHI

Start: Scott Chandler, Bills. The Titans have allowed 82.5 yards and 1.17 TDs to opposing TEs per game this season, making them a great target if you can find a solid TE playing the team. Chandler has been quiet the past two weeks but does have four TDs this season, so this seems like a great matchup to exploit.

Sit: Fred Davis, Redskins. Davis hasn’t caught a touchdown this year, leading to pretty mediocre numbers over the first six weeks. Now he’s facing the Giants, a team that hasn’t allowed a tight end to catch a TD all year. The Giants have also held opposing TEs to under 50 yards per game, which adds up to another disappointing performance for Davis.

RankTeam DefenseTeamOpp
1BearsCHIvs. DET
2CardinalsARIat MIN
3TexansHOUvs. BAL
4SeahawksSEAat SF
5PatriotsNEvs. NYJ
649ersSFvs. SEA
7GiantsNYGvs. WAS
8PackersGBat STL
9VikingsMINvs. ARI
10RavensBALat HOU
11BrownsCLEat IND
12CowboysDALat CAR
13SteelersPITat CIN
14BengalsCINvs. PIT
15RamsSTLvs. GB
16PanthersCARvs. DAL
17BillsBUFvs. TEN
18RedskinsWASat NYG
19LionsDETat CHI
20BuccaneersTBvs. NO
21RaidersOAKvs. JAC
22SaintsNOat TB
23TitansTENat BUF
24ColtsINDvs. CLE
25JetsNYJat NE
26JaguarsJACat OAK

Start: Minnesota Vikings. The Cardinals are surrendering 4.5 sacks per game, which is great news for a defense predicated on pressure from Jared Allen. He’ll also likely get to feast on backup QB John Skelton, who will play in his first game since Week 1. If he’s rusty, the defense could scoop up multiple turnovers to go along with multiple sacks.

Sit: New York Jets. I still see the Jets defense owned in a lot of leagues, and I just don’t get it. They’ve been pretty bad over the first five weeks of the year, managing their first good performance last week against the Colts. Now they have to go into New England and play a team that knows their weaknesses better than anyone. I’d definitely look somewhere else.

1Lawrence TynesNYGvs. WAS
2Stephen GostkowskiNEvs. NYJ
3Jason HansonDETat CHI
4Blair WalshMINvs. ARI
5Greg ZuerleinSTLvs. GB
6Robbie GouldCHIvs. DET
7David AkersSFvs. SEA
8Shayne GrahamHOUvs. BAL
9Sebastian JanikowskiOAKvs. JAC
10Connor BarthTBvs. NO
11Justin TuckerBALat HOU
12Shaun SuishamPITat CIN
13Mason CrosbyGBat STL
14Dan BaileyDALat CAR
15Garrett HartleyNOat TB
16Phil DawsonCLEat IND
17Rob BironasTENat BUF
18Kai ForbathWASat NYG
19Rian LindellBUFvs. TEN
20Adam VinatieriINDvs. CLE
21Josh ScobeeJACat OAK
22Steven HauschkaSEAat SF
23Jay FeelyARIat MIN
24Mike NugentCINvs. PIT
25Justin MedlockCARvs. DAL
26Nick FolkNYJat NE

R.J. White is the head editor at the Cafe and contributes to's MLB Rumors blog. He has previously written for FanHouse, Razzball and FanDuel. Catch up with him in the forums under the name daullaz. Follow him on Twitter; don't follow him in real life.
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15 Responses to “Week 7: Felix Jones, RB1”

  1. jmp14 says:

    I’m really struggling with starting the Cardinals D. I think MIN’s D will force Skelton and company into a ton of three-and-outs. I think by the 3rd quarter, they’ll be worn down and AP will have his way with them. I’m seriously considering starting OAK’s D. Can anyone provide a fresh set of eyes on this?

    Also, no concern that Haden will shut down Reggie Wayne the way Cromartie did for most of Week 6? I’ve got Stevie Johnson on my bench. Thanks in advance!

  2. User avatar daullaz says:

    @jmp14: Not really concerned about Haden. A.J. Green still got his last week, and Luck’s already proven he’ll target Wayne constantly no matter what.

    On Oakland’s D, while it seems like they have a solid matchup, they just haven’t gotten anything done in fantasy all year. They had no picks in their first four games before somehow getting three against the Falcons (I’d call that an outlier). They forced four fumbles against Pittsburgh in Week 3 and none in their other four games. And they haven’t had more than one sack in a game this season. I can understand being concerned with the Cards D, but if you’re going to go with an alternative, I think you have to do better than Oakland.

  3. User avatar chcbb says:

    What happened to the format from the past couple of weeks w/ the scroll tables and ability to switch between standard/ppr scoring? I liked that!

  4. User avatar daullaz says:

    @chcbb: I was the only ranker the past two weeks, so I imported my rankings directly from Fantasy Pros. Since we’re back to multiple rankers this week, I had to make tables manually in the post to reflect our averages. Of course, another commenter said in one of those posts with the FP tables that he likes it this way instead, so I guess we can’t please everyone!

  5. Trying to decide between Torrey Smith and Kyle Rudolph for my last flex in a .5 PPR. I’m leaning Rudolph because he seems to get a good deal more targets and a lot of red zone looks, whereas Smith is very boom or bust. Thoughts?

  6. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Eli #4. I own Eli and saw a stat that he only has 16 TDs in 15 games vs. the Redskins, so I am tempering my expectations.

  7. User avatar joejlitz says:

    About the rankings…when you were ranking solo we could choose between standard scoring and PPR. Which are the above?


  8. User avatar daullaz says:

    @joejlitz: These are standard.

    @BronXBombers51: I think I like Rudolph over Smith there. The TE plays every snap in the Minny offense, so he should get plenty of work in theory.

  9. User avatar chcbb says:

    In PPR, which two RB: Ridley, Martin, Morris?

  10. User avatar daullaz says:

    @chcbb: I’d go Ridley and Martin.

  11. User avatar yetiboy says:

    Any chance you can start adding PPR rankings in here along with standard in the future, since you did that when you were on your own anyway? Or if any of the other experts also rank according to PPR doing a combined ranking like you do with standard?

  12. chqusmc says:

    if keller is 100% shouldn’t he be like the keller last year?

  13. User avatar daullaz says:

    @yetiboy: If you go to and type in the players you’re comparing, you can select PPR and see who I’d go with.

    @chqusmc: Maybe? The offense is pretty bad most weeks.

  14. User avatar daullaz says:

    Join us in our weekly chat to get your questions answered before kickoff:

  15. User avatar joejlitz says:

    joejlitz says:
    October 18, 2012 at 5:49 pm (Edit)
    Eli #4. I own Eli and saw a stat that he only has 16 TDs in 15 games vs. the Redskins, so I am tempering my expectations.

    Quoting myself here and am sad when my own negative predictions come true. *SIGH*


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