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Week 14: Backup Plan - 13 comments

By R.J. White

Folks that were hoping to have Percy Harvin back for the fantasy playoffs and now scrambling for a backup plan. One thing’s for sure: it’s not safe to bank on any other Minnesota receiver seeing a significant boost of value. For the remainder of the season, that Viking offense is Adrian Peterson on first, second and third down, with a little bit of Kyle Rudoplh sprinkled in. Aside from that, where do we rank new starters Alex Green, Montell Owens and others? See for yourself below.

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13 Responses to “Week 14: Backup Plan”

  1. Willie P says:

    I have Larry Fitzgerald, and I am wondering what are the reasons you have him ranked far above his ECR?

  2. Bespo89 says:

    Got a bit of a defense pickle. Got three defenses (Yes, I said 3 defenses). Need to start one in a standard 12 man league ppr where INT are +2,sacks +2, TD +6. Got Pittsburgh, Ravens, and 49ers. Leaning on Pittsburgh but 49ers is probably the safe bet? Back in forth with it and this is for the regular season finish this week. Could you please provide some kinda helpful input? Thanks.

  3. User avatar chcbb says:

    So do I start Peyton over Rodgers?? Goes against the mantra “start your studs” … then again Manning is a stud this year too. And it’s week 1 of the playoffs for me, so I’ve gotta go for it.

  4. User avatar daullaz says:

    @Willie P: I think the rankers are forgetting just how talented he is. With Skelton back under center, he has a puncher’s chance at putting together top-10 numbers in any game, regardless of the matchup. I’d take him over clear WR3s for that upside.

    @chcbb: I would. Manning has outscored Rodgers this year, and the time for small sample sizes has passed. Rodgers has been particular pedestrian in recent weeks. At this point, I’ll take the better matchup of the two, and that’s clearly Peyton tonight against the Raiders.

    @Bespo89: Consensus says SF, but I go with you and like PIT of the three.

  5. Pythagoras says:

    No data available?

  6. msimmons says:

    Knowshon or Steven Jackson?

  7. TEEJAY222 says:

    Any way Josh Freeman at home vs the Eagles would start over Drew Brees at the NY Giants? I just think Brees is going to get clobbered with NO offensive line problems. Any thoughts?

  8. User avatar daullaz says:

    @TEEJAY222: I couldn’t bench Brees for Freeman in the playoffs, regardless of any matchups.

  9. adam.tussey says:

    i’m really torn this week at QB and Flex: Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman? At flex I can go with crabtree, miles austin, anquan boldin, or vick ballard? its a PPR league. any advice would be appreciated.

  10. User avatar joejlitz says:

    Is Cobb a significantly better play than T. Smith or is it as close as your ranking suggest? I’ve got to decide between the two. Jordy Nelson is out this week and while that is supposed to help Cobb, it hurt him earlier in the season. Thoughts?

  11. User avatar daullaz says:

    @adam.tussey: Even though Ryan has fallen off lately, I still like him to have a good game against Carolina. I think he’s “safer” than Freeman. I think I like Ballard the most of your flex options, even in a PPR, because of his great matchup.

    @joejlitz: The weather might be a problem in the GB-DET game, but I think I’d still go with Cobb, despite Smith’s great matchup.

  12. User avatar daullaz says:

    Get last-minute questions answered in our weekly chat:

  13. User avatar dweenmachine says:

    Dang, how many people (myself included) got burned by Bradshaw this week??!!!!


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