ReviewJune 20, 2012

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2012 Dynasty Rookie Draft ADPs - 9 comments

By stomperrob

With many dynasty rookie drafts taking place at this time of year, it may be useful to examine the ADP (Average Draft Position) for the the top fifty rookies. The ADP is based on draft results from several rookie drafts that have already been completed in Fantasy Football Cafe leagues. The “Spread” refers to the highest and lowest each player has been drafted in the various leagues. For example, Andrew Luck is 5th in the rankings, his ADP is 4.71 and he has been drafted as high as the 2nd overall pick and as low as the 7th overall pick. For some players the spread is very large.

One thing that has to be taken into account is drafting philosophies. While some people draft according to who is the BPA (Best Player Available), others draft based on team needs, and most people probably use a combination of the two.

1Trent Richardson – RB, CLE1.001/1
2Doug Martin – RB, TB2.712/4
3Robert Griffin III – QB, WAS3.572/5
4David Wilson – RB, NYG4.433/7
5Andrew Luck – QB, IND4.712/7
6Justin Blackmon – WR, JAX4.863/6
7Michael Floyd – WR, ARI6.716/7
8Kendall Wright – WR, TEN8.718/10
9Isaiah Pead – RB, STL10.288/15
10Coby Fleener – TE, IND11.438/13
11Alshon Jeffery – WR, CHI11.869/15
12Ronnie Hillman – RB, DEN13.149/17
13Brian Quick – WR, STL13.2910/17
14Stephen Hill – WR, NYJ13.2911/17
15Lamar Miller – RB, MIA13.8611/16
16Rueben Randle – WR, NYG15.0010/18
17Mohamed Sanu – WR, CIN16.8614/24
18Ryan Tannehill – QB, MIA18.1413/23
19LaMichael James – RB, SF19.0017/22
20Robert Turbin – RB, SEA21.1420/25
21A. J. Jenkins – WR, SF21.8620/25
22Bernard Pierce – RB, BAL22.2920/27
23Ryan Broyles – WR, DET24.4321/29
24Marvin Jones – WR, CIN25.5725/29
25Chris Givens – WR, STL25.7119/30
26Greg Childs – WR, Min26.5725/31
27Ladarius Green – TE, SD27.7119/44
28Nick Toon – WR, NO32.2926/41
29Adrien Robinson – TE, NYG32.2927/50
30Vick Ballard – RB, IND32.2728/36
31Brandon Weeden – QB, CLE33.2924/38
32Chris Polk – RB, PHI33.5724/42
33Russell Wilson – QB, SEA34.4326/43
34DeVier Posey – WR, HOU34.8618/46
35Chris Rainey – RB, PIT35.8631/45
36Juron Criner – WR, OAK36.0029/42
37Tommy Streeter – WR, BAL36.1426/41
38Cyrus Gray – RB, KC40.2933/46
39Dwayne Allen – TE, IND41.7534/55
40Marvin McNutt – WR, PHI41.8631/53
41Terrance Ganaway – RB, NYJ42.7128/51
42Joe Adams – WR, CAR44.5736/52
43Devon Wylie – WR, KC45.0032/50
44Bryce Brown – RB, PHI46.1439/57
45Jeff Fuller – WR, MIA47.5734/57
46Danny Coale – WR, DAL49.1440/54
47T.Y. Hilton – WR, IND49.1437/61
48Lavon Brazil – WR, IND49.4342/55
49Boom Herron – RB, CIN51.8646/61
50Michael Smith – RB, TB52.0030/61

Rob Humeston, aka stomper, has been a member of the Cafe since 2004. A few years ago he became addicted to taking over abandoned dynasty teams and rebuilding them.
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9 Responses to “2012 Dynasty Rookie Draft ADPs”

  1. murphysxm says:

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this. Out of curiosity, how many drafts does this represent?

  2. User avatar stomperrob says:

    The stats are based on 7 rookie drafts concluded here at the Cafe (1×10 team league, 5×12 team leagues and 1×14 team league).

  3. LS2throwed says:

    Very well done Stomper, I appreciate this. I was actually doing this very same thing in my head to prepare for a rookie draft and this makes it so much easier. I think this would be very helpful for leagues that draft rookies in July/August. The interesting part is the drafts that take place to set the ADP and the ones that draft after the value has already been set.

  4. User avatar stomperrob says:

    Thanks LS2 – kinda interesting to see some of those spreads – take a guy like #26 Greg Childs who has a fairly tight spread of 25/31 and contrast that with #27 Ladarius Webb who has a huge spread of 19/44.

  5. User avatar Indibuck says:

    good stuff man!

  6. LS2throwed says:

    I also think it’s interesting that RGIII and Luck both topped out as the 2nd overall pick but Luck lasted a big longer to pick 7 while RGIII doesn’t make it past 5.

    The top 7 looks to be pretty consistent all over the place.

    How many drafts was this taken from again? Interesting to see who the “typical” picks are to round out the 1st round.

  7. User avatar stomperrob says:

    Taken from 7 rookie drafts. One I found interesting is Michael Floyd who has always gone 6th or 7th, not much spread there – everyone seems to have him ranked pretty much the same.

  8. Very good info thanks for doing this Rob

  9. User avatar Gibbs Baby says:

    Has there been any update to this?


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