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Scott Engel's FF -Friday Chat Session

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Scott Engel's FF -Friday Chat Session

Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:00 pm

well here it is--Friday's Chat session..enjoy

Fantasy Football Chat - Dec. 10
Friday, December 10, 2004
Welcome to The Show! Every Friday, ESPN's fantasy games expert Scott Engel will drop by to take your questions and analyze all the latest news and results from a fantasy perspective. Send your questions now and join Scott in The Show on Friday at 10 a.m. ET!

Bill (Sacramento): Who do you start at QB, Collins or Brooks? At flex, O. Smith or D. Mason?

Scott Engel: (10:02 AM ET ) Good morning, everyone, and best of luck in Week 14!

Collins is hot right now - stick with him. Smith for sure, especially against Seattle.

Rod (Marysville, WA): Good morning, I need a little help pleaase! Marcus Robinson or Jevon Walker? Curtis Martin or Warrick Dunn? Thanks.

Scott Engel: (10:02 AM ET ) You should never bench Walker. Martin is much more reliable than Dunn.

Laura (milwaukee, WI): any news on mcnair and brown? I want to start volek if mcnair is out. Otherwise which one? Palmer and Plummer

Scott Engel: (10:03 AM ET ) McNair is unlikely to play,a nd Brown will be a gametime decision. I would start Palmer over Volek or Plummer.

Brooke (Teaneck NJ): Scott, please help, I need a win to get into the playoffs. Is Derrick Blaylock worth a start over Steven Jackson and Chris Brown. My other starter would be Ahman Green. Thanks for the help.

Scott Engel: (10:05 AM ET ) Blaylock seems to be the best of those 3 - all are risks. Expect Ahman to rebound this week.

Paul (VA): so is brown worth taking a risk on when you have to decide by gametime sunday?

Scott Engel: (10:06 AM ET ) No - even if he plays, he might not finish, like last week. The situation is not very "fetch."

Chris (Tx): Quick! Need a win in the first round! Rothlisberger or Vick?

Scott Engel: (10:06 AM ET ) I'd use Vick - Roethlisberger is not a good fantasy starter but he's a dope real life QB.

Roger (Detroit): Would you bench Delhomme in favor of Brooks if your opponent is starting Muhammed?

Scott Engel: (10:07 AM ET ) I would not worry about my opponent - just start your better player - that's Delhomme and he's jiggy.

Matt (Winchester, KY): I really need a good game this week, so can you pick one to go with J. Walker - Burleson, Clayton, Colbert, or Lee Evans.

Scott Engel: (10:09 AM ET ) Evans for sure. Cobert has been erratic, Clayton's numbers are dropping, and Burleson is not dependable.

Samer (Newport, RI): I'm playing my girlfriend this week in the first round of the playoffs. If I lose I'll never hear the end of it, so I NEED your help!! Would you play D.Driver alongside Javon Walker or would you rather play Lee Evans or K.McCardell? I have D.Brees as my qb so I was thinking Keenan, but he hasn't done much for me lately.. Also, Zona or Jets D?

Scott Engel: (10:10 AM ET ) I can't trust McCardell right now. I'll take Driver in a close call over Evans. I'd stick with the Jets D, regardless of matchup right now. They make plays even if they give up pts.

Matt (Atlanta, GA): Is Maurice Hicks worth a start at the flex position over Jerry Porter, Antonio Bryant, or Joey Galloway this week. I know you generally say use the RB, but he's unknown while those receivers have played well lately.

Scott Engel: (10:11 AM ET ) In many cases, I say use the RB, but not here. Stick with Porter as the Raiders continue to throw often.

Ron (Harlem): Scott - a follow up to an earlier question: since Collins is hot, do I start him over Brady? I had a hunch to do so last week, but I ignored it, to my chagrin...also WR help, please? Pick 2 of 3: M. Robinson, Housh or Bryant? Thanks!!!

Scott Engel: (10:13 AM ET ) I would give Collins a lot of consideration, but not over Brady, who I really like a lot this week. Housh and Robinson at WR.

Silver and Black attack (Oakland, CA): Is Doug Gabriel going to be a fantasy point producer, or should I avoid him?

Scott Engel: (10:13 AM ET ) Avoid him - you don't want to start questionable performers right now - it's the playoffs.

Mark (Nashvegas): Morning Scott! Everyone is saying that Brees will get back on track against TB. Am I crazy for considering Palmer or Volek instead this week. Both have great matchups and will probably throw a lot.

Scott Engel: (10:14 AM ET ) I'd stick with Brees - I'm usre he's the one that helped you get this far.

Antonio (Lexington): Scott, Need two WR's from this group: R.Wayne, I. Bruce and D. Mason. Also which birds should I play on defence: Eagles or Ravens? Thanks!!

Scott Engel: (10:15 AM ET ) I stick with Bruce, and because Wayne is a Manning WR, I stick with him as well. I would never bench Baltimore.

Kevin:(Cleveland, OH): Please tell me why I should not start Hicks over Tiki or Pitman. Who would you choose?

Scott Engel: (10:17 AM ET ) Hicks is completely unproven - you don't start him during the fantasy postseason.

Andy (Albany NY): I need a win to get in! I have decent WR's But seem to pick the wrong 3. They are: Keyshawn, A.Bryant, M.Robinson, J.Smith, B.Lloyd, and Morton. What 3 should I start and should I drop one for Housh? Thanks

Scott Engel: (10:18 AM ET ) I'd drop Lloyd for Houshmanzdadeh, then start Bryant, Robinson and Keyshawn this week.

Joel (Rockville, MD): Scott, who is the better play this week: Droughns or McAllister?

Scott Engel: (10:19 AM ET ) Although Droughns might share some carries, I'll still take him over the disappointing Deuce.

Rob (Boston): Hey Scott...Which 1 WR this week? Burleson, R. Williams, Porter? Also which 2 RB's...Droughns, Goings, R. Johnson, Alexander, Julius Jones and Chris Brown?

Scott Engel: (10:20 AM ET ) I like Porter to keep playing well. Alexander and Julius are must-starts right now.

Kevin "Star Child" Jones (Detroit Rock City): Am I a better play than Reuben "Demon" Droughns this week??

Scott Engel: (10:21 AM ET ) As much as I like ya, Jones, I stick with the Demon, Droughns. You Wanted the Best and You Got the best - Droughns!

Frankie (At work in NY, NY): Scott, some help...I have all the KC running backs (keeper league, so I am letting go of Priest) but out of the two, I dont know who to start (RB by committee is the rumor)...and do I start Ward or Daryl Jackson at WR?

Scott Engel: (10:22 AM ET ) I'd start Jackson - with Antoine Winfield out, the Vikes won't be able to cover him.

Dave (VA): Scott please help me, as you have said its playoff time. I have some serious QB problems, who would you start this week Pennington (at Pitt) Harrington (at GB) or Chandler (at Car)? Or should go to the FA pool and pickup Volek? But if Mcnair does start I take a big fat 0. Thanks

Scott Engel: (10:24 AM ET ) I like Pennington to surprise the Steelers with at least two TD passes, because they will be looking for the run. McNair isn't expected to play, but I'd go with Chad.

Eric (Dieppe Canada): Who do I start: Kyle Boller or Josh McCown?

Scott Engel: (10:24 AM ET ) Yech - I'll take McCown - he'll throw some more and has a good matchup.

Justin (ATL): You say that stick with the ones that got you this far...does that mean that I shouldn't start LJ over Pittman (even though i have a gut feeling)? Then what about LJ over Deuce? Please help me...

Scott Engel: (10:25 AM ET ) No way would I start LJ over either one of those guys - both are guaranteed carries, and won't split, like LJ.

Jamal (Naptown): Yo, Rice or Colbert? Holla!

Scott Engel: (10:26 AM ET ) Rice - like him against the Vikes, kid. Word. 'Bout it, 'Bout it Holla back young'n.

Tim (Chicago): Blaylock or Johnson? I know they are splitting carries, so who is the better bet?

Scott Engel: (10:27 AM ET ) I'd take Johnson, because Blaylock's recent injury could mean a very limited role.

Tito (Madison): Droughns or C. Martin this weekend?

Scott Engel: (10:28 AM ET ) I'd take Martin - I've seen him run well against tough defenses earlier this year. The Ravens come to mind.

Larry Fitz (Desert): Am I a good play this week with my boy Josh back at the helm?

Scott Engel: (10:29 AM ET ) I don't care who plays QB - you should not be in any fantasy lineups, with your recent quiet play.

Michael (Apex, NC): Mornin Scott. I really liked your Engles Angles article from Wed. Unfortunately I have have several players in your "stick with em" paragraphs so I don't know who to go with. I need to pick 2 from the following RB's: F. Taylor, O. Smith, S. Jackson, and Julius Jones. I also need to pick 1 from the following QB's: Griese, Hasselbeck or Chandler. Thanks!

Scott Engel: (10:30 AM ET ) Julius is a must-start, and I'll give Taylor the close nod over Smith. Hasselbeck is back on his game, and i like him this week.

Aaron (Minneapolis, MN): What's your take on Holt this weekend? Should I be concerned with Chandler at th helm? Would Porter or Bennett be a better start?

Scott Engel: (10:31 AM ET ) Actually, Chandler seems to work very well with Holt. Stick with him.

Michael, Kissass, NC: Really need your help here. Volek, Collins, Pennington, Greise or Carr at QB? Also need help for someone else to get in myself, so Plummer or Bledsoe and Rudi or Dunn? thanks

Scott Engel: (10:32 AM ET ) I'd stick with Collins while he is hot. Same for Bledsoe, over Plummer. Rudi won't post great numbers, but should be better than Dunn.

Leslie (Illinois): Pick 2: Rod Smith, Housh, L.Evans, Roy Williams. Is J.Jones a must start over Droughns?

Scott Engel: (10:33 AM ET ) Evans, Housh, and Julius Jones, yes, a must-start.

Brian (DC): Scott, I am desperate here. Please help! What is up with the hamstring injury this year? Kind of like the high ankle sprain a few years ago. Everyone is getting them. Presents a WR dilemma for me for the playoffs. Will Moss, Burress, or McCardell be able to play this weekend and if not is T.J. Housh... a better play than D. Branch? Thanks.

Scott Engel: (10:35 AM ET ) Moss will be limited, Burress is out, and McCardell is not a good play. I'd take Hosuh, because the NE WRs are too unpredictable.

Justin (Tampa, FL): Haven't had my question answered all week, and I can't decide what I want to do!! Tiki Barber or Julius Jones?

Scott Engel: (10:35 AM ET ) Jones is a must-start right now - even over Tiki.

Lee Evans (Wagon Circling Country): Am I still on fire? Should people start me over say Anquan Boldin(who could break out any week)or Deion Branch??? Thanks Scott.

Scott Engel: (10:36 AM ET ) You have been way more productive than Boldin, and Branch is unreliable.

Scott (NY): Scott, One not so simple question, Favre or Brees? Thanks

Scott Engel: (10:37 AM ET ) I love Favre's matchup this week - gotta ride with him.

Mary: (Ohio): Need a QB for the playoff run. Stick with Plummer and a few decent matchups or take a shot on Hasselbeck, Leftwich, or Bledsoe?

Scott Engel: (10:38 AM ET ) I like Hasslebeck and Bledsoe this week over Leftwich and Plummer. I'll take Hasselbeck over Bledsoe in a tight one.

Famous (Lexington): Would Chandler warrant a start over Harrington this week?

Scott Engel: (10:39 AM ET ) Definitely - he has better weapons and should throw 2 TD passes if he doesn't get hurt.

Todd (Minneapolis): Who do you like at #2 WR to go with Mason, D. Jackson vs. MIN or A. Johnson vs. IND?

Scott Engel: (10:40 AM ET ) I love Jackson with Antoine Winfield out. Johnson doesn't have my trust, even against Indy.

grant (philly): I have been trying to get any answer for three weeks now. This is my first year doing this and I won my division but I don't know who to start against a tough opponent. PLEASE HELP!! J. Jones, Tiki, F. Taylor, L. Johnson, or Chester Taylor. Pick 2 D. Driver, N. Burleson, Evans, or Bryant to go with T.O. Thank you

Scott Engel: (10:42 AM ET ) Never worry about your opponent. You can't control their results. Julius and Tiki should be a good combo for you, and use Driver and Evans with TO.

Rebel (Lexington, KY): Who would you go with as a #2RB this week? Deuce McAllister or Rudi Johnson? I could also get Larry Johnson off the wire. Thanks for your input!

Scott Engel: (10:43 AM ET ) I would not use LJ, who splits carries. I'll take Deuce, because Rudi has a very tough matchup.

Marc (Ohio): Need serious help with a tough decisiondo I go with, Alexander, McGahee, or J.Jones this week, 2 of the 3.

Scott Engel: (10:43 AM ET ) never bench Alexander, and I can say the same for Julius.

blair (fort wayne): which DST should I start and why: Broncos (vs. Miami) or Jets (vs. Pitt)

Scott Engel: (10:44 AM ET ) I thjink the Jets will still fare respectably without Abraham, but turnovers seem like a gauarantee when you face the Fish. Denver.

Jeff (NY): Help me Scott! Mccardell, Chambers, or M Robinson fort his weekend?

Scott Engel: (10:46 AM ET ) I'd stick With Chambers - the Dolphins have no running game, and he is their only reliable offensive player other than McMichael.

Cartman (Southpark, CO): Scott...seriosly...but did I just see you reccomend TJ Housh over Randy Moss?

Scott Engel: (10:47 AM ET ) Respect my authority! I am a Golden God. I do beleieve it was Santana.

Matt (Texarkana): I have Portis, J.Jones, and Droughns , which 2 should I start?

Scott Engel: (10:48 AM ET ) I don't trust Portis - keep him benched.

Curtis Maartin (HOF): Should I be started over B. Westbrook this week, since I am playing against PIT defense?

Scott Engel: (10:48 AM ET ) Sorry C-Mart- I can't bench Westbrook right now.

Mike (Buffalo, NY): Scott LOOK! Karabell said start Brees this week over Hasselback or Carr. But Brees has struggled against Top 10 Pass Defenses (Jets #7, DEN #8). Brees has only done well against Poor Pass Defenses (KC #31, OAK#26, NO#32, HOU #28) Now he faces Tampa #1! Is it wise to start Brees for the First Round of the Playoffs?

Scott Engel: (10:49 AM ET ) I agree with Eric on Brees over carr. But I'll take Hasselbeck this week - great matchup. I've dropped my sights on Brees justa bit - still a good start, but not a lock.

Erik (Philly): Do you think LJ will really split carries or are they starting Blaylock like the Vikes started Bennett a few games? Can't see why they wouldn't give LJ the bulk of the work to see what he can do?

Scott Engel: (10:50 AM ET ) Blaylock i stsarting, but start does not mean "Most carries." I think LJ will get more work.

Tom (Rochester, NY): Scott please help! Trent Green, Collins or Brees this week?

Scott Engel: (10:51 AM ET ) I'd stick with the hot Collins ian a tight call over the other two.

Ricky (Sticks, KY): Bulger is injured - who to start instead: Brees, Griese or Volek? Also, at flex: S. Jackson, Larry Johnson, Blaylock, Branch or Rod Smith?

Scott Engel: (10:52 AM ET ) I would use Brees over Griese and Volek. And give LJ the nod at flex.

D (St. Paul): As a huge #2 RB fill in due to injuries, would you start LJ or Chester?

Scott Engel: (10:53 AM ET ) I'd use Taylor - he'll get more carries.

Art (London): need a TE... Shockey or Heap?

Scott Engel: (10:54 AM ET ) Heap - I'm not using any Giants except for Tiki if I have two good Tes.

The Deke (Dickeyville, WI): I'm confused, now you're recommending Collins over Brees, even though Collins obviously didn't get you to the playoffs.

Scott Engel: (10:55 AM ET ) Collins is very hot right now, and it's often the hot players who lead the way to fantasy titles.

Chip (Oklahoma): Would you start Goings over McAllister even with Deuce going up against Dallas?

Scott Engel: (10:56 AM ET ) Yes I would - Goings has earned my trust over a mediocre RB like Deuce.

Colin (Tulsa): Don't you think the loss of Curry will hurt Collins?

Scott Engel: (10:57 AM ET ) Not really - I think Doug Gabriel can step in and perform well.

Rod (Ohio): Ok Scott, I'm not giving up gettin an answer!! My pride is on the line here! The edge or Mcgahee?? McCareins, Porter, Bennett or ROY??? Thanks Scott!

Scott Engel: (10:58 AM ET ) I can't recommend benching Edge, even for McGahee. I liek Porter in a close one over Bennett.

Chris (LA): Which of the two RBs to start? Staley, Julius Jones, Pittman, Blaylock.

Scott Engel: (10:59 AM ET ) Jones and Pitty should not be benched in many cases.

Thanks everyone, and best of luck in the playoffs! See you on Sunday! Nanu Nanu and may the force be with you.
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Postby Guttpuppy » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:41 pm

Decent stuff,thanks for posting. ;-D
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Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Fri Dec 10, 2004 5:49 pm

sure no's the least I could do. ;-D
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Postby Mercer Boy » Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:25 pm

After you get past the bald white guy with glasses trying to talk like a gangsta rapper who answers fantasy questions, he makes quite a bit of sense... :-b

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Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Fri Dec 10, 2004 6:37 pm

Mercer--well, he's sort of like a white DMX. :-b
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