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Monday's FF , (ESPN) Scott Engel Chat- 12.13.04

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Monday's FF , (ESPN) Scott Engel Chat- 12.13.04

Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Mon Dec 13, 2004 5:16 pm

Here you go

Fantasy Football Chat - Dec. 13
Monday, December 13, 2004
Welcome to The Show! Every Monday, ESPN's fantasy games expert Scott Engel will drop by to take your questions and analyze all the latest news and results from a fantasy perspective. Send your questions now and join Scott in The Show on Mondays at 10 a.m. ET!

Chuck: Cleveland Ohio: I really need help at the RB position. Who do I roll the dice on: T. Bell or L. Johnson? Thanks

Scott Engel: (9:58 AM ET ) Good morning!

Looks like Bell's season might be over, so stick with LJ.

Joel (Phoenix): Will Hearst figure into the Denver mix now?

Scott Engel: (9:59 AM ET ) I would doubt it - Shanahan doesn't seem to have a lot of confidence in Hearst.

Mat (Tampa, FL): Need help to make playoffs!!! I'm down by 2 pts my Opponent has Gonzalez going tonight. I need to fill my 2 RB slots. On my roster I have C. Brown, A. Smith, D. Baylock, and L. Johnson. Win I'm in Lose I'm out. Thanks.

Scott Engel: (10:00 AM ET ) Looks like Brown will play, so I'd use him and LJ.

Bob, MD: When will we know whether to start C. Brown or A. Smith?

Scott Engel: (10:01 AM ET ) Brown should play, but it's not definite - we'll know for sure whenever Jeff Fisher decides to tell the media.

Jon (atlanta: Who should I go with, Blaylock or Johnson?

Scott Engel: (10:02 AM ET ) Johnson - even though Blaylock starts, LJ is more healthy.

Patrick (Columbia, SC): What do you expect out of Tony Gonzalez tonight?

Scott Engel: (10:03 AM ET ) Predicitng excat numbers is quite difficult if that is what you want - but you should expect a good game from him. just hope for th ebest - you can't control the exact results. Don't worry about what you can't control.

jiffy lube: Talk about the cincinnati QB situation please...

Scott Engel: (10:04 AM ET ) Palmer is day to day, Marvin Lewis said. Whether he starts next week will depend on his mobility throughout the week.

Rich (NY): So who's it gonna be? Volek or McNair? My, and I'm sure many other, seasons depend on it.

Scott Engel: (10:05 AM ET ) It's not certain yet - but it's looking like Volek.

Chris (Atlanta, GA): Why are you so down on Aaron Brooks. His numbers are as consistent as Brady and he is a better choice than Plummer. By the way, Brooks or Plummer this weekend?

Scott Engel: (10:07 AM ET ) He is not consistent - look at the game-by-game numbers - rarely does he throw more than one TD pass. I'd take Brady over hin in an instant. His OVERALL numbers are good - but this isn't Rotisserie scoring we're discussing. :) - Gotta like Plummer against the Chiefs.

Iain (Chiang Mai, Thailand): Yesterday you said you weren't convinced by Portis. Are you convinced now? What will it take?

Scott Engel: (10:08 AM ET ) I still don't think he's the same Rb he was in Denver - but I won't tell anyone to bench him again ;)

Bobby (ATL): Would I be crazy to start Griese, Clayton, Galloway, and Pittman next week at NO?

Scott Engel: (10:10 AM ET ) yes, that would be crazy - what if the Bucs score like Dallas did yesterday? be careful - stick with just Griese and Pittman.

Jamie (Baltimore): Maybe now that it's playoff time I can get a question answered! I've got Baltimore's D and Buffalo's D for week 15. Should I start one of those two, or go to the Waiver Wire and pick up the Skins D who are playing a bad 49ers team.

Scott Engel: (10:10 AM ET ) Just plug in the Baltimore D every week, regardless of opponnet.

Joe (Ann Arbor, MI): Which waiver wire wonder will outperform the other tonight, Bennett or Kennison? Thanks Scott!

Scott Engel: (10:13 AM ET ) Predicting exact totals is often difficult and inexact. I can tell you both should perform well in a high-scoring game. Just plug in your best players and go. I'm sure you've set your best possible lineup, and that's all you can do.

Josh (Dallas): Do I consider benching Julius this week at philly, or is he still a weekly start? i would be playing a solid wr over him like jimmy smith. thanks scott!

Scott Engel: (10:14 AM ET ) Don't bench Julius.

Joe (Huntsville,AL): Can you see Boller becoming the next D.Brees if he gets some playmakers around him?

Scott Engel: (10:15 AM ET ) I don't think he is a Brees, but getting Heap back certainly helps, and I would start him over Aaron Brooks or David carr.

Vann (Columbia SC): Don't bench Julius? What about for guys like Rudi, Portis, Kevin Jones, and Nick Goings? Are you sure about that?

Scott Engel: (10:16 AM ET ) Yes - I am sure. Rudi and Portis are not as explosive as Julius, and neither is Goings. Kevin Jones will score a bit less than Julius.

Chis (Gilbert, AZ): dunn or duckett?

Scott Engel: (10:16 AM ET ) TDs are more important - Duckett

Mark (Nebraska): Do I dare bench Favre at this point for Hasselbeck or Griese?

Scott Engel: (10:18 AM ET ) Don't like Hasselbeck against the Jets next week, but I like Griese against the Siants. I'd take him over Favre against the Jags.

Scott (Minneapolis): How bad is Tatum Bells Droughns safe to play if Bell is done for the season or does Shanahan screw fantasy owners again with another flip/flop.

Scott Engel: (10:19 AM ET ) Bell might be done for the year - I can't see any other RB in Denver realstically challenging Droughns for playing time.

joe (u of m): my man griese or the sruggling culpepper this weekend?

Scott Engel: (10:20 AM ET ) Still can't bench Culpepper - not against the Lions in a must-win game.

Weston (LA): Boller has had several games this season with less than 100 yds and negative fantasy points...dont give me this "monday morning enlightenment." That game is more of a testiment to the Giants D than his ability.

Scott Engel: (10:22 AM ET ) This is not Boller's first good game, and he has been improving rapidly in recent weeks. With Heap back, it spreads the offense even more. I like him against Indy this week, and Miami in Week 17.

Concerned in Connecticut: Who is the better start tonight, Larry Johnson or Eddie Kennison?

Scott Engel: (10:23 AM ET ) Always go with the RB

Danny FL: Hey Scott a few weeks ago you recommended me Collins but now he stinks should i pick up Boller,Testaverde, Ramsey or Stick with Collins to go along with P Manning? Thanks!

Scott Engel: (10:25 AM ET ) Collins is suffering froma lack of surrounding talent. I'd go with Boller, but be careful in Week 16 when he faces the Steelers.

Joey [New Orleans]: Who will be better the rest of the way?? Barber or Droughns

Scott Engel: (10:26 AM ET ) If Warner gets the job back, Barber. If not, Droughns.

Bruce (Pittsburgh, Pa): What is the deal with Gates? Two bad weeks in a row is starting to make me worry. Any thoughts for the rest of the year?

Scott Engel: (10:27 AM ET ) Not to worry. No TE or WR explodes every single week. He'll bounce back, I'm sure. What's the alternative - Jeb Putzier? :)

Beefman (TX): Would someone in the Rams locker room please introduce Chandler to Issac Bruce? I'm not sure he realizes he's on the team. Is Bulger out for next week?

Scott Engel: (10:28 AM ET ) Bruce did have a TD reception called back by a penalty. Too early to tell on Bulger yet.

Jwright: Do you think that Warner will get it back? I mean Coughlin has basically already said that Eli is the guy and they've pretty much thrown away the season for it.

Scott Engel: (10:29 AM ET ) I can't see him sticking with Eli if he continues to play so badly, no matter what he tells the media.

Brian (lansing): What kind of stats can we expect out of Johnson tonight?

Scott Engel: (10:30 AM ET ) LJ is a good start for tonite - don't concern yourself with exact totals - you and I can't control that.

Damian, Argentina: Which 2 RB would you start Week 15 (Playoffs)C Brown, R droughns, J Lewis,S alexander,or J Jones?

Scott Engel: (10:31 AM ET ) I would not bench Alexander or Jones right now.

Cody (San Diego): PLAYOFF TIME...I'm tied going into tonight. I have Derrick Mason, he has Chris Brown AND Tony I have a shot?

Scott Engel: (10:32 AM ET ) Of course you have a shot - just enter your players and hope for the best - that's all you can do.

Jesh (Charlotte): I wish I had that guy's problem. Is Ahman Green still a must-start next week after 3 weeks of mediocrity?

Scott Engel: (10:33 AM ET ) I'd still start him over most other RBs - I have a lot of confidence in Green as the Pack pushes toward a division title.

Andy (Albany NY): What 2 RB's should I start next week? Dillon, Tiki, J.Jones, and Bettis. Thanks.

Scott Engel: (10:34 AM ET ) Dillon and Jones.

Kirk (Philly): What's the scoop on Suggs? The way William Green is running the ball, I think the dude who won Survivor would gain more yards.

Scott Engel: (10:38 AM ET ) Suggs has been hurt, and I would not depend on him during the fantasy playoffs.

paul (baltimore): quick one, does lelie get benched for evans now?

Scott Engel: (10:39 AM ET ) You'd be hard-pressed to get me to recommend benching Evans right now.

Matt (Smyrna, GA): McNair / Volek or Bledsoe down the stretch?

Scott Engel: (10:42 AM ET ) I'll take Bledsoe - he's playing very well, and the Bills are looking very good right now.

Bryan (Fargo): Better option for the playoffs: Boller or Palmer?

Scott Engel: (10:43 AM ET ) If he can stay healthy, Palmer.

Rob - New Brunswick,NJ: should I start plummer or brady next week?

Scott Engel: (10:44 AM ET ) Brady is much more reliable, regardless of matchup.

Mike (Cincy): would you start a hot bledsoe over a struggling culpepper this week?

Scott Engel: (10:45 AM ET ) I still can't recommend benching Culpepper - not in a must-win game against the Lions.

Mike (Orlando): You like Palmer and Bledsoe now! Who's better down the stretch?

Scott Engel: (10:46 AM ET ) I would take Palmer in a tight call, if he remains healthy.

drew (st. pete): scott seriously man im gonna call you for a personal refund for this service.....i mean you havent answered me once....ive offered white castle and women and you dont give me nothin lol......who starts for me next week.....edge (ravens), goings (atl), julius jones (philly), barber (pitt), r. moss (detroit), davis (chi).....pick 4 my man?

Scott Engel: (10:48 AM ET ) I don't take bribes ;) - just glad to help if I can - I would not bench Edge or Jones, or Davis and use Moss as the 4th.

Smitty ( Greensboro) : Scott, Who has the better match-up next week Griese or Brady ?

Scott Engel: (10:49 AM ET ) I like Griese a bit better, although I still think Brady will throw two Tds at Maimi.

Thirsty (Thurston): Should I bench Bruce in favor of Lee Evans til Bulger returns? I also have Mason and Burleson and we start 2 WRs. Thank you.

Scott Engel: (10:50 AM ET ) I would not bench Bruce, but I would start Evans or Mason.

Mark (Cleveland): Who to keep in a keeper league? McNabb or S.Alexander

Scott Engel: (10:56 AM ET ) Alexander - he's a TD machine.

Mike (Buffalo): you seem pretty high on my man Evans...would you start him or TJ Housh alongside CJ this week?

Scott Engel: (10:57 AM ET ) I'd avoid using two guys from the same team if I can - go with Evans.

Marco (New Orleans, La): Is M. Hicks the new dud to stud running back story? I picked him up but am unsure if he is for real yet.

Scott Engel: (10:58 AM ET ) I would pick him up, but for the fantasy playoffs, I still consider hima risky start. Don;t think the Niners will look like that every week.

Devon (NJ): I got a tough one for you. 2 of these 3 Edge, Ahman, or Julius Jones?

Scott Engel: (10:59 AM ET ) Edge and Jones - though I still rate Ahman highly.

Jim (Raleigh): Is Chris Cooley a better TE start than Eric Johnson the rest of the way?

Scott Engel: (11:00 AM ET ) Definitely - Cooley is going to get a lot of looks the rest of the way.

Stacie G. (NY): Jimmy Smith or da Housh next week?

Scott Engel: (11:01 AM ET ) Smith is more of a proven player. I take him in a tight one.

Thanks everyone! We'll see you here same time tom'w!
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Postby gatorman1122 » Mon Dec 13, 2004 9:00 pm

great advice...i love to read this every week...thanks for the info once again!
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