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Eric Karabell's FF Chat Session for Tuesday, 12.14

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Eric Karabell's FF Chat Session for Tuesday, 12.14

Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Tue Dec 14, 2004 3:14 pm

Here it is, enjoy

Fantasy Football Chat - Dec. 14

Tuesday, December 14, 2004
Welcome to The Show!

Eric Karabell: (10:03 AM ET ) Hello there and welcome to the fantasy football chat. Did you have Drew Bennett last night? I didn', any questions?

matt (atl): Have the Jags told Fred Taylor that he is not allowed to score a TD for the rest of the year?

Eric Karabell: (10:06 AM ET ) I don't think they've actually said those exact words to him, but maybe Fred is allergic to goal posts or something? It's odd that a player can rush for this many yards - he's already over 1,000 yards in 13 games! - but has one rushing touchdown. But stick with him, he remains a good No. 2 fantasy RB.

John (San Fran, CA): Please Help! Do I Start Tiki Barber In Week 15 Or Should I Go With Goings Or Westbrook?

Eric Karabell: (10:08 AM ET ) I'd go with Goings. He has four straight 100-yard rushing games, he scores touchdowns, and he has a decent matchup. Avoid Tiki against Pittsburgh. And I'd play Goings over Westbrook this week. Westbrook is only getting passing yards.

Jose (NY): Is Larry Johnson a must play for the rest of the season? Will he be in a Chiefs uniform next year or will he shipped off in favor of Blaylock?

Eric Karabell: (10:11 AM ET ) I don't think he's a must start. The only Chief who is would be a must start - and it depends who else you have - is Trent Green. Johnson still only got 7 carries last night, a shockingly low number for a guy playing this well. I think the Chiefs would like to deal Johnson in the offseason, but he is great insurance for Priest Holmes, who has had injury problems three of the last four years.

Rick, Port Deposit: Never once have I got a question answered and I never say a bad thing about you, Eric, anyway, Brooks, McNair, or Boller this week?

Eric Karabell: (10:14 AM ET ) So you're the one who never says a bad thing. Rick, I'm not avoiding you. Do you know how many questions are in here? Anyway, I never recommend Aaron Brooks, even in good matchups, but I fear you may not have a choice this week. I don't think McNair is going to be any more than a gametime decision, which is too risky. Boller did have a 4-TD game, but c'mon. It was the Giants. Even against Indy this Sunday, it's tough to rely on Boller. Brooks plays Tampa and should be able to have a passable outing, 1 or 2 scores.

Greg (NYC): Keeper question: Should I keep Onterrio Smith or Mushin Muhammad

Eric Karabell: (10:15 AM ET ) Fantasy owners should almost always keep the running back over the receiver when it comes to keeper time. Problem here is who knows what the Vikings will do with Onterrio or Michael Bennett next year. This platoon thing is a joke. Really, neither have had much value. You have time, about 7 months to worry about it. But in general, it's the RB you keep.

ERIC (DC): Help a fellow Eric out! Who do you start at QB heading into league playoffs next week: Hasselbeck or Volek?

Eric Karabell: (10:17 AM ET ) I think Volek is a great play whenever he starts, but the problem is with McNair being so stubborn we never know when Volek will start. I was all over playing Volek for last night's game, but you just can't take the chance in the fantasy playoffs on a gametime decision. So I didn't play him. I won those leagues anyway, but Volek was tremendous. And this week at Oakland he could do it again. I don't like Hasselbeck at the Jets. Go as late as you can to make a decision depending on what McNair's situation is.

Jamie (Tampa): Wow, you finally recommended Brooks! But would you recommend him over Leftwhich??

Eric Karabell: (10:18 AM ET ) I know, I didn't mean to recommend him, but with those options....anyway, definitely Leftwich over Brooks.

Jeff (Akron, OH: With the Eagles being up 2 games for home field advantage, when do you think they will start keeping their starters on the bench for the playoffs?

Eric Karabell: (10:20 AM ET ) I don't think they will. The Eagles haven't clinched the overall home field over Atlanta yet. And Andy Reid will always err on the side of playing his guys and keep them fresh rather than sit them. Terrell Owens is a little banged up, but he'll play. Westbrook will play. Only thing I could see Philly do is sit the stars for the second half of Week 17 against Cincy, but all could put up significant numbers in the first half...

Gary (Boston, MA): Help me out Eric!!! I have one flex position open. I know you always go with the RB, almost always, but what do you think about Hicks (Wash) vs. Galloway (NO). Because of matchups, should I go with Galloway?

Eric Karabell: (10:21 AM ET ) Tough call in this case, with the matchups so one-sided. I guess it's Galloway here, but 9 times out of 10 I pick the running back.

Leslie (Illinois): Pick 2: K. Jones, J.Jones, McGahee, Droughns

Eric Karabell: (10:23 AM ET ) Forget Droughns for now, he's not in the same class as the others, and he's injured. I'd play Kevin Jones and McGahee this week. Julius is at Philly, so this is an interesting week in his development. KJones and McGahee should each top 100 yards with little worry in nice matchups.

Peter Venkman (NY): I've got Darrell Jackson, Michael Clayton, Ashlie Lelie and Anquan Boldin. I can start 3. Who ya' gonna call???

Eric Karabell: (10:24 AM ET ) I sit Boldin. Not convinced that his big game on Sunday wasn't because Josh McCown had to throw so much and there was overtime. Other guys are all healthier with more reliable QBs.

Kevin (phila, PA): I have been begging so much to get a question answered that I am lamer than Pinkston going over the middle. Help me out! Pick three: Bettis, Pittman, Dillon and J. Jones.

Eric Karabell: (10:27 AM ET ) What Pinkston did was really lame. Can't believe his teammates wouldn't crucify him this week for that. For your RBs, I'd sit Bettis. I know, I know, he plays the Giants. But let's assume he never again throws a TD pass, and his yardage in this Duce Staley platoon remains in the 50-yard range. Pittman has a great matchup, Dillon is a must play, and at least Julius will get 25 carries against Philly, and could score.

J (Bmore): What's wrong w/ Droughns playing KC???

Eric Karabell: (10:29 AM ET ) It's a fine matchup, but Droughns pretty much lost his job on Sunday to Tatum Bell. Depends on Droughns' health (pinched nerve in neck) and whether Bell plays.

Joe (PA): Is Drew Bennett a must start or is his recent success due to weak defenses?

Eric Karabell: (10:30 AM ET ) Well, must start is a strong statement, but I'd stick with him until he stops doing this. Six touchdowns in two games is very impressive. And really, part of this is due to weak defenses, but look at this week, the Titans play Oakland. That's a very weak defense. Stick with Bennett.

Scott, Toronto: What is your feeling on C.Brown, J.Lewis and M.Faulk heading into this week? Are any of them strong starts?

Eric Karabell: (10:34 AM ET ) Chris Brown is the best start of these guys. He ran well last night until he could stop running. And it's a nice matchup against the Raiders. I wouldn't consider Faulk at all. Jamal Lewis should be healthy enough for 20 carries, but I don't like the play against the Colts.

Disgruntled in NYC: Im out of the playoffs, it sucks, how did most of your teams do Karabell? Damn Vollek andBennett!

Eric Karabell: (10:36 AM ET ) Still going strong. I was lucky enough to not have to face any Volek/Bennett matchups. I actually had Volek somewhere active. I was also lucky to enough to win 2 leagues despite playing Chris Chandler. In actuality, Chandler was still in the top half of QBs for the week despite the 6 interceptions. I have to go with him in one league again this week. No choice. Free agency is closed.

Brad, Boston: Here's a question I thought I'd never ask: In a 3RB league, should i sit Ahman Green behind Julius Jones, Goings, and Pittman?

Eric Karabell: (10:36 AM ET ) Yeah, I think I would. Strange, ain't it?

Bob (NY): You don't like a RB vs the Colts defense? Why? Do you expect everyone to throw against them? Wouldn't teams want to control the clock against Indy?

Eric Karabell: (10:38 AM ET ) Of course, but name a team that actually has controlled the clock on them. Domanick Davis this past week was the first RB to have a big day in a long time, because every Colts game is a blowout. I just don't think Jamal Lewis is healthy/strong enough to exploit the Colts the same way. Plus, Brian Billick is already hedging on how many carries Lewis will get. It's risky.

Drew (Madison, WI): Eric, roughly how many leagues are you in? I am curious as to your teams in playoffs / total teams ratio???

Eric Karabell: (10:42 AM ET ) I am in a lot of leagues, double digits for sure. A few teams did miss the playoffs. Hey, I think I know who to play and who will do good things, but it doesn't mean I can get them. Just about all my teams made the playoffs, and I'm sure a few will win, a few will lose. All you can do is worry about your own team and accrue as many points as possible. I know that a team or two will fall because my opponent will have a Drew Bennett go absolutely nuts. Happens every year. Can't get worked up over it. In fantasy football H2H, I'd say maybe half the time the league's best team actually wins.

Jeff (ny, ny): Short and sweet: Brady, Green, and Bledsoe?

Eric Karabell: (10:44 AM ET ) All are good plays this week. I'd probably go Brady first, despite the matchup, then Green.

Michael (Queens): Eric, you're really tooting your own horn a lot this morning. I have a question and don't care how you are doing in your leagues. I have one tean in the playoffs and in the next round of I have ugly decision: stick with unproven and possibly injured Hicks against tough DC D or go with Faulk or A. Harris (if Fauk and Jackson still injured/limited) against porous Arizona D.

Eric Karabell: (10:45 AM ET ) Well then, I don't care about your question.

Toot toot.

Jonathon(Pittsburgh): Hey Eric, for all of those duckett owners, there was just a report that he'll miss two weeks. Anyways, which rb in a 1pt/reception league? J Jones, K Jones, or M Pittman? Thanks.

Eric Karabell: (10:46 AM ET ) Hadn't heard that about Duckett, but it's very interesting. Best I can recommend Duckett at is for flex anyway. He had 4 touchdowns all year - and few yards - until Sunday. Then he scores 4 times. But you can't rely on him doing that again. As for the other RBs, definitely Pittman. He's the only one who catches the ball much in that crew.

John (Detroit): Both look okay, but who is going to be "great" this week - D. Brees or T. Green?

Eric Karabell: (10:48 AM ET ) I'd say Brees. More explosive offense, balanced team.

Rod (Ohio): No wr questions??? which 2 this week? Andre, Ward, Evans, Houshmandzadeh, Coles?? Thanks.

Eric Karabell: (10:49 AM ET ) Housh and Evans would be my choices. The way Carr is playing, he's hurting Andre Johnson. And I seldom consider Coles a good play, though this week he might be against SF. Still, Housh and Evans.

Tom (Hawaii): I've never had a question answered. I just want to know TO's status for this week. Thanks.

Eric Karabell: (10:51 AM ET ) He has a lower back contusion and the Eagles say it's uncertain that he'll play. We need to keep watching this, but my guess - and it's only Tuesday - is that he'll be fine. Owens LOVES to play against Dallas and would be a great play against such a poor secondary.

Eric Karabell: (10:53 AM ET ) By the way, I've just been given the info on T.J. Duckett, and it is true. He's having arthro surgery this week and will likely miss a few weeks. Falcons are taking care of this now before the playoffs. Not a bad move by them. They'd have to really go into the tank to avoid a bye week.

Ben (Brockton): Too tough to answer!!! Should I sit Alexander in week one of playoffs against Jets D to play McGahee and Julius Jones?

Eric Karabell: (10:53 AM ET ) I wouldn't sit Alexander ever. I'd probably sit Julius here, but all three should do well.

Mark (Atlanta): How many questions do you get during these chats?

Eric Karabell: (10:54 AM ET ) Thousands. And we're told the fantasy chats do a lot more traffic than any others...

Kyle (Indy): Delhomme @ TB or Ramsey @ SF? Thanks!

Eric Karabell: (10:54 AM ET ) Probably Delhomme. I feel like I can rely on him no matter the matchup, but Ramsey? Ugh.

Brian (Shreveport, LA): Is Dunn a good option?

Eric Karabell: (10:55 AM ET ) Yep, Warrick Dunn is a much better option now that Duckett is gone. I'd use Warrick this Saturday...

Jeff (Philadelphia): If you're riding your playoff hopes on Ramsey than you deserve to lose!

Eric Karabell: (10:56 AM ET ) I wouldn't go that far, but the point is clear: Ramsey's not the type of guy to rely on. If I lose I want to lose with my best out there.

Terry (DC): Brady this week vs. Miami or snag Delhomme off waivers vs. ATL?

Eric Karabell: (10:58 AM ET ) Either one. Delhomme is in the class now that you can rely on him. I could see the Pats up three scores on Miami early and running the ball, and Brady throwing only 18 times and getting 1 TD. Delhomme should top that. Depends on how Miami defends this week.

Todd (Fernie, B.C. Canada): Short & sweet! McNair, Leftwich or Griese?

Eric Karabell: (10:58 AM ET ) Griese. Love any QB or RB against the Saints.

Eric Karabell: (10:59 AM ET ) Ladies and gents, our time together is up for today. But there are plenty of places to get fantasy info. Check out today's Out of the Box and Engel's Angles and Daily 5. Our one-hour radio show is live today at 4, and can be heard on archive. We chat every day at 10, though tomorrow's chat is fantasy basketball. Really, there are many ways to be informed by us...thanks and adios...
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Postby Azrael » Tue Dec 14, 2004 8:11 pm

Damn, that's long. I've made it this far without Karabell...let's see, next thread.
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Postby GreenBay4Life » Tue Dec 14, 2004 9:39 pm

i hate espn for charging you for this bs this yr. these guy no as much about fantasy as anyone else. thanks for the info though

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Postby UNDEFEATED » Wed Dec 15, 2004 6:04 am

Personal preference....i like Engle > Karabell

Karabell's opinions are hard to swallow sometimes. His rational bothers me at times.

but nice post....I wonder why people did not start posting their ESPN's weekly chats begore last week?
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