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S Engel's Friday ESPN FF Chat session-Good Questions/Advice

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S Engel's Friday ESPN FF Chat session-Good Questions/Advice

Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Fri Dec 17, 2004 2:06 pm

Fantasy Football Chat - Dec. 17
Friday, December 17, 2004
Welcome to The Show! Every Friday, ESPN's fantasy games expert Scott Engel will drop by to take your questions and analyze all the latest news and results from a fantasy perspective. Send your questions now and join Scott in The Show on Friday at 10 a.m. ET!

Joel (Phx, AZ): Good morning. Have some tough calls this week...which QB do I play from these 3...Green, Collins or Griese?

Scott Engel: Good morning my fellow nerd!

I would use Green - he has been playing very well, and I give him the close nod over Griese.

Adam (G.R. Michigan): Wow do I have a tough decision this week!!! I have been starting "Big Play" Torey Holt and Chad Johnson all season long. Then there is Drew Bennet who has been warming my bench so hot that my reserves are starting to get 3rd degree burns. Which 2 would you start this weekend?

Scott Engel: With Kitna playing, CJ looks good, but Bennett is great with Volek. In a close one, I'd use Holt and Bennett.

Tim (West Lafayette, IN): Scott, after reading Eric's Wednesday edition of Daily Five, I'm concerned about Brady for the fantasy playoffs. I have McNair, but not Volek. The only viable options seem to be Ramsey, Feeley, or Kitna. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Scott Engel: Brady is still a better option than those others you selected, at least for this week. Just take it week-to-week and stick with Brady this time.

Walter (Panama): O' Lord of the (Fantasy) Rings!! Please answer my questions!! I've never been lucky enough to receive your advice! 2nd round of the fantasy playoffs, should I start Collins at home vs TEN, Hasselbeck on the road vs NYJ or try Boller from the Waiver Wire?? Also, Clayton, Ward, Colbert, or Evans? Please pick to out of the 4. BUF or ATL? Thanks.

Scott Engel: I'd use Hasselbeck, because Holmgren is going to keep throwingt he ball. As for your WRs, go with a pair of rookies, Clayton and Evans, based on matchups.

paul (prague,czech republic): volek or brees

Scott Engel: Brees - love the matchup, and you have to stick with him at this point.

Franco (Hoboken): Looks like Bell practiced yesterday.. does that mean he'll start over Droughens? I have both players.. who should I go with?

Scott Engel: droughns will start, and he is who you should use. Bell might be limited if he plays.

John (KC): Tough call in WR this week. Who should I play? Pick 3: Bruce, Kennison, Bennett, or Stokely (Baring Injury) or should I pick up TJ Housh or Bryant?

Scott Engel: Stay with Bruce, get Bennett in there, and ride Kennison while he is hot.

Jason (Tampa): With Mason questionable, I am looking for a free agent this week. Would you go for Eric Parker or Joey Galloway this weekend. Also, Would you start the Ravens, Chargers, or Texans D?

Scott Engel: Galloway is a fine pickup and start. Don't bench the Ravens D< regardless of the Indy factor.

Barry Engel (Silver Spring, MD): Hey Scott...I need your help--I can start two of these RB...Ahman Green, Reuben Droughns, Larry Johnson, Julius Jones, Nick Goings. Which ones would you select?

Scott Engel: Julius can't be benched right now, and with LJ playing in an AFC west game, I give him the close call over Green.

Paul (Easton): Quick one! Gates or Heap?

Scott Engel: I stick with Gates, despite the two down weeks. He's simply too explosive overall.

Paul (Ravenstown): Mornin' Scott! I hope i don't read that anyone is considering Boller for this weekend, especially since its the playoffs. But seriously, do I stick with Driver and Evans or give Hines(don't know Plax status) or Santana (not Carlos) another shot this week? Also LJ ro Pollard at TE??

Scott Engel: Boller isn't as bad as you think, and I'd start him over Vick or Brooks. I'd stick with Driver and Evans, and would use LJ Smith,

Jeremy (Nebraska): Hey Scott, Plummer, Volek or Griese? Thanks!

Scott Engel: Can' trsut Plummer - I'll take Griese in the close call over Volek.

Joe (boston): Love the chat - appreciate your insights Pick 1 RB: Jamal Lewis, K Jones or Ont Smith Pick 1 WR: Andre Johnson or A Lelie?

Scott Engel: I like Jones' matchup, and he should get the most touches of those 3. Johnson has been a big disappointment - Use Lelie.

Leah (Queens): Help a girl out!!! Pick 1: Tiki or Antoine Smith (Tristan said Tiki but Karabell said no way on Tiki). Pick 2: Moulds, Coles, Andre Johnson or Chambers (Tristan thought Coles and Moulds). I'm thinking Chambers over Coles

Scott Engel: I'd use Tiki, because it looks like Brown will play. But if you had another surefire starter at RB, I'd bench Tiki. I like Moulds and Chambers.

David (New York, New York): Whats the status of Deuce Staley. Should I start Bettis or Larry Johnson. Hasselback or Plummer?

Scott Engel: Much as I like Bettis, I like LJ better - Hasselbeck over Plummer.

Julio (Camden): Is there any logical reason to start more than one Browns player (for example, Bryant and Suggs)? Say, maybe the other options are Redmond, Crockett and Fargas of OAK, or K.Washington of CIN?

Scott Engel: I'd start Bryant, but not Suggs. In a desperation move at RB, I'd use Crockett of those.

Eric (Fort Collins): Tight ends count as receivers in my league. Which two should I start of Gates, Boldin and Chad Johnson? Thanks

Scott Engel: CJ and Gates - Boldin hasn't been the same as he was last year, obviously. I'm not down on Gates.

Kirk (Philly): IND or CHI Defense? Points for sacks, TOs and TDs (but not KR or PR).

Scott Engel: Both units have been opportunistic - but I'd go with Chicago, who might yield a little less and makea few more turnovers.

Eric (Memphis): Should I be worried about Droughns? Should I sit him for Evans or Housh?

Scott Engel: No real reason to worry - he will start, Bell is questionable, and Hearst won't do much.

Matt (Smyrna, GA): Hey Scott, pick 3 : Bennett, Boldin, A. Bryant, D-J, R. Gabriel?

Scott Engel: Bennett for sure, Bryant and Jackson.

Jerry (Wake Forest): Help! My brain hurts! I'm always picking the wrong 2! Which of these "hot" backs do I play? I need 2: F. Taylor, M. Faulk, S. Jackson, O. Smith, L. Johnson or W. Dunn? Any help in relieving my headache will be greatly appreciated..

Scott Engel: The Rams Rbs will split carries, so avoid them. Taylor doesn't score, and Dunn is not trusty. I'd go with LJ and Onterrio.

James (NYC): Need to decide which 2nd QB to play along with Griese: Carr or grab Kitna off waivers?

Scott Engel: I would use Kitna, who should move the ball much better than Carr.

Jason (Tampa): I gotta know, why are you so high on Julius Jones this week? I have the guy and start him but last week the Saints stacked 8 in the box and it's safe to assume that with Dallas' poor passing game they will do the same.

Scott Engel: They stacked the fronts, and Julius still scored. He can run in the open field or battle for tough yards. No matter what the defensive look is. Vinny will throw just enough to keep the defense honest.

Paul (Sherman, TX): I was thinking of starting Galloway over A. Johnson...what do you think?

Scott Engel: I'd do it - Johnson has been a big disappointment,a nd Galloway is scoring more recently.

jake (tn): One word, Droughns or LJ?

Scott Engel: LJ

Chris (College Station): Quickie: VICK or ROTHELISBERGER? What a delimma!!

Scott Engel: I would not use Roethlisberger at all - he's not a good fantasy QB.

Ed (Indianapolis): Ravens D or Bengals D?

Scott Engel: You don't bench the Ravens D, regardless of matchup. Even if they surrender two r three TDs, they'll be good for some picks, turnovers, and you can't bench your best unit in the fantasy playoffs.

Lipps, Inc. (Funkytown): Bettis or Tiki, if Duce does not play?

Scott Engel: Bettis will start, so I'd use him over Tiki. Duce will not be a factor this week.

Walter (Panama): Quickie!! Who to start Galloway or Clayton??? TOUGH CALL ON D: BILLS or FALCONS???

Scott Engel: I'd start Galloway, who has a mini-hot streak going right now. I'd use th eBills - they're stingy, and T. McGhee is a big return threat.

dan (ks): need some help please??? FARVE,HASSELBECK or LEFTWICH!!!!!!

Scott Engel: Leftwich is out here for sure, I'd taek Favre over Hasselbeck - Leftwich 3d here.

Mark (Severn, MD): Hi...please pick between Reggie Wayne and Eddie Kennison this week? Thanks.

Scott Engel: I would NEVER use the unreliable Kennison over Wayne.

brent (wayata, MN): Clarence Moore or Santan Moss as a number 3 WR? It's a 14 team league and the championship is on the line!! Thanks

Scott Engel: I like Moss to bust through Seattle's zone coverages and score - I don't trust Moore at all, even less than Moss.

danny (boston): week one in the playoffs. Need 2... Fred Taylor, Rudi Johnson, Mike Pittman or Kevin Jones? Thanks. Happy Holidays!

Scott Engel: Because of matchups, Pittman and Jones are the easy calls here.

Bob (Boulder): This might be a dumb question, but should I start Griese over Favre? I feel that the match up with Griese vs. Saints is more favorable than Favre has with the Jags.

Scott Engel: I agree with you - Griese has been very good and underrated as well.

Hank (Princeton,NJ): D Davis, K Jones, or Portis? Please answer!!!!!!

Scott Engel: There's no way you should sit Davis right now, unless your other options are Alexander, LTor McGahee.

kenneth (austin, tx): you've touched upon goings, j jones, and droughns. well i have all three of those guys plus portis facing a weak defense. of these four, which two should i start? thanks!

Scott Engel: I'd go with Jones and Portis, who could have a very big day.

DJ (Minot, ND): Is it a bad idea to have 3 starters on the same team? i.e. Volek, Brown, & Bennett?

Scott Engel: Not a good idea, because if the Titans struggle, you'll lose.

john (new york): is deuce a good play over the injured chris brown this week?

Scott Engel: The healthy guy is always the better play.

JEFF (CT): Do you think Plummer is going to bust out on KC or should I go with VOLEK after his big week?

Scott Engel: I'd go with Volek - I don't trust Plummer, and the Broncos could run the ball a lot.

Mike (Lincoln): Should I start Jamal Lewis over D. Davis, Julius Jones, or Edge?

Scott Engel: No - all three are top starting options, in this order - Davis, Jones, Edge.

GEORGE W (WASH): ohh wise one with all knowing playoff knowledge...i am seeking your help! housh over bruce? emmit over t. jones?

Scott Engel: I'd stick with Bruce, and go with Jones, because Emmitt is not 100 pct.

Jose (Oakland, CA): I've been starting Manning and Wayne together all year. Should I stop now?

Scott Engel: Nope - the playoffs is no time to mess with success.

Brian (Shreveport): Scott, help a fellow baldie out man. Pittman or Julius? Pittman goes against the Saints.

Scott Engel: I still go with Julius - even though I like Pittman this week.

Garth (St. Paul, MN): Scott... I'm in trouble. I've got both TO and Chris Brown. My alternatives are Tony Gonzalez, Housh, Antonio Bryant and Antowain Smith. I have to start two. HELP!?!?!

Scott Engel: I'd use Brown, because he will play, and Gozo over Owens, if you are allowed to do so. If not , use Hioushmanzadeh

Ben (Baton Rouge, LA): Is Kerry Collins a big risk this weekend? I think he should do great and I want to start him over T. Green. Help!

Scott Engel: I would not start him over Green, who is much more dependable.

Chip (Ada, OK): SCOTT, PLEASE HELP ME! I need one of these: M. Clayton home vs Saints or E. Moulds at Bengals AND two of these: D. McAllister at Bucs, J. Jones at Eagles or C. Brown at Raiders?

Scott Engel: I would not bench Moulds (Old Reliable) and would take Deuce and Julius, who are not health risks like Brown.

Chris (Chicago): Scott, please help! Any sense in sitting Alexander for Dillon and Pittman as my 2 starting RBs? I know that Alexander is the stud but Dillon against Miami and Pittman against New Orleans are almost too tempting to pass up.

Scott Engel: You cannot bench Alexander, no matter who he faces. Using Pittman over him would be a clear case of overanalyzing the matchups. Don't overthink during your playoffs. It will kill you. Use Alexander and Dillon.

Jeff (Omaha, NE): Quick and easy. Pick two. R. Smith, D. Mason, or A. Johnson?

Scott Engel: Mason might not play, so the call is clear.

brian (charlotte): Do I dare use two of my 3 WR spots with Clayton and Galloway? My other WR are Ward, S Moss, and Jerry Please retire Rice

Scott Engel: That's relying too much on one team - use Galloway, Ward and Moss.

Paul( lodi, NJ): Scott, is it crazy to sit T.O. in favor of Mushin this week??

Scott Engel: No - not when you consider that Owens' health is an issue, it's not crazy at all.

Nick (Dublin, CA): It's the choose a QB game: Hasselbeck, Brees, Collins, Volek. And the winner is??

Scott Engel: You should not start Collins anymore, and Hasselbeck is a good, but not great start. I'd stick with Brees in a close call over Volek.

Ed (Indianapolis): Brees at Snowy Browns or Volek at Raiders

Scott Engel: Brees - sometimes, as we saw with Denver and Oakland, weather can be an overrated factor.

Rob (Boston): In leagues where each playoff round lasts two weeks, don't you have to rethink your strategy? If you've got a big lead after week 1, don't you look for safe starts? If you're way behind after week 1, don't you look for the guys with the biggest upside, even if they have the potential to put up goose-eggs?

Scott Engel: No - you just plug in your best players,and hope for the best. Overthinking is one of the biggest contributors to fantasy teams getting eliminated in the playoffs.

BALDY (St. Augustine, FL): It's down to the wire, one more quick one! Griese or Favre, Pick 2 RB: Portis, McGahee or Dillon?

Scott Engel: Griese in a tight one over Favre, and McGahee and Dillon at RB.

Scotty (Boston): Pick three of: Marvin, Jimmy Smith, Bennett, Darrell Jackson or Bruce? Also, Droughns or Pittman (both vs. awful defenses)?

Scott Engel: Can't bench Marvin, I like Smith's matchup, and Bennett is too hot to sit him down. I'll take Pittman over Droughns.

Hottie: Carr or Chandler?? Ints count.

Scott Engel: I'd stick with Chandler. At least he can move the ofefnse enough to give you respectable overall totals in the end.

Thanks everyone! We'll see you on Sunday Morning!
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Postby Guttpuppy » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:19 pm

Thanks for posting.This guy has some solid advice although I don't agree with everything he says.
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Postby joshyboy72 » Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:33 pm

Yeah thanks MOJ, I read this post every week but never thank you for it. Not of much use to me now though, considering I'm eliminated.
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Postby Dr. Duran Duran » Sat Dec 18, 2004 3:05 am

Always really solid fantasy advice. I was pleased to see he answered some of my own fantasy questions for the week. I'm debating over Favre and Collins at QB and Droughns or LJ at RB. Sounds like LJ is a solid pick and I can't believe I'm actually going to go with Favre in the snow, but hey, it's Favre. All I know, is I'll be sweating bullets this week.
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Postby UNDEFEATED » Sat Dec 18, 2004 6:25 am

Good post M-O-J... i have access to Espn and never really wanted to share this info....muahhh.muahhh...muahhh....but it sure is cool of you....it is a great great read...

Who do you like more Eric karabell or Scott Engle?
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Postby Members Only Jackets_ffc » Sat Dec 18, 2004 3:40 pm

UNDEFEATED wrote:Good post M-O-J... i have access to Espn and never really wanted to share this info....muahhh.muahhh...muahhh....but it sure is cool of you....it is a great great read...

Who do you like more Eric karabell or Scott Engle?

Karabell ;-D
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