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Mike Anderson: What's the inside scoop?

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Postby gatorman1122 » Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:21 pm

defianthart wrote:
search the forum, i remember some thread a little while ago that said anderson was #1 on the chart to give bell a little motivation or something. but i wouldnt rely on any depth chart that isnt released after camp

That topic had no source named... I remember because I had a similar argument at that time. And IF Anderson is # 1 on the DC... I wouldn't read anything in to it... and I would draft Bell accordingly.

good lord...blah blah...name ur sources...sigh
Player News
The Denver Post reports that Mike Anderson is entering training camp as the team's No. 1 running back. He will be challenged by Tatum Bell, as well as Quentin Griffin, Maurice Clarett and Ron Dayne.
(Updated 07/25/2005).

there...happy? denver post=source.... :-#
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Postby jaabroonii » Wed Jul 27, 2005 5:57 pm

Mike Anderson waaaas going to be the starter last season until he got injured in the preseason...just a thought
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Postby Sixxgunn » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:32 pm

Here's the latest update, and it isn't encouraging for Bell owners:

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Postby SHOCKandAWE » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:39 pm

aussieboy wrote: I don't buy the Anderson is #1 on the depth chart talk, if Bell isn't the starter by week 1, ill walk to China.

Where you coming from? I will do a mapquest search just we know the distance.
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Postby defianthart » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:41 pm

SHOCKandAWE wrote:
aussieboy wrote: I don't buy the Anderson is #1 on the depth chart talk, if Bell isn't the starter by week 1, ill walk to China.

Where you coming from? I will do a mapquest search just we know the distance.

hes from australia, hence the name
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Postby 011472 » Thu Aug 04, 2005 12:55 pm

catch22 wrote: Anyone know where the most current depth chart can be found?

Can anyone answer this Question? I'd like to know. There are so many murky backfields this summer.
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Postby GreatestShowOnEarth » Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:48 pm

i believe some one here was talking about how Maurice Clarett should be the man in denver. He mentioned that Clarett had never had any injuries but Clarett was hurt for the last half of the ONLY season he played college ball with a shoulder injury of some sort. He played but wasnt the same.
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Postby Kensat30 » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:16 pm

Current depth chart:

Mike Anderson (splitting reps with 1st team)
Tatum Bell (splitting reps with 1st team)
Quentin Griffin (2nd team reps)
Ron Dayne (3rd team)
Maurice Clarett (3rd team)

That said, I believe we see a 2 man battle going into the preseason with Anderson and Bell at the forefront. Whoever performs best during in-game action is likely to start the season as "the guy". Motivational ploy or not, Anderson has NOT been overtaken by Bell yet, although Bell is increasing his chances with the starting unit.

Week 1, I expect the depth chart to look like:

Griffin (if not cut)
Kyle Johnson (FB)

There is potential there for Anderson and/or Clarett to be used near the goalline if Bell isn't getting it done at the stripe.


According to FBGuys Denver camp source Cecil Lammey, (who is interviewing Bell today) Bell is having problems in the passing game with several drops, but may be improving slightly every day. Even though Bell is clearly the most explosive RUNNER on the team and can do things Anderson can't on the outside, it doesn't make him a shoe-in for the job. Mike Anderson has honed his receiving/blocking/intangible skills at the FB position the past few years so he has a big advantage in that department (although Bell is supposedly a solid blocker as well).

Anderson is running very well right now and the "determined, motivated" quotes you've seen about the guy are not fluff pieces IMO. I think we will see in the preseason which guy emerges into that job and although my money is on Bell, it's a mistake to ignore Anderson.. Shanny is NOT using a motivational ploy, he is undecided on who is the best RB for the team at this point. The guy with the fastest 40-time is not always the best option you know?

Is the homerun hitter who drops the easy passes better than the consistent 4-6 yard guy who can catch the screen and out route? Preseason will tell.
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Re: Mike Anderson: What's the inside scoop?

Postby toofunny » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:34 pm

koffeeboy wrote:
gatorman1122 wrote:I'm trying to dig up as much info as I can about this guy. Apparently, he's #1 on the depth chart while people are drafting Bell in 2-3rd rds.
He had a sensational year during this rookie year (2000) with 1500 yds and 15 tds. Then came Clinton Portis and you can fill in the rest.

Apparently, he's somewhat injury prone (like Bell).

Anyone else care to comment more on Mike Anderson?

This is the second mention of Anderson being # 1 on the Depth Chart... Says who?

I have never seen him that high.

I bet Griffin or Clarett would get a shot before Anderson. Probably Clarett to justify the third round pick Shanny used on him.

Clarett? Eh no. Griffin, um no. Tried that, didn't work. He was doing kickoff returns when he got hurt.

It's MA or Bell. If both are hurt, it's qtip. I still think it's Bells job to lose, but MA has been practicing with the 1st team for a reason. To be the 1st rb, or to motivate Bell. Either way, if Bell sucks out, or gets hurt, MA will be the man. He did afterall run for 1,500 yds 15 tds in this system. Portis was obviously better, but Bell is a far way from Portis. Last year Bell never even made ith through camp.

"The Broncos continue to focus on improving their red zone efficiency in training camp, and veteran running back Mike Anderson scored on all three of his goal line carries on Tuesday morning. "It's not very realistic," Broncos coach Mike Shanahan told the Rocky Mountain News. "But it was a good goal-line period. I thought we got a lot done." According to the report, Anderson has been getting most of the carries with the first-team offense in practice."

Fact is MA is getting a ton of practice with first team, and they are loving what he is doing. Clarett is a year away from doing anything. Qtip is still gimpy and fumbles.

Anyway if you draft Bell, get MA. Standard handcuffing applies.
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Postby Lushcrush » Thu Aug 04, 2005 5:02 pm

Here is an excerpt from a message I got today ... very long but sheds light on this particular thread topic ...
I like the part about Plummer ;-D

Our Footballguy Staff Writer Cecil Lammey is flashing his press credentials and brings us the inside scoop from the Bronco's Training Camp. These are his takes on what he saw today at camp.

It was much cooler today here in Colorado. The players seemed to enjoy the cooler weather, but things were heating up on the field.

Plummer continues to impress me. Some of his passes sailed on him a little bit, but for the most part he was on target. He had a nice deep pass to Lelie that was overthrown just a bit. Lelie made the play and stretched out for it. Plummer also threw to his TEs very well today.

Bradlee Van Pelt continues to work with the 2nd team. He was making his reads better and had a scramble that went for about 35 yards. The coaches are going to re-evaluate the position on Friday. It remains to be seen if BVP will stay on the 2nd team. Coach Shanahan had this to say about BVP: "What we try to do with the quarterback position is kind of evaluate them every four days and then decide who is going to get the reps. At the quarterback position when you have five quarterbacks, there are only so many reps a quarterback can get. Bradlee has earned the right to get some reps, and he has taken advantage of it. He looks pretty good. "

Matt Mauck had some nice deep throws. Mauck got some time with the first team, but looked out of place. He had one pass intercepted by Ian Gold (good pass, even better play by Gold). He looked like he was trying to force things. He's trying to make a good impression, but didn't look comfortable with the 1st team.

Danny Kanell is working with the 4th string. He stares at his receivers way too much.

Mike Anderson had another good day today. Bell and Anderson shared time with the first team. Quentin Griffin ran with the 2nd team, and Ron Dayne ran with the 3rd team.

Tatum Bell struggled with receiving again. He had a screen pass bounce right off his hands into Champ Bailey's hands. Bailey took it to the house. Bell had some nice runs to the outside, but struggled for the first time today between the tackles.

Maurice Clarett put one heckuva stiff arm on a defender that drew cheers. He seems to be more comfortable day after day. Clarett also had some good juke moves to wiggle free in the open field. Clarett also had a nice looking reception on a screen pass that he took to the house.

Quentin Griffin is getting swallowed up. He excels when the Broncos are spread out on offense, but running inside is really a problem for him. He's best on screens and draws but his inside running needs a lot of work. He's struggling with a swollen right knee.

Ron Dayne played with the 3rd team. He didn't do anything to stand out.

Rod Smith and Jake Plummer have a great rapport. Smith was making great catches all over the field. The offense had a great day and Coach Shanahan had this to say: "It was pretty impressive today. I think today was really the first day that we really came together and everything looked pretty sharp. It was a good start, and hopefully we can keep it going."

Ashley Lelie had some great catches. He has some great subtle moves that help him create space to get open. He looked great in receiving drills today. He was catching the ball consistently, with his arms outstretched, and caught the ball at its highest point. Lelie put a good spin move on Foxworth that juked him right out of his shorts. It was another good day for Lelie.

Darius Watts had a down day today. I saw him drop some easy passes. It seems like he is just thinking to much and not letting the game come to him. He definitely gets an "A" for effort, and should shake off this bad day.

Jerry Rice is one great route runner. Unfortunately, corners can still jump on his routes because he's not as quick or fast anymore. Case in point, he setup Darrent Williams with a good move off the line of scrimmage. However, DW had enough speed to close and knock the pass away, despite being beat handily with that initial move.

Todd Devoe is working with the 2nd team.

Charlie Adams continues his consistent play. He was playing with the 2nd team as well.

Jeb Putzier had a good day in camp. He was limited as he is still nursing that ankle injury. Jake Plummer was throwing to the TE's a lot, and Putzier was on the end of most of those passes.

Stephen Alexander continues to impress. He didn't drop a single pass. He is a decent, but not devastating blocker. He ran a lot of slant patterns and did a good job of using his body to shield defenders from the ball.

Patrick Hape and Mike Leach had good days as well. They were using a lot of 2 TE sets, as well as splitting the TE out wide and putting them in motion.

Here's some more quotes from Head Coach Mike Shanahan:

On defensive end Trevor Pryce's lower back: "His back is a little sore. We just thought it would smart to keep him out (of the morning practice). It's part of the process, according to the doctors, that it will get sore after three, four or five days of practice. It's natural. Its a little scar tissue that has built up. It shouldn't be any type of setback - very minor, at least according to the doctors. Hopefully he will be ready to go tomorrow."

On evaluating the defensive line: "It's an evaluation every day. I said from day one that we have been pleased with the defensive line, and we will get a chance to evaluate these guys as time goes on. Obviously there is a pecking order and some of the guys have earned a position, at least a starting position right now. It could change just like the quarterback position based on who does what each day. Part of this evaluation process that we have is that we go back upstairs and look at what we've done over the last couple of hours, and if someone plays better than somebody else then he earns that position."

On the Broncos' rookie class: "There are some guys that have stepped up. Take a look at (cornerback and returner) Darrent Williams. He has done some great things on special teams. (Cornerback) Domonique Foxworth seems very mature and has a good feel of what we are doing. (Cornerback) Karl Paymah is a great athlete. The more repletion he gets, the better off he is going to be. It's tough because there is so much being thrown at a young guy. (Running back) Maurice (Clarett), like all running backs, you'll see it when he gets a chance to play in games. (Offensive lineman) Chris Meyers is doing a good job being very tough on the offensive line. (Kicker/punter Paul) Ernster has got a strong leg both on the punts and kickoffs."
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