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1 Rare opening in New Startup Auction Dynasty League ACT NOW

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1 Rare opening in New Startup Auction Dynasty League ACT NOW

Postby theyhateme459 » Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:13 pm

I have 1 team that is now available in my RBSFL. I had only 1 of the 16 teams not pay their entry fee, so now I am looking for our final owner. Therefore, I am going to open the team to the first owner who makes a commitment to me, and can pay ASAP via Paypal. You would also have to beable to make our Auction time of 7pm et on this upcoming Saturday. We are going to use Fantasy Auctioneer as our Auction web-site. This is a great group of people, who has all contributed to the final rules of this league. It's a $150 league, and all prize money is paid out, I'm paying for the league on MFL out of my own pockets. Read the rules below and respond to me ASAP if this is right for you. Remember there is only 1 spot available as all other 15 teams has made payment.

Link to league Website on MFL
Link to league message board
E-Mail: mailto:Theyhateme459@yahoo.com

Rumbl’n Bumbl’n Stumbl’n Fantasy League Rules

I. League Layout and Overview

-16 Team Head to Head Keeper/Dynasty Fantasy Football League
- Auction Style Draft that will be conducted at the Fantasy Auctioneer Website
- Player Contracts & Salary Cap; Auction Values used for Salary
- 9 Starting Players, 8 bench players, 2 injury reserve and Taxi squad (Player Development) spots
- Free Agent system based on Blind Bidding system, then first come first serve
- Commissioner is Derrick Williams II
- Prize League with a league fee of $150 per season per team
- $75 Deposit to be paid towards next season leagues due at a mid-season date TBD (Only do this twice, the 3rd year you only pay $75 towards your league fees). If you quit and find a person who will pay the $150 league fee, AND their $75 deposit, you will be refunded your $75. However if you quit, and don’t find a replacement your deposit will not be refunded.
- No league transaction fees

II. Owners/Teams

There shall be 16 Teams in the league. Teams may have multiple owners, but for the purposes of voting on league issues, each franchise is considered equal to all other franchises. Each owner is required to meet the basic guidelines of ownership in this league:

- Attendance at the league draft in the summer
- Required to meet all submission Deadlines on time
- Required to pay league fees by the agreed upon due date
- Required to adhere to the rules of the league
- Required to participate in all League wide Constitutional amendment votes
- Required to maintain a team and keep up-to-date with a starting lineup

Failure to comply with the above basic guidelines of ownership will result is possible expulsion from the league, without a refund of league fees.

III. Rosters

Every team will have an active Roster containing 17 players. At minimum each team roster will consist of the following:

- 1 Quarterbacks
- 1 Running Back
- 2 Wide Receivers
- 1 Tight Ends
- 1 Place Kickers
- 1 Defensive Team/Special Team Units

All Teams Starting Lineups will consist of the following:

- 1 Quarterback
- Flex RB’s/WR’s/TE’s (A combination of 1RB/4WR, or 2RB/3WR, or 3RB/2WR or 1RB/3WR/1TE or 2RB/2WR/1TE or 3RB/1WR/1TE)
- 1 Tight End
- 1 Place Kicker
- 1 Defensive Team/Special Team Unit

All Teams will have 8 bench spots which are distributed to whatever positions the Owner chooses.

Each team will have 2 injured reserve spots to use. These IR spots can only be used if the player is inactive for the remainder of the regular season. It doesn’t matter if the player is hurt in training camp or week 7, the player must be placed on IR by his NFL team. Once a player is put on an IR spot that player must remain on the IR for the remainder of the season. You are allowed to cut or trade such player, if you do you will not be given another IR spot for your team, once you use it, it will be gone for the season. If you trade/cut a player on the IR that player is inactive no matter what team he is on. You cannot trade for IR spots. When a player is on IR you are allowed to pick up a player off the waiver wire to replace such player on your roster.

The purpose of IR should be to protect owners from some long term injuries. Also as stated in the rules IR players don't count against the salary cap
Teams will also have two spots designated for Taxi Squad players, who do count against the cap. Taxi Squad players will be discussed in detail farther down.

Each team must have their starting lineups submitted on the website prior to their respective actual NFL game. If the owner is having difficulties they are required to submit their lineups to the commissioner.

IV. Standings/Playoffs

There are four, 4-team division, and Two Divisions per conference. The divisions will be determined at random as the league is being formed. These divisions will never be changed, unless it is done so by a league vote.

Teams will play a 14 week Head to Head schedule. Each team will play its division opponents twice, at the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year. In the middle of the season each team will play the other teams in their conference once, and two teams from each of the non conference division once.

Wins and losses are the #1 determination of record for this league. Ties in the division standings are broken by A) Head to Head Match up B) Divisional Winning % C) Conference Winning % D) Points Scored. Ties in the conference are broken by Head to Head. And Ties for Non Conference Teams are determined by head to head, and then points scored if there was no head to head game. (Conference tie breakers are only needed to determine overall seeding for the purposes of prize distribution)

At the conclusion of week 14, 8 playoff teams are determined. The seeds will look like this.

Week 15 {#1 AFC Top Division Winner vs. #4 AFC 2nd Wild Card Team}
{#2 AFC Division Winner vs. #3 1st AFC Wild Card Team}
The NFC will be structured the exact same
Week 16 AFC and NFC Championship Game
Week 17 Super Bowl
Also for the 8 teams who do not make the playoffs we will have an 8 team tournament seeded by their record.

V. Scoring

This league uses an actual decimal system for scoring. Ties are counted as ties during the regular season. If there is a tie in the post season, the team with the highest scoring player that week will move on, if it’s still a tie we move to the second and keep going until the tie is broken. The following is the scoring system for this league:


- Passing TD’s = 4 points each
- Passing Yards = .05 points per yard
- Passing Int’s Thrown = -2 points each
- Passing 2 Pointers = 2 points each
- Rushing TD’s = 6 points each
- Rushing Yards = .1 points per yard
- Rushing 2 Pointers = 2 points each
- Receiving TD’s = 6 points each
- Receiving Yards = .1 points per yard
- Receiving 2 Pointers = 2 points each
- Length of FG Made 0-36 = 2 points each
- Length of FG Made 37-42 = 3 points each
- Length of FG Made 43-50 = 4 points each
- Length of FG Made 51+ = 5 points each
- Field goals Missed 0-36 = -5 Points each
- Field goals Missed 37-42 = -4 Points each
- Field goals Missed 43-50 = -2 Points each
- Field goals Missed 51+ = -0 Points each
- Extra Points = 1 point each
- Extra Points missed = -3 Points each
- Number of Punts returned for TD = 6 points each
- Number of Kickoffs returned for TD = 6 points each
- Fumbles lost to opponent = -2 points each
- Receptions for WR TE ONLY = 1 point each
- Receptions for RB ONLY = .5 points each
Note* It is possible for offensive of players to have negative points

Defensive Team/Special Teams Unit

- Any Defensive TD = 5.5 points each
- Any Defensive Turnover or Block or Safety = 3.5 points each
- QB Sack = 1 point each
- 0 Total Points Allowed = 12 points
- 1-3 Total Points Allowed = 8 points
- 4-10 Total Points Allowed = 4 point
- 11-20 Total Points Allowed = 0 points
- 21-28 Total Points Allowed = -4 points
- 29-40 Total Points Allowed = -8 points
- 41+ Total Points Allowed = -12 points

All Statistics determined by the league software (myfantasyleague.com) are Final unless a dispute is brought to the attention of the commissioner and an adjustment is made.

VI. Salary Cap

RBSFL will be using a hard salary cap for the league. The salary for the League will be $500. At no time for any reason can a team exceed this $500 salary cap. Player Salaries will be determined by the bid they were won for during the auction. Example T. Owens goes to ‘Team D’ during the auction for $205. This means the T.O’s salary will be $205 and ‘Team D’ will have salary cap space of $295 left for the rest of his players. Players who are acquired during the season via Blind Bidding Waivers (discussed in detail farther down) will have the salary of the winning bid. Also a player released who was drafted via the auction and was reacquired by a DIFFERENT franchise will have a new salary. Example T.O. decides not to play this season so in week 4 “Team D” cuts him. Then in week 7 he decides to play. ‘Team G” acquires T.O via Blind bidding for $75, T.O. now has a new salary of $75 and counts $75 against “Team G’s” salary cap. All players who are claimed off of first come first serve claimers will have a default salary of $1 So if in week 4 after ‘Team D’ cut T.O. ‘Team A’ decided to take a chance on him and sign him during First come first serve waivers, T.O. will now have a salary of $1 for that season. The only way a teams Salary Cap limit will change is if they have Cap Penalties for releasing players early. All Cap penalties will take effect during the next Fantasy season.

VII. Contracts

RBSFL will have contract terms for all players. The contract system will work like this… At the end of the fantasy auction owners will have a few days to submit their players with contract terms for each player to the commissioner. Owners will have contracts that total up to no more than 40 yrs and no less than 17(1yr for all players). At no time can the owner exceed this limit. Contracts will range from 1 year min to 5 years max. If a player has a contract for 1 yr, that player will automatically be released at the end of the season and back into the Free Agency Pool. If an owner gives a player a contract with 3 years, that owner will have rights to that player for the next 3 years at their auction price. Example ‘Team F” Drafts T. Brady for $60 and gives him a contract of 4 years. This means that for the next 4 fantasy seasons Tom will be on “Team F’s” roster and will count $60 against the cap each year. There are Salary Cap Penalties for cutting a player before his contract ends. The only exception is that you are allowed to cut players DURING the season that has 1 yr left on their contract with no penalty…. If a Team cuts a player with multiple years left on their contract, that team will be penalized $X (See cap penalty chart) against their cap for each contract year over one. *Also a player will receive a penalty for every year left on the contract after the conclusion of the season. And any player picked up thru waivers has a default contract of 1 yr

Cap Penalty Chart:
IF the player has a salary between
$1 and $40 the penalty is $15 per year
$41 and $100 the penalty is $25 per year
$101 and $180 the penalty is $35 per year
$181 + the penalty is $45 per year


After the fantasy Auction this was Team A’s roster

QB P. Manning $145 3yr
QB C. Pennington $16 1yr
RB S. Jackson $40 2yr
RB S. Davis $15 1yr
RB C. Dillion $100 1yr
RB M. Faulk $10 1yr
WR D. Branch $15 4yr
WR J. Porter $33 2yr
WR S. Moss $2 2yr
WR D. Mason $45 3yr
WR M. Jenkins $5 2yr
TE B. Franks $10 1yr
TE B. Williams $1 1yr
K. J. Elam $3 1yr
K. J. Kasey $2 1yr
Def Panthers D $6 2yr
Def Lions D $1 1yr
Total $441 = $51 Cap Space 29yr = 11 yr under the max

Let’s assume that during the season S. Moss, and Stephan Davis was cut. Then after the season concluded D. Mason retired so the owner decided to cut him also. That means that next season Team A will have $65 in cap penalties (15 for Moss and 50 for Mason) Before the Auction their team will look like this

QB P. Manning $145 2yr
RB S. Jackson $40 1yr
WR D. Branch $15 3yr
WR J. Porter $33 1yr
WR M. Jenkins $5 1yr
Def Panthers D $6 1yr
Cap Penalty $65 N/A
Total $334
Cap Room $191
This means that during the draft next year Team A will have to pick up 12 FA with $191.
After the draft is over Team A can then cut Jenkins, Porter, or anyone else with one year left on their contract without receiving a Cap penalty.

Contract Extensions
We will use a "Blind Restricted Free Agent" System to give owners a chance to have the rights to a player with an expired contract on his team, and extend his contract. This allows the market to determine the value and the current owner to decide if he/she wants to pay it. We will allow 2 BRFAs per auction year.
The way it works is the player in question would be auctioned. After a final price is struck, the owner who is loosing the player has the option to meet the final bid price and keep his player, or remain silent and let him slip away. He/She can use his BRFAs on any of his players being auctioned, as long as he does not exceed the league limit of BRFAs. The owner does NOT have to inform the group prior to the auction who his BFRAs are. He can determine, during the heat of the auction, after observing other teams moves, if he wants to keep him (player) or let him go.
The owner can then assign 5 more years to the player, and keep his Dynasty going. The other owners can sleep knowing that the other owner didn't get away with some arbitrary valuation of the player.

VIII. Taxi Squad

A Taxi Squad is the same thing as a practice squad. It is for players you believe are going to turn into studs or great fantasy players with some time. Each Team can only have two players on their TS. After the Auction is over there will be a quick 2 round snake draft for TS players. If you want a Player all you have to do is draft him when it is your turn. You can pass if you do not wan a TS player. Any player drafted to the TS must have a contract that is at minimum 3 years long, and their salary will be only $1. At the beginning of the next season that player must be on the active roster. If you cut that player you will be subject to regular cap penalties. During any season you can promote a player from the Taxi squad to the Active squad and demote a player from active to the practice squad as long as that player is in the first year of a contract that is 3 years or plus. Taxi Squad moves are allowed thru out the whole fantasy season.

IX. Auction Draft

In year 1 of the league, each team starts out with a salary cap of $500 to use in the league auction & for waivers. In the following years Teams Cap Space will determine the maximum amount they can spend during the auction. During year one each team must auction 17 players in the auction, no more, no less… NO EXCEPTIONS. The lowest value that a player can have is $1. In the following years teams must auction the number of players that will bring their team roster size to 17 players. The draft will be conducted using the Fantasy Auctioneer Website. A total of 272 players will be auctioned. The Exact time and date of the draft will be determined after the formation of the league. All players must be present for the auction.

X. Free Agency

Beginning with the first transaction period following the conclusion of the draft, through the end of the regular season, free agents in the free agent pool may be signed, without limit, in the following manner:

Each team will use a blind-bidding free agent system run by the league software to put in bids on players, the league software or commissioner will process these waivers at or around 9 pm on Thursday. Free agents will then be available on a first come first serve basis from Friday mourning until Sunday 1 pm ET. Teams can not make transactions that would put their team over the $500 salary cap.

XI. Trades

Regular season trades may be made at any time from the conclusion of the draft until kickoff of Week 14. Off-season trades can be made at any time from the start of the off-season (explained below) up to one week prior to the draft. The schedule will be different for weeks that have games beginning on Thursday and Saturday.

Teams are not allowed to make trades involving future considerations, players-to-be-named later, salary dollars, or that would put them over the salary Cap limit.

All trades are subject to review by the commissioner. If the commissioner deems a trade unacceptable to maintain league integrity, he will veto the trade and the players involved will return to their respective teams.

XII. League Fee/Prizes

The cost of the RBSFL is $150 per team. This must be paid to the commissioner by the due date (to be named later). If an owner is removed from the league, or decides to quit the league, the commissioner is responsible for deciding the best fate for the franchise.

The league prizes will be paid out as follows:

-League Champion: $300
-League Runner-Up: $150
-Toilet Bowl Champ: $20
-#1 Conference Champion: $500
-#2 Conference Champion: $300
-#1 Division Winner: $200
-#2 Division Winner: $150
-#1 Wildcard Team: $100
-#2 Wildcard Team: $80
-#3 Wildcard Team: $50
-#4 Wildcard Team: $30
-Most Total Points Weeks 1-16 (AFC) $50
-Most Total Points Weeks 1-16 (NFC) $50
-Team with the highest score each week during the regular season receives $30
$30*14 Weeks = $420 Total dollars

All Prizes will be paid out by the commissioner the day after the conclusion of the season.

XIII. Responsibility and Governance

The commissioner is empowered to interpret the rules.

An illegal player move made by a league member will be nullified. For an illegal draft pick, the player will be immediately released back into the free agent pool. For an illegal roster move, the transaction will be nullified and any affected statistics will be recalculated back to the date of the offense.

Approval for participation in the RBSFL will be determined by the commissioner. Three recorded complaints received by the commissioner against any participant, for rule violations, or behavior not in the best interest of the league, will be grounds for termination from the league either immediately or at the conclusion of the season. No fees reimbursement will be required for expulsion from the league.

Any issue not covered by this constitution will be determined by the commissioner in the best interest of the league, until a suitable amendment can be ratified by the league in the off season. Every February, each franchise will be given the chance to suggest up to three new amendments. The commissioner will then review and determine which proposals are suitable for vote (make sure the amendment is compatible with the league; not if he agrees or disagrees). The league will vote on these amendments. Any amendment must be ratified by a vote of 11 out of 16 teams. These changes will then appear in the “Amendments” section of the league constitution and will be named after the owner who suggested it. This would then conclude the policy changes for the year. This constitution was put in place by the league commissioner in May of 2005


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