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Which New System to Buy???

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Postby J2thez929 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:16 pm

AirMcNair wrote:And it is not opinion. Mouse and keyboard are much better.
When they get the cross platform FPS's running PCs will own console gamers. Mouse and keyboard is much more precise than the 2 sticks.

Yea serioulsy. Chill out dude. Everybody has a preference to what they like. I personally like gaming consoles as opposed to PC games. Simply b/c I sometimes like to have some buddies over, grab some beer, and play some games.

It just be weird if we all crowded around the PC

btw, what is the target date for PS3?
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Postby NEPatsFan2006 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 3:42 pm

wholly %#$@ what happened to this thread. I guess it was officially highjacked. I didnt want to start a debate between PC and console. All I wanted was some peoples opinions on the new game consoles. I have a nice PC and play some games on there, but I also like to have a gaming system to play when hanging out with a bunch of friends and drinkin some beer, like the last guy said. Its just alot easier when you have a console a bunch of people can play in the living room.

Could we please get back on the official topic of this thread. If you want to start a debate create another thread. Thank you for all of the opinions. Keep em coming.
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Postby Twisted Sister » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:22 pm

On topic, I'd go Xbox 360. ;-D
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Postby m16a » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:37 pm

Xbox 360


-amazing graphics(have you played call of duty 2 on it? or a sports game? its insane)
-halo 3(most likely going to be the best game on earth once out)
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Postby Free Bagel » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:40 pm

While I know I'll only be contributing to this poor off-topic argument here, since I've already chimed in on the on-topic part of the thread I feel less bad doing so especially since so much misinformation has been passed off in this thread, so here goes.

As a disclaimer I own an Xbox 360 and also plan on purchasing a PS3 and a Wii. I have played every generation of consoles since the original NES and also have a game-capable PC.

Which is better, PCs or consoles? Neither. They just apply to different types of gamers, or for a more diverse gamer whatever mood that person is in. Consoles apply more to casual gamers with the relaxing living room environment, easy setup, and relatively simple control schemes. PCs apply more to more hardcore gamers hunched over their keyboard with intense focus and 22 hot-keys set up on their keyboard/mouse. That's not to say that consoles can't be played hardcore nor that PCs can't be played casually, just a general view of things. Consoles are more mass-market friendly...just buy the console and plug in two cables, and pop in the disc and you're off. As such games are generally more mass-market appealling and less set-up for the techy crowd that PC games are often aimed at, and as such console games are often limited to keep them "simple". A big deal is being made of the co-op playstyle in the upcoming Gears of War and how it is streamlined into the game rather than just kind of "added on" like co-op generally is in consoles, whereas PC players have been playing 12-player co-op for a decade already.

As I said, neither is better. If I had a gun to my head and were forced to choose one I'd probably take consoles as I no longer have the time to devote to really mastering a PC FPS and at this point would probably rather just lounge on the couch and slowly work my way through an RPG or Madden franchise whereas I used to be hardcore into PC FPS (I put years towards Tribes 2...still the greatest game ever made). When the console arguers mentioned that consoles have a more diverse lineup they were right. While the other genres are available on PCs there are fewer options in them and they generally aren't taken very seriously amongst PCers. PC's do FPS, RTS, and MMORPGs well, and quite frankly put the console versions of the same to shame, whereas consoles are superior for people who prefer the other genres. For whatever reason, people still actually play those types of games on consoles. Other than simply not being able to afford a PC there is really little reason for them to do so.

So, with my console love aside I will have to admit here that while the PC arguers may have embarrassed themselves with their over-zealousness to defend their PCs the console guys have embarrassed themselves a bit with stretching the facts.

First up is this insane notion that a gaming PC costs $5000. Yea...right. One can argue all they want about X game and Y game that consoles have but unless they own all the console systems all those games still aren't available to them. To get all current gen PC games you need only a current gen PC. To get all current gen console games you need every current gen console. All of the current gen consoles will add up to $1250, about what I would plan on spending on a vista compliant PC, and my previous $1200 PC was one I built many years ago and I have likely spent nearly that much on consoles in the meantime. Is PC gaming more expensive than console gaming? Absolutely. But the difference isn't what many make it out to be. There are many hidden costs with console gaming.

The other major sham in this thread is people trying to state that a mouse/kb's superiority to a controller is anything less than fact. You will find countless console supporters (including this one) that will readily admit a kb/mouse is much, much better. You will pretty much never find a PC nut that thinks a controller is better. There just isn't the same precision in controllers that there are in a kb/mouse, and that is fact. With a mouse you're using an optical laser on an 8-inch tall mousepad and with an analog stick you're using a > 1/4 inch stick in a 3/4 inch diameter space. You simple can't manipulate the space in the same way. If physics doesn't do it as evidence for you, then the simple fact that most console FPS games employ some type of auto aim should. And then there's always this little tidbit on top of that...Ever wonder why the 360 doesn't have a kb/mouse? It has the USB port, it's not a matter of integration (this is Microsoft we're talking about, it would be a snap to integrate). Then why isn't there one? Because it would unbalance the playing field on Xbox Live. Straight out of many developer's mouths.

Sure, you may find your occasional fanboy that "prefers" a controller for precision games just because he's grown accustomed to it, just like you'll find people that "prefer" their original atari's to the xbox 360. Bottom line is you take two equally skilled players, one with a controller and one with a kb/mouse, give them a target to hit and put their cursor at a random spot on the screen and it is clear which will hit the target first 99% of the time.

And I don't even want to get into graphics. Consoles have had some solid CG, but they're a generation behind in graphics each generation. Modern console graphics are akin to many of the last gen PC games (Doom 3, etc), and PCs have been rendering games at 3-5 times the resolution of consoles for more than a decade. It's great that we finally have consoles pushing out "high def" resolutions with 720 vertical lines, but PCs have been doing that for 10 years.
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Postby aldridg6in » Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:07 pm

On topic, I'm going to wait until next year but I'm going to get a PS3. I've always enjoyed the playstation's games more than what I've found on Xbox, plus I like the controller better. Graphically, they're probably going to be similar and in the end, though nice, that's not why you play the games.

Off topic, I'd take a console over a PC anyday. As I said, I don't care as much about graphics as gameplay and I've never had a game on a PC where I really enjoyed the gameplay.
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Postby The Miner Part 2 » Sun Nov 12, 2006 3:21 am

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Postby Sandrock » Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:40 am

Gonna buy a Wii. It's so...sexy.
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Postby sLim » Fri Dec 01, 2006 8:20 pm

my friend has a ps3 and 360...

my opinion...360 is ahead right now...but thats cuz the gaming industry has had a year head start on the 360 software...gears of war looks fantastic...the graphics are jaw dropping...i cant wait to get my hands on a ps3 when they become more readily available...

im not a big fan of 360 cuz its basically like a computer...every game that is available on 360 will become available on computer probably within a year of its release on 360...like halo...

personally...im not a big fan of FPS on consoles...i played gears of wars on 360 and resistence on ps3...graphics are both insane...but i do not like FPS using a controller...im use to counterstrike and bf2 on the comp so its very uncomfortable for me to play FPS without a mouse and keyboard...

since ati and nvidia both make the graphics cards for 360 and ps3...these same cards will be available in time for our computers...we will just have to wait for them to become more affordable...

one thing i do prefer is sports games on consoles...like madden, nba live, mvp baseball...for some reason...its like the oppositte of FPS for me...i need a controller to play sports games...

cant wait to get a ps3 of my own...the wireless controller is sweet...works very fluidly without any lag...and ps3 improved their internet this year...i heard its the same guys who made the internet for the xbox...

the pricetag does bother me...but what are u gonna do? supply and demand...
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Postby LJ's Crush » Sat Dec 02, 2006 7:56 pm

xbox 360 Hell no mine is garbage bought mine way back in june of this year when xbox suposldy fixed all the bugs Wrong 5 months later in December my xbox freezes and well owell it happens so i restart it does the same thing so i decide to stop for a bit and come back in a hour and this time not only does it freeze the video goes away and blue and white lines appear now it's broken and i have spent over 700 on this peice of * and to even get it fixed i gotta pay like another 70 dollars to microsoft to fix something they can't even make right in the first place bull. In my opinion i would wait and see if their are any problems with the wii or ps3 before buying any console and if not get the ps3. HERE's more info about 360

This guys great explaining the problems

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZwLQ6G8 ... ed&search=
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