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Postby Ohiofootballguy » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:56 pm

Only 1 opening in our $50 entry 100% payout league (the 4 that make playoffs). Live draft is Aug. 29 8:30pm ET. We use CBS default rules. Our 4th year-- $300,150,90,60 payout. Also have a "Survivor" or as we call it "Losers Pool" that is separate from the Fantasy--also a $50 entry--winner takes all. Details at: Email:

CBS Default Rules:

Live Draft Leagues or Automated Draft Leagues
Your Fantasy Football team will acquire its players through a draft. leagues can draft players in one of two ways: a Live Draft or an Automated Draft. During a Live Draft, all 12 participants in your league ("owners") will log in to an on-line "draft room" at a scheduled time. Each owner, in draft order, has just 90 seconds to select an available NFL player for his or her team. This kind of draft is exciting but extremely fast-paced and recommended for experienced owners. See "Live Draft Instructions" section below.

If you are a beginner, or are unable to schedule a block of two to four hours for a live draft, you may prefer to participate in an Automated Draft league. At your convenience you will simply arrange players, using Rank Lists provided by CBSII, in the order that you'd like those players selected for your team. The Automated Draft is then processed using your lists. The highest-ranked player on your lists who is available, and fits the roster needs of your team, will be selected for you during each round of the automated draft. See "Automated Draft Instructions" section below. Private Leagues or Public Leagues
If you know all the owners who are going to be in your league, or you want to recruit individuals, you may want to join or create a Private league. The person who creates a Private league sets a password and other owners use that password to join the league. If you already know all of the owners in your league and want complete control of your league's rules, you should also check out the CBS Football Commissioner, our powerful and fully-customizable stats service. Public Leagues are open to all eligible participants. If you create or join a Public league, you will have no control over who joins the league. Be sure to read the description of the league you want to join to make sure it is suitable for you. Winners Leagues
If you played a CBS fantasy league (excluding Commissioner leagues) in a previous year and won your league, you may be eligible to play in an exclusive Winners League. To create or join a Winners League, you must use the same CBS ID you used when you won your league. League Joining Deadline
After you become a Registered User, you may sign up and join a league anytime up to 11:59:59 PM ET on 10/16/2008. All leagues are required to have 12 participants, or team "owners." For leagues that draft after 09/03/2008, your league's start date will begin with the next official scoring period. The last day of game play is 12/28/08. Draft

Live Draft Instructions
After you join or create a Live Draft league, you will have the opportunity to make changes to's default Rank List, which is a list of all NFL players that are eligible to be drafted, ranked from best to worst by our Fantasy experts.

It is recommended that you, prior to your draft, organize the Rank List according to your own player preferences. However, you are welcome to leave the Rank List in the order our experts have provided. During the live draft will use your Rank List as a backup in case your time limit expires before you make a pick (explained below).

On draft day there will be a "Draft Room" link in the Message Center on your League home page - the link is also available in the Draft Prep component of your League Home page. This link will allow entry into the draft room. During the Live Draft, each team will have 90 seconds to select an NFL player. The order of the draft will be randomly generated between midnight and 6:00 AM ET either the day of, or the day before the draft. If your league has the mandatory 12 owners as of approximately 48 hours prior to your scheduled draft date, the league will aggregate and generate a draft order. If not, your league will receive an e-mail explaining that you must have 12 owners as of 24 hours prior to your draft date. If your league does not have 12 team owners at that time, your league will be disbanded and each owner will have to join or create another league.

In the draft room, you will be able to place NFL players into a Draft Queue - which is simply a list of players, in order of priority, that you are interested in taking with your next draft pick. When it is your turn to pick, you will have 90 seconds to draft a player. If the 90 seconds pass and you have not manually selected a player, the player ranked highest in your Draft Queue will be automatically drafted. If the Draft Queue is empty, a pick will then be made from your Rank List. In such a case, the highest rated player from the Rank List will be drafted unless that position is filled - in which case the next best available option, at the next highest Ranked position list, will be drafted. The draft order will "snake" at the end of each round, meaning that the team with the last pick in the current round will have the first pick in the next round.

Waiver priority immediately after the draft will be the reverse order of the first round of the draft. So Team #12 will have the highest waiver priority and Team #1 the lowest waiver priority.

You'll find more help with the live draft in the Help Center inside your league after signup. Automated Draft Instructions
As with a Live Draft, after creating or joining an Automated Draft league, you will have the opportunity to rank all the eligible NFL players. However, in an Automated Draft you can organize 6 Rank Lists - one list for each Fantasy position: QB, RB, WR, TE, K, DST. You will rank the players on each list in the order of your preference, with the player you'd most like to draft being #1 on a list, and so on.

You will assign these rank lists to each of the 14 rounds of your draft, based on the position you would like to draft in each round (i.e. If you feel QBs represent the strongest position, then assign the QBs rank list to the first round; if you feel RBs represent the next strongest position, assign the RBs rank list to the second round, and so on.)

As in the Live Draft, you are not required to make changes to our rank lists. If you choose not to, our default lists, which reflect the rankings of our Fantasy experts, will be used. However, if you decide to organize the lists yourself, you will have up to 24 hours prior to your draft day to do so. When there are 24 hours left until your draft day, the rank lists will be closed and considered ready for the draft.

On the morning of the scheduled draft day, an Automated Draft will be conducted. Players will automatically be drafted for you using your Rank Lists. An e-mail will be sent to each owner after the draft has been completed.

Please refer to the table below (each number in the table refers to each team's draft position for that round) for the draft order for the full 14 rounds of the draft. You'll see that the order staggers each round of the draft (Team #1 has the first pick in round 1; Team #6 has the first pick in round 2, etc.) so that each team will have the opportunity to draft 1st in a round at least once.
Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Team 1 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8
Team 2 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9
Team 3 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10
Team 4 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11
Team 5 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12
Team 6 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1
Team 7 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2
Team 8 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3
Team 9 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4
Team 10 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5
Team 11 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6
Team 12 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7

In the preseason, waiver priority immediately after the draft will be the reverse order of the first round of the draft. So Team #12 will have the highest waiver priority and Team #1 the lowest waiver priority. Teams

Each CBS Fantasy Football league will consist of 12 teams, divided into three divisions of 4 teams each. The divisions will be called: East, Central, and West. Each team will consist of 14 NFL players. Owners may select a starting lineup each week from these 14 players. The chart below lists the required number of players at each position for the 'starting lineup' and the 'draft'.
Note: Individual defensive players are not drafted; rather, you will draft an NFL team's entire defensive/special teams unit. For the purpose of roster limits, each NFL defensive/special teams unit will count as one "player."

Roster Requirements
Position Starting Lineup* Auto Draft** Live Draft***
Quarterback (QB) 1 2 1 or 2
Running Back (RB) 2 3 2, 3, 4, or 5
Wide Receiver (WR) 3 4 3, 4, or 5
Tight End (TE) 1 2 1 or 2
Kicker (K) 1 1 1 or 2
Defensive Team (DST) 1 2 1 or 2
All Positions **** 9 14 14

*You are allowed as many as 9 players in your starting lineup, according to the positional requirements listed in the table above. However the numbers in the "starting lineup" column represent the maximum number of players you may have at each position. You may use fewer players than the number listed at each position without penalty, although it is recommended you use the maximum number of players so that you can accumulate the most points. ** Team owners that elect to participate in a league with an 'Automated Draft' will have their rosters populated according to the criteria listed in the 'Roster Requirements' table. Players will be drafted based upon their order within each team owner's Rank List and position within the draft. For more information, please refer to the Automated Draft Instructions listed above. *** Team owners participating in a 'Live Draft' league will be required to select a total of 14 players based upon the criteria defined in the 'Roster Requirements' table above. Team owners may draft up to 2 Quarterbacks, 5 Running Backs, 5 Wide Receivers, 2 Tight Ends, 2 Kickers, and/or 2 Defensive Teams; however, the maximum total number of players a team may draft cannot exceed 14. For more information, please refer to the Live Draft Instructions listed above. **** Please note that, throughout the season, your overall roster is not restricted to a specific number of players at each position. Once the draft is over, you can carry, in reserve, as many or as few players at each position as you like, as long as your overall roster does not exceed 14 players. Scoring

Point Values
Each week your team will compete against another team in your league in a head-to-head matchup. During a matchup, each of the players in your 'starting lineup' ('active' players) for that week will earn points based on their actual statistics from NFL games. The charts below list the statistics and their corresponding point values.

Offensive Statistic QB, WR, RB, TE, K
Passing, Rushing or Receiving Touchdown (PaTD, RuTD, ReTD) 6 points
Passing Yards(PaYD) 1 point for every 25 yards
Rushing Yards(RuYD) 1 point for every 10 yards
Receiving Yards(ReYD) 1 point for every 10 yards
2 point conversion(Pa2P, Ru2P, Re2P) 2 points
Passing Interception (PaInt) -2 points
Fumble Lost, including ST plays (FL) -2 points
Field Goal(FG) 0-49 yards = 3 points
50+ yards = 5 points
Extra Point(XP) 1 point
Offensive Fumble Recovery TD(OFRTD) 6 points
Defensive Statistic Defense
Total Defensive/ Special Teams Touchdown (DTD) 6 points
Safety(STY) 2 points
Interception(Int) 2 points
Defensive/ST Fumble Recovered (DFR) 2 points
Sack(SACK) 1 point
Points Against, Total Points Scored (PA) 0-6 = 8 points
7-13 = 6 points
14-20 = 4 points
21-27 = 2 points
28+ = 0 points
Yards Allowed(YDS) 0-49 = 12 points
50-99 = 10 points
100-149 = 8 points
150-199 = 6 points
200-249 = 4 points
250-299 = 2 points
300+ = 0 points

Wins & Losses
For each head-to-head matchup, the team with the greater number of points will earn a Win and the team with the lesser number will earn a Loss.

During the regular season, if two teams have the same number of points, each team will get a Tie. During the playoffs, there are no ties. The tiebreakers for head-to-head matchups in the playoffs are as follows:

Combined Passing, Rushing, and Receiving Yards
Defense Yards Allowed

If this doesn't break the tie, then the team with the higher playoff seed will earn the Win. NOTES
Offensive Scoring (QB, RB, WR, TE) Any offensive player will receive points for any offensive statistics he accumulates. Scoring will be calculated according to the following example: If a QB throws for 200 yards and 2 TDs; rushes for 20 yards and 1 TD; and has 25 yards receiving, his point total for the week would be:
3 TDs = 18 points, 200yds Passing = 8 points, 20yds Rushing = 2 points,
25yds receiving = 2 points; or 30 total points for the week.
Offensive Fumble Recovery Touchdowns are any touchdowns resulting from a fumble recovered by an offensive skill player. For instance, if your active wide receiver is Kevin Curtis and he recovers a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown, your team would be awarded 6 points.
Defensive / Special Team scoring Your defense is awarded points when any one of its members generates either a TD, INT, fumble recovery, safety or sack. Your defense is also awarded points for a kickoff or punt return that results in a TD. For instance, if your active defense is the Saints, and Reggie Bush returns a punt for a TD, you get 6 points. In the same situation, a team using Bush as an active RB would NOT be awarded points.
Fumbles Lost by a player on special teams or defense will lose 2 points if they turn the ball over to the opposing team. For instance, if you have Reggie Bush active at RB and he fumbles the ball away at any time while he is on the field, your team will lose 2 points. This includes a fumble lost while returning a punt, kick, interception (if your RB were playing defense) or while on offense at RB.
Defensive Points Allowed will take into account ALL the points allowed by the team as a whole. This includes points scored against the offense (TD from an interception, safeties, etc.) and special teams (punt return for a TD) as well as those scored against the defense.
Defensive Touchdowns are any touchdowns scored by the defensive team. This includes fumble returns and interception returns.
Special Teams Touchdowns are touchdowns scored by punt returns, kickoff returns or returns of blocked kicks or punts.
To calculate the Total Yards Allowed, simply add the other team's Total Rushing and Total Passing Yards gained.
Rounding will NOT be used when calculating points from statistics. For example, 49 yards rushing will result in 4 points, not 5.
Statistics Corrections
Following the completion of each week's games, all statistics and point totals are verified, and corrections are made where necessary. However, all statistics and point totals for the week are considered FINAL as of 11:59:59 PM ET on Wednesday. If a stat correction is announced for the previous weekend's games after 11:59:59 PM ET on Wednesday or later, it will not be included in our statistics and your official Fantasy score will be based on the original statistic.

Please note: at the completion of the last game of the Fantasy Regular Season (as defined below), all statistics are considered Final. Once playoff teams are announced, any statistics corrections that impact the Fantasy regular season will not be included. Schedule & Playoffs

Regular Season
The first 14 weeks of the NFL season represent the regular season for Fantasy Football leagues (the "Fantasy Regular Season"). During these 14 weeks, each team will play the other teams in its division twice each, and they will play each of the teams in the other divisions once. When the draft is complete, you can see your team's specific schedule by clicking the Schedule link. Playoffs
When the 14-game regular season ends, 4 teams from the league will make the playoffs: the three division leaders (the team with the best win/loss record in each division) and a wildcard team, which is the team with the best win/loss record in the league, excluding the 3 division leaders. The division leader with the best record going into the playoffs will be the #1 seed, and the #1 seed will play the wildcard (seed #4) in the first playoff match in NFL Week 15. The other division leaders will be seeded #2 and #3, and will also face each other in week 15.

If there is a tie for the order of playoff seeds, the following tie-breakers will be used.

Year-to-Date ("YTD") Points Scored
YTD Points Against
If there is a tie for a division lead, the following tie-breakers* will be used:

Division Record
YTD Points Scored
If there is a tie for a Wildcard spot, the following tie-breakers will be used:

YTD Points Scored
Points Against
*NOTE: For leagues whose season started with NFL week 2 or later, the only tiebreaker used will be YTD points scored.
Playoff Schedule
NFL Week 15
NFL Week 16
Week 16 Results
#1 vs. #4 Winner #1-#4 vs.
Winner #2-#3 Winner: Champion
Loser: Runner Up
#2 vs. #3

For teams that do not qualify for the playoffs, the season will effectively end. No further add/drop transactions will be permitted for any team that does not make the playoffs, or for any team that is eliminated from the playoffs. Lineup Changes

Weekly Lineups
Each week, owners have the opportunity to select their starting lineup for the coming week. If an owner doesn't set a lineup before the weekly lineup deadline (explained in the "Deadline to Change Status" section below), the owner's lineup from the previous week will be used. If an owner has an illegal lineup, their team will score zero points for the scoring period. Deadline to Change Status
An owner may change the status of the players on his/her team (i.e., "active" or "reserve") up to 5 minutes before a player's NFL team is scheduled to start. While there are benefits to last minute research, please play it safe and make changes well before this 5-minute window arrives. CBSII will not be responsible if your watch or clock and our system clock are not synchronized. CBSII system clock will mark the official time of the Sweepstakes. Please note that, if 9 of your players were "active" and played on Sunday, you will not be able to change the status of one of your "reserves" to "active" on Monday even though the player didn't play yet.

Adding and Dropping Players Free Agents
Throughout the season you may want to improve your roster by adding available free agents and dropping players who are not performing up to your expectations. You can submit a free agent request at any time. With the exception of requests for players on Waivers (discussed below) free agent moves are first-come, first-served and are executed immediately.

With only two exceptions, there are no limits to the number of Add/Drops you can request, nor are there any transaction fees.
The first exception is when an owner drops his entire team or a significant number of players, also known as "team dropping". Team dropping has a negative impact on the league and as such, any owner who elects to drop his team shall be subject to immediate removal from the league. Players selected from waivers or added from free agency that were part of a team drop may be reversed at our discretion. In such move reversals, the waiver ranks will not be reset.'s Fantasy Football uses weekly lineups, so any changes made may go into effect for the following week's games.

The second exception is abuse of the waivers process. This is when a team owner adds then drops a series of players, putting those players on waivers and making them inaccessible to other team owners. Such an action could result in forfeiture of points as well as that team owner being blocked from making any additional add/drops for the remainder of the season.
If either of these situations occurs within your league, please contact CBSII through the Help Center as soon as possible. Waivers
To provide an equal opportunity for all owners to add players to their roster, a Waivers process is used. Requests for players that are on Waivers are not executed immediately, but are put in a pending status.

All players will be placed on Waivers at the start of games every Sunday afternoon, at 12:55 PM ET during the course of the NFL season. If there are NFL games scheduled for Thursday or Saturday, only the players from those teams will be placed on Waivers five (5) minutes prior to the start of their respective games.

Any player that is new to the player pool will be placed on Waivers, and subject to the league's Waiver process.

The Waiver process allows multiple teams to request the same players. Most weeknights between midnight and 6:00:00 AM ET, CBSII will process all of the pending requests. The order in which these requests are processed is based on the Waiver Rank of each team. The table below lists when an NFL player is on Waivers and for how long.
Waiver Conditions
NFL Player Status On Waivers Until
Free Agent while NFL games are in progress Midnight Tuesday/Wednesday to 6:00:00 AM ET Wednesday morning.
Waivers will never run on days NFL games are played. You can request players while games are in progress, but the first waivers run of the week will always be Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, so Wednesday is the earliest day you'd be awarded a player in any week.
Released during a waiver process The next waiver process (usually 1 day later, but see Waiver Schedule).
Ex.: Owner requests Player A on waivers and drops Player B. During waiver process, owner is awarded Player A, and Player B is placed on waivers until the next waiver process.
Released during Free Agent Add/Drop The second waiver process after the Add/Drop.
Ex.: Owner drops a player Tuesday afternoon. The player dropped is on waivers until the waiver process that runs between midnight Wednesday/Thursday and 6:00:00 AM ET Thursday.

Waiver Rank
During the waiver process, pending transactions are processed in an order determined by each team's waiver rank. The team with a waiver rank of 1, considered the highest, will get its first requested player. After the transaction is executed, the team's waiver rank is then set to 12 (last), and all other teams move up one. The waiver ranks are reset once each week after standings are updated on Monday night/Tuesday morning. The last-place team (based on won/lost record) will be given the waiver rank of 1, down to the first-place team, which gets the waiver rank of 12. We'll use the following criteria to break any ties for waiver rank:
Waiver Rank
1. Worst Winning Percentage
2. Least Points Scored YTD
3. Most Points Scored Against YTD

If a team's highest pending transaction becomes invalid because another team received the requested player, the transaction gets deleted and the team's next waiver request, if one exists, becomes that team's highest. If a team doesn't have any pending transactions because all players requested were taken by other teams, or the owner simply didn't request any players, there isn't any penalty and the Waiver Rank will not be changed for that week. Waiver Schedule
The waiver process will run for the first time each week between midnight Tuesday/Wednesday and 6:00:00 AM Wednesday which is approximately 24 hours after the completion of Monday night's game. In a typical week where there are not any Thursday or Saturday games, the waiver process will run every night through Saturday night (the last process will be early Sunday morning).

If there are Thursday or Saturday games, the players involved in those games will be placed on Waivers five minutes prior to the start of their game and will not be eligible to be added to a team's roster until the first Waivers process of the following week runs.

Note: Waivers will continue to run for the current week, as scheduled, until the last waiver process is run on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Preseason
Once a league's draft is completed, players can be added and dropped subject to the Free Agent and Waiver rules discussed above. The initial Waiver Rank after the draft will be the reverse of the Draft Order. After the draft, all players not drafted will be placed on Waivers. The waiver process will run each night, 7 days a week, starting the day after the draft through the Wednesday night before opening day (Thursday, September 4, 2008). Undroppable Players
To maintain the integrity of your league, you will be prevented from dropping certain star NFL players throughout the season. CBSII, as commissioner of all Fantasy Football leagues, will decide - in its sole discretion - which NFL players are undroppable. If there are players we've deemed undroppable on your roster, they will not be displayed on the Add/Drop page for your team. You may appeal to CBSII for permission to drop an undroppable player; however, CBSII will make the final decision on all undroppable player requests. Appeals can be sent via the Help Center and should include the names of the players you want to add and drop. Trades

Trade Deadline
Throughout the season, owners can trade players with other teams. In an effort to keep the integrity of the league, a deadline for trades will be imposed at 11:59:59 PM ET Tuesday, 11/11/2008. No trades will be allowed after that time. Any trades accepted by two parties before the deadline will be subject to the trade approval process. Trade Approval Process
In an effort to prevent collusion among owners, and to ensure fair competition, a trade approval process is used. After two owners agree to a trade, the trade will be put in a pending status for at least 24 hours. If four owners in your league object to the trade within the pending time period, the trade will not be executed, but will go to the Commissioner for evaluation. Example: a trade made at 5:00:00 PM Tuesday will not execute at 5:00:00 PM Wednesday, but between midnight and 6:00:00 AM ET Thursday, assuming four owners do not object before then.

All trades between owners must be made at least 24 hours before the first game day of the week and not be disputed by four owners in order to be effective for the current week. If four owners object to a trade, the Commissioner can overrule the objection but the trade may be made effective for the following week.

If you make a trade offer, be sure to monitor the status of that offer (on the My Team, Trade page) as the weekly lineup deadline approaches, to ensure that acceptance of that trade does not cause your team to have an illegal lineup for the current week's games. Multi-player Trades
Owners can enter unbalanced multi-player trades such as a 3 player for 1 player trade. A trade that results in an illegal roster will be allowed, however you will be required to enter the necessary transactions to correct your roster before your lineup is due for the coming week. If your roster is not legal by the weekly deadline, you will receive zero points for that particular week.
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Re: 12 Team CBS Sports $50 H2H Has 4 Openings

Postby lilfrier » Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:10 pm

I'd be interested. Is the whole thing a re-draft, or is it keeper?

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Re: 12 Team CBS Sports $50 H2H Has 4 Openings

Postby Ohiofootballguy » Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:23 pm

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