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32 Team NFL Dynasty League

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32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:36 pm

Alright, basically we got a 32 team real life league. You start with that teams players,rosters,draft picks,etc...Below is a basic run down of the league rules....IF your interested, feel free to contact me,

via PM here
AIM - nathanielrwegman
YIM - nathanielwegman88
MSN/Email - nathanielwegman@hotmail.com

Every person will have a team, and will be the real general manager for the team, including drafting players as well as trading, releasing and signing players to create the best fantasy football team possible.

We will have a forum and thread for each team to keep the clutter level low. Each manager must post and maintain their team's roster (active, practice squad and injured reserve), and must include their player count and total salary (including roster and unclaimed waiver cap hits).

Roster Limits:
Active roster limits are 40 players maximum and 25 players minimum (plus Practice Squad and Injured Reserve). The limits will be suspended each pre-season to allow teams to draft, trade, and make roster moves to prepare for each upcoming season. All teams must be back within the roster limits by midnight of the day of the last pre-season game.

Any team over the limit after the deadline will have players dropped by the TAB (every effort will be made to drop players in the best interest of the franchise). Any team under the minimum will have placeholder "players" added at salary of $500,000 for the current year. This "player" will count towards the salary cap, but may be waived at the standard 20% cap hit once the team is back over the minimum.

Once the deadline has passed, if any team acquires a player or players to go over the maximum (and it is not caught by the TAB beforehand), the added player(s) will be immediately dropped with a 30% cap hit to bring the team back to the roster limit.

Team Salary:
Every team will have a $60,000,000 cap, no one can go over this, and doing so will result in penalty. The Salary includes the total of all players under contract (Active Roster, Practice Squad and Injured Reserve) plus any Salary Cap Hits for unclaimed waivers. Each team MUST maintain accurate salary totals and roster count on their team page. The salary cap will remain in effect year round. This includes the pre-season, so be careful while you may be temporarily over the roster limits.

if any team acquires a player or players causing them to go over the salary cap (via draft, trade or Free Agency pickup), the added player(s) will be immediately dropped with a 30% cap hit to bring the team back under the salary cap.

Free Agency:
There are 2 types of Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA) and Restricted Free Agents (RFAs). RFAs may be re-signed by teams according to the rules in the RFA section below. The one difference with the regular NFL, is that instead of allowing a franchise to re-sign all of its UFA's before the start of free agency, all UFA's except a designated "Franchise Player" will be moved into the free agent pool for open bidding. This is to create more active distribution of players and to create more opportunities for free agent signing before the NFL Draft.

So the bottom line is, there is no way to sign your UFAs - you can place the franchise tag on one player, and the rest will be open for free agent bidding. Restricted Free Agency will occur prior to Free Agency and the Draft each pre-season.

Free Agency will end each season with our Super Bowl (week 16).

Minimum Salaries:
During free agent bidding, there will be a minimum salary baseline to make sure a player isn't being underpaid. Years within the league will be determined by nfl.com at http://www.nfl.com/players.

Years in the league (not including current year) - Minimum
0 - $230,000
1 - $305,000
2 - $380,000
3 - $455,000
4-6 - $540,000
7-9 - $665,000
10+ - $765,000

For example, if nfl.com shows a player's experience as "rookie" or "1st season", he will qualify for the minimum salary of $230,000. If nfl.com shows "2nd season", his minimum salary will be $305,000, etc.

Franchise Players:
Each year teams may assign a franchise tag to one player with an expiring contract. If that player is traded, the team trading the player may not Franchise another player that year. The team receiving the player may still Franchise one player and maintain both Franchised players for that year. If they choose to franchise either player the following year, the salary escalator and 3 year limit will still apply.
  • The same player may receive the franchise tag a maximum of 3 seasons in a row.
  • If a player is tagged 2 years in a row by the same team...he must be paid 130% of the franchise tag.
  • If a player is tagged 3 years in a row by the same team...he must be paid 160% of the franchise tag.
  • Franchise Tags are based on the average salary of the 5 highest paid players at their position and will be determined at the end of each season for the following season.

Franchise Tags for 2010:
QB - 10,940,000
WR - 9,350,800
RB - 6,334,200
TE - 5,286,400
K - 3,270,000
DL - 7,319,800
LB - 7,010,600
DB - 7,132,400

Free Agent Bidding:
The process for signing a free agent is to create a new thread in the "Free Agency" forum with the player's name as the subject and a valid bid as the message. Each owner may reply with higher bids for the player in the thread. The bidding will end when 24 hours has passed since the last valid bid.

We'll use a point system every one million equals a point as well as every year. For example:

John Doe 4 Years @ $1,200,000 = 5.2 Points

We will have a maximum of 4 years that you can bid on a player and your math must be correct for the bid to be valid. The minimum raise for a valid bid will be $200,000 or .2 points. You have exactly 10 minutes to remove a bid on a player.

You must have space on your roster for the bid to be valid. This means you must have less than 40 active players, or if the player is practice squad eligible, you must have room on the practice squad and no more than 40 active players. Players on waivers do not count towards your roster limit. You may conditionally waive a player in order to place a bid as detailed in the "Conditional Waivers" section below.

If you bid on a player and win him, and you are over the salary cap, then you have to cut that player and all players signed that day causing you to go over your cap, (not other players who were already on your roster). Not only will you have to release the player, you will also need to take on the cap penalty for releasing the player (30%), and if this also has you over the salary cap, you will have to continue releasing players until you are under.

Restricted Free Agents:
Restricted Free Agents (RFA's) are free agent players who have 3 or less years of NFL experience. The team that previously held the contract to a RFA player has the right to match any offer from another team, and if the offer is matched, the original team retains the rights to the player. Years within the league will be determined by nfl.com at http://www.nfl.com/players.

During each pre-season, teams may tender offers to their RFAs or let them become UFAs. Players that have been tendered offers will be available during the Restricted Free Agency period. The tenders available and compensation are as follows...

$455,000 tender -- Original team has the right to match any contract submitted to the player by another team. If offer it matched, original team keeps the player. If offer is not matched, new team must provide the original team with a 3rd round draft pick.

$600,000 tender -- same rules pertaining to "the right to match an offer from another team" as mentioned in the $455,000 tender apply. Compensation for a team to sign this player is a 2nd round draft pick sent to the original team.

$800,000 tender -- same "right to match..." as above. Compensation for a team to sign this player is a 1st round draft pick sent to the original team.

$1,100,000 tender- same "right to match..." as above. Compensation for a team to sign this player is a 1st and 2nd round draft pick sent to the original team.

Restricted Free Agent Bidding:
To sign a restricted free agent, the format will be much like the unrestricted free agent signing format. A thread must be created for the player, and bidding will go on between any owners looking to acquire the RFA. After 24 hours of no bidding, the winning bid (the last valid bid) is the owner that gets the chance to sign the player. There is then another 48 hours for the actual owner of the RFA to decide whether to match the winning bid or not.

Note: Remember, the winning bid is the only bid that the owner of the RFA must deal with. Be sure to make a high enough final bid to actually force the owner to have to give him up, because there is no re-upping the player's contract afterwards. Don't complain that the bid was too low and you didn't know to make it higher. In other words, make every bid for your RFA target as though it would be the winning bid, even if is the first bid on the player.

Re-Signing Restricted Free Agents:
If one of your restricted free agents hasn't been bid upon, you have the opportunity to do two things. Either allow them to play out their current one year tender, or you can sign them to a contract length of up to four years.

There are only two requirements: the new contract must represent a salary increase from the tender given, and the contract being offered must be reasonable (4 year Max offer).

For example: Player A is a quarterback. In free agency, two quarterbacks were signed - one for $4 million, and one for $6 million. Using these figures, which represent the current market for a free agent quarterback, determine the talent level of your player in comparison to the money being offered on the market, and submit an offer to the commissioners in the Restricted Free Agent Signing forum (where you would typically bid on others' players).

Re-signing of players will work in the same format as trades, with at least three commissioners approving your player signing to a fair, and market respectable contract.

You have two chances to have your contract approved by the commissioners. If it is approved, correct your team page with the new contract information as soon as possible.

If you are denied the re-signing twice, then your player will have to simply play out their current tender offer and will then enter the market as a free agent next season.

Also remember, if you tendered a RFA, you still have to have the cap room to sign those players as well. So definitely be careful when you’re bidding on any Free Agents.

When you want to release a player, you post a thread in the waiver forum. Fellow GM's will have 48 hours to claim the waived player. If he is claimed, no salary cap hit will apply. If he is not claimed you'll have to release him at a 20% cap hit for the remainder of the contract. That means if you have him signed for 3 years, the salary cap hit will apply for each of the 3 years.

Waiver Claims:
Waiver claims must be posted on the waived player's thread within 48 hours. After 48 hours, the team with the highest "Waiver Priority" will be awarded the player and will assume the existing contract. It doesn't matter what order claims are posted. The team being awarded the player will then move to the bottom of the Waiver Priority. Priorities are reset each off-season in reverse order of finish (same as draft order).

Conditional Waivers:
If you are at the roster limit, you may conditionally waive a player in order to place a bid on a free agent (or to make a trade) which puts you over the roster limit. You must state that the player is "conditionally waived pending" winning the free agent auction on "X" player (or having the trade approved). Teams may claim this player like any other waived player. The difference is that you may reclaim the player if you are outbid (or the trade is vetoed). You have 24 hours after losing the bid (or having the trade vetoed) to reclaim your player. Teams may claim the waived player with the understanding that the waiver could still be canceled. You may only reclaim that player if you are outbid (or your trade is vetoed).

Unclaimed Waivers:
If a player is waived and not claimed within 48 hours there will be a 20% cap hit for every year of the contract. That player becomes a free agent, and the same rules apply to that player as they do to all free agents. Bidding will start at league minimum with bidding increments of $200,000, etc. The only difference is that the owner who released that player CANNOT bid. If the player is later released by his new owner, then the original owner can bid.

In order to make the league much more free-trading and to help increase activity throughout the league, there will be no cap hits on player trades. Since a trade improves both sides, there's no real reason to penalize either team.

Each agreed upon trade must be posted in the Trades forum. Both parties of the trade must post acceptance of the trade within a reasonable time (the poster of the trade is assumed to have accepted).

Trades must include the name, position and contract terms of each player involved, and the specific draft picks, along with any other conditions.

You must have salary cap available and space on your roster in order to trade for players. Players on waivers do not count towards your roster limit. You may conditionally waive a player or players to make room for your traded for players as detailed in the "Conditional Waivers" section above.

Every trade must be approved by the seven league commissioners called the Trade Approval Board (TAB). It takes 3 votes to approve a trade. If there are 3 votes to veto or deny a trade before 3 votes to approve, the trade is vetoed. If either team does not have salary cap or roster space available to complete the trade, it will automatically be vetoed.

TAB members cannot vote on their own trades.

Trade Deadline is December 14th each season at 11:50 PM EST.
Trading resumes after the Super Bowl.

NFL College Draft:
We conduct a 4 round Rookie Draft every season, using the reverse order of the fantasy football standings of the previous year. We will use Fantrax combined standings to determine the draft order for non-playoff teams, and playoff results for playoff teams (tiebreaker will be Fantrax regular season ranking for teams eliminated from the playoffs the same week).

Teams have 24 hours in round 1 and 12 hours for rounds 2-4, from the exact time the previous selection was made to make their selection or trade the draft pick. You must have enough salary cap room available to sign your draft pick(s) or the pick(s) will be forfeited and become Free Agents.

Trading of picks is allowed... and as always, all trades must go through the TAB to be approved. Trading of picks is encouraged, and, trading of future picks up to two years in the future is also allowed. So if the current year is 2009, you may trade 2009 draft picks up until the draft, and you may also trade 2010 and 2011 draft picks prior to the draft and throughout the 2009 playing year.

Draft Pick Salaries:

Round 1
1 -$3,000,000
2 -$2,850,000
3 -$2,708,000
4 -$2,572,000
5 -$2,444,000
6 -$2,321,000
7 -$2,205,000
8 -$2,095,000
9 -$1,990,000
10 -$1,891,000
11 -$1,796,000
12 -$1,706,000
13 -$1,621,000
14 -$1,540,000
15 -$1,463,000
16 -$1,390,000
17 -$1,320,000
18 -$1,254,000
19 -$1,192,000
20 -$1,168,000
21 -$1,144,000
22 -$1,122,000
23 -$1,099,000
24 -$1,077,000
25 -$1,056,000
26 -$1,034,000
27 -$1,014,000
28 -$994,000
29 -$974,000
30 -$954,000
31 -$935,000
32 -$916,000

Round 2
33 -$898,000
34 -$880,000
35 -$863,000
36 -$845,000
37 -$828,000
38 -$812,000
39 -$796,000
40 -$780,000
41 -$764,000
42 -$749,000
43 -$734,000
44 -$719,000
45 -$705,000
46 -$691,000
47 -$677,000
48 -$663,000
49 -$650,000
50 -$637,000
51 -$624,000
52 -$612,000
53 -$600,000
54 -$588,000
55 -$576,000
56 -$564,000
57 -$553,000
58 -$542,000
59 -$531,000
60 -$520,000
61 -$510,000
62 -$500,000
63 -$490,000
64 -$480,000

Round 3
ALL -$400,000

Round 4
All - $230,000

Contract Length of Drafted Rookies:
1st Round Picks = 5 Year Deal
2nd Round Picks = 3 or 4 Year Deal (GM must decide at time of draft)
3rd Round Picks = 3 Year Deal
4th Round Picks

(Note: 3 Year deals are signed as RFAs, 4 and 5 year deals are not.)

When the pick on the clock is traded during the draft, there is an exception to the time limit. If a trade is approved by both parties involving a pick currently on the clock, that team may not be skipped until a final verdict is reached on approving or rejecting the trade. The recipient of the pick is then awarded the amount of time remaining on the clock, as well as the time it took for the trade to be approved by league commissioners, to a maximum of four hours.

If a trade is proposed for a team on the clock by one of the trade parties, but not accepted by the other involved party, the trade is ruled as null and the team on the clock may be skipped regardless of the trade.

Skipped Draft Picks:
If a team misses their pick, they will be skipped and the next team will be "on the clock". Skipped teams may pick anytime and will not affect the current clock. A team will not be skipped more than two selections. The draft will be paused and the TAB will get together and make the best possible pick for that team's needs. This ensures no franchise gets "truly hurt" by an owner that may become inactive.

A team has the #10 pick in the draft and does not make a selection in 24 hours, they go into a "pick anytime" mode. If they have not made their selection by the time team #12 picks, then the draft will be paused (Pick #13 would be put on hold). The TAB would make the #10 pick, and then the draft will be resumed with Pick #13 on the clock.

Practice Squad:
The practice squad will consist of up to 4 players that have no more than 16 games of NFL playing experience. They will not count towards the 40 player active roster limit, but will count towards the salary cap. Once a practice squad player plays his 17th career game, he must be moved to the active roster or be waived. If the active roster is already at 40 players, the team must make room on the active roster or the player will be waived.

At the end of each season, GMs will have three options for each Practice Squad player. Either place him on the active roster, leave him on the practice squad (if still eligible), or release him. If the player has never been on the owner’s active roster, then the team will not take a cap hit for releasing him. If the player has been on the active roster, then the usual 20% cap hit applies if released.

We will use NFL.COM to determine the number of games a player has played ("Career Stats" under "G" for Games).

Injured Reserve:
If a player is placed on Injured reserve (IR), you may place him on IR in this league up to a limit of 4 players. IR players will still count towards the salary cap, but not the 40 player roster limit. The Fantrax website will be used to determine who is on IR. This may include players on NFL PUP (Physically Unable to Perform), but if those players are reactivated after the 6th week, they must be removed from IR and will become subject to normal roster limits.
Players on Injured Reserve move back to the team's active roster each off-season.

Starting Lineups:

Player's positions are determined by Fantrax. Sometimes players change positions... if you feel Fantrax has made a mistake, submit a request by PM to Nate (Colts GM). The starting lineups will be:

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
3 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Utility Player

A utility player can be either a running back (including fullback), wide receiver, or tight end.

3 Defensive Lineman
3 Linebackers
4 Defensive Backs
2 Utility Players

A utility player can be either a defensive lineman, linebacker, or defensive back (safeties and cornerbacks).

Special Teams:
1 Kicker

All kick/punt return stats will come from your starters, meaning if you want to get stats for all yards and TD's gained on ST, then they have to be one of your starters.

Points Scoring:
Like in any fantasy football league, the stats for each player will be counted up individually, and then the total points for each team will be added up according to the points scored by every player. The team with the higher amount of total points wins. Nothing funky.

10 yards rushing/receiving: 1 point
20 pass yards: 1 point
1 reception: 1 point
1 rush attempt: .25 point
Receiver Touchdown: 8 points
Rushing Touchdown: 7 points
Passing Touchdown: 6 points
2 point conversion: 2 points
Interceptions: -3 points
Fumbles: -3 points

Tackle: 2 point
Assist Tackle: 1 Points
Sack: 5 points
Fumble Recovery: 5 points
Interception: 5 points
Forced Fumble: 5 points
Defensive Touchdown: 12 points
Safety: 10 points

Special Teams:
Extra Point: 1 point
Field Goal: 3 points
25 Kick/punt return yards: 1 point
Kick/punt return/block touchdowns: 12

Playoff Seeds are determined by naming division winners and then filling remaining spots with wild card teams. There will be 8 total division winners, and 4 total wild card teams (two from each conference). The top two seeds from each conference will get a first round bye. This system mimics the system used by the NFL.

Division Winners are determined by:
1. Overall Record
2. Head-to-Head Record (2 teams only)
3. Division Record
4. Conference Record
5. Overall Points
6. Points Against

Wild Card Teams are determined by:
1. Overall Record
2. Head-to-Head Record (2 teams only)
3. Conference Record
4. Overall Points
5. Points Against
6. Division Record

Last note:
All trades, signings, and releases will be approved by the commissioners of the league. This will be an incredible experience if we get enough support, and will be well worth the work if you guys are interested. Thanks for all those who do join, hope everyone gets in on this, it'll really be an awesome experience in my opinion.
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Special Teams Staff

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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby aaawall91 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:28 pm

Where will this league be hosted? Fantrax? Ive never heard of it.
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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:17 pm

aaawall91 wrote:Where will this league be hosted? Fantrax? Ive never heard of it.

yes, it'll be hosted on Fantrax...probably the best fantasy sports site there is (besides the Cafe of course ;)) haha

but no, they will work with you to pretty much create anything that you want for your league...

I'll PM you the league link incase your interested
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Special Teams Staff

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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby cubfan1 » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:43 am

I'd be interested in the Bears but I would like to get the link.


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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 8:11 pm

cubfan1 wrote:I'd be interested in the Bears but I would like to get the link.


i believe your the guy who emailed me and i emailed back the link...if not, the Bears have been previously claimed
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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby z-merduh » Sat Apr 24, 2010 11:15 pm

Email sent.
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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby frogmanv » Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:24 pm

I run almost an exact league like this for MLB and NBA but dont feel like commish'n another sport. This would be ideal for me to just own in a similar league.

Perhaps I canhelp you build this league...you seem to have the same goals I have for my other leagues. I would love to be a part...

See my leagues at

Not advertising but I am showing you that I run damn good leagues...there fore I'm almost risk free to add as an owner.

Would love to take over almost any team obvly more value the better.

email me @ caskam@gmail.com
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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Sun May 23, 2010 6:49 am

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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby nathanielwegman88 » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:03 pm

Available teams:
Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Denver Broncos
New York Giants
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
Green Bay Packers
Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Arizona Cardinals
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Special Teams Staff

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Re: 32 Team NFL Dynasty League

Postby Mrpackersfan1 » Tue Aug 10, 2010 5:18 pm

if this league is free i would like to join and be the green bay packers

email is sambornstein@comcast.net


i also have a 32 team dynasty football league a little bit different than this

link http://keeperfootballleague.proboards.com - message board is on proboards, and live scoring is on fantrax.


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