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Finally I see you dearest De Le

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Finally I see you dearest De Le

Postby buhsc219 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:33 pm


I think you have to understand, the previous day at midday when you are on the phone told me that you see me tomorrow when Nanchang, how happy I was.

look forward to Le so long to see you finally think of Le, and my heart had joyed, jaws unconsciously rose smile.

full of expectation and delight with Enron's sleep, the next day is the morning of September 22, emotion very happy together.

even roommates looked at me eyes are full of laugh, said her boyfriend came to advise them cry, let them look, I said yes.

[second. ]

with a happy mood to go along with sister Shan morning classes, just to see the information you send is that you must go in the other county conveyances Le, I said good, careful way.

15 min past nine, you say you have to the county, the hair a little messy you say you have to go wash the head and then buy tickets.

then until 10:00 am, and bought tickets for the information you send is Le afternoon one fifty-five. I thought for a moment to the Nanchang railway station about four points to get to.

suddenly felt a long time, ah, we have to await so long, I do not even have a little peace of idea that you will not come ah, the way of considering told Shan sister, she would not comfort me , he will come.

slowly and a lot of peace of mind, preoccupied of you to Le in the end to take you where to play, see you when I think of that you say something, I think you see how the kind of mood.
I told Shan

she said Tuesday, I found myself suddenly does not love Le, I suddenly like you never love a child does not know what to do know in what way to see you.

Shan said Tuesday it was because he cares about. I think, yes, no one has been long, long time so I care about the Le.

[third. ]

9 月 22 of one fifty-five the afternoon, you said you sbring an end to ...formation on the car Le. At this time I have in the school nearby motel room to help you make a good Le.

9 月 22 the afternoon of half past two, I am tangled in the bedroom, what to dress to see you finally decided to wear a black dress to see you.

9 月 22 the afternoon of the two forty, I stand in front of the school bus until the 240 starting to pick you up.

9 月 22 the three fifty-five the afternoon, I arrived at the station waiting for you at the exit.

9 月 22 the afternoon of the four six, I saw you slowly back to the Le a archive out of the exit. Inside a black wear with a white T-shirt.

see your eyes, my first response was actually turned back to you, call a deep respiration to tranquilize your nervous heart.

you do not see me, is maneuvering to pulling out the phone call, I ran past behind you, take a walk beneath your shoulders, your back and then laugh Le.

you say, out to say it, you said yes.

with you out of the train station when, in fact, my heart is still a little nervous, I think you did not find.

you ask what I intend to take you to play? I am thinking of you today, the car sat so long must be tired, and I said, both side of it first, back to our school tomorrow and then play, you agreed.

we walked attach to the other 18 road car, you phone a fribring an end to ... Nanchang work, let him come our school over there one night to eat a meal.

fact, I was a little unhappy, but turn a thought and felt nothing, at the end of the day, is your friend.

we drove to the blue sky and clear water and shopping plaza, with teach the next Wal-Mart to buy some food, then take 240 back to our school.

back to my room to help you better open it, I finally have an insight into how your favorite snacks Le.

eat away at a back room, that looks really cute like a baby.

you do not like smoke, so see you smoke a cigarette, I put that He Yan and lighters in a little while took into my bag fast allowed to apply again and again that a.

you see me comic that will not. I asked myself back to you you, I do not give, that I kept by the smoke, one day only pumping one. You can only give up a good alternative.

night, that your friends can dart us die. Told him the car to sit in our school here, did not think he buffet the ice rink side to buffet the Agricultural University, and we both went to CAU and walk over there to look in him, until we get to that, he and get 240 sit Le went to the front of our school, and we had dissimilar back in time, we have been frustrating to nearly nine 3 folk went out to supper.

then went to school handy zhaoge KTV to sing, you sing a lot of songs, in fact, there is one, alternatively my favorite

you ask me nicely it? I nodded, did you sing the bass is very good, so sit in the boxes I looked at you sing, quietly listening to an hour.

I took my laptop to the school of your room, watching you and your friends that playing computer, you feel a little disregarded by Le, and my heart felt lost.

late, that your friend did not leave the apartment, leaving only two of us. You are watching television, playing my microcomputer, playing playing suddenly unhappy Le.

see a girl because you send the message to heart primarily uncomfortable. Although she did not say everything, as followsk you is not in Nanchang?

but I am not happy, then answer in the past I was your girlfriend you by my side asked her what occurred, she quickly said, Oh, so as not to afflict.

fact I know naught, but my heart is to will think.

just about to inquire how you are working when you are asleep to see the mushroom of Le.

the night, with a little unhappy I did not sleep well the night.

[forth. ]

9 月 23 号 上午 nine more you wake up, you ask me to play with do not go home with you two days, I said so I put the computer to come back for it.

I put the computer back school, have been marveling if I should ask you about something about you last night between us now is how the motif in the end, I have been twisted and contradictory.

the one hand, I expect you to say you really think, I was afraid of another appearance of the results are not what I want.

returned to the bedroom equitable up the Le Shan sister, asked her not to ask you, she told me to ask to ask it, to his thoughts, impatient by a lot of sorrowful that it will feel better, not matter what the result.

it out from school, I decided to tell you to talk about, or even worst, I want a good, whether you do not adore me I'll leave you.

call you, let you down I said, then say to you. You say, OK, so you down Le, the room back. The three of us went to our school gate waiting for the bus.

the way you have asked me in the end what ah? I said he was your friend, not convenient. So, when I went to the school door when I took you to go any beyond we turned to tell your friends something to say.

He nodded, motioned us to go. You alongside, I half-jokingly asked you out there I'm apologetic I did not do something? You looked at me seriously, not really.

serious look at your eyes I believe Le, I put my worry I have my doubts yesterday, not happy to acquaint you Le, then see you say, .

I ask you, why do you choose something who is not?

you say, because we both are talking about reality, but also a area with people, the maximum momentous is that you like me. So you prefer with me.

you say you are a real person, do not believe the things that the virtual web material, so I hope I do not care about you online the other girls what to say.

you say, you always believe that they only saw things, not the eyes to see, you never believe it.

serious look at your outlook and your eyes, I believe that Le. Really believe Le, decided to go with you back to your home Wanji Tian.

we boarded the bus, the car hit a classmate, tell them you are my boyfriend, they say wow looked so handsome. I think you must have heard.

where we sit eighty-one obtain off the bridge, then walk entire the way to the mountain, then mountain until you come to Bayi Square from there, then unknowingly passed on a morning.

then walk amenable to the next Jiangxichangyun that all three of us together in Chile Dun lunch. After dinner, bid goodbye to your friends, we went by car bus ticket home.

finally only two of us, when suddenly my heart a lot of amusement.

passing a shop selling snacks, you ask me want to purchase chestnut I said purchase it, so you go buy some chestnut likewise bought some sunflower seeds out, then we go inside the long transport stamps.

bought you to line up 2 half past an afternoon departure back to our current dry ballot.

sitting in the waiting room waiting for the bus to take us to the Alex Square bus terminal car, you went out and bought two flasks of drink back, avoid you say on the road drinking lust. Have to say, you make me feel intimate.

This is my first visit to Alex Square bus terminus car, I think if I were you you and I naturally do not know how to do, from which the ticket office ticket ride. But because of you, anything becomes so simple.

we speedily found the ticket bureau, ticket has at present begun to take vantage of the time, you have to buy the corn back, I see a little smile.

finally we boarded a bus home, got you begin apt eat non-stop, see at you namely direction I wanted apt laugh, and then I listened you say do no read do not smile.

looking automobile slowly out from Nanchang, Le gradually feel a bit sleepy.

you pat your elbow, indicating sleepy nap leaning against your shoulder will be. I'll head ashore your shoulders slowly nap in the past, stumbled feel you fall dormant Le.

what to say to me you feel it? Anyway, that special feeling of peace of mind, even if you feel the earth breakdown around me I am not terrified of Le Le, but because you are.

probably sleep more than an hour, we all get up up le.

I did not think you will in this circumstance, told me that a lot of fact, but also did in the past some of the things.

very calm hearing to you, hear you say about your sometime girlfriend something.

actually hear you say these things when I thought some sour, but I know who have been in the past Le, I should not mind.

you say when did you break my heart I made some reluctant, but because her temper is really bad, no way to get onward with long-term.

you ever thought I could go on forever with her until marriage, but later found not, you say you and your kin say she was inappropriate.

So you finally resolved to make a wreck.

I could not hear to ask you, that now, you say they've been told she has not had any contact.

you say, in fact, you simply do not disturb, you just disburse more consideration to the outward of the picture, a good face.

you say, you no longer challenge to look inward to always, you really only want to allow some people to go on Hello.

you said, your idea is very easy and production money to marry a good wife too uncomplicated life on the line do not absence the money more than ample money.

you say that, in fact, I know I know everything, even I have some slightly troubled, I know I have you and our hearts are wounded for before.

Yes, I should trust you, believe you without reservation.

believe you said, with my good go.

reaching five p.m. when the car finally dried to a new bus station.

the car, turn on the phone that there are two calls from your mother did not response the phone. Back to your mother over the phone, then handed the phone you, hear you say that we'll go seven piano that stops the car back.

heart laments, he returned to the new dry-Le, Le also go to your home. But this is not the same.

final to go when I go to a human, merely your mommy and your sister at home.

and this is not the same, this time we finally return to your home with Le. This time your dad your sibling your sister in decree they are.

with a little bit nervous merely hopeful mood, we boarded a bus back to your home.

to your home, is almost 5 forty more. Went to emulate you to your home, a door to see your sister, your parents say their eagerness has, ah, my heart feel warm.

night, dinner with your family, your mother profession my appoint kind of let me eat more, your father can not be too polite welcoming and said peremptory point,

not feel so nervous I felt like in their own home.

night we watched movies, listening to songs, you are still eating the snacks, happy to take your smile is a snack chief, and you are laughing Le.

see you from the day I take my bag secretly hide the smoke, I pretend you are petulant that they smoke, then you quibble ah did not say where the pumping.

hand to pinch your arm, you shun the afterward little pork that I do not pinch him, and cheating nigh, and so one day past Le.

[fifth. ]

9 24, that is, the day before yesterday.

morning you asked if I instruct piano on the street I had seven said no, you say you take me to go shopping, I said Well.

just your parents let us go back seven piano on the street to buy a la carte, so you Qizhemotuo car I went.

last summer when she said Tuesday heard you had, you ride a motorcycle speed so fast, it will frighten people.

I finally insight into, really ah, speed so fast.

open when you hold fast to fall, oh If I may be responsible for Ha, I hasten to victims of the hold you tightly, and then see your mouth arrogant smile.

long way to go, and finally he can not help you that you deduct from too quickly, I was very pressure Yeah, and then you really cut corners Le.

must say, you actually good loyal ah, hehe.

finally drove a long way, we are finally to seven piano on the street.

you to put away the motorcycle, and then we went to jolly.

many people to buy food, markets are engaged, holding your arm when grocery shopping, periodically we really think we are already in the live Le.

bought some fruit and vegetables bought in the back on the road, you drive slowly, noiselessly looked around the back of his head against you skimming over the scenery, circled by mountains, but climate was so fresh feeling.

nightfall, eat dinner and sit in your room with you at home watching TV, I always go because I think God will leave you back to school tomorrow and you must leave the new Le dry and you Dad to Shijiazhuang Le.

you like to see my curious, ask me how, see I did not speak, your side head gently kissed me.

night watching you elect up a good thing, we see a movie together anew, when you hold me I am willing to ask you? At that time I was silent Le.

I panic that their pacify is not willing to say that one beginning when the words will not aid shedding tears in front of you.

but I do not like to cry in front of you, I do not want you to see me cry, because I know you see the heart will be uncomfortable.

took a while, I am willing to say no. I said, but not willing to have any solutions? Or to temporarily separated.

hear you sigh and then said yeah ah. In fact, we knows along heart, in mandate to later in life, and now a short-lived separation namely unavoidable.

[sixth. ]

9 25. Yesterday.

you up early morning, I was. Thought to be divide, all tell the reduced mood.

and your family with a quiet breakfast, I organize things a bit, then ask to see when you come to go, you asked me not to take the train trip that morning, the morning you say fewer people point.

arrest me catch up on sat afternoon, take it, all right.

then to eight, when you say we go.

with your parents said they had not, your parents still warm, said the National Day vacation on the next activity, not because you are not at home not to Le, nodded and said to them smiling will.

this way, we get out of your home.

go fast on the road, I saw much of a departure over Le, had trotted a few steps to catch up with it at all times the train, but I deliberately slowed down.

finally did catch up, because I just want to stay longer with you in a while selfish time.

the roadside waiting because us, and so on because half an hour in the past, and so finally they came up a car then.

on the train, I remained silent, quiet daze looking out the skylight. You touched me and asked what it would like to have something on his mind what, what would like to say so.

I shook my head said no, in fact, then I want to say is my heart could not bear to you, but do not know why his tongue, but can not tell Le.

quiet head against your shoulder, but why this time the car started sensational songs, but songs are sad.

is Jay Chou and Fei Yu-ching of the

listening to two songs, suddenly feeling particularly want to cry, has been inhibited to attempt and attempt again endured a smile, and then finally did not cry out le.

finally in more than 9 times, the car approached a new dry county, I know I am the only junket the train have missed the Le. Was a little happy for then they can stay longer with you would.

you companion me to the train station to buy first and foremost that the 1st train trip and then we went to Hua Tian Internet cafes.

time in Internet cafes, I was really especially uncomfortable, irrepressible feelings of sorrow, so in the space made a few mood.

then see someone annotated that the high-profile, I just do not care to laugh.

does not want to care about how people look, so what this high-profile a person is just something I do not need other people to know empathy, I just need to vent their feelings to them.

approaching that time, we rush to the train station.

in the rush to the train station, you said so later we got married money went to buy a car to open, OK? I said, yes.

the train station next to the cafeteria, we ate dinner.

meal watching you began to pumping out a smoke, when I say you how they cigarette, when heeded my words.

you say you have no smoking only sometimes pumping twelve only, then you smiled and said, .

then you say,

I can only serve you Le.

one forty-five, you said the check-stop Le, fast into it, you say you do not enter the waiting room just appearance Le watched me go. In fact, at that time felt very reluctant to go.

but still disinclined to smile on you and I go Ha memorize what I have said in chaptering the girl out farther, you nodded and said, Well, you memorize Le.

Then I said I'm gone, really gone Ha, have you looked at me and nodded, waved to me like you turned toward the waiting room.

turned around, I could not feel my tears finally started out. I have been hard to move forward not to look behind you, but I kas long asyour eyes have been on.

into the security post, where you can not see, secretly obliterate the tears.

ticket go where the day saw us take a bus back to the new dry with a girl, she just saw me and asked me, I am a male? Ask you?

tears also fell, but still hold back, said he was not smiling, he earned to Shijiazhuang.

see she is a person being, but also back to Nanchang, and then we decided to Hand in Hand.

Because of her companionship, the way my center feel better a lot.

we found a seat on the train to sit down, then began to tell her about our business, there are things in the past.

do not know why, the first time a strange girl that so numerous minds, so much feel better after a lot of heart.

I also kas long asshe called Le Jojo. Jiangxi University of piano pedagogue, a sophomore girl.

Jojo comes with you, I will be quite merry. Jojo said, you should not be a macho boys, who look very good.

She said he was jealous of us, I smile.

I told Jojo that if necessary met her in the waiting room, I think I'll cry Yishang Ju.

she comforted me, a fool not to cry, separated only temporary.

Jojo leave every other with a phone number, to add us in the Nanchang railway station station, then separated, I gave her a big hug and said see you next time.

later I suddenly feel Haoben, if you watched that when I go, I should turn and flee back to give you a big hug.

information you send is, to what? I call you back and say, who I said I felt I came back Le, but the marrow is lost.

over the phone, you say you are still arguing that we hear the other side of the bus Shanghao hang in the evening again, I said yes.

a man walked eighteen Road bus stop where it began sad.

because that day is this time, we stood together waiting for the bus stop sign which is only now, shook head and tell myself not to think so many of.

take the car, a blue sky and remove water to shopping plaza, followed by 240 came, sat down on the 240 seat only to detect that they really have come back le.

expect much from, but also had two months to see you, or repress the tears finally came down, a quiet cry for a long time.

to school, and finally the heart is not so uncomfortable Le.

returned to the bedroom at night, you mail a message, the

see you then replied,

you say today, the car sat so long must be tired, and did not know a good repose the next? I said I know you are.

Yesterday I sent you a message is: I will marry you, no matter how complicated, I will not give up, I hope you remember. You said you will remember.

night's eight thirty-two, you send a message saying good night, you sleep le. I think yesterday, you must send me tired.

I think yesterday, I must be exhausted, so it will be a hit deep sleep on the mattress in the past.

the world good night, good night I love the people.

------------ These are the you come back, we were together for four days.

[last. ]

is precisely because of this short four days, I base a lot of asset.

example, had you in my heart, not optional.

example, to give you to leave you, really is a very bitter thing.

example, that you would favor a poison, I have unknowingly poisoned deep.

example, had you in my heart so it's actually important, no one can not be replaced.

For example, I met you I know what is simply nothing exciting pleasure.

example, I met you, I suddenly find that wedding is not so grim, but is a very happy entity.

For example, I know we have been in love.

then so darling,
We have been nice

let go, OK?

unwavering, resolved to go on, okay?

I love you, Forever. Please remember.

Iraq Boa. ---- Just want to have Guo Wentao's love life.
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