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2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby cchhiipp » Tue Dec 18, 2012 5:31 pm

How's this for awful? First round of fantasy football playoffs, I picked my lineup. Who, almost to a man, severely under-performed. Here are some stats:

Projected points (of starters) : 131
Actual points: 78
Potential actual score (had I started the players that ended up scoring the best) : 149
Total points of players on the bench: 94*

(My opponent scored 127)

So, basically, I could have almost doubled my score with players that were available to me but that I didn't elect to play.

Granted, I would have had to make some questionable choices - bench Doug Martin, Victor Cruz, and Stevan Ridley, who have all gotten me great points and been consistent scorers all year. I would have had to play erratic players like Brandon Lloyd, questionable (injury) players like Danny Amendola, lately under-performing players like Eric Decker, and middle of the road T.Y. Hilton.

I also would have had to play my Denver Defense that was supposed to have problems with the Ravens, when instead I played Detroit, that was supposed to have a field day with the Cards' offense.

Denario Alexander? Goose-egg. Lawrence Tynes? Goose-egg.

So, yeah, there was no realistic way I would have arrived at the lineup that would have won me the game, but that doesn't really do much to lessen the frustration, knowing how I managed to accrue this amazing team and still not win when it matters.
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby NYG1119 » Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:58 pm

Well 2012 was another year that just proved that I might possibly have the worst luck in fantasy football...

I started the year by doing research after our draft (middle of August) and picked up Alfred Morris.

My team started Week 1 by putting up 176 points and looked to be the favorite going forward. Unfortunately Pierre Garcon was my 6th round pick (83rd) and went down. I had also drafted Kevin Smith and after an amazing Week 1 game, I knew I had to deal him because I knew he would get phased out. I was able to trade for Alex Smith (to be my backup behind Romo) and Ben Tate to be a bye week fill-in or even FLEX (I had wanted him on draft day).

So no biggie...my roster after 1 week was:

QB: Romo, Smith
RB: Rice, Sproles, Morris, Jaquizz, Tate, D.Wilson
WR: Julio, DeSean, Garcon*, Randle
TE: Tamme
D: Texans
K: Bryant

Week 2 (Where it all went downhill)

All of a sudden Romo started playing like a joke, Tamme found his way to the back of the milk carton. Still didn't do so bad and mustered up a score of 125...problem was my opponent had Hakeem Nicks and what was the only week where he went nuts...Week 2, mind you on a broken ankle pretty much as he almost left the game like 5 times.

So no biggie...1-1 and my loss was to the 2nd highest scoring team behind me. Then Week 3 came and my team put up a stinker of 91 points losing to a total of 117. Romo had 9...9 against Tampa, and Sproles had 6 points after running for 50 on the first play of the game and then never being used again.

So then it was 1-2 and a game against probably one of the weaker teams in the league...besides having Rodgers and Nelson, his RB's were BJGE and SJax, Other receivers were Burleson and Stokley, Daniels was his TE and he was starting the Vikings D against Detroit. We all know what happened on that day...Percy Harvin returned the opening kickoff and then a ridiculous 80 yard out return, giving his D 23 points...the best they scored all year. Oh and Green Bay scored 4 TD's against the Saints...all passing touchdowns and 1 to Nelson. Despite the bad fortune I just needed 12 from Romo on Monday Night...and yep 5 picks. Lose by 3. Oh did I mention I started Ben Tate in my FLEX because I wasn't sure about Garcon's health and couldn't trust Jaquizz yet (Garcon recovered a fumble in the end zone giving him 9 and Jaquizz got 9 as well).

Then it was 1-3 and I was facing the only undefeated team left in the league in a must-win situation. Ryan Mathews playing the Saints...25 points, another best game of the year. But i still had a shot, despite having to start Kevin Kolb as QB [oh btw I killed the Cardinals team after my pickup, haha]. Why not Alex Smith you ask? I traded him the week before to a team to get Kendall Wright and also picked up Jake Locker...who got injured in Week 4 (Last year I had Jason Campbell as my backup for Brady and he got hurt the week before forcing me to start Curtis Painter against NO...62-7...and I lost by 5 [Painter got -2]) I had Texans D and he had Jeremy Kerley, up by 7. I get the 10 points to start the game and watch as Sanchez somehow doesn't get picked off and finds Jeff Cumberland in the end zone. Still after a couple of picks and a few sacks, I had a 4 point lead...then Joe McKnight, kickoff return. Kerley gets a couple more catches and I am now 1-4.

Week 6 was between me and the eventually champions (who were also 1-4). He had just pulled off a risky trade to get CJ2K and Andre Johnson for Witten and Antonio Brown (the studs were struggling) needless to say it was a blowout.

After getting back-to-back wins against crappy teams in Week 7 and 8, I was 3-5 with an outside shot to get in if I just would of won out. I faced a tough test against a really good 5-3 team. Try to guess who was on his team...DOUG MARTIN....do I even need to say that his 63 points was a season-best? I had scored 125 points that week as well, good enough to beat all but 2 teams.

Based on what happened with everyone else, I still had a shot and had to win out to go 7-6 and I would of owned all the tiebreakers (since I played all the other "fringe" teams to finish the year). I just needed Texans D to outscore Brandon Marshall on SNF. After picking off Cutler a bunch and knocking him out off the game I had around a 10 point lead. Enter Jason f'n Campbell. He screws me over for the 2nd straight year and connects with Marshall for a long pass to give him a 4 pt. lead. Then if everyone remembers, Texans didn't make a couple plays they should of to get a pick 6 towards the end. With that I was officially done at 3-7.

Then came Week 11 and I was playing my friend with the "Golden Horseshoe" he had RG3 with 36, Marcel Reece with 23, and started Redskins D who scored 17...you guessed it...the highest game of the year. His team outside of that wasn't even good (Hartline, Floyd, Heath Miller). Oh yeah Texans put up a goose egg giving up 38 points to Jacksonville?!?!?!?! and anothe rbackup QB in Chad Henne (keep getting screwed by backups somehow). What's even better is that Jacksonville had only scored 39 points in the last 3 games...3). I lost by 6 points.

Ok so now I was officially out of the playoffs and wasn't playing against my rival (The "Golden Horseshoe") so the games meant nothing anymore. So because of that I'm gonna probably go off now and yep...I go on to score 148 and 135 in Week 12 and 13, The highest out of anyone in those 2 weeks.

So then Week 14 was a game against the worst team in our league where the loser went to the "Toilet Bowl," so now the game has meaning. I had a 10 point advantage and decide to start Tamme over Pitta after Tamme had 2 straight week of 14+. He gets 4. Romo throws 1 TD pass in the game, he has Dez (it was to Dez)...he decides to start Josh Gordon over Torrey Smith (Gordon gets 14, Torrey 4), he starts Browns D against KC and despite giving up an 80-yarder to start the game to Charles, they have to get a special teams touchdown (a 99-yd punt return)...really???

That's not even the worst of it...he had Celek in the last 5 weeks and decides at the last minute to start Martellus Bennett...Celek gets a concussion on his first catch and Bennett gets 14.

Despite all that...I got a couple garbage touchdowns from Julio and Antonio Brown...then DeAngelo Williams decides to catch a screen pass and go 50 yards to the house despite being up 13 with 5 minutes left. He scored 20 points...A SEASON HIGH!!! (See the theme)

Despite Darren Sproles playing his heart out for me I had to hope that Leshoure would lay an egg on SNF. He needed 4 points to beat me since I held the tiebreaker in QB (Romo 15> Cutler 14)...guess how many points Leshoure got...4

About the only thing that didn't go wrong is that I won the Toilet Bowl and avoided the embarrassment of being the worst team in the league...still had to pay for finishing in the bottom 2. At some point every single WR I had on my team was injured. Here was my team log of everyone who started a game for me.

QB: Romo, Kolb
RB: Rice, Sproles, Morris, Jaquizz, B. Tate, D. Rich, LaRod S-H
WR: Julio, DeSean, Garcon, A.Brown, K.Wright, Bess, A.Roberts, T.Y. Hilton
TE: Pitta, Tamme
D: Texans, Lions
K: Bryant, Tynes

As you can see I'm not lying about my wideouts...only Hilton didn't get hurt (he even left a game early when I started him but came back and scored twice). I also traded Alfred Morris away for Antonio Brown after Week 6, cause I needed a WR for Week 7 (Julio and DeSean both on a bye + Garcon hurt) and Morris wasn't doing to well in PPR terms. Right after that trade Sproles breaks his hand and I have no RB depth anymore + DeSean gets hurt.

Just a horrendous year...I was the 5th highest scoring team over 1,500 points but I also had the most points scored against me and it wasn't even close as I had 1,600+ points scored against me and 2nd highest was 1,480.

I just continue to get screwed every year. I've been playing for 3 years in a serious league and the first year I missed the Super Bowl because Rodgers got a concussion vs DET (would of demolished anyone I played "Golden Horseshoe" won that year), the 2nd year I limped into the playoffs after starting 4-0 and all my players sucked/got hurt (Jennings, CJ2K, Steve Smith, also had Best before his career was ended). I have not won 1 playoff game and have never made it to the dance and I don't know how I ever will with this luck.

LOL this is long but I had to get this off my chest.
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby big.d57 » Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:34 pm

Cheesypoofs73 wrote:I was projected 50 points higher than my opponent heading into Week 15 with the best match-ups ever.
I came in 1st in the regular season with a 10-3 performance & coming off a 5-game winning streak.

I though, did not count on 3 of my starters to virtually not suit up for the game:
Josh Freeman (projected 30pts) - 1 point against New Orleans?!
Jamaal Charles (projected 22pts) - 2 points against Oakland?!
Denario Alexander (projected 16pts) - NOTHING
so... thats 68 projected points to 3 actual points - Giggity!

A poor performance would be 50% of projected or even more, not less than 5%!
We need to send out a search party for these 3, because I do no think they showed up to play ball.
Oh & Roddy White too (projected 18pts) - 1 point! I benched him, lucky me! :P

Ditto on Charles and Danario....and then Brady's could've won me the game if he scored instead of sliding down at the 1 yard line....
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby KeithJ » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:25 pm

This is why you don't draft all the same players in each league you are in:

League #1
Finished with the highest point total in the league but barely snuck into the playoffs with a 7-7 record (I played against the "freak" just about every week). Lost my first round playoff game 105.15 - 88.60 to the lowest scoring team in the league (a team I outscored by almost 300 points in the regular season).

League #2
Again, finished with the highest point total in the league but ended up in first place at 10-4. Lost my first round playoff game 148.75 - 82.75 to the lowest scoring team in the league.

League #3
I was 12-2 and outscored everyone in the league by 250 points and ended up losing my first round game 120.80 - 85.86

What did all 3 of these teams have in common? Doug Martin and Victor Cruz. :(
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby wtr23 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:15 pm

more duds this week, this time its final....

Started both Cruz and Amendola, with Blackmon on the bench. Also, one catch from Hernandez?? Pitta had a better outing. I guess there's always the consolation bracket :-{
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby wtr23 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:54 pm

lol, here is the other team going for the consolation prize, looks like I'm a lock for 4th place. One better than last year :P

here's who I'm playing:

QB Brady
WR Boldin, S. Johnson, Alexander, Kerley
RB AP, Martin, Charles
TE Finley, Keller
K Prater
D Urlacher (still out)

How does this team lose this week's game? Opponent has Witten, Austin, and Bryant all starting in this one. Go figure :-D
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby Gibbs Baby!!! » Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:31 pm

Trent Richardson, please be traded to a real team!!!!

Cutler, look Alshon's way for crissakes!
"We couldn’t do diddley poo offensively, we couldn’t make a first down, we couldn’t run the ball, we didn’t try to run the ball, we couldn’t complete a pass - we sucked." ~ James Ernest Mora
Gibbs Baby!!!
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby supershep » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:39 am



Mike Williams


170 pts last week - 51 this week. ouch...
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby Dawinner127 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:44 am

Lost by 1 point in a full PPR. MJD -- You're on the bench for the season. All I want to do is call him up and give him the lines from the Mike Singletary speech about Vernon Davis: "Can not play with ‘em. Can not win with ‘em. Can not coach with ‘em. Can’t do it.”
A win next week and all is forgotten.
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Re: 2012 #@$!% You! Thread (let's make a list)

Postby jcgoble3 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:45 pm

Gibbs Baby!!! wrote:Trent Richardson, please be traded to a real team!!!!

Ask and ye shall receive.

A fellow T-Rich owner
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