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Keeper League forming!

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Keeper League forming!

Postby fedoras » Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:22 pm

If you just want to read the nuts and bolts, the first part of this post should suffice. If you wish to read more in depth, I am also copying over the constitution as it is now - it's still a work in progress, but mostly just due to deadlines and the such - you should be able to get a general idea for the league and its organization - if not, just email me at Thanks.

Nuts and bolts:
$100 entrance fee, all monies will be distributed as prize money
$375 to championshipt game winner
$175 to 2nd place
$1000 in total prize money to playoff and toilet bowl teams
$200 in prize money as regular season bonus payouts
3 divisions of 4 teams each for 12 teams total
13 week regular season
playoffs = weeks 14-16
16 man rosters; keep up to 4 from year to year
Email draft to being in late July or early August
start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 pk, 1 df, 1 flex (rb, wr, or te)
traditional performance/TD scoring method
Top 6 teams make playoffs; Bottom 6 in Toilet Bowl
Unlimited, free transactions
Web host is still to be determined, but probably since it's free (league is already set up there, but only scoring rules have been entered as of yet.)

.... And, as promised, the constitution:

No Name Keeper Fantasy Football League Constitution


These rules are to set forth the policy and procedures of the No Name Keeper Fantasy Football League (NNKFFL). When discussing these Rules, "Owners" or “Teams” are defined as the Fantasy Team Owners and their teams. "Players" are defined as the actual National Football League players.

I. Teams
There will be 12 teams within 3 divisions.

II. League Operation
The league will be operated and scored using a traditional Head to Head competition format. The regular season will be played through week 13. Playoffs will begin in week 14 with the Championship Game being played in week 16.

III. Player Draft

A. Owners will build their teams through a combination of player protection and drafting. Each team will be allowed to protect up to 4 players at the end of each season. All players not protected will be released into the draft pool. Teams not electing to protect 4 players will be allowed to fill their rosters at the end of the regular draft using supplemental rounds.

1. Draft order. The draft order will be determined by reversing the final standings after week 13, with the following exception: the League Champion will draft last, preceded by the loser of the Championship Game. Placement of the remaining ten teams will be determined using: A) Overall record; B) Total Points; C) Head to Head Matchups; D) Division Record; and, E) coin flip.

2. Trades. Draft picks and/or players may be traded for players currently on your roster or for future draft picks.

3. Venue. The draft will be conducted via e-mail with a round by round
notification posted on the NNKFFL Web Page. Owners will notify all
league members of their pick via e-mail. At the end of each round the
Commissioner will then post the picks to the web page. The Commissioner will also notify each team Owner by e-mail when each selection has been made.

4. Date. The start date for the draft will be determined by the League
Commissioner. The draft will consist of 12 rounds.

5. Once a draft selection has been sent to the Commissioner, it cannot be rescinded.

IV. Rosters

A. The maximum roster is 16 players.

B. Position eligibility. The League Commissioner will have the final say in determining all players’ positions. Should a player change positions in mid-season (Kordell Stewart moves from QB to WR) any league member may petition the Commissioner for an updated decision regarding position eligibility. The goal is to have every player listed at only the position they are primarily used in, but to allow flexibility in the event a player's primary position changes.

V. Starting lineups

A. Starting Lineups will consist of the following: 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, 1 Tight End, 1 Place Kicker, 1 Team Defense/Special Teams and 1 Wild Card (RB, WR, or TE only).

B. The deadline for submitting starting lineups will be one hour prior to kickoff of the first game each week. (Under usual circumstances, this will be Sunday 11am Central. In the weeks with a Thursday game, the deadline will be Thursday 5pm Central.) All teams will have the same deadline, regardless of whether you have players in the Thursday game. Lineups must be submitted to the Commissioner by e-mail. Any lineup that arrives after 9pm EST will not be accepted. It is our recommendation that you turn in your lineups early, and make modifications later should any be required.

C. If an Owner fails to submit a lineup on time for that week, his starting lineup from the previous week will be used, even if some players are on bye weeks. It is the Owner's responsibility to keep the Default Lineup current and up to date with regard to traded and waived players.

VI. Scoring Points are awarded without regard to position. All scores will be taken out 2 decimal places. Official scoring is as follows:

Touch Downs:
Passing: 4 points
Rushing: 6 points
Receiving: 6 points

Two Point Conversions:
Passing: 1 point
Rushing: 2 points
Receiving: 2 points

RB, WR & TE: Passing+Rushing+Receiving: 1 yard = .10 point
QB: Passing+Rushing+Receiving: 1 yard = .04 points

Field Goals: 3 points
PAT's: 1 point

Defensive Scoring:
Punt Return TD: 6 points
Kick Return TD: 6 points
Interception Return TD: 6 points
Fumble Return TD: 6 points
Interception: 1 point
Fumble Recovery: 1 point
Shutout: 6 points
1-6 pts allowed: 5 points
7-9 pts allowed: 4 points
10 pts allowed: 3 points
14-20 pts allowed: 2 points
21-27 pts allowed: 1 point
28+ pts allowed: 0 points
0-50 yards allowed: 6 points
51-100 yards allowed: 5 points
101-150 yards allowed: 4 points
151-200 yards allowed: 3 points
201-250 yards allowed: 2 points
251-300 yards allowed: 1 points
301+ yards allowed: 0 points

General Rules:

League will be scored using online software (ie,, yahoo, cbssportsline, fflm, etc).

NFL.COM will be used to settle any scoring disputes.


--Players are awarded points for an offensive TD regardless of their position.
Example: An RB is awarded 6 points for a rushing TD, 6 points for a
receiving TD, and 4 points for a passing TD. In the same way, a QB is
awarded 4 points for a passing TD and 6 points for a rushing TD.

--TD's are scored the same regardless of the length of score.
Example: An RB is awarded 6 points for a 10 yard TD run and also awarded 6 points for a 25 yard TD run.

The weekly score for the starting lineup will be tabulated by the
Commissioner. This will determine the winner in the Head to Head matchups.

After the final scores are posted (following the Monday Night game), make sure your scores are correct and notify the commissioner immediately if you find an error.

VII. Tie-Breakers

1. Individual Game – During the regular season, a tie will be just that – a tie (but decimal scoring largely eliminates any possibility of any tie). In the playoffs, the higher seed will be awarded ‘home field’ advantage and this will serve as the tiebreaker.

2. Season Standings - For playoff and draft purposes, the following
system will be used:

1. Overall record
2. Head to head
3. Total points scored
4. Division record
5. Coin flip

3. Head to Head Format Three Way Tiebreakers (Season Standings)

1. Overall record
2. Head to head between the tied teams
3. Total points scored out of all three teams
4. Division record
5. Coin flip

VIII. Playoffs/Divisions/Schedule League will consist of 3 divisions with 4 teams in each division.

A. Our regular season will end after week 13. Playoffs will include 6 teams and will begin on week 14 of the NFL season. All 3 division winners will qualify. The 3 teams with the best records that did not win their division will also qualify. In the case of a tie record, tiebreakers listed above will be used. The playoff teams will be seeded as follows:

Seed #1 - Division Winner with the best overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #2 - Division Winner with the second best overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #3 - Last Division Winner
Seed #4 - Non-Division Winner with the best overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #5 - Non-division Winner with the second best overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #6 - Last non-division Winner

Matchups will be made as follows:

__Seed #1__
Game A \___Winner A___
__Seed #4__ / \
\__Winner 4/5__/ \
__Seed #5__/ \
Championship \__Champion__
__Seed #2__ /
\ /
Game B \___Winner B___/
__Seed #3__ /
\__Winner 3/6__/
__Seed #6__/

We will also hold a Toilet Bowl Playoff. Teams will be seeded as follows:

Seed #1 - Team with the worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #2 - Team with the second worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #3 - Team with the third worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #4 - Team with the fourth worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #5 - Team with the fifth worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)
Seed #6 - Team with the sixth worst overall record
(Tie-Breakers will apply if applicable)

Matchups will be made as follows:

__Seed #1__
Game A \___Winner A___
__Seed #4__ / \
\__Winner 4/5__/ \
__Seed #5__/ \
Toilet Bowl \__TB Champ__
__Seed #2__ /
\ /
Game B \___Winner B___/
__Seed #3__ /
\__Winner 3/6__/
__Seed #6__/

For both the Playoffs and Toilet Bowl, consolation games (a loser’s bracket) will be played in addition to the winner games. For example, if seed 4 beats seed 5 and seed 3 beats seed 6, both in the Championship bracket, then seeds 5 and 6 will play in a consolation game to determine 5th place for the season, with the loser of that game garnishing 6th place. Likewise, the two semi-finalist losers will play each other in week 16 to determine 3rd place for the season, with the loser of that game garnishing 4th place. The same format will apply to the Toilet Bowl playoffs to determine 7th place through 12th place. Prize monies will be distributed based on these finishes. (See Finances below.)

B. The regular season schedule will be determined by the Commissioner before the draft. The basic structure will be as follows: 13 game regular season consisting of 2 games against each of your division opponents for a total of 6 games; and, 7 non-divisional games. Since there are 8 non-division opponents and only 7 games to be played against them (which results in each team facing every other team in the league except one), each owner’s schedule will rotate on a yearly basis so that the one team that he/she does not play in any given year does not duplicate the following year.

C. Finances
Each team shall contribute $100 each year, for a total of $1200 in annual prize monies available to be paid out at the conclusion of the fantasy season. The $100 fee will be due to the league office prior to the start of the annual draft. Failure to provide the fee in a timely fashion may result in ownership replacement. At the conclusion of week 17 of the regular season, prize money will be distributed based on the following payout schedule:

Championship Game Winner: $375
Championship Game Loser: $175
Consolation Game Winner (3rd place): $150
Consolation Game Loser (4th place): $100
5th place: $75
6th place: $50
Toilet Bowl Winner: $25
Toilet Bowl Loser: $20
9th place: $15
10th place: $10
11th place: $5
Regular Season Points Leader: $35
(The owner who accumulated the most total points through the regular season will be awarded $35 regardless of playoff finish.)
Weekly High Points: $5/week x 13 weeks = $65
(Each week during the regular season, the owner who scores the most points will be awarded $5.)
Regular Season Player Leaders: $5/position x 6 positions = $30
(At the conclusion of the regular season, $5 will be awarded to the owner of each of the leading scorers at each position. The NFL player who accumulated the most points at each of the 6 positions, QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DF, will earn the owner of said NFL player $5. For example, if Michael Vick scores the most points for QBs during the regular season, the owner who has Vick on his team will be awarded $5. Likewise with each of the other five positions.)
Weekly Best Player (Rotating position): $5/week x 13 weeks = $65
(Each week, a specified position, on a rotating basis, will determine another $5 weekly winner. QB will be the featured position in week 1, RB in week 2, WR in week 3, TE in week 4, PK in week 5, and DF in week 6. This cycle will then be repeated. Because our season is 13 weeks long, the QB will end up with three turns through the rotation, and every other position will be featured twice. The NFL player who accumulates the most points during his featured week will earn the owner of said NFL player $5. For example, if Gannon is the top QB points scorer in week 1, the fantasy owner who has Gannon on his team will earn $5. In Week 2, the fantasy owner of the top RB that week will earn $5, and so on and so forth.)
Week 17 Free-For-All: $5
(After the conclusion of the Toilet Bowl and Playoffs, every team will compete against every other team in week 17, with the high scorer of that week being awarded $5. In effect, there will be no head-to-head competition in week 17, then. Instead, total points in week 17, and week 17 only, will determine this prize payout.)

IX. Transactions

A. Trades.


1. At the conclusion of trading, roster must not exceed 16 players.

2. For the trade to be valid, both owners must E-Mail, phone, or fax the transaction to the Commissioner.

3. Trades must be fair. "Herschel Walker" trades are fair. Dumping players and collusion is not. Fairness will be decided by the Commissioner and he reserves the right to veto a trade.

4. Once a trade has been announced by both teams to the Commissioner, it cannot be rescinded.

5. Trades may be made for future draft picks.

Final trading deadline is 10:00 pm EST the Thursday after Week 10.

B. Free Agents: There is no limit to the number of transactions a team may make in any given week. Free agent transactions will be awarded based on the following ‘pecking’ order: A) worst overall record; B) fewest total points; and, C) coin flip.


1. Your roster may not exceed 16 after you make a free agent acquisition.

2. Bids will be accepted for free agents until Thursday 10:00 PM EST of
each week. The commissioner will notify each team of their free agent
signings by Friday at 9:00 PM EST. In the event of Thursday games, free agent bids are due Wednesday 10:00 pm EST.

3. The final free agent deadline will be the Wednesday after week 12 of the NFL regular season.

4. You must either have room on your roster to pick up a player or submit a player to drop along with your free agent bid.

X. Injured Reserve: There is no injured reserve. If a player is injured, the owner has the option of releasing him and sending him to the free agent pool, or simply riding out the injury.

XI. League Governance: League stability is our primary goal. The league
will be governed by this framework:

A. Commissioner. Our goal is to have a very strong yet fair Commissioner. The Commissioner is sworn to act at all times in the best interests of the league and is vested with the following powers:

1. Interpret the rules as he sees just and fit.

2. Settle all position eligibility questions.

3. Approve team names.

4. Preside over draft and settle draft disputes.

5. Distribute free agents.

6. Provide timely weekly scoring results.

7. Maintain the integrity of the league.

8. Approve all trades and transactions.

XII. Expected Owner Conduct Owners will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disparage the league nor its owners in any way, shape, or form. While bragging is always a part of some owner's personality and is to be expected, excessive inflammatory or taunting acts will not be tolerated. The Commissioner will have total authority in drawing the line between a brag and an insult. This will be strictly enforced. See Article XIV "Extraordinary Situations".

XIII. Extraordinary Situations
The following are serious situations and should be treated as such.

A. Appealing a Commissioner's decision. ONLY 1 APPEAL WILL BE ALLOWED PER SEASON. NO EXCEPTIONS. Once an Owner has appealed 1 decision, all further Commissioner decisions involving that Owner will be final with no appeal possible. Appealing the decision of the Commissioner is a very serious action and is expected to be a rare occurrence. The process for appeal is as follows.

1. Owner notifies the Commissioner he is appealing the decision.

2. Commissioner notifies the League Owners.

3. Owner and Commissioner present their positions to the League via e-mail.

4. Members discuss the issue and deliver a final ruling.

B. Reprimanding an Owner. If an Owner is considered by the Commissioner to be conducting himself in a manner not in the Best Interest of the League, this path is followed:

1. The Commissioner issues a warning.

2. If a second warning is issued, the Commissioner may recommend to the
League that the Owner be removed from the league. (See section D.)

D. Removing an Owner. This is an extremely serious consideration, one which the league will seek to avoid at all costs. If it arises, this path will be followed:

1. After a reprimand, if conduct does not improve, the Commissioner will present to the league why he feels that the conduct of the owner is not in the best interests of the league. At this time, the owner in question will be allowed to present his side of the argument.

2. After a reasonable period of time to allow both sides air their
grievances, but in any case, no longer than 7 days, the league will vote on the motion to remove said owner.

3. If a simple majority of the league Owners vote to remove the Owner (with at least 2/3 of the Owners casting a vote), the Owner is removed from the league.

4. The Commissioner assumes control of the team and a replacement Owner is found as soon as possible. The new Owner will inherit the team's roster and draft position for the coming season.

Items that could be considered just cause for removal include, but are
not limited to:
1. Throwing Games
2. Dumping Players
3. Collusion
4. Non-Management of a Team
5. Failure to provide annual league fees

XIV. Credits. Many thanks to Greg Kellogg, a former competitor of mine in another keeper league, for his contributions and ideas. I’ve filled in the gaps and changed his vision as I saw fit to accompany some different ideologies, but Greg’s work saved me a lot of typing, and for that, I owe him a beer.

XV. Bottom Line. This League was founded on the ideal of conducting our game of Fantasy Football at an extremely fun and competitive level. Every Team Owner is a vital part of that process and is essential to the success of the league.

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Postby slowkidz » Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:27 pm

wow. 8-o

i think you may have had a lil too much free time to sit and type all that
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Postby Guest » Fri Jul 04, 2003 11:00 am

Slowkidz wrote:wow. 8-o

i think you may have had a lil too much free time to sit and type all that

heh, yea, actually it was cut and pasted from Word. the main frame of the document has been used in several other leagues the past 5 or 10 years...

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Postby fedoras » Wed Jul 16, 2003 9:31 pm

bumpity bump.

4 or 5 slots left to fill.

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