Dynasty and Keeper Buy Low Targets


It is prime dynasty season, and fantasy players are looking for value. There have been a ton of players that have seemingly dropped off a cliff when it comes to the hype but have extreme upside that you can probably get for cheap.

One way that I would target the players that we are going to talk about is by throwing them in as “sweeteners” in bigger deals. Many times a player will not want a deal to fall through because you added one of these lower-valued targets at the moment. However, in reality, you are getting a great deal on a guy who is simply suffering from some negative perception right now.

In Keeper leagues, none of these players have a load of value, but if your league keeps players based on the round they were drafted in and is deeper with 5-10 keepers, then some of these names may be extremely enticing for you.

Denzel Mims

My favorite buy-low target is Denzel Mims. Now, not everyone is low on Mims, but you have to at least try and contact the fantasy player who is rostering him. As of right now, it seems fairly certain that Zach Wilson will be heading to the Jets. Wilson is an elite prospect that is on par with Joe Burrow in terms of talent, if not even better. He will immediately be upgraded as Wilson is a massive plus for Mims’ value.

On top of Wilson, you also have the fact that Mims was getting better in 2020. His injury and the COVID season stopped him from showing his best, not to mention the fact that Darnold was awful. Mims’ film from 2020 was great, and he looked to be developing into the elite WR many draft scouts thought he could be. I love Mims going into 2021 and beyond, and you could be looking at an immediate top-24 receiver here and maybe a top-12 receiver for 2022 and onwards.

Preston Williams

Preston Williams is looking to be extremely low on many people’s radar and may even go lower if the Miami Dolphins draft a wide receiver. The thing is, Preston Williams is good. He is a good wide receiver who can get some separation, is fantastic with contested catches, and makes plays. The issue is that he has another guy on his team, in Parker, who does the exact same thing, and a QB who does not excel with these kinds of wide receivers.

I may wait even longer to buy-low on Williams after the draft, but for dynasty purposes, I always like buying talent. This is why Tyler Johnson is a must-roster for me, as the dude is extremely talented. Williams has a chance to do well in the first six games of the season while Fuller serves his suspension. Williams also could always get moved from the Dolphins, which would increase his value. At the end of the day, I like Preston Williams, and you will be able to get him for almost nothing, in most cases.

Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy disappointed in 2020, and now Courtland Sutton is coming back to take the number 1 slot from Jeudy. However, I think that this is the lowest Jeudy’s value will ever be. Hopefully, the Broncos draft a QB in the draft; ideally, Fields, Lance, or I will even take Mac Jones. However, even with Lock, Jeudy is only going to get better.

Jerry Jeudy’s only issue was dropped passes in 2020, and I think that this was simply rookie nerves. In 2021 he is going to face worse corners and get better as a wide receiver. This means that he is going to win his matchup more so than he already did, which was very high, and secure more balls. Now I get that many believe the Broncos cannot sustain two elite receivers for fantasy. However, if the Vikings could do it in 2017 with Keenum, Thielen, and Diggs while running a majority of the time, then the Broncos can do it with Lock, Jeudy, and Sutton.

Bryan Edwards

Bryan Edwards did not do much for the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020. However, the Raiders have not really made a move to replace him. The team did bring in John Brown and Willie Snead, but the contracts are very small. Edwards was very hyped last year both in camp and in the draft, and for good reason, as he possesses talent. This has been a theme so far through these players, targeting talented guys who have not produced quite yet.

Edwards will go into 2021 as this being a make-or-break year for him. He is either going to break out and produce for this Raiders team, or he is not going to be worth even rostering. However, I want this lottery ticket on my team because if it hits, it can hit big. The only issue might be prying Edwards away from someone who spent a lot of rookie draft capital on him. Sunken cost is hard to deal with when buying-low, but I think Edwards is the perfect “sweetener” to a deal to push the value in your favor without getting the other owner to fold the trade.

Joe Mixon

Really the first massive name that comes up is Joe Mixon. I absolutely love Mixon’s value going into 2021, and I have never been so high on him. The Bengals are committed to Mixon with his contract and brought in basically no competition. In the draft, many project the Bengals to go offense-heavy with WRs and offensive line help, as they have addressed defense in free agency. More receiving threats and good offensive linemen are only going to help Mixon this year.

I really believe 2021 is going to be a breakout year for this offense and Mixon is going to play a massive part on the ground and through the air. He is a clear 3-down back in a plus offense, and there is nothing not to love. However, the player who is rostering him may be sick of the injuries and give him away for a late-1st rookie pick and some side pieces. Take this deal. Mixon is a slam dunk value at this point.