Dynasty Buy Low Targets: May 2021


With the NFL Draft fresh in everyone’s minds, there are some potential targets that dynasty owners should be thinking about trading for. These are guys who either just took a hit to their stock, or their stock has been on the decline for some time. You always want to try and strike a deal for a player when the public opinion falls beneath the actual talent and value of said player.

For now, these are my top choices for value when looking to add players to your squad. Now, not all fantasy managers will think the same, and some managers will not give you value for any of the following players. You have to make sure when you target a buy-low candidate that you actually get to buy low on their value.

Tee Higgins – WR

Many thought the Bengals would go Penei Sewell, and with that scenario in mind, managers were ecstatic about the idea of Higgins getting more targets and really becoming the number one air option on the team. However, Ja’Marr Chase was the selection at number 5 overall, and this has led to a drastic overreaction by the fantasy community.

Tee Higgins, in his first year, was absolutely fantastic. However, he is not an alpha wide receiver. He is the definition of a perfect number two receiver who can be a top-24 guy on good passing offenses. I will take that all day when you consider how down people are about him. If I could get Tee Higgins for any draft pick after 1.08 in 1QB leagues, I would do it.

Higgins is going to get the same high volume and have to go up against weaker CBs as the defense will be focused on Chase. The Bengals have an explosive offense and no defense, the perfect scenario for fantasy targets. Higgins is going to have his value skyrocket by the end of this year when he puts up top-24 numbers. Go get Higgins.

Damien Harris – RB

Damien Harris had somewhat been forgotten by dynasty fantasy managers. The team added Rhamondre Stevenson out of Oklahoma in the 4th round, which seemingly has scared off a few players. Right now, I get the vibe that Harris’ stock is dropping, and this is the perfect time to slide in and grab the best all-around running back for the Patriots.

There are too many reasons to like Harris. First of all, James White’s usage is going down, which means more of the air attack for Damien Harris, one of his best attributes. Second, the offensive line is still elite and one of the best when running the football. You also added two amazing tight ends in Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith because the Patriots want to run the ball. Lastly, Mac Jones is a solid game manager. He will eventually come in and help make this offense efficient; however, they will never rely on just his arm.

Damien Harris will be a solid RB2 for a very long time, barring health. You can probably scoop him up for almost nothing in many dynasty leagues. I would love to get him onto my squad if I could.

Zach Wilson – QB

I am so sick of the disrespect that is being thrown Zach Wilson’s way. It seems that the general Twitter fantasy community is absolutely sold that he is the 4th best option out of this class. That is where everyone is wrong. First of all, many of the top quarterback evaluators in the media saw his tape to be on par with Trevor Lawrence. Yes, it was one year, but that is how amazing the tape was. Two, when selecting a dynasty quarterback, you want upside, and you want longevity. Only Lawrence had more capital spent on him at #1, and there is a MASSIVE drop between the security that Wilson has as the starter for the Jets, versus the security that Lance and Fields have on the 49ers and Bears.

People are also underrating the Jets’ offense. They added pieces all over the team to help Wilson flourish. The left side of the line will be Becton and Vera-Tucker, the best young LT/LG combo in the league and one of the best combos regardless of age. The team has Denzel Mims, Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, and Chris Herndon. That is an outstanding young core of receivers. I gave both Mims and Moore first-round grades, and they are both going to be playmakers with Wilson.

Lastly, Mike LaFleur is the offensive coordinator. This is Shanahan’s prodigy, and Shanahan is the best offensive coach in football, as no one is in the same universe. This team is going to be efficient, it is going to be good, and Zach Wilson is going to be the one leading it. If he falls to you in rookie drafts, or you can make an easy trade to get him, DO IT. Imagine drafting Russell Wilson at age 21 in a much more potent offense.

Devante Parker/Will Fuller – WR

Going back to overreactions regarding draft selections, Parker and Fuller have plummeted in the minds of some fantasy managers. Yes, the team went out and got Waddle. However, Fuller and Parker are still going to be on the outside. I think, specifically, Will Fuller is a must-get in dynasty. His value is nothing, especially since he is suspended for the first six weeks of the season. However, when he comes back, he is going to be the best weapon for Tua due to his vertical separation.

You also have to keep in mind this is a one-year deal. Fuller is going to go to a decent situation next year, as no one is going to pay for a great wide receiver like Fuller if they are not going to use him. I am scared of the injury history, but I am sure that you can get Fuller for pennies in many leagues.